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New Year's Resolution

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My new year's resolution, if you want to call it that, was that I this is the year I would focus on regaining my health. Okay, it wasn't much of an option, but I guess I was admitting that this needed to be done and that I would submit to it and not, you know, gripe about all the doctors appointments.

Well, this is what you get when you submit to the doctors appointments.

I have to have my gall bladder removed.

My first surgery ever.

However, this is to address the nausea and abdominal pain I've had ever since, well, really, ever since I got pregnant. Having put up with that - worsening - over the past two years, this will be a welcome change. I'm not thrilled about the surgery, but I'm relieved to know there is a solution and that it will come soon. I meet with the surgeon on Friday, at which point I imagine we'll set a date.

You Can't Make This Up

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Liam fell asleep in the car this evening. I carried him upstairs to his room, got him out of his coat, and sat with him in the rocker for a bit. As I was settling in, Liam - in his sleep - says, "Cookie, please?"

Liam doesn't say "love", but his equivalent is "happy" and then he lists folks who make him happy (Goompa, Rae, Gabby, Kate... that's the short list). Recently, he has started requesting that I sing to him about the people who make him happy when he's falling asleep. So, "Goompa makes Liam happy, Goompa makes Liam happy, Goompa makes Liam happy..." has started putting him to sleep. Very sweet. A bit repetitive, but sweet.

December with Chicago cousins (no, Mendon & Kristen do not have Asian children):


Liam making faces at the camera:


At the zoo for Wild Lights. Thank you to Nathan for this year's season pass!!!:


There are some non-diaper versions of this, but they won't be put on the web:


There was a HUGE fire a couple streets over from us, burning down an entire block of businesses on our "main drag", if you will. The only real effect this had on us was that we had no power for 6 hours in 0 degree weather. But it is definitely sad. This was the view from our house:


As we were walking out the door to go to an inauguration party, Liam threw up, so Mark and I had our own private party in our basement, which Mark set up all pretty-pretty while I cleaned up Liam and put him to bed. Here's us being happy in our basement. You should come on over and check out our place. It's cozzzzzy!


And yes, I love my felted purple hat (with a feather in it) from Edinburgh!

We are in the process of adding more videos to YouTube - Liam dancing (if you haven't seen this, you ain't seen nothin' yet!), saying his ABC's, etc.

Okay, have I sufficiently fed your addiction? ;-)


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Sorry it's been a while.

Liam, is as custom, has lots of new and fun stuff going on.

In the meantime, we've had our power out because an entire block of shops near us burnt to the ground. And then, the next day Liam came down with a NASTY stomach virus. Okay, so when is that ever not nasty? Now Mark and I are feeling the consequences.

We do have some hilarious videos and photos of Liam. When we all have the energy again, I'll post them.

Take care of you and yours. You do NOT want this stomach bug!

Theme Song

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My mother's theme song for me (and really, everyone). I got her approval to use this before she died.


Don't forget
Don't forget
That I believe in you

Should you forget
Should you forget
Let me remind you
That I am behind you

You are a secret waiting to be found out
Soon you'll be what everyone is talking about
May you spread your love like laughter
And find whatever you're after
Hopin' all your windows let the music spill out

Don't forget
Don't forget
That I believe in you

Should you forget
Should you forget
Let me remind you
That I am behind you

May you dance like rain upon a still lake
You make this world a beautiful place
No more cryin'
Don't shun your life, it's shinin'
Wipe your tears from your sweet face

Don't forget
Don't forget
That I believe in you

Should you forget
Should you forget
Let me remind you
That I am behind you

Don't be afraid
Should things happen to change
Cause change can be a beautiful thing

Should things fall apart
Be patient like a rainbow
Life is loving and letting go

Me, Bare

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Liam is exploding a mile a minute these days. His vocabulary is beyond counting anymore. If I ask him to say, "geek", he does, and then if I ask him, "who is a geek?" He replies, "Daddy." Hahahaha! Oh, and he counts and sings the alphabet - at least parts - he gets partial credit. He likes to play with cars and trains, and he likes to clean up (yahoo!) and wear socks on his hands. He likes to give us kisses when he first wakes up in the morning (often waking us up this way).

And then, there's me. I don't even know where I am. Tomorrow marks one year since my mother died. I'm downing a tub of ice cream as I write this (some of you are aware that is not typical Mara behavior). My sister's calendar of Maman remembrances helps. Each day, I do something on the calendar, even if it's not the one for that specific day. I have no plans to take it down once January is over, either.

We're planning a bonfire here in town (you are all welcome, if you are able) on Friday to commemorate her ascension. I haven't exactly decided the layout - shall we roast marshmallows, as she would've enjoyed, or is the fire somehow sacred? I've asked my sister to read her eulogy - because it's awesome. I'm considering writing something to read - and perhaps something to write, seal and simply burn. We'll see.

I've begun to be diagnosed with a seemingly endless litany of stuff I need to deal with. An on-line thing I had to fill out for Mark's employer informed me I was struggling with depression. Thank you, computer/big brother, for your infinite astuteness.

I have several different options beginning to open up for me professionally - I feel almost overwhelmed with several truly interesting choices, and disappointed that I simply can't do it all, especially because I cannot bear to part with my son and put him in some sort of child care. Please don't read that as a judgment on child care. I just know I'm not up to it, personally.

Hmmm...end on happy note...we got plants for the third floor - it really makes it feel more cozy (and helps absorb stinky new paint chemicals). We also went out and bought the 'leftovers' of Christmas lights for 60 cents a box. We're going to put them up in the basement and convert part of it to a 'formal dining area' for use when we have guests over for meals. Fun!

There, see? I have happiness in my life.

Father and son, having fun:


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