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One thing about this parenthood thing - at least at this stage - is all the moments I spend just staring at Liam. In wonderment. As I struggle to take care of him on my own, his constant occupation is to become independent of me. Obviously, right now, it is all small and incremental, but it is true nevertheless.

On a side note, as he finishes nursing, he holds the last sip in his cheeks like a chipmunk for a few seconds before he swallows. It's so cute.


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I love this photo. The colours, the light and of course our sweet Liam!! Love to all three of you!

he's so beautiful
love seeing these pics
m xx

He's losing that newborn look and is just looking like a baby.

Nice mat, by the way! 8-)

We'll be in Cleveland the third week of July and would love to meet Liam if you guys are around.

I imagine we'll be here - do give us a ring when you're in town!

Dear Mara, congrats to the three of you now!!! :))) wishing you all the best of the best :)

Notice how he almost fills out his onsie!??! He's growing by leaps and bounds!

WOW!!! Love your site, I have been here a few times now and I really enjoy reading it.

I have learnt so much just from the posts I have read today. You are now bookmarked and I will be back :-)


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