Roll Over

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Okay, the big developmental roll over is from your back to your belly (several months from now). Just so we know.

That in mind, we've started giving Liam 'belly time'. We lay him down on his belly and he lifts his legs, pushes himself up on his toes, lifts his head up, stuff like that.

And now - it's happened several days in a row now, so it's for real - he can roll himself over from his belly onto his back!

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Yay! Glad he's on such a great roll! sorry I couldn't resist ;)

When they start rolling, they can become a little dangerous to themselves. They'll keep rolling in one direction until they hit something, like a coffee table, and knock a cup of coffee onto themselves. You really have to watch him every second when he's like that.

But in the next few months he'll start to sit up, and you get a little break. He'll sit in one spot playing with a toy or two for 30 or more minutes straight. Just put a bunch of toys all around him within reach and go check your email. Then he starts to crawl, and it's all over.

Thanks, Josh. Thank goodness I don't drink coffee ;-)

Um...tea drinkers anonymous is calling... they want to talk to you.

Simply needed to update you that the web page ain't loading perfectly in Seamonkey for me. I'm getting a number of 404 error message.

No one who cannot rejoice in the discovery of his own mistakes deserves to be called a scholar.

Good job, keep it up boy.

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