Liam's Pecs

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You can see he is fairly impervious to us. He just rolled around and babbled away for about an hour this morning. He also does this thing where he arches his back, like he's showing off his pecs. It comes in handy when he doesn't want to get into his car-seat.

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He looks so big! So does his diaper:)

in my dream last night I was walking together with three of you, Mark had Liam on his hands, and i really wanted to hold him. I asked Liam to come to me, but he simply smiled and shook his head making a point he would like to stay at his father. I was a bit dissapointed but at the same time surprised and amused by his politeness and ability to understand me so clear. I smiled in response and then cannot remember, i guess i woke up:) it was such a sweet dream! I saw him so clearly, just like on all these pictures:) may be i also got jealose of Melanie holding him, hahaha!!!
please kiss him for me:)

Ahh, Taha, how sweet! I'm touched at how Liam has found his way into both your and Leila's dreams :-)

Thanks for sharing!!! Can't wait to 'meet' your little one ... Liam's twin? hehehe!

Mara,is your mom's blog down!!!!! I haven't been able to read it since after the family picnic.

Um, no, nothing wrong - she just hasn't posted! :-)

I have actually been too busy to post, going here and there. I promise! that I will "sometime" in the future. Things should get much quieter after Labor Day weekend. I have just had too much going on.

i love it! i love how he is arching his back. he's like, loook at my muscles! dang man. he's so buff!

miss you two and now three. hoping i will see you soooooooooooon!

I Like the post. I am glad I discovered your website by accident, I posted the link on Facebook.

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