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Liam's Pecs

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You can see he is fairly impervious to us. He just rolled around and babbled away for about an hour this morning. He also does this thing where he arches his back, like he's showing off his pecs. It comes in handy when he doesn't want to get into his car-seat.

Liam Update

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Heck, I might as well change the name of my blog to that, no? In any case, it's been a while. So, for the geographically challenged as my brother-in-law would say:


My mother knit Liam a lovely kimono sweater, due to it fitting him in June/July, he only wore it once, unfortunately. I took pictures, and as you can see from the second photo, Liam got excited, and kicked himself right out of the frame of the photo! (yes, I think that's very adorable.)


3 June, we participated in the Race for the Place, which is a race to raise funds for the Gathering Place, a cancer resource center here in the Cleveland area. Well, Liam needed his own participant t-shirt, no*?


He was on his Grannie Nannie's team:


We recently had a visit with Ms. Mel. Here she is in the midst of her study of one wee bairn:


This shot cracks me up. "Hi, my name is Liam and this is me, just hangin' out with my legs in the air."


Finally, the mushy lovey shot. Liam and his Goompa - awww!


*I hereby recognize all of my family and friends who decorated onesies for Liam with fabric markers. That is no easy task - what patience and love you all have!!!


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I admit it, I'm exhausted. It's allergy season. I've got headaches. We're in the middle of moving. Life in general is tenuous, and it doesn't really matter what I think.

Did I mention that I'm tired? Mark just got Liam to sleep. I'm going to go join him.

Don't Miss

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We recently had my paternal grandmother's family reunion.

My mother posted photos, most of which - surprisingly enough - include Liam. :-)

Check out her photos. I especially like the series of Liam walking with Auntie Rae!

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