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Who's the moron on my TV?


Rough day today - I'm flying to Southern California tomorrow at a wholly unreasonable hour. 730,000 acres on fire (according to CBS News) and I'm headed right for the middle of it. I came home to pack, eat dinner and watch some TV - but on the way to the Cavs game I got stuck on the Lou Dobbs show. Perhaps he just wasn't at his most polite.

Iraq and the United States


Policymakers and pundits in the US are struggling to understand Iraq. So are those members of the common citizenry who follow the news reports. Theories abound, many of them ill-informed. Over the next several weeks, I will try my hand at illuminating two important issues: how and why we should engage Iraq.

Definite Article Up

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California turned out to be good for something besides electing Mr. Universe governor.

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