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Roll Over

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Okay, the big developmental roll over is from your back to your belly (several months from now). Just so we know.

That in mind, we've started giving Liam 'belly time'. We lay him down on his belly and he lifts his legs, pushes himself up on his toes, lifts his head up, stuff like that.

And now - it's happened several days in a row now, so it's for real - he can roll himself over from his belly onto his back!

I Scoff[ed]

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I did. I really did. Until today.

There are so many baby accessories, it's absurd. There are these velcro blankets that's they call swaddlers - to help you swaddle your baby. I thought it was pretty ridiculous. I mean, what does it take to swaddle your baby? Geesh.

And then I met baby thrasher, I mean, my son Liam. Liam, who hasn't slept in his bassinet for at least 3 weeks. At All. Which we thought was due to his acid-reflux.

Then my sister-in-law, Melissa, gave us her old swaddler blanket. Mark, lover of gadgets, figured out how to use it and put Liam in it. He looks like a bean burrito. But ya' know what?

He's asleep. And it's not on me. (do you see the heavens open, light streaming down and a chorus singing "Hallelujah! Hallelujah!"? Or is that just me?)

I am duly repentant.


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I have lots of time at night all to myself with not much else to do other than think about what to write about on the blog. But as witty as it seems at 4 a.m., it seems just as tedious now.

I'm on an elimination diet to figure out whether Liam has any food allergies that might cause him to be as cranky as he is. I sort of doubt it, though I've discovered I have a mild allergy to raspberries. Of course, Memorial Day weekend - full with a wedding, a graduation party, birthday party and the requisite BBQ - falls smack dab in the middle of this diet in which I can eat no wheat, dairy, sugar, etc.... I think the only place I feel truly weird is bringing my own food to Nadine's wedding. Can you picture whipping out Tupperware at a formal sit-down dinner banquet? Heheheheh.

Okay, the required photos, before my son dies of (supposed) malnutrition:

Asleep on Daddy

Asleep (and adorable - look at that arm!) on Nannie

Good with Goompah

Cool Cucumber

I love this shot - all cosy with Nannie.

This looks so posed to me! (peaceful, though)

And now you've seen just about every outfit he owns, too, heheheh. [No. That is NOT a plea for clothes. We have plenty, I assure you!]

Three Generations

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Three Generations of Mothers


Mother's Day 2007

Sling Thing

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Mark (and Liam's) new favorite thing is our Baby Bjorn.


As you can see, Liam doesn't technically fit in it yet, as it's still a slight stretch to get his arms out the armholes.


See his face? That's where his arms will eventually go, but for now, he's quite content to snuggle up to Mark in it and go to sleep, which I find adorable. It also frees us both up. I hand Liam over to Mark and then the sling enables Mark to still go about whatever he wants to do since his hands are still free.


Recent Developments

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Last week, I think, we gave Liam his first in-the-tub bath. He did very well. He looks a bit surprised here, but there were no tears.


However, you would have no idea, by this photo, that he just finished peeing all over me and the floor. My mother then wrapped him in a much more absorbent towel and held him - now that he was done peeing of course.


He looks so sweet, so innocent here. Sigh. Liam was just diagnosed with acid reflux. What does that mean? That means this baby goes from Zero to Sixty in about a nanosecond, because if he's crying it's because he's in some serious pain. He doesn't fuss much otherwise. He's now on medication to neutralize all that acid coming back up. Hopefully, we'll be seeing more of the happy baby again soon.


Here, Liam is posing to recreate the style in which his maman apparently slept when she was his age. No joke.


15 Minutes

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Everyone gets theirs, no?

Well, my mother's will be shown on Sunday evening at 8pm (at least, Eastern Standard Time) on the Discovery Channel.

Ted Koppel is doing a special entitled "Living with Cancer" and my mother is one of the features! We'll see whether I ended up on the cutting room floor or not (they came out to film her this past winter). There's also a live portion - my parents and my sister will be in the audience of that.

All of this takes place the day after my cousin, Celeste, gets married. We're missing the wedding, and I'm bummed. Best wishes, Celeste! I can't wait to meet your hubby!

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