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Everyone gets theirs, no?

Well, my mother's will be shown on Sunday evening at 8pm (at least, Eastern Standard Time) on the Discovery Channel.

Ted Koppel is doing a special entitled "Living with Cancer" and my mother is one of the features! We'll see whether I ended up on the cutting room floor or not (they came out to film her this past winter). There's also a live portion - my parents and my sister will be in the audience of that.

All of this takes place the day after my cousin, Celeste, gets married. We're missing the wedding, and I'm bummed. Best wishes, Celeste! I can't wait to meet your hubby!

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ill make sure to check out when it shows in albuquerque new mexico to see it!

grrr!!!! We missed the episode last night ... we were at our new house (without a TV) till around midnight last night.... Is DSC planning to re-run the episode? If not, I can probably order a transcript from the station... Thanks and much love to all!

Yes. Tonight - same time.

I went to my neighbors and something else was on the Discovery Channel... I'm glad my co-worker taped it for me.

It wasn't on our DSC last night. :( So I still haven't seen the episode. I've just sent an inquiry to DSC, though, to see if there's a way I can purchase the feature (unless someone happens to have a spare copy that I could borrow and then mail back.....)

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