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We're in our new house now. We all love it. Liam will ask, "where's Daddy?" when he wakes up. Mark is often already up, in the bathroom, or whatever, so I ask him, "where is he?" His response, "in our new house."

I was telling him a story about a young girl, mentioned she was a 'big girl' and I asked Liam whether he was a big boy? His response: "girl, actually." Wow. I stand corrected. Now, before you go reassuring me that this is normal, let me reassure you, I know. I think Liam is hysterical. I am loving his pink princess style.

Word I most frequently hear Liam say in his sleep: Thanks. So sweet.

And now he is awake, so off I go.

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I miss Liam since he has moved. I have been working hard and planning for my trip to Naelandia with Ingridia. Goompa is traveling abroad, oh my!

Apparently so! It's impossible to get ahold of you! And I want you to see our new house!

You know Mark's email to me works. I don't know why yours doesn't.
Blogging is not very private, to say the least. I will come for a visit the weekend after Labor Day. I think that's the 12th and 13th of September.
Ooh it's a day after my birthday. I am actually working an 8 hr. evening shift on my birthday. Then I will be going to see Rae for a couple of days to get my new phone. Yay! Then you will be able to call me anytime again. GREAT!

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