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We've been visiting my parents this week, what with Thanksgiving and all. One morning, Liam and I kept warm by having him crawl into my sweater. Peekaboo!


Also, seeing as how most of us will not experience Liam's laugh firsthand, there's a clip up at my You Tube (see link to your right). It's with Grannie Nannie, of course. He thinks she's simply hysterical. No one else, however, is.

Who Knew?

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The other day, Mark's classmates discovered he's married. One young woman replied, "I didn't know there were real adults in this class!" They started guessing how old he was, and one young man decided to really stretch ... "man, I bet he's like 26!" Heheheh. Oh, to be 18 again.

This movie is Liam's birthday gift to my mother. Happy birthday, Maman!

I've Been Tagged!

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Okay, so it's silly, but for whatever reason, it's like I'd been left out... well, Leila tagged me, so I guess I'm it.

I am to relate 7 things that are weird and/or random about myself.

I'll start out with my standard weird thing:

1. I have 4 birth certificates. Okay, previously, my standard was 3, but last year I discovered I had a 4th, so now it's 4. (2 from the Falklands, 1 from the US consul in Argentina, and 1 from the US [signed by the Secretary of State].

2. I've lived in 5 countries outside of the US. However, inside the US I have only ever lived in Ohio.

3. I despise cutting nails. And now I have another set to tend to. It's actually the one thing about motherhood that holds absolutely no attraction for me. I don't even just feel neutral about it. I actively dislike it.

4. I bought a car once. I had it about 2 weeks. By the time I got rid of it, I had involved the police and paid about $100. I put a stop on the check to the "owners" because it turned out they weren't the owners as they'd never signed over the title. That made them sort of angry and they threatened to send over big nasty boyfriend - at which point I called the police (only myself and my younger sister were at home at the time). I took it to a mechanic who made it clear it wasn't worth my time. So I paid for someone to haul it away. A pretty inexpensive lesson all in all.

5. It wasn't until I was in my twenties that I found out not all families grew up making their own pies. It blew my mind so thoroughly that I asked my mother whether this was indeed true amongst her own friends. I was truly shocked.

6. I like to eat day old popcorn.

7. Sometimes, I forget my son is a boy. I actually think "she" and have to correct myself.

I'd link people to tag them, but writing the code takes time and Liam is napping and I'm afraid he'll wake up and I won't have finished, so:

Rae, Maman, Mensch, Kristen, Nathan, and yes, even you Papa, consider yourselves tagged. Oh, and I love you!

Umm, what was I going to say?

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You know how it goes, you've got something brilliant to say at 2:00 a.m. when the baby is coughing and screaming in teething pain, but by the time you can get to the computer ... 3 days later, it's gone.

So, instead, I'll show you photos. You know that's what you want anyway.

We recently went out to LA for a wedding, and had the immeasurable joy of staying with our friend Violetta. I love this photo! Here, V is playing peekaboo with a very content Liam.


We ate out on the porch every day. Liam joined us at the table. It's a long way down!


Violetta took us to the Huntington Gardens in Pasadena. It was gorgeous. Definitely proved to me that I am simply done with sun and hot weather. Finito. I love the composition of this photo - notice the feet!!


Liam's namesake over in Scotland sent us some authentic attire for our little Scots boy - here's one of the outfits. :-)


The wedding we attended was gorgeous, set in the inner garden of a restaurant on a hill in Hollywood. It is built to look like a Japanese temple. Liam was very good and loved by all.


Finally, Liam's first box!! What fun!


Liam now has at least two teeth. I think 2 more are coming in. He's over the worst of whatever this was - cold, bronchitis, whatever. He's got a bit of a cough and a rattle, but we went to the Peds GI for him today and the nurse checked his chest since we were there and said it's fine (i.e. hasn't developed into pneumonia or anything like that). Not that I was worried; he's clearly on the mend, but it was nice of her to do it.

Attn: Future Babysitters

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This is, hands down, Liam's favorite video. Calm's him down - and we've played it enough that even just the music has a residual effect.


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For Halloween, Liam and I went with a bunch of other kids and parents to a nearby nursing home to visit with the residents, give them candy and wish them a happy Halloween. Not sure most people got our African/Caribbean theme, but I took off his socks and everyone loved up his toes (and hence not his hands and face!).


On a feeding note, I finally broke down and bought some liquid formula to add to rice cereal - and it works! He eats it. I know, I know, I hate formula, but it works and it means he's getting some iron, since I am so not being good about getting him his supplements. I guess my parenting philosophy so far is "whatever's easiest".

p.s. new video up at YouTube: (or click the link on the right)

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