April 15, 2008

Celebrating Living

Today, a friend of mine went to the hospital. He was released shortly thereafter but we all recognized that it could have been a lethal experience because of his illness. We decided to celebrate his life. Not really the whole thing, just that he was living.

Ultimately, we hung out, drank some tasty beverages, chilled, played video games, and watched some BSG. In retrospect, I find it a little odd that we celebrated by doing what we do when we're not celebrating. But, I guess that that means we're living to the fullest, or something like that. At the very least, it seems that we're living for the moment. I can handle that. Tomorrow could be our last. I'm glad that I spend most of my days with people I love and am happy to tell them that.

For the rest of you that I love that I don't get to see everyday (you know who you are), I miss you. Come hang out some time before we don't have the chance to anymore. I have an extra bed you can sleep in, too.

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