December 5, 2008

"The Music Industry is Imploding"

Seriously? This is the best tag line you can come up with Media?
I've seen at least ten articles in the last few weeks that all use "implode" as the verb describing the recording industry's actions. While the phenomenon is not new, can we please find different language with which we to describe the music industry. Reuters, AP, NY Times, Washington Post, countless bloggers, stop using "implode" it makes you sound like everyone else.

I propose a use of a variety of verbs. Here are some appropriate headlines that I have generated that convey similar meanings and might even latch on to common contemporary memes:

"Recording Industry Records Record Lows"
"Music Fans, Musicians Hate DRM, RIAA"
"Draconian Recording Industry Kills Last Loyal Customer"
"Music Industry Going Bankrupt"
"Music: Kate Perry Nominated For a Grammy"
"Music: Indie Hipster Trend Spreads"

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