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I have lots of time at night all to myself with not much else to do other than think about what to write about on the blog. But as witty as it seems at 4 a.m., it seems just as tedious now.

I'm on an elimination diet to figure out whether Liam has any food allergies that might cause him to be as cranky as he is. I sort of doubt it, though I've discovered I have a mild allergy to raspberries. Of course, Memorial Day weekend - full with a wedding, a graduation party, birthday party and the requisite BBQ - falls smack dab in the middle of this diet in which I can eat no wheat, dairy, sugar, etc.... I think the only place I feel truly weird is bringing my own food to Nadine's wedding. Can you picture whipping out Tupperware at a formal sit-down dinner banquet? Heheheheh.

Okay, the required photos, before my son dies of (supposed) malnutrition:

Asleep on Daddy

Asleep (and adorable - look at that arm!) on Nannie

Good with Goompah

Cool Cucumber

I love this shot - all cosy with Nannie.

This looks so posed to me! (peaceful, though)

And now you've seen just about every outfit he owns, too, heheheh. [No. That is NOT a plea for clothes. We have plenty, I assure you!]

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so cute!

i am terrible at remembering to take photos of the baby... luckily other folks whip their cameras out, so we have a few around ;)

for the first three months i didn't drink milk, and that seemed to help a lot with the fussiness. regardless, about once a week we'd have a night of all-out screaming, no matter what i ate. i think they're just getting used to being in the world. at six months, i eat pretty much anything i want now and it doesn't seem to affect her (that's the light at the end of the tunnel...)

liam is gorgeous and i'm so happy for you and mark! happy belated mother's day!

He truly is beautiful, guys ... I can't wait to meet him!

Oh, my heart just melts! Liam is so adorable.

Do you think this blog will still be around when he's dating to embarass him with?

"Oh, hey, Caroline!" (or whatever her name will be) Mara will say. "Take a look at this! This is Liam when he was just a baby!" She'll smile at his embarassment.

"Mom!" He'll say. "Don't make her look at those! They're awful!"

Thankfully, Maman hasn't posted any of the many, many embarassing photos of me she has. Phew!

I keep coming back to this post to see Liam and my Mommy.

I love these pictures, just love them.

It does, however, remind me that I have to post the photos I have of Liam, which makes me feel both guilty and tired. Odd, that.

like nathan, i keep coming back to see liam and his family. i think he is perfect. and his sleepiness makes him so. it's VERY cosy. i can't wait to see you all. when things get stable here, out east is where i'll be looking to next.

love you guys,

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