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Yeah, so, my absence is due to the fact that the past 3 weeks have been taken up with packing, moving to the land of the devoted Buckeye and then, heading out to Chicago for a wedding and some good ole' family time. We'll be here for a few more days and then head back to Columbus. Possibly to then head back up to Cleveland to see my parents again, then Mark will start school, and then we'll head out to LA for another wedding. Oh, then we'll head out for another family shindig. I could keep going. Basically, I figure around January we have nothing booked. Seriously.

There are some great pics. Maybe someday I'll get around to posting them.

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Hey Mara,
If you're free at all while in Chicago give me a call (773-510-4598). Maybe we could get lunch or something. I'm free until 2pm Monday, and most of the day Tues & Wednesday.


Yeah, Mara, call Valerie. I think that is a great idea.

Oh ye of little faith! That's nearly the whole reason I posted this entry! And yes, we will be getting together.

My love to V. Every time I think of Paris I think of how you saved me from being alone in a foreign country where I knew no one and spoke no French beyond "it snows" and "if you please".

Rae, wrong V. That was Violetta, this is Valerie. Luvya anyway. Kisses.

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