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Time for a Liam Update, No?

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For those of you who just want to see how big we are:


Feesh! Feesh! Liam's favorite:




I get to have a favorite, too:



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I saw this greeting card and it made me think of my somewhat cheeky grandmother:
Two elderly women are looking at menus. One says, "I'm in the mood for a quickie." The other replies, "it's pronounced 'quiche'". The first replies, "then I'll have the salad."

For you, Grandma.

In other news. I have a job! I will be the business manager for my friend's start-up. She has the product, I've got the organization...together we'll make it happen - I'm so excited!

Liam is, of course, growing and changing in a bajillion different ways.

He has started speaking in phrases. Not all the time, but he does. "Daddy go buh-bye. (followed by kissy noise)", for example.

He says please when he wants something, but now he has started saying, "please, oh, please, oh, please!"

He L-O-V-E-S socks. I have to hide them from him. Otherwise, he'll put them on his hands and suck on them. Last night, he slept with socks on his hands. When he pulled them off and threw them out of his bed, he started crying. I came in the room, to a very sudden "SOCKS!" which I translated as "thank god you're here woman! sock overboard! sock overboard!" He went back to sleep once the socks were safely on his hands again.

He also loves reading. Tonight when I asked him if he wanted me to read him a book he brought to me, he replied, "no." He sat in my lap, turning the pages and occasionally commenting on what he saw. Three books later he let me read.

This has been a crazy week. We are all now in the care of a chiropractor - yes, Liam included - due to the car accident we were in on Sunday. Someone rear-ended us. Thus far, their insurance company has been blessedly agreeable. By the way, all injuries are minor. Liam has nothing but a bit of a kink on the left of his neck - as that's the side his face was turned to when the accident happened (he'd been asleep).

And tomorrow he head out for Chicago. I can scarcely believe it. A part of me wants nothing more than to curl up into a ball and do nothing for about a month. The best suggestion I heard was to throw on some fuzzy pants and curl up on the couch with a good book and hot tea.

Oh! And my awesome sister created a calendar of ways to remember my mother during this time, her dying season. Everything from drinking a cup of tea to spending time with a child to tending a plant. It's awesome! Thank you, Rae, for this incredibly thoughtful gift.

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