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My life is being sucked away trying to get this video to you. If you've got 10 minutes. The dancing is my favorite, but there's also juice talking, peekaboo-ing and more.

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that was 10 minutes well spent -- and however many hours on your part well spent also!! I especially like your speed reading ... to beat the turn of the page! :) Hope you're all doing well!
Crys & John & Grace

You know, honestly and sincerely,if I am ever having a tough moment, being with your son is my happy thought.
With all of my love,
The proudest and most grateful man in the world at this very moment, Liam

Precious, precious! I love the dancing and the penguin story :-)
Nice to see all of you on the video :-)

I love the reading. I was watchign the stair scenewith Liam in Marks arms wondering if Liam said up (instead of down) because he also connects being held with the word up. He is such an intereesting little fella. I can see he is enjoying his new understanding of the concept 'again'. Looks like you two are too!

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