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Our friends Liam and Amelia are visiting. Baby Liam loves Amelia. Like, first crush. He just lights up for her. He does all sorts of flirting with her. Stuff he's never done before and doesn't do with anyone else. More about that later.

Big Liam is the man who first got us considering Liam as a name for, uh, Liam. They are definitely enjoying each other, too. Big Liam is from Scotland, and his dear mother has sent him over to get to know his namesake. How sweet is that?


So, that flirting. Check. Out. This. Smile. He started doing this for Amelia. It totally slays me.


Oh! And my Uncle Christophe was in town this weekend, so we all went out to dinner (after he adjusted me, woohoo!) and fun was had by all.


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I feel compelled to write down my thoughts. It's been a while, and I find I get fixated on thoughts until I can share them. So, in a random order, often unrelated, here's a brief hit of my life, 'cause, you know, I know you care.

1. Liam has learned how to slide off of furniture. This is pretty cool. It means he's a lot less likely to fall off and hurt himself if I'm not watching. Besides, it's just so cute to watch him anticipating reaching the floor - and that second of panic before he gets there.

2. My mother is dead. And you know what? I will be a poorer human being, unable to live as good a life, to live up to a higher potential as I could have if she were around to continue to guide me. Sometimes I think "what would she say/do?" And I can't come up with it, because she always managed to provide me with knowledge I didn't have. This sucks. This sucks rocks. This sucks rocks hard. This sucks rocks unbelievably hard. This sucks rocks so unbelievably hard I cannot begin to describe it. This will continue to suck rocks unbelievably hard for the REST OF MY LIFE. This sucks.

3. umm. I sort of got derailed. Let me regroup.

4. Oh right. Liam had his IFEC (Interdisciplinary Feeding Evaluation Clinic) appointment. Guess what? HE'S FINE. Yes, I'm yelling. 'Cause you know what? I KNEW THAT. On the other hand, it is always nice as a parent to be told that your kid is fine and that you are doing everything fine, too. So, yeah, he's fine. He's developing normally, his iron level is almost back up to normal. In fact the hematologist told us he's her star patient - usually it takes parents' a year to get kids back up to normal from where he was.

Yeah, that's pretty much my world in a nutshell at the moment.

Oh yeah! Mark is playing camera stuff of late (spring break). Take a look!

Laughing at the Catapult

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The other day, we were over at a friend's home for dinner. She has two young boys, ages 2 and 5. The elder boy had received a castle for Ayyam'i'ha. It included a catapult. After consulting his mother, he made a ball out of paper (the real ball was refused as a choking hazard).

The three boys then sat in the living room, catapulting the paper ball at the sofa.

I passed by, heading outside to get Liam's baby seat out of the car for dinner. The sun was setting, the lights were on in the house, snow on the ground outside. As I came back toward the home, I could hear the boys' peals of laughter from outside.

It was pure delight. Liam laughing with his friends.

First Word!

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Well, Liam celebrated Leap Day by speaking his first intelligible, purposeful word!

We were lying in bed, and I asked Liam, "Shall we eat some breakfast?"

He replied, "okay", lied down next to me and pointed at my chest. Heheheh. I told him I actually meant another breakfast, but that was fine. :-)

We have this saying:

Liam Bear
Has no hair
And he wears no underwear

No longer true (the slippers are from Scotland!):




Enjoying his new bathtub!




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