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California turned out to be good for something besides electing Mr. Universe governor.

It also has given me oodles of free time - the only person I know around here is the lovely and talented LC. She's wonderful company. Unfortunately, I'm in San Jose, and she's in Redwood City.

So, between trips to the Apple store to check out iPods (not for me, naturally), I've been trying to get Movable Type working on

I finally succeeded, sort of.

Been ill for the last two days - perfect, get sick on the weekend.

Anyway, I've been chasing after my cousin (Rahmat) to get some sort of blogging site up and running, but he's a professional and he's been as busy as a one legged man in an ass kicking contest, so I decided to try my hand.

God, I hope Erik doesn't look at the command logs for the ssh session from installing this.

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