The Zoo!

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Making good use of our brand new zoo membership card, gratis Uncle Nathan!

Thanks so much, Nae! So thoughtful. I was near tears. Of course, life is sort of emotional at the moment, but all the same, thanks Nae! Mark is using the card as I write this. (we were invited to the zoo with his brother, Fred, but it was too late in the evening for Liam, so Mark went alone.)

Liam and I will find other uses for this card soon, I'm sure!

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Love it! Here's the plan for now. John and I will be getting to the great "--on-the-Lake" at some point Saturday afternoon. My sister, who has threatened my life if I divulge The News before she gets home, is working till 7:30pm (at PetSmart). So, I'm thinking that if I have to wait much longer than 3 seconds after she gets home from work, I'll explode. Either that, or my mother will notice the bit of a tummy that I've developed, and pair it with the fact that I no longer smoke. Mom's not the brightest bulb on the tree, but I've never doubted the existance and accuracy of "mother's intuition". Anyhoo. I'll call you when we get to the house. and omg I just remembered that I didn't call you back this weekend -- yikes! I'm so sorry!!!!!! (so that means I'll call you before that -- how late is too late on a "school night" to call?) :)

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