First Word!

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Well, Liam celebrated Leap Day by speaking his first intelligible, purposeful word!

We were lying in bed, and I asked Liam, "Shall we eat some breakfast?"

He replied, "okay", lied down next to me and pointed at my chest. Heheheh. I told him I actually meant another breakfast, but that was fine. :-)

We have this saying:

Liam Bear
Has no hair
And he wears no underwear

No longer true (the slippers are from Scotland!):




Enjoying his new bathtub!




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W H O O S E M Y S W E E T B A A B O O ??????????????????

That is one cute kid!

Awwww!! So cute, Mara! It reminds me of when Sofia was really young, I forget how old exactly but definitely not really speaking yet.... Gilberto was strapping her into her car seat and routinely asked "are you ok?" and she replied "yeah"... it was so funny because it was so unexpected! It's as if they bottle it up until that special moment when they want to reveal what they have learned after many months of careful study. Makes life so much fun doesn't it?! :)

AWESOME!!! Even more so because it reminds me that we get to look forward to First Word Day, too! He is so cute, M&M ... LOVE that smile!!

Your son is so beautiful.

I am glad Liam likes his bathypooh! It says to me "oh yes! take me to the lake this summer".
and I agree, he is a beautiful son....

Such a beautiful, bright child - reminds me of the wonderful M & M!!! I wonder why???
love & hugs!

Loving the slippers Mara!
I cannot wait to spend time with the family Fojas. Awesome news about his first word, by the time I leave your son will be singing every word of Baby Got Back by Sir-Mix-a-Lot.

Yay that is so exciting!!

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