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Dear Mama,

This one is all your fault. Liam wants to call me 'Mom'. At 2 1/2. Seriously. And I just can't let him. That, of course, is the part that is your fault. Having brought me up with 'mom' as a taboo word, it completely goes against every fiber of my being to be called 'mom' myself.

I have no idea what brought this on. I've had discussions with him: "I know other kids may call their mothers "Mom", but not me." I've tried, "that's not my name." Mark backs me up - even if he doesn't understand it. I've tried ignoring him. I've even tried threatening him with a timeout.

The other day, he called me 'mom' and I said, "What have I said about that?"

His teary reply was, "Mommy, I want to call you 'Mom'." I gave him a hug and asked whether he could wait a few years?

He agreed.

What then? Have I laid you a thick enough guilt trip?




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Dear Mama,

I'd just like you to know that I think reducing my fluid - rehashing everything I went through with Liam - is a bit extreme just to get a grandbaby born on your birthday. Really. I mean, I'll miss my baby shower if I have to deliver at 36 weeks! Last time I missed my hair appointment, and now my shower? Come on! Could you finagle things so that I could at least wait until the Monday after?




p.s. to the living: no scheduled induction as of yet, but my fluid levels are on the very low end. If they go any lower, I will be induced. I'm 32 weeks now.

New Name

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Dear Mama,

This is to inform you that your only grandson has changed his name. It is currently "Sucker Lollipop".

Please be advised.

Thank you.



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Dear Mama,

You once said putting deodorant on without showering first wasn't good. Do you remember the context? And, umm, not good in what way?

Just asking, 'cause, you know, as a young mother ... well, I don't necessarily get a shower in every day.


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