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We recently had my paternal grandmother's family reunion.

My mother posted photos, most of which - surprisingly enough - include Liam. :-)

Check out her photos. I especially like the series of Liam walking with Auntie Rae!

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Wow! Liam looks so happy!

I love the pictures of him with Rae, walking around in the grass!

If you look at those photos, the family reunion wraps around to last year, and there's suddenly a photo that Maman has labelled "First generation" where she writes, in the text, "Grampa was there too, but supine." Which is a bit startling if you don't realize that the photo is from last year.

Liam could be a baby model.

Hmm, you've got something there, Mensch. Maybe that's how we'll pay for med school. :-)

Thank you for the thought bubbles! Those are coming with me to Latvija for some extra help!



Hey, Mara, are you ever going to get back to me about that pharm rep thing?

Hey, Nae! You're back! Yea! Good to hear from you. Talk to you soon?

Mendon, I'm a new mother. Patience is a virtue.

Mensch, I think Mara is saying YOUR patience is a virtue (that she would like you to demonstrate.)

i had an intense dream about liam last night again. he was a newborn and i was looking after him for a while. then i met up with you and mark and gave him back to you. but i promise it was intense.


love you,

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