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Other than that being the best 'chex mix' recipe ever....

So, I had the surgery last Monday. It went well (or so they told me). Friends and family have rallied around us to help deal with the monkey that seems to have wormed its way into our household. Liam ran 'Da-doom' ragged. (otherwise known as Goompa) And my father loved every minute of it ;-)

I'm now on my own, still tender, not carrying Liam or driving anywhere. I can't decide whether I"m enjoying how Liam and I are interacting differently or whether I'm going to go completely bonkers not being able to either carry him or leave the house.

Ayyam-i-Ha is coming up and I am super excited about it. Not that I've decorated ... sigh. We'll see whether that happens this year. But my family is getting together for it, thus, awesomeness.

I discovered that Liam knows how to count to 10 today. I was counting something, got to 6, and Liam said, "seven". I looked at him, slightly dumbfounded, and stammered, "eight?" He shouted, "nine!" And then we said 'ten' together. Wah? That just blew me away. He'll occasionally do that with the alphabet, if there's a long enough pause after just about any letter, he'll fill in the blank. I totally don't keep up with what is "age appropriate" blah, blah, blah, so his learning just tends to leave me a bit breathless. He's big, huge, gigantically into puzzles right now, too. Rae, those puzzles you got him? EATS THEM UP. They are constantly spread all over the living room. If he needs to calm himself and isn't permitted Elmo? "Puzzles!" He's also trying to learn how to use chopsticks which is cute right up until the point at which he gets so frustrated he throws them.

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