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Mark and Mara's baby was born late Wednesday, the 4th of April.

There have been a ton of pictures, but here are a few more.

I can't get over the way seeing him makes me feel; it damn near brings tears to my eyes every time he cuddles.

Uncle Puika.jpg

I do a lot of sleeping. So does Liam. It's a happy coincidence.

Aunt Rachael & Liam.jpg

Liam and his Aunt Rachael, my sister (yay! I love my sister; she's smart and pretty.)

Maman, Liam, Kristen.jpg

Liam, Gramma and Aunt Kristen, my sister-in-law.

My family immediately started crowding around him and working to try and figure out what makes him stop crying and what doesn't, how to make him smile and be happy. We love the newest Dornbrook.


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Hi there, Uncle Nathan.

We are so happy for your family.

You look so innocent when you are asleep. The baby is teaching you something.

Just a note, for the record, it is:
Auntie Rae, Nannie, and Aunt Lucy. :-)

Hey! Wait a minute! I'm Ma. You can't use that monicker, too! Do I have to change my sign on name to Nannie? And it's Auntie RaeRae. At least, for me it is.

Sorry, Maman. I was in Firefox, which I think defaults to "Ma". I'm not Ma - not yet. I'm Mommy for now, or "nrgh" is probably a closer approximation of what Liam says.

Well, I do think the little bugger is a Fojas with Dornbrookiness about him. It's okay to include him in our clan too cuz we does luv 'im a bunches!..........

At present, we're the only one's who've seen him, right? I mean, he's just a rumor on the breeze (internet with hard evidence) for the fojases, right?

No, his grandparents were able to see him in the hospital.

So- the come hither look I've got going on was for the camera. Sort of ironic though- considering what/who I'm holding!

Hi Natha, good to see you happy! I am currently back on the island -> in London ...

regards to Edinburgh

Nae, I hate to sound miserly and all, but I'm interested in finding a way to work with you and Zane on Pescado. Let me know.

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