Potty Talk

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Hey, I've got a 16 month old, you knew it had to happen sooner or later.

Liam has been showing vague signs of readiness for toilet training, so I decided to give it a go. Before he gets into his bath, I have him sit on the toilet, as he almost always starts out his bath by peeing in it.

So, I thought, hey we're not traveling anywhere for a few weeks, why not give it a whack. This morning, when we all got up, I set him on his potty. And he used it! I'll spare you the details of how ;-) But he did, so false start or no, it's a start. We'll see where it goes from here, but wow, would it be awesome not to be changing diapers for another two years.

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ahhh. Well, Grace peed also. On my hand and the scale at the doctor's office on Monday. Ahhh, potty training. THERE's a distant thought. She's six weeks old today. Oh. My. Goodness. or, as we usually say: Holy. Crap. (ok, maybe not exactly ;)

Really? Don't get me wrong, I concur with you partially, but when you state something like this you really need to be ready to back it up.

I realise this isn't a very good comment but it made me smile!
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