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Carol is leaving


Carol leaves today. It's Friday, February 27th and Ayyam'i'ha has begun.

I'm miserable.

Leaving for Edinburgh, Part II


Subtitle: Return of the Evil Overnight Flight in Cattle Class


When I'm Rich, I'll Fly First Class


I spent last night packing. Carol was already packed so she spent the night finding new ways to make her feet as cold as ice. More below.

Brown paper packages tied up with string...

You get the idea.

Today was mingin'. This obscure colloquialism, peculiar to the U.K., refers to something nasty, something I won't post in my blog because my mother reads it, but it suffices to say that the weather was lousy - cold, blowing rain.

Luckily, I was to be cheered and warmed by a happy surprise when I opened my email.

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