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My Sister's Thesis, Part ii


I've gotten to a difficult part in my sister's thesis, partially thematically and partially linguistically. It is difficult for me to find sympathy for Annie Ernaux. Not because she is having an abortion, but because on the one hand I don't know any men who are as nasty as apparently described in L'événement and on the other hand because I get the feeling that the Law felt masculine in France in '65 and may yet still feel masculine. The law doesn't feel masculine to me, here in Virginia. Also, I don't speak French and, contextual clues notwithstanding, I'm having some difficulty with the passages.

My Sister's Thesis, Part i


I was reading my sister's brilliant thesis, The Differences in Treatment of Sexism in the French Language Between France and Quebec. It made me think about Schoolhouse Rock, specifically Conjunction Junction, the nature of sexism, how the egalitarian movement might benefit from a name change and why class struggles aren't really dead.

Also, I invented a low-effort, tasty snack sandwich that uses liver pudding.

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