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First Letter

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Dear Mama,
I've been having an increasing number of "now-would-be-a-good-time-for-you-to-be-alive" moments. I've also got a lot on my mind now that I am pregnant again. I am feeling a growing sense of disconnection from the world. I am taking some pro-active steps, and this is one of them.
I will write to you as frequently as a pregnant woman with a two-year-old boy can manage.
Hopefully, I will occasionally even get an answer from someone out in the universe.

Here are some of my questions that brought me to this juncture:
1. How did you get us (particularly boys) potty trained?
2. How did you get us to sleep in our own beds all night long?
3. How did you stay SANE raising us? By this I mean, I feel like I have a brain and a contribution to make to society. I'm not even sure what that is, but I am feeling the need to make outreach attempts. Somehow. Even if it's not professional - like, volunteering or something. But, man! it is sooo hard to find balance and time away from family. It's like I'm creating this love/hate relationship with family - I've GOT to get away, but the best time to do it is when we could be spending really good time together. Huh.

So, there you have it. First letter.

I love you, Mama. Enjoy your garden.


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We're in our new house now. We all love it. Liam will ask, "where's Daddy?" when he wakes up. Mark is often already up, in the bathroom, or whatever, so I ask him, "where is he?" His response, "in our new house."

I was telling him a story about a young girl, mentioned she was a 'big girl' and I asked Liam whether he was a big boy? His response: "girl, actually." Wow. I stand corrected. Now, before you go reassuring me that this is normal, let me reassure you, I know. I think Liam is hysterical. I am loving his pink princess style.

Word I most frequently hear Liam say in his sleep: Thanks. So sweet.

And now he is awake, so off I go.

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