Two Little Hours

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Mark left for a business trip today. Shouldn't be much of a big deal, I mean, how should this morning differ from any other in which he leaves for work?

Well, by the time Mark arrived in far away Dayton (1 hour 10 min drive?) Yeah.

Liam had managed to discover that he could get a (soggy) cheerio up his (very snotty) nose. Lovely. And he found it amusing.

Then the tornado sirens went off. Yes, it is Wednesday. But not noon. Try 10 a. m.

Turns out, they were testing them at a random time. WHAT?! What is that about? Isn't the point of having standard testing times that if they go off at another time, IT AIN'T A TEST? Just asking.

However, I did find out, and I think this is fairly important to know: sirens are merely warnings for people outside to go indoors. Those of us already inside in bad weather are expected to listen to the radio.

And a Liam story I forgot yesterday:

If Liam hears a noise he doesn't recognize, he blames it on Mark thusly: "Daddy tooted." Even if it is Liam himself tooting.

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And he auto corrects. That's actually the story I wanted to tell. I've heard him in the other room, "Liam down! Liam down!" to find him sitting on the coffee table. At dinner, he'll have his feet touching the table and say, "feet down! Feet down!"

Just now he was standing in his high chair and said, "sit down!"

In case I forget, who auto-corrects? Liam or Mommy? Liam auto-emulates doesn't he? Well he is a smart feller, and will probably be JUST LIKE HIS PARENTS oh my! At least where it comes to dark chocolate I'm sure....

A self-correcting child! How delightful!

I cannot wait to spend some quality time with my nephew! That is such a good sign, Mara, so refreshing; young Liam is self-aware and has a relationship with himself. I know forty year olds who have never managed the neat conceptual trick of modelling themselves in order to modify their own behaviour.

And not just a few - most adults lack the cognitive fluidity necessary to self-relate.

This is a wonderful development. I'm glowing with totally undeserved avuncular pride!

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