Carol is leaving


Carol leaves today. It's Friday, February 27th and Ayyam'i'ha has begun.

I'm miserable.

Carol is travelling the world. She's spending a year visiting South America, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, and basically anywhere where it's warm and sunny and filled with tanned, buff men.

We're breaking up for the duration, with the intent of getting back together when she returns. I'm sad. And lonely. And she's right here next to me.

She says she'll be back in September, so it's not for a whole year. Oh, and I'm coming to visit! I had no idea...

Anyway, here's a picture of the two of us, happy. I'll surf to it and look at it when I'm feeling lonely.

View image

Also, it's Ayyam'i'ha! Happy Intercalary Days to Baha'is everywhere!

There's a great explanation of Ayyam'i'ha and the history of the celebration on my sisters excellent 'blog, here.

But a happy Ayyam'i'ha to my parents and Mara and Mendon, my Aunt Suellen and Uncle Gene and Baha'is everywhere!

It's a time of general happiness, similar in nature to Pancake Tuesday, or Shrove Tuesday, which was last Tuesday; they're very close to each other this year. Shrove Tuesday is still big in Scotland and folks get together and eat pancakes as part of the Lenten preparation.



Dear Nae,

Sorry ... I know it royally sucks to be left behind. I promise I've learned my lesson, and will not do it to my husband anymore. ;-)

To Carol: I hope you have a rockin' trip!! I know we haven't spent much time together, and therefore, haven't been able to get to know each other very well, but I think you are way cool, and, well, erm ... wouldn't mind being related to you :-) [okay, I'm evil - sorry! I am Nathan's sister...]

Anyway, definitely make Nathan visit you. I think it would do him well to hang around tanned and buff men, too.

In the mean time, Nae, we'd love to come visit you at the end of April ... so let's talk details to see if it'll be possible?

Big hugs, kisses and Kleenex tissues with lotion!

hey there
Thanks for the vote of confidence Mara--much appreciated
We both know it's going to be tough but are full sure we'll get through it just fine
i think a trip to Edinburgh by you and Mark is a great idea---Nathan's got a new bachelor pad that he's dying to show off!(he'll kill me for that!)
keep in touch

Dear Carol,

Absolutely! Will you be writing periodically to fill us all in on what fabulous experiences you're having? If you'll be sending group updates, please put me on your list! (

Thanks! Cheers, Mara

Wow. I'm sitting here at home feeling sorry for myself because none of my children are home (though we did see Rae and Eric) for Ayyam'i'ha. And you are all 'there', also wishing you were here! (Mendon too. He's written to me.) I am sorry we are apart. I miss you all too. More later. A meeting calls.

I made strawberry pancakes the other day cause we had leftover strawberries that were beginning to be more than ripe. They were a successful experiment.

Hey, great write-up. That's a tough break dude.. better luck next time though! Anyway, nice site... I'm subscribed to your feed now so I'll check in more often!

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1, perverted landlord: a dog and a man which support cost-effective ?
strong storm response: ladies , even if you can make a man a dog , but you dare not take the dog when a man makes ?

2. perverted landlord: a man you have to Li or Zhang Ziyi ?
strong storm response: a rooster , a pheasant , not chosen

3. perverted landlord: the dead through the Hainan incident mineral water to drink , you can see China's food safety worrying , drink mineral water is also dead ? Not a QS logo?
Strong storm Re : Weak weak ask , QS is not meant to die ?

4. perverted landlord: a student , grades every year countdown to the first , often with a fight , according to the requirements of the teacher leading the students nicely to a final comment , how to write ah ?
strong storm response : the student performance and stability , strong hands .

5. 30 minutes to talk about China News Network .
strong storm response : what to say: the first ten minutes , the leaders busy. In ten minutes, the National People are very happy . After ten minutes, rest of the world people live in misery .

6. perverted landlord: There are more than 40 of the many things do not understand who to turn to ?
strong storm response : Foreign Affairs to ask Google, Baidu asked in a matter , ask intercourse End of the World !

7. perverted landlord: the Olympic slogan is

Log> Personal skills on
〖〗 short-term stock picking skills a dark horse, the basic parameters of technical analysis I set the technical specifications of the dynamic parameters Qian made the necessary changes:
1, the average system parameters K line in the three average 10, 30 to 10,15,21. 30 Figure Three average 10, 30 to 21,34,55, 60 minutes to change the figure three average 10, 30 of 10,30,60 2, Technical parameters on K-line, Zhou K-line, 30 minutes and 60 minutes K-line figure by the 12,26,9 MACD indicator parameters to 12,26,27. RSI 6,12 to 7,21 by the index parameter. KDJ parameters constant is 9

indicators can also be re-passivation passivation!
A, the day K-line 10, 15, 21 multi-day moving average bond, or 10, 15-day moving average crossing 21, up almost simultaneously moving average, or just beginning to form long arrangement, upward divergence.
B, the unit amount of lines must cross of gold (the amount of parity according to first principles, the amount of lines to be up 5-day average daily volume of cross-line 10).
C, MACD indicators, DIF form a golden cross on the MACD to wear, or DIF, MACD divergence, or by the adhesive and just up the formation of long array. Above A, B, C three conditions simultaneously, the set is a big black horse, ready to buy. Typical example: 600 664 Harbin Pharmaceutical Group. April 10, 2003, 600664 Harbin Pharmaceutical Group closed 19.35 yuan, the bottom of the form has been adjusted in place. 5, 10, 21, three moving average gold cross has been formed, this time moving average below the amount corresponding to the formation of the gold index has also been cross. Long-term trends in the DIF MACD indicator has also been worn on the DEA. Thus, the three indicators occurred gold cross, while upward divergence, indicating the cost to achieve the same, short-term about to erupt. At this point, can be decisive follow-up. The stock then quickly pulled up the highest share price of 24.00 yuan. Short-term profits over 20%.
Method two: 60 minutes K EXPMA target chart to find short-term dark horse.
When a stock K-line form for several days or cylindrical bottom sideways trend on the stock can be converted into 60 minutes K-line chart, if there is 10 hours, 30 hours, 60 hours in the average price line bonding together, two to three days or so, or 10 hours, 30 hours after the average price level line up to go cross-line 60 hours average, that long array, and the amount of lines was the gold cross, and EXPMA target from two lanes to stick the contract when the upward divergence, is the best buy at this time point, no doubt to buy will rise.
typical example: 000008ST billion security. At 10:30 on August 4, 2003, 60 minutes K-line closing price of 7.36 yuan figure has been successful in the average price of cable onto the 60 hours, 10 SMA and 30 hours cross-wire bonding and gold, and its corresponding 60 minutes EXPMA indicators of short-term moving average has been smooth upturned head, and you should pay close attention to whether and 60 minutes EXPMA long-term moving average to smooth the gold cross, wait time (in Qian white line on the system that cross the yellow line). 14:58 the same day, ST billion security price of 7.47 yuan, then 60 minutes EXPMA indicators formed two lines cross of gold, the stock has been steadily above average standing 60 hours, 10 hours, 30 hours average all the way up and at the same divergence , closer to 60 hours to accelerate. Meanwhile, the 5-day average daily volume of the amount of lines and 10 lines also formed Jin Cha, best buy soon.
Method three: According to the If the form when the sea resembles a typical leaps 10 average daily volume; MACD indicator to Sicha and not any Sicha, or indicators of white and yellow wire bonding after synchronization by a gradual upward divergence, then the best buy.)
the secret of this method is that: as long as the leaps of the Typical example: 000550 JMC April 25, 2003, 000550 JMC closed 10.68 yuan, from the graphical point of view, the stock has formed a three average sea resembles a dolphin leaps, 10-day moving average to form the fish back, 21 day moving average to form bellied, 15-day moving average to form the fish leaps back, lifelike, and the 5-day average daily volume of cross 10 the amount that costs have been raised, and the brightest pay active for less than the demand. The MACD is the time to Sicha without Sicha, a big Sure enough, the next day (April 28, 2003) JMC an opening, then pulled up the heavy volume, a
Method four: the dark horse selection according to the RSI indicator to form when the RSI indicator graphics standard head and shoulders bottom pattern (target position appeared in the 50 or so), and indicators of the right shoulder just up the cross, that 7RSI wore 21RSI, at this time is the best buy point, see this technical indicator graphics appear to be decisive reached, short-term highly explosive.
Method five: the use of multi-strand black horse with the day to find out the morning market share declined slightly
or sideways (in the case of no big bad), can be closed at noon, the use of multi-strand Qian find out the day with morning time-average price lines (yellow lines) in the close vicinity of yesterday finishing slightly sideways, and the more straight-line average, time-lines (white lines) around the average price of the yellow line under the tight range of not more than 4 cells away , stock trading volume more evenly throughout the morning, outside the disk within the disk is greater than or equal to, greater than or equal to 1, MACD, KDJ indicators of safety, price is not out of the outer rail Bollinger stock. Stocks that meet the above conditions, as long as the market steadied the afternoon, the stock will rise no doubt that short-term rush, finished out the next day.
advantages: minimal risk to buy such shares, the larger explosive afternoon pulled heavy volume.
Note: This method of stock selection of inexperienced investors have a certain degree of difficulty, because the stocks that meet the above criteria, the stock has not go up, up and down fluctuations in time-trend looks great (in fact, narrow amplitude fluctuations of plus or minus 1 percent 点 about 5 amplitude), not sure buying the stock until the afternoon after a sudden heavy volume go up, Made in the stock is very obvious, which requires investors to have some friends to read the tape experience.
reporter did not understand: Ping readily said: The white line of time-trend line will have to do around the average price level within a narrow range order (best to price fluctuations of plus or minus 1.5%).
2, the day will have to correspond to the relative decline of time-volume , is greater than the outer disk within the disk (note the initiative the day buying more than selling the initiative).
3, the unit was on K-line combination should outperform the general location of the triangle finishing, finishing flag, finishing the end of the rectangle, or a breakthrough in the face of the previous high near the top if they meet three conditions can be decisive scored, often the same day or next day, or about 5% can be achieved, according to the method of buying a very small risk, and short-term quick profit. rise early, deliberate big selling may be the main set on the cover, is designed to gather more low-cost chips, encounter such shares, determined to follow up on, then there must be a substantial increase.
Method 7: 6 BIAS deviation rate based on selected indicators of short-term dark horse
BIAS indicator is the most sensitive indicators, the most practical, most accurate indicator. In terms of a strong stock, 6BIAS less than negative 7, bargain hunting; 6BIAS than being 10, then rallies to distribute. This method has been in real good proof, and profitable.
typical example: May 13, 2003, 000 600 International Building closed 9.94 yuan, now has less than negative 6 BIAS 7, indicating that the stock has been severely oversold and you should pay close attention to whether the next day 6 BIAS can Guaitou up. The next day the broader market strength, and 000,600 have moderate to enlarge the volume of international buildings. 6 BIAS obvious Guaitou up. At this point may be in stock before the close as timely follow-up orders.
Method 8: 五日 sideways to catch the dark horse
any shrinkage on K-line of a share in Yang Xian, or in a straight line sideways Changyang 5, and the great volume shrinkage, break up the sixth day After the volumes, the best buying opportunity at this time should be chased into the short-term highly explosive, out of a dark horse. Note: except for the super large-cap stocks, because the float caps big whipsaw time may be greater than 5, in addition, usually not more than 5 stocks whipsaw trading day.
typical example, 600,198 Datang Telecom July 25, 2003, 600 198 Datang Telecom about 2 o'clock in the afternoon suddenly opened heavy volume, buck the trend line. Buck the trend line for this type of stock, operational key point, we must depend on whether the heavy volume up. Pulled in the day, especially after the market was not very good in the case, should not chase the high. Should pay close attention the next few days, whether the unit root in this huge candle on sideways. Sure enough stock in the next few days, obviously, there is the main concern, and four K-line combination was strong at this time, according to the laws of attention the next day 五日 sideways trend. If the volume, breaking the next day the stock can be decisive intervention.
Method 9: Use market crash rebound.
when the broader market plunge, to focus on those who fall into the channel before the rise of stocks, and other large signs have stabilized, you should first select the type of stock bought rebound, short-term increase of more substantial. Note that during the specific operation, reference should be 30 minutes or 60 minutes the stock K-line diagram of the indicators of high and low, it is best when the target appeared to depart or departure from the top end when trading.
method X: According to Zhou K-line gap to find a big black horse
all shares of weeks there are gaps in the K-line, and the gap does not make the stock, should focus on, choose the right time to buy such stocks must Most have themes, will be a big black horse.
method XI: limit with a big black horse (ST family profits)
A, when a stock limit, we pay close attention, do not do business.
B, note that the previous day's volume limit, in order for the next amount of energy before the start of a reference standard.
C, patiently waiting for this wave of adjustments before the start of trading volume to reach the previous level, such as, opening the next day to go, and than a large, volume increased significantly, in the limit moment into a success rate of wonders .
typical example: 000013 ST petrochemicals. ST Sinopec in May 27, 2003 immeasurable daily limit, changing hands less than 2% of float caps. Selling lighter note, the high cost of quilt making, far to the sell-off areas. May 28, opening to go, indicating very strong and the general level of market makers do not drive. From Handicap point of view, making low-cost small, can wait whipsaw Zhencang end. May 27, two days before the limit 23 and 26, respectively, 694,100 and turnover of 71.90 million shares, to June 9, the amount went to start cloning, volume of 69.46 million shares that day. Makers pulled around the corner, close attention. The next day, confirmed the judge completely correct, heavily loaded into.
method XII: finishing select the flag formidable dark horse.
stock market, the most annoying trend, non-Here are a rapid rise in short-term dark horse graphics, the The face
Therefore, if a stock rose sharply, and show the flag in the middle order rally form, the attention! This may be a rare case of a dark horse, the share price gone up is not up, see not fall down, still high after the high point of this rally is usually formidable, and its rally after the break, almost always close to
A, the volume must be reduced gradually from left to right.
B, price must be higher than the previous wave of finishing to do.
C, while MACD MACD must.
D, must be heavy volume price break, break through the neckline to buy immediately.
methods thirteen: the dark horse under the big shade stick elect
A, was pre-big bang, and after standing in line for more than a few days, K-line graphics has become a round-bottomed shape.
B, a large negative rods engulfing 5, 10-day moving average.
C, although the big yin Bangsha out, but the dramatic drop in volume.
D, heavy volume, opening the next day, decisive intervention.
typical example: 600 556 North Pharma. April 15, 2003, a sudden big bang start, and after several years of trading stock price above the firm effectively. K line on the round-bottomed shape. At that time, the broader market since the beginning of April 16 has become a substantial decline in short-term head again and again, and then north Pharma stocks significantly outperform the trend, investors must have short-term opportunities. Sure enough, April 24, a large negative rods above the straight line from 5 to 10, kill line. Short-term operation opportunities coming. But the premise is workable, opening day is heavy volume. The next day, that is, April 25, North Pharma, opening heavy volume. That is determined to buy.
method of fourteen, DMI magical turning point to find the dark horse.
When ADX ± DI at the bottom, especially in the 20 below, on behalf of stock has been bogged down, in a dull finishing period, this time, should withdraw from the sidelines. ADX above 50, however, more than once, the best trading signal is issued in more than 80, suddenly turning down the fold, this time, regardless of share price is up or down, represents market will reverse. Then you will find: ADX every operation are at the bottom or top, so when their own stock in a rising, we found that ADX above 50 to sell when the decisive turning point, on the contrary, when the ADX above 50 when the turning point If their stock is falling, should be determined to buy.
typical example: 600 708 Haibo shares.
2003 年 5 14, 600 708 Haibo shares ADX has more than 50 to enter a strong area, then buy at any time issue, we patiently wait for the DMI the inflection point. May 16, 2003, Haibo shares issued ADX magical turning point signals, close attention to the heavy volume start time. Then, in July 4, 2003, start volume contraction to 5, 10, 20-day moving average cost, so it should intervene in batches, the same day share price of 9.23 yuan. July 10, the stock finally pulled heavy volume, ADX through 50 into a strong area. Since then, holding patient ADX again inflection point occurs. July 22, ADX above 50 appear in the magical turning point, sent a clear signal to sell the top, this time determined to sell.
methods fifth: to find the bottom of the dark horse band.
the highest point of the stock from the point of starting up and then down to the point of starting up, it looks like In this state, the index with new low, bad news everywhere, a pessimistic market, investors have good news very numb. People on the stock market rebounded up hope, hope stocks deterred. However, frequency management is blowing warm air, and has introduced many initiatives facilitate, encourage institutional investors to enter the market, urged investors to eliminate the concerns and confidence. When stock prices are often on the bottom of the band, but the public still have the most lethal in the preaching of the C wave. In volume terms, day, week trading volume at record low levels, even to the amount of annual or daily, weekly trading volume of less than 5 days are the amount, or less than last week, on the average daily amount of two points in January One, increase in volume means stagnation, refers to the amount of shrinkage rise. RSI below 20 KD and passive, a deviation rate to 5 days -3 to -5,10 low of -8 deviation above the 30-day deviation from the rate of -10, -15, the index from 5 days, 10 days , 20 days, far below the antenna 30. At this early stage should be determined from the low point bought up.
Method six: three lines overlap, three-wire resonance vibration of a big black horse.
first line of three on average 10, 30 K to 60,120,240, then pay close attention to 60,120,240 average tends to bond, that is very close to the average cost of the three, the day K line up the heavy volume, short-term 5, 15, 21 three-Jin Cha, 5-day average daily volume of the amount of cross-ten, the decisive buying big black horse out of a doubt. These are short-term dark horse
mining sixteen varieties of the most effective methods, can be according to their actual characteristics and habits, to choose from several skilled, flexible use.
Remark: The concept of short-term 2-8 days, the longest holding time of no more than 10 days, that is two weeks, the number of short-term operation, and out 1-2 times a week, generally for the better.
short term and eight kinds can not buy the stock
In addition, there are eight kinds of stocks do not short-term buy:
1, top and sideways do not buy the stock
2, is to go down do not buy the stock channel
3, the plate movements do not buy a bad stock
4, shares of stock that is not dull or super market to buy
5, many newspapers the stock is highly recommended not to buy
6, the trend is unknown but large volume of stock do not buy
7, the cumulative gains big hot stock, and stock average K-line away from the three do not buy the stock.
8, looks strong but is at a high level of technical indicators, or an indicator of a stock selection does not meet the above requirements do not buy

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flee back lost Happy
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walked, on the loose, memories have faded;
I watched, the tired , also stars dark;
she listens, woke up, began to complain of;
back to find you gone, I suddenly chaotic.

my world is too quiet, so quiet you can hear his heart beat.
blood slowly flow back into the atrium of the ventricle, this kind of reincarnation.
smart people, like guess the heart, may guess someone else's heart, but also lost his.
stupid people, like to the heart, may be cheated, but may not be able to get someone else's.
you think I invulnerability, I thought you vulnerable to the attack.

life that has at least once, to someone forgetting their own,
not for a result, not for peers, not for once owned,
not even ask you love I, just the most beautiful in my Love, the face you.
ps: · · · life no longer afraid so brave, you

the indifference of a man with another person's difficulties,
a person's cheating with another man's loyalty,
a person's pay with another person's plunder,
believe in a person with another person's perfunctory.
love is a person with another person,
However, not one plus one equals two,monster headphones,
as you add me, it does not mean we. This is called love, love
If you forget to wake up, then I would prefer to close my eyes.

you say you bad, I hurt, pain do not know how to comfort you,
you say you drunk, I hurt, pain can not be made, thoughts confusion.
my language is too pale, the heart is because of your every word and pain.
too many can not, do not do so, wanted to leave, I leave you pain.
turn, faithless, but too difficult, simply feel bad, I forgot to leave,
once again, has habits, habits you used to feel bad for all.

scene after scene in front of many past and change that vague,
have that firmly believe that dedicated, always believed that with the,
in fact, are even No, not even ... suddenly found themselves silly, not silly.
I swear, I laughed, tears of laughter out.
laughed our silly, we always repeat some of the damage, no one can hide the pain will not be found.
still have foolishly looking to the disappointment, and then look forward to, and then disappointed ...

habits, insomnia, habitual silence of night, lying in bed looking at the ceiling, like You light blue clothes.
habits, sleep with, accustomed to a person in a room, holding the domesticated hen bears, sleep alone.
habits, eat salt, the salt habit that wound in my heart a little bit of spread.
habits, Sky, habits of a person sitting in the well of love and remembered about your poems.
ps: you go, I always used to one person.

whose emotions can not be assertive, who in a strange room pretending to be brave,
who is afraid of rotting in the night, he was breathing suddenly became brutal,
love it this first a shoulder block off a little regret, first love it seems to have a pair of wings to hide ah hide the dark,
first love it when people do not understand this desire satisfied, love it after the first count after sentimental, after re-count

I used to waiting, so, in reincarnation, I can not resist the station back to the waiting origin.
I do not know, so I have to see how long an answer;
I do not know, so I can hold on to such a long wait for results?
miss, very weak, it is because I do not see the missing results.
perhaps, thinking no results, it simply demonstrates that there are individuals who exist in my heart too.
not miss to give a certificate to prove it had ever existed?

a person's world, very quiet, quiet you can hear their breathing and heart beating.
cold, give yourself a jacket;
hungry, to buy their own bread;
sick, give yourself a strong;
fails, give yourself a goal;
fell, the pain of getting up and give yourself a tolerant smile
Yes ah, I was always a man, you never been to,
I have never in your world

seems used to waiting, simply waiting for that will come.
but missed in waiting, who can be happy happy.
regret the loss of time, why not take it. In fact, waiting is itself a ridiculous mistake.
knows I do not know whether to wait for the arrival of a happy

. may be able to love many people, but only one person makes you laugh the most brilliant, most cry sad.
to me - should have a brilliant laugh, but I do not understand me the most brilliant is.
cry, it is often right.
sad, but I do not understand, let me most sad is.
heart just too painful, too painful ... ... after they feel the pain.
can not remember those mottled light and shadow.

13. in a period of time a piece of music I like,
listen to some music, I miss some time.
remember sitting in a time of another period of time in the palm. Listening to songs
then what will be the mood?
At the time we met? Is met or missed?
or not the outcome of the encounter?

beginning of winter. Snow. Snow. Winter Solstice. Osamu. Big Chill.
can not meet the second person of the lonely lonely winter.
walk alone alone alone, shopping alone, singing the whole world looking at a carnival.
people holding hands Guangzhao amusement park.
he was her unique. I was all exactly the same.
world is full of our chance encounter.
I still can not meet you.

you see or not see me, I was there, not sad not happy;
you read, or do not read me, love is there, not to go; you love, or do not love me, love is there, not to rise;
you like or not like me, my hand is in your hands, left not abandon

16. the world was right and wrong, and now return to the brilliant colors.
world has lost sound, and now have you sing with me.
night darkness covered his left hand, left hand covering his right hand.
have hand fingers, palms together alone at night.
wind blown sand desert, you wait for me, so long as decades of meditation.
legend of the world you are, you are world unique.
you let me spend a whole lot of youth, to find you.
five. IV. III. II. I. dodge him and her.
start ... ...

When a person indulging in a fantasy, he would put into a vague fantasy touching, as true of wine.
you drink is seeking to drunk; I drink to that from other kinds of drink in the wake.

some women. Will make people feel that the world no one is willing to bad for her.
However, this woman. She has been looking forward to is not good.

face, not necessarily the most difficult.
alone, not necessarily unhappy.
get, not necessarily for long.
lost, not necessarily no longer have.
Do not be lonely and indulgence, not for indulgence and lonely life.

ear. No noise.
eye. No fun.
mouth. Silence.

his world with her, her world is only him.
the world is that fair at all.
is no time limit for wrestling, the more care, it's more.

you will not suddenly appear in the corner coffee shop,
I will bring a smile, and your greeting,
do not talk about the past, but the greeting, you say, just say,
Long time no see ...

if the truth is a kind of injury, choose a lie.
If a lie is an injury, please silence.
If silence is an injury, please leave.

boy, I like crazy, take me three words.
Now, I will not let anyone wayward take me away.
I learned, their own path.

carousel is the most brutal game,
chasing each other, there is the eternal distance

26. memory is a form of meet, forget the free form

27. always in life long dream to complete a staged reality do not want to leave and let go.
such a dream, whether it is too cold and cruel.
see the world more dangerous and more difficult.
such as the vagaries of weather.
no map. We were let down all the way to go all the way, all the way to ignite the hope that all the way to find the answers.
Imagine how happy the past, unfortunately there are many long and secular.

he love you, is honest mistake, do not easily moved.

is the time. Haohaodezuo a woman.
wearing a skirt. Braids.
not quarrel with others. Do not cut class. Not that dirty.
three meals a day can not be less.
11 bed ... in fact, before the point of these, I can not.

Miss somebody I lost, Forget somebody I miss ...

also stand up better then forgotten, then sad, but also arrived in time
Fortunately, love is not everything, but fortunately all is not love.

slight moment, you are in a second acupuncture.
long forever, I use life Jiexue

Do not use the modified sound, to sing the song most clear to me;
not speculate on what to say, with a transparent look to see I;
do anything to escape back to the fingers curled up to me;
not say you do not love me, I also loved the memory of

Originally, I just is just gorgeous puppets,
play all busy doing the world, behind only
found numerous gold and silver,
--- even if it affects me, a show of hands, every move she makes.

Who's got who touch the eyebrows eyes;
who smile who had arrived in tears;
who maintained the heart of who set the cycle;
who Who was back palm redeem the sins of

who in the spring sun of the afternoon, stroking your hand through the hair flying.
who sadly White Nights in numerous, took sole discretion to drink the wine, the strong temperature,
severely burned into the chest.
who put quarter after quarter of green fields, crumbled into the soil moist and decadent.
who won the flower face, so sorry for the years the United States.

the memory of the fish I was told that only seven seconds, seven seconds after the things it does not remember the past,
all they are become new.
So, in a small aquarium fish that will never be bored.
I prefer to fish only 7 seconds off on what to have forgotten, have encountered people who have done can be evaporated,
I'm not a fish. Can not forget the people I love, can not forget the plight of care can not forget the pain of Acacia ...

Best time, I still walk alone in a dazzling piece of vanity, but I do not belong on the street. I like a
scavengers, quietly collection from the time of the film, it becomes a private vintage wine,
then that summer afternoon, drying out any pictures relevant to you.

encounter the moment, I stand before you, just a stranger.
is flashy costume party, finish at the future, a bleak and lonely woman, is as empty of beautiful fireworks.
like the text, itself submerged in one of the most humble posture bureau, do not need anyone's care,
alone in a corner crying smile, who do not belong to me again disturb the quiet life .

sunset, when I miss the most,
front of you in that city, said loudly: I think you do not know, you hear.

sometimes very confused to see the front, without you knowing Napian Hai,
but also stubborn set foot on the train to chase that has you do not understand love,
real fear is always there, always accompany the wonderful lonely after all that we know,
can no longer hover in place, can not abandon the stubborn will not come back, can no longer struggling to not look at your wonderful.

I do not like talking that day, but most, I do not like laughing always laughing,
around everyone says my life so happy, so I also think they really happy ... ...
But why would a large group of friends suddenly on the silence,
why in the back of the crowd to see a similar on the sad,
see the leaves fall off trees and crazy I forgot to speak,
way to see it was getting late warm yellow lights,
have forgotten their original direction.

If at first you do not appear in front of me,
then I probably would not know the taste of happiness
... ... you repeat itself cruel,
full to all the love you gave me a soldier less than Fangde,
tell me you never liked me, never leave me.
I mistakenly thought I could get like a happy child is Chongni,
I mistakenly thought that, as long as clinging to you, you can have the whole world.

never deceive women, because we are a able to see through.
you know men and women, the biggest difference lies in where you.
man lying is to make yourself feel better,
and women lie it is to make each other better,
we choose to cheat, because do not want to hurt loved ones,
we are not intentional, but did not hurt each other's courage,
why they hide the real answer.

away from the memories of our too close, too far away from freedom.
sometimes obsession, just love memories.
a hesitation, a betrayal, an accident, sufficient for it to wither.
get rid of all evaporated.

years we are afraid, do not know how gratifying alive.
We believe that survival has been boring, but many people are struggling between life and death.
when we finally agreed to everything they own with gratitude?
forget the years, forget the pain, forget your bad.
we never never say goodbye.

perhaps. This is just a dream.
a broken dream. Xie flowers withered flowers.
finally a wretched. Met each other.
final or not, and the bulk.

youth, as a grand and magnificent scene,
we have different mask, playing different roles,
different interpretation of experience, but have the same tragedy.

hard not soft city.
love, life, not Lin, will not be sad and fascinating and charming.

few years later, found that feelings do not tear from numerous broken, do not complete the original, you do not tear.
Now, I started to miss, that tear up your letter and photos of the rainy night.
I envy the time of their own, as well as complete happiness can be shredded.

childhood, because of who we love, or because of loneliness due to the same field dance;
vicissitudes of life, we ever have any reasons for his rather lonely strangers;
love, we are obviously two people, but why feel that it alone?
separated, obviously just one person alone, but it still does not escape two people?
feelings of loneliness, is about: love and relief - are not completely

women to have in mind the feelings, so that men have in mind the feeling.
precipitation over time, feelings, feeling disappear over time.
the end it is a different species,
so - who can understand who's in love, who can understand who's left.

Qingyin a situation, then write a love painting.
love flowers bloom in one place, covering a gray tiles.
sip a cup of tea, a bowl of green sand with the research.
roll up their side of the veil, to see the horizon crescent.
love blue and white like the ink, why fear Chanafanghua.

like a kind of thread memory spell, drop in on each rising and will be wrapped around me tight,
it reminded me that you can not forget the loved,
I to remember ah, I remember,
I and other people together, laugh all feel guilty, so I and other people walking side by side, hand feel heavy,
How do I, cut the thread, do not cocoon.

love is a hypnotic, wake up, you suck the spirit by whom.
This is why the loved, the overall feel is not only to lose him, and also lost part of himself.
always loved those palm spirit, to love people but Lost Souls.
pay in every sincere feelings, there is always a sacrifice of the soul, the harvest of cruelty.

time to prove that love can love overturned.
There is no grief can not be mitigated.
If time can not make you forget the people who should not have to remember, we lost years what is the point?
If all the sorrow, pain, failures are false, and that nice?
unfortunately, that there are a lot of fake love fake righteousness, his own heartbreak, pain sad, sad melancholy, hysteria, and so on.
has chosen to always be true.

you go too fast, I began to wonder, once you come too.
If only a illusion, then why the circumstances are so clear?
go away ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ no heartache,
only regret. I gradually came to understand, retain useless.
so I can give freedom to, so I ... ... it does not matter.

the smile, the exhaustion of the pain of the effort;
this time relieved, exhausted in mind the site;
this farewell, the exhaustion of the courage of love;
the crying, the exhaustion of your expression of love;
because this - the last time love you.

forgotten is that we can not change destiny,
everything is not aligned like the drawings,
all back to the former than in the past, extended little by little, so slowly stagger to,
may stagger the things, they really should have forgotten.

no one thought he would be an exception - in addition to regret.
no one has the feeling that is the exception - in the fades away.
love object happened to anyone that is an exception - in addition to change.
but eventually found - in addition to change, without exception.

flashy life, forgotten season. Plenty of memories, lingering upset.
smile gone, thousands of lonely.
string Onewave years. Those golden years come to realize a dream.
same applies, water, gone.
not sobbing farewell, do not appeal the final War.

that he called to ask: is not good.
camouflage strong man, but afraid of women will find him weak.
woman disguised happiness, but afraid of a man found her sad.

when the most handsome man?
say he loves you, the charm, the most toxic, caution is!

tanzhesi , always wanted to go but has not been to the temple .
taking advantage of the aunt and sister who have come together to have a look, kind of weather happens to his house to make the United States, not hot , okay , not too many people .
promised would like to have friends that very spirit , so good , as some would also like it. I am certainly willing .
this group more of their own to meet friends not seen for several days . Prayers , best wishes .

PS photos and made ​​a mess , in no particular order , make do and see.

Zhou Yu see Zhuge Liang everywhere high themselves a raise, then jealousy in the fire, repeatedly harm; Zhuge Liang is everywhere from the joint anti-CAO's overall situation; do not care about personal success or failure with honor, thus ensuring the Wu Shu military alliance to defeat Cao Cao's 830,000 troops for their career laid the basis for prosperity.

How can a person do with gas? Gorky said: the gas. Zhou Yu Zhuge Liang has been able to have no care about jealousy and persecution, because of his lofty vision, always thinking about is how the joint Soochow defeat Cao Cao, to defend the country.

so he can extricate the individual scores, heavy industry, light a small insult. Friends should also be the case. If the other due to small-minded, to make against my own thing, we should help the overall situation of work and solidarity, on the understanding to understanding, to tolerance of the patient, should not care about individuals or bear a grudge.

classic Wu

whose real name is Wu Zhao Wu, after the broker since renamed Wu, Wen-Shui County Tang dynasty and the state. Tang Dynasty's founding father is a hero, well-educated mother is also small. Wu before the age of 14, both civil and military training by the age of 14 do Taizong Li Shimin's Emperor Li Zhi's reign, Empress Wu rising status, and finally made a queen, and the actual power into countless people. Emperor's death, Empress Wu and quickly boarded the throne, becoming a veritable history of China's first and only one queen. ,

Shangguan Waner, a Tang Poem Poem Shangguan Yi is the early Tang dynasty minister of state, once the official appointed prime minister. Emperor Li Zhi, cowardly, but also dissatisfaction with the late autocratic Empress Wu, constipation that Shangguan Yi drafted on his behalf after the edict of waste. Wu found that after, then the Ms when he was an old slave girl and the mother of charge for the palace, was sent to Tokyo Luoyang palace slave. Ms 14 years old, and Minister Prince Li Xian Pei Yan, LUO and other planned military coup back, revenge is also actively involved in her beat. But things are brought to light, Prince has been spent, Pei Yan chop, LUO survived. Shangguan Waner know they will be put to death, but the result is exactly the opposite: Empress Wu was hit by an exceptional collection of confidential secretary.

Why? mainly Shangguan Waner talented, and Wu and especially to love.

Shangguan Waner 14 years old, had made a Wu does not believe such a good poetry will come from a girl's hand, then cut the ribbon to the indoor theme of flowers and let her make a five laws to improvise, and use the Ms slightly meditation, you will soon write: the Li, Yu He, such as phase chaos? But Ms replied: Ms

very calm and replied: In the insinuation, slaves did not dare to quibble. horse running lion story, tell Ms listen. Then she asked her beat: said it was not. Then, Shangguan Yi Wu praised the literary talent of her grandfather, Shangguan Yi pointed out the evil edict after the drafting of waste, hoping to understand her beat her allegiance to her!

Ms out for the purpose of revenge for his family, participated in the coup, became a sinner.

This Emperor, it should be full of compassion and try to asylum. But he was afraid of Empress Wu, could only excuse is sick, This Minister of Justice, the only proposed by law The Empress Wu believes that: It

their crimes should be sentenced to death by hanging, but the idea she was a teenager, if more by some education, it can change for the better. So, should not be put to death. The exiled South, akin to finding far, and a poor environment for a girl who also is equal to her life. Therefore, it too some. In particular she is very talented, if the intention to develop, will become a very good talent. In view of this, Ms Wu decided to tattoo sentence imposed, that thorn in her forehead a plum, the cinnabar coated inside. And to Ms stay in their side, Also said: If I even have a teenage girl can not influence, how can the the. Got to not kill, but to remain at his side, which has led to Ms feel grateful. Since then, Ms Wu has always been careful guidance, in many ways to influence her to develop her re her. Ms Wu's demeanor from, to understand the genius of her country, employing broad mind and art, the total elimination of her grievances and misconceptions and replace them admire, respect and love, and their wisdom, share care for her problem-solving , for her dedication, became a confidant of her most effective figures. Even the mother has her beat on people in private discussions, Ms Empress Wu's heart was completely captivated!

Wu move, showing a guest, generosity , also reflects a style of others. People are society's most complex, most intelligent creatures, the employer must start from the heart, win hearts and minds will win the talent, and this is the strategy of tolerance and others, but also the employer's superb art.

friends always have such a person, when he encountered something goes wrong, they were irrelevant to the prime angry for no reason, no reason to hurt others feelings. Originally Well, who do not owe anything, why people want to be a

how to do it? only open-minded, self-sustaining.

so-called Friends made undetermined, must be encountered something goes wrong, the hearts of angry, sometimes irrational, we should sympathize with, whom managed to solve problems. A fun two hours, their well-being doubled; a distressed two points, the load will be equal to zero. Unfortunately for friends and share the point of useless by the gas, there is nothing to care about it? Fact, too, a friend made undetermined, if you have the on fire, two fire-in-one, the friendship will not only build buildings have been turned into ashes , but also to each other to leave unpleasant scars; If you have a laugh, friends angry, you splashing water, the fire does not burn up, cool friends, they themselves would feel embarrassed, sent from the heart of your gratitude to friendship.

Heart thing.

our lives, unhappy person often 89, but with one speaker only 3223. How do encounter unhappy? Complaining, anger raging everywhere made undetermined, not only does not change their disadvantage, but only adding new contradictions, to make ourselves into a deeper abyss of distress; only mind open-minded, self-masturbation wide, in order to not being troubled by the negative, soberly assess the situation from their own search for reasons to re-establish new goals in life, the

Memory is a long line . An endless pull it to extend ...... more and more recently the idea of ​​a sudden . Down , and less and less . Has been , I am a person who does not like summer , but lost in the green in early summer .

was reluctant to admit that he is not thinking , but do often these days to work through the glass front of the hall across the street green daze . Thoughts often drift very far away.
no appetite , unable to sleep, change began to fear the night . I am trapped in a big cocoon , his tie 's . Just suddenly want to take the train to the field, choose to take night train . Pei car listening to the rumbling sound of Britain , looking out the window all the film has been stretched all like black , only a few farm annoyed look on the bright too . Like all my past, thought it would never forget or be forgotten . I can think properly , not now escape. In the early morning to reach a remote town , stay in one day, when the time for the evening go jump on another train to another town. I have been obsessed with this feeling of the road . Perhaps the case of a person . If she does not have a transparent color for my water, I continued on the ups , and turned to leave. I do not know which day will stop, like a flight in general, has been on the road ....

Why do people always fail to understand that when new weapons , like the birth , it 's killer has been in gestation it
( above phrase has nothing to do with the topic , put it here,Kobe Bryant and Lebron James, just fun )
young , we are following the umbrella of their parents play, laugh ... and our contact with partners is the same situation , did not notice in the community can face the future , and will face problems ...

I was just seeking this information for a while. After six hours of continuous Googleing, at last I got it in your web site. I wonder what's the lack of Google strategy that do not rank this type of informative sites in top of the list. Generally the top websites are full of garbage.

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sunglasses maintenance tips:

1, if Lo Si Song, and please get the optical shop, timely tightening, otherwise the lens is easy to break off the ground, Do not dispose of.
2, cosmetic or cosmetic agent with the chemical composition of cosmetic products, easy to frame fade, please use the special glasses, clean cloth or paper.
3, most of the eyes is to start with the left foot slightly off the mirror to put, if you put off hard from the right first, the frame itself will lead to uneven, crooked, resulting in after you are not comfortable wearing.
4, in order to play the correct function of glasses, the lens optical center do for you in the eye area, please wear the correct location.
5, take the glasses with one hand, easy to frame deformation. If the frame variant, the master should be adjusted to find the local optical angle, do not adjust themselves to avoid the entire broken lens, damaged frames.
6, with a special cloth glasses. Do not touch the hard lens material, do not wipe the grease by hand lens, the lens with a clean cloth pieces, reducing lens wear.
7, not convex lens toward decentralization. If not, try to box into the eye, if not wearing glasses when the glasses with a lens cloth bag and put in the mirror box, so as to avoid damage.

9, remember the birthday of the person you like, including your family, of course, himself. No birthday gifts does not matter, you can buy a beautiful gift to mom and dad. -

19, and no matter who the contradictions and awkward, the solution time should not exceed 24 hours. Otherwise it will be more trouble. Within the acceptable range, the first apology. Pieces of yourself doing the bad guys are not really a bad thing. -

4, if a person begins to neglect you, please leave him. Do not cherish the people not to whom you give up, not to continue to pay your friendship or love, in the end his injury is not whom others sad. -

6, sad time to find a trusted friend to tell about, not a person endure in silence, this will only be added with more loneliness and sorrow. -

1, if you send short messages to a person,just beats by dre, he has not returned, no longer made. Not so humble waiting. -

3, if a person is sad, or in the yard to find a corner to cry about, others do not sympathize with the poor, after crying, like happy life. -

13, not to torture yourself any person anything. Such as not eating, crying, self esteem, depression, these are a fool to do. Of course, sometimes silly look at the need, life need not always smart. -

11, from now on, smarter, do not ask other people want you? Love your? If you naturally want to love you or will you say, but from your mouth and say it, people will be very proud and do not care about you. -

15, allows the occasional visit to the soap opera, but not to become dependent. Allow occasional hair disheveled, but to focus on occasions. Occasionally allowed to swear, but only in front of an old friend or alone, remember to say after going to forget things that make you sad. -

16, must have a few heterosexual friends, not unnatural. is the key when you are out of ideas to help friends. -

18, and people can not avoid quarrels. A very angry person is horrible, can not control emotions due to become a madman. Patience and calm thinking mind the last root of the problem to solve it. -

10, retired and sit when, put some tenderness music, read a few pages of books, and then sleep Lanjue, Yoshiya. In a bad mood, you can sleep. -

5, if you can not smoke, do not smoke. If you can not drink, do not drink. This is not care of their physical performance, if only because some people, then we not be silly, love your people will not make you sad. -

14, under any circumstances, do not say others behind right and wrong. If we want you to say something good to say. More than one friend is a good thing, even if not very much better, than because he does not speak seriously but does not think much better than an enemy. -

7, not happy to see during the day and night to see the night sky, the vast sky belong to our own love, rather proud of the mold not to love low-key. Told myself that I was the best. Maintain a self-confidence. -

2, if no others to follow suit, learn to write a point of listening to music, watching mood diary. This is a good habit. -

8, Ningquewulan. Do not be lonely grabbed a lover, which is both unfair and too lacking in responsibility. Friends do not find a lover. -

12, not too concerned about some people worry so much about something, go with the flow to the best state of mind to face, because this world is so often in the most unfair things in front of us care about the most worthless. -

life can be very complicated to be very simple, we do not always live in sorrow and pain, love themselves a bit more! Not for some things but not worth the pain that life is always so helpless, steering wheel of life in our own hands, the day of roses waiting for us to go, let go of themselves, proud of living, as long as their happy happy painful past hurt let him go to waste it .... tell the world that we are now rather than in the past! -

17, learn to bear the pain of their own attitude adjustment. Some words, for rotten in the heart, some pain, for silent forget. When experienced, you grow up, they know enough. A lot of changes, do not you say to yourself, others will see. -

rejection word song

original song: Rejection onion song
change words: sea of ​​love
concert: 88

my apprentice master ah you
your porridge Diao writing is very sharp pain
people tangled eggs lamb body
mine is very very very very yellow to force
Huaguoshan I have been pear
the 72 I totally forgot
or I'll waving golden cudgel
yellow sea eggs given to exercise

days were also the official second-generation cups
wealthy bully me That drive is the father of Emperor Li Gang
three out of the way to the hospital where I crashed into the arid Southwest
we did not ye to be upgraded to the arctic
Millennium N-year event rates
I live high egg-shaped dwelling
waste oil unpalatable to sell very cheap

over to sing [God]
Ping Ma octopus blocked Emperor
Chang Wu incompetence can become geniuses
your sister Satsuki crowd
heaven and earth by the unit to slip closed
new name for women is a delight
meow microphone of pseudo-mother will be too busy knitting
departments will set
all know that the goods crab Jaaksi

Feng is a very talented woman modest
unbeatable after three hundred years for beating West
Fang collar life
GuoDeGang blocked three popular because it is not the beast the beast drops
donation is bare naked
I envy jealousy hate laughed language
read the Secretary's eclectic diary
My God Le horses are clouds to

3Q war to end
I pinch the object who painted desert
Mahler made a very difficult decision to completely uninstall the dog said
drop [the day here,Dr Dre headphones, sing as saying (in months)]
kickball prisoners of anti-anti-gambling your hips hard muscle
garlic ginger oil your arms out Relay
beans you play up your you know you know you know know know know you know

hill Lolita is small but the vaccine into the immunization
marked disability
doctors said she received a red envelope precocious
thank the milk in question
navy animal flower spike fifty cents ladder close to his mother but also his mouth fart opinion that heavy cigarette
Philippine police as being too
or rot female

not to mention those weird things
Shenma contributions are not afraid to explain your brain would you react slow
do not understand you do not stare dry angry
apprentice I just hate the father is not a word
thrown to blow off hot air 2010
hope will This letter was heavenly Jade Emperor
otherwise I reported to Foxconn jumped to

(12) 2012 In February, the International Observatory experts found a 300 million light years away from Earth's solar system, asteroids are invasive, one-third volume of the Earth, predicted during November and December will hit the Earth, Global experts discuss coping strategies.

(15) 2012 June, Bermuda Triangle, crop circles to identify the Bermuda Triangle and other similar events are zero magnetic field Earth's local space-time transfer of the results, a masterpiece for the alien crop circles, including the slaughter of cattle outside events Star people to study the results of the human genome.

(2) 2010 年 3 月份 -9 months, about a quarter of China will continue to half-arid regions, mainly in the Southwest in June will be the most serious in Yunnan, China will lead to drought in half a year about 10,000 deaths.

(26) 12 月 22 am 04 pm, involved a large number of alien spacecraft suddenly, the sky is everywhere, large and small alien spacecraft, shines with colorful light, allegedly from the total system of hundreds of Galaxy a planet formation, the purpose of their arrival just to clean up the mess, they take out of the ark all human beings, but to ensure that reproduce the human race, the Earth will enter the era of alien domination, December 22, the man began a new era, but by alien life control, into civilization with nothing before, the sun lighting the earth can not do it again, bright and energy supply will be space aliens, the space can be translated into other galaxies of light and energy to the Earth uses. 30 years after this, the Earth will slowly die in the end, the total is an Alien planet become the territory of the Galaxy.

(19) 2012 end of September 10.5 Chicago, USA earthquake occurred, resulting in 100 deaths the U.S., Canada and other earthquake affected countries, Canada, 30 people died, 17 people died in Mexico, Caribbean tsunami Cuba led neighboring countries, no casualties Alaska

(23) 12 on 5, December 12, December 13, United States, China, Japan, have the super earthquake, the earthquake affected neighboring countries, cities in ruins, almost paralyzed state the main shock, the whole earth in the near destruction of the state, Mexico, Iceland, respectively, on December 7 to 20, the super volcano, many cities were submerged in the lava.

(1) 2010 年 March to May, a new outbreak of H1N1 variant of the world, when the secrets are more deaths when the country was formally confirmed by the media, as before is not cause social panic. The end of May, the world will be at least 3 million people died of H1N1, the most serious of which the United States and Canada, followed by China.

(24) 12 月 20 date, five Ark Steady stand, three spacecraft already fly to Mars. December 21, U.S. time at 17:11, the outbreak of the strongest solar storms that swept the solar wind to Earth's sun spray of lava, a sudden, Africa, South America, Asia, Europe and other places a sea of ​​fire, disaster not caused by the 15 board million deaths, U.S. time 23:36, asteroid colliding with Earth, by the impact site in the eastern Atlantic, triggering the tsunami half a world, disaster again and failed on board the 18 million deaths.

(17) 2012 August, end of the next United Nations officially announced within the coming five months, began to select specific people aboard Noah's Ark and the super-ship, in which heads of state, national experts in all aspects of the best talent and blue blood staff will select the range, the other open tickets for sale, Noah's Ark tickets for 20 million euros, super tickets for € 3 billion spacecraft.

the United States reported 25 am, Washington, New York, Los Angeles, several cities have a sudden strange behavior of some children, they have invariably are suddenly talking about some human did not understand the language, and found that none of them Exceptions are the dark blue of children was allegedly the first time to decipher their predictions, and translated as follows:

(25) 12 月 21 日 至 12 月 22 am, mankind has been struggling in the sea of ​​fire, lava, and the tsunami, the sky becomes dark, dark gray, the sky flashed from time to time around the fire, the destruction of the atmosphere, the air composition changes, will be replaced by carbon dioxide and hydrogen. The rest of the human will is not on board all died of suffocation.

(7) 2011 In February, the global G-20 held to discuss the financial crisis, the world will be at least 200 super-rich in the summit held in San Francisco, USA. Finally, the government agreed to cut interest rates on the one hand, on the other hand will ensure that the construction of the Ark promises, the result will be that Russia, the United States, China and other countries in this dominant position, then gradually take financial, and Canada, Japan and other countries gradually perish developing countries.

(16) 2012 In July, the UN announced the successful construction of Noah's Ark, Russia has three, China has two units, each can accommodate 100 people, can withstand tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic lava of the attack, the end of July , U.S. Area 51 alien force through the universe into three super spaceships, each ship can accommodate 60 people, allegedly then humans can survive any planet solar system feeder.

(20) 2012 October, solar storms wreak havoc once again, resulting in Asia, South America and other regions and large-scale power grid failure, since then, half of the countries into the dark ages of the Earth. Most experts predict the next solar storm will hit the Earth late December, when the global power grid completely paralyzed, from October to December, due to solar radiation, the number of dead will surge to 100 million.

(21) 2012 In November, the world's 3.7 billion population statistics, the population started from August 2010 has been negative growth in the past three years, the population decreased by 30 million.

(8) 2011 In March, the United States Los Angeles earthquake, magnitude 9.2, the death toll rose to 18 million people, separated by less than two weeks,Coach Audrey Collection, again Tangshan earthquake, magnitude 8.7, the death toll to 11 million people, experts say the world will enter the active period of the crust.

(10) 2011 In September, geography experts say is rapidly weakening Earth's magnetic field, solar particle storms in November, more invasive layer of Earth's magnetic field, during which many countries in the plane crash occurred and underwater submarine collision events.

(13) 2012 March, the Philippines, the super earthquake, recorded as magnitude 9.8, including China, China Taiwan, Japan will be affected, together with the stir caused by the tsunami killed 50 people, 100 million people homeless can be attributed.

(22) 2012 In early December the spacecraft's Ark and the super ticket sold, the board expects the number of countries are: China 100 million, Russia 950 000, U.S. 1.5 million, Japan 20 million, the number of super-board the spacecraft is expected to U.S. 800 000, China 500 000, Russia 200 000, in other countries is relatively small. In order to ensure human and species can continue to multiply after the end. Boarding time is December 15 to December 20.

(18) 2012 September, astronomers expected to be 3 months after the asteroid hit the Earth, forecasts will impact the Atlantic Ocean, sparking a tsunami will spread to half the globe, then half the world no one can escape this .

(14) 2012 April, the UN official declared the disaster period, the experts found May geographic polarization of Earth's magnetic field there is a total exchange, multi-region time and space phenomena, some of the future were there to tell the modern December 2012 22 am Earth a major disaster, he was then the survivors from after 2025.

(9) 2011 dated anything after May, there have been large and small countries in regional earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, Mount Fuji in Japan will be held in August in which a major volcanic eruption, lava would flood half the city Osaka, killing at least 16 million deaths and missing.

(6) 2010 year-end, global outbreak of a new round of financial crisis, public opinion due to the construction of Noah's ark. Built to rumor is not true in China, but in Russia. However, China addition to Shanghai, but also have a secret in the establishment of shelters around which there will be a large number of aircraft out of Lhasa, the Ark of the construction of public opinion turned in Lhasa.

(3) 2010 年 May, will have the world's ice melting, the result will lead to include South America, rising sea levels in some parts of Asia, Japan, Shanghai will be the first.

(5) 2010 September to October, many parts of the world's continuous high temperature, which recorded the highest temperature point of 42.6 degrees Africa, Shanghai, 41.2 degrees, over historical levels.

(4) 2010 June Katla volcano will continue after a massive volcanic eruption Eyjafjallajokull, this will make the flooding caused 000 deaths, 10 million people homeless, stirring up the ash affect the Atlantic coast of Iceland and the whole city in one year, there will be another 2 million people died of respiratory disease.

(11) 2011 In December, the world's most famous alien will appear event? a star formation region 51 to reach the United States, to discuss the global response to disaster events, such as the U.S. President and the Secretary of Defense attended the secret meeting, after the United Nations to United States released video talks.

Share article: objects in the beach can be divided into different levels, some are
wear is also embarrassing.

TOP1: Greece ParadiseBeach

famous Venus is one of the most beautiful and Whether it is from the historical, cultural or natural conditions, the world No more appropriate place than the Greek movement of celestial bodies.

TOP2: Canada WreckBeach

Canada's most famous objects in the beach is Vancouver's WreckBeach barrier trees do, very secretive, first to the people is not easy to find. Even find the entrance, through a long stone steps, sense of isolation.

TOP3 Miss Beach

LadyBayBeach (Miss Bay Beach) in the 1970s by the then Prime Minister announced that one of the legitimate objects in the beach, hiding in it the busy tourist attractions WatsonsBay (Watsons Bay) secret place, backed by rock. If not difficult to visit, from the Sydney Opera House, Circular Quay before a bus directly to Watson Bay, get off after the Watson Bay Hotel,Beats By Dr Dre Studio, the coastal side of a trail south from the north do not. ..

TOP4: Rio de Janeiro beach

There is no doubt that this is the world's most famous beach, it is in front of residential areas in Rio de Janeiro across 4.5 km. Road gray, white sandy beaches, blue waters of the urban edge of the primary colors. This is one of the most Local shopping on the road are also ...

TOP5: Hawaii Beach Hawaii beach

almost Here, you can feel the charm with the characteristics of the island world, a variety of color, people of various languages ​​together, maybe you'll see I turned around Kim Hee-sun or Nicolas Cage. The best time to visit Hawaii is from mid-December to the end of March next year, but the other months the price ...
TOP6: Negril Beach

Negril has the world's weather beautifully, and year-round. October each year is the region's hurricane season, but there will not be affected. Negril Beach has 17 miles of fine white sand beaches and tranquil paradise-like atmosphere. Shopping here is not suitable, not suitable for carnival, but if you want to stay away from the hustle and bustle, a place in an R & B with a taste of loneliness and years ...

TOP7: Brighton Beach

Brighton Beach is located in London, England south celestial bodies, can take VolksRailway arrived, the beach is officially recognized by the objects belonging to the beach, are clothingoptional beach. The tourists will generally go off to the cleaners.

TOP8: South Africa SANDYBAY Beach

TOP9: Croatia beach

objects from appearance, it is like an outside Forest Park. This piece of forest is a special community, leisure, life, RBI, doing business, men, women, adults and children have, is not seen people wearing clothes. No one with a parasol, all lying quietly on the rock horizon, or supine, or prone.
Croatian people are white, but here everyone's skin is dark tan, at least a copper color. It seems people here far better than the interest on the sun bathing.

Husband to understand: his wife is a wife, but if you hurt, do not be compared, not to mention her beautiful than someone else's wife, do not reproach her not competent, with the dragon with dragon phoenix Laifeng, beautiful, and you do not own blessings alone, capable, you can not afford to enjoy, not to mention A woman is born weak, need a man of love, the spirit of the damage will be more terrible consequences for them. His wife to know: Do not put his face to see the other side, an angry woman is very ugly. His work has a lot of pressure, no obligation home depends on your face to coax you happy. The other side there will be personality shortcomings, details of life will be different from you, so you are not satisfied, but how could he be perfect in front of you, he wants to put down the mask, be yourself, to be ordinary people. Tolerance is a man and the right attitude towards marriage. Tolerance and understanding each other. Husband to understand: Do not put my wife as a punching bag, and pointed at a man only against his wife is the most useless man. Wife is your family's rose garden, her husband is a full-time Chair of the gardener, gardeners due diligence, the flowers will open more brilliant. Wife is not spoiled all day stay in the garden of roses, she also experienced the baptism of wind and rain, like men face social, career, colleagues, faced with attempts, successes, failures, they encounter more difficulties than men , there is never done housework waiting for home treatment clean, and the child's learning needs food properly, her husband does not let his wife have put aside the mask, be yourself, be relaxed person? His wife to know: a man of his dignity more than anything else, no matter how much he loved you in private, how afraid of you. Must give enough in front of the other face, so he is more afraid of doing fearless wife of a man of indomitable spirit, he should not make fun of the General Assembly like my friends joke that he henpecked. Unless he has a strong enough backing and superior status, but we are mostly ordinary people ah. Husband to understand: a woman who is independent, have self-esteem. Women have been emancipated slogan shouting over half a century, why do have to second-class citizens? Respect for each other and maintain the dignity of interaction, not by unilateral efforts can achieve. Why not think about men, men who need vanity hypocritical self-esteem ah, only the anxiety of the men have to get the respect from the bones of others. Wife should know: her husband's parents are their parents, Care, Aiwujiwu, Filial piety, as long as the heart really feel this is my own parents, psychologically intimate attachment to the elderly, the elderly feel that this sincere. Moreover, old people much like children, as long as the old coax to coax the child-like happy enough. We did have an old one day. Husband to understand that: my wife is also a parents' heart of flesh,dr dre studio, but also their parents grew up in a feces a pull of urine, but also foster parents devoted themselves to become useful. Wife married biological parents get rid of your home to concentrate on caring for her in-laws do? You have also used the same way of thinking to Care, Love House and wu
watery tenderness is born a woman is born with a natural style of thousands

charming natural infatuation still

them carefully on the emotional charge of the work

for families caring for a friend so sincere

Is not to sympathize with a woman's thing

men always think a woman in love wayward unreasonable

do not know how men do not understand that do not contain ;

did not find a woman with gentle eyes when your wayward

need to comfort you need to phrase your words Understanding
love you care about you will listen to reason

men always say women even after a hard day in their own chatter

men have not found a woman's concern have not found a woman's thoughtful

have not found a woman for the man to do everything quietly

woman is made of water in tears when wronged

more hope and more hope the man's care of man's comfort was a man that trouble

really dislike a man beneath a gentleman ;

always said a woman heart undersea needle

I said a man's heart submarine pin

sometimes elusive intriguing men more than women

woman man men want to know is to avoid being understood

women and men want to stay together for life, a man fears a woman with a life spent on it ;

less demanding of women to men can be just be care

pamper a woman needs to be the feeling of love Is such a demanding

woman needs to be respected Is it too much this woman is used


men you have heard of the Well

not a wind-driven clouds move is not to let your husband look at heart

12, the happiest life; not someone to bring you joy,

but sold his soul.

13, the richest life: not with a Jinshan,

10, the most painful of life; not have not been loved,

but myself to forget the benefits to others.

1, there are three things in life can not hide:

body, money and love; you want to splurge, but worth the candle.

but always surrounded by flowers.

trouble, you know a friend.

but after seeing the effect of the explosion.

7, the most lonely life; not want other people not to,

(1) officer is not, especially those who can act.

2, there are three things in life should not be squandered;

5, the saddest of life: not to lose too much yesterday,

coughing, poverty and love; you want to hide, they want to cover Mi Chang.

disaster, death and love; you would like to recall, but miserable.

19, non-nest; use language, I use the ear.

(2) not much money, especially people who can spend money.

but immersed in mourning yesterday.

(3) not familiar, set of words special to the person.

not say just how bad people usually believe.

16, good people, relies on a good heart.

but not a loved one's life to be happy.

8, the most despicable of life; not lit a fuse,

4, there are three things in life should not memories:

6, the most stupid of life; not in front of the trap did not find,

but you bring joy to others.

crowded field; people forward, I am back.

3, there are three things in life are not to stay:

but the second time and fell into it.

but this man went out from the heart.

9, the most dirty spoils of life: it is not selling his body,

do good old, relies on a fickle face.

14, the most noble of life: people still remember you are not good,beats by dre studio,

18, proud, the friends you know.

11, the happiest life; not finally get a bouquet of flowers,

but has a Jinshan can not buy.

15, three kinds of people especially wary of:

17, not to mention how good their own, others generally do not believe it.

life, time and love; you want to stay, but lopsided.

I also like RBI exclamation point, as it seems the situation is worth elegant , with continued development of hope.

I am willing to leave behind so many ellipses , everything continues as general feeling , everything there is continuity !

I fear most is the full stop , so on behalf of all over ,beats by dr dre headphones, GAME OVER

However , in turn think the end is a beginning needs to end a new beginning to appear , is not it ?

often feel that they are very emotional person, but often more emotional than rational in their own consciousness .....

this log to see friends, do you have such a situation? So, pick up your phone, like who, and who send text messages to tell him you want him. You do not tell him you want him, he will never know ... do not let one good friend who, As the years went by and one by one drifted away, until the frustrated when they found side had no one to listen to your grievances ...

the Editor: My friends, please remember to contact a long and close friends, no matter how busy month at least have sent a few text messages. I wish you all the feelings of permanence. Want my friends love never fades!

Share REVIEW: A long time, not to contact, feeling really pale ... I always believe that this sentence! Some people will always be your world slowly fade, slowly blur in your memory ... ... because of the time, because of distance, because they do not link ...

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also remember a friend? They are now right? Over the years, flies smooth it? How work it? The other half find it? Change into what looks like? There was before those who love it? As before, like this or like that it? For him, these, you know? All this,Beats by dre headphones, I'm afraid you have been very far away from it!

Although once very familiar with each other, but now more than a layer of barrier, QQ meet only on a simple on the way

What? Let us more and more alienated. What? Let us more and more indifferent? What? To have very good friends with each other, and now not even met to say about the ...

time, distance, no contact ... is feeling worst enemy! A long time, feeling fades. Long distance, will alienate the feelings! This is so true, you and I irreversible ...

and friends send text messages? No more long phone calls with friends? Addition of a few friends for a long time about not getting together out of it? Occasionally winding short message is holidays time, hello, bless it.

QQ on the phone all-hanging, I stealth with, you can not see you with stealth, I do not see a lot of people prefer to find some strangers or people who are not familiar with chat, and former friends are unwilling to chat. Talk do not know what, do not know where to chatting about ... a long time, gradually, alienated, a stranger ...

How long did

friend said, her cell phone into an alarm clock, phone is not connected, and the occasional text messages received only one month ... this is the status of most people!

are often open QQ, watching so many friends online, but only at the screen in a daze, because they do not know what to say ...

1,beats by dr dre, the The bridge's highest point is higher than the Eiffel Tower in France 23 meters

2, United Kingdom Gateshead Millennium Bridge, nicknamed cable above the arc looks like a giant eye

3, from China to design, build and manage the world's longest cross-sea bridge - Hangzhou Bay Bridge, the construction of the difficulty of the world One of the largest cross-sea bridge, 36 kilometers

4, Colorado 2 km length of the bridge, located in the western United States on the Grand Canyon Skywalk extends out 21 meters, 1200 meters high bridge from the bottom , which can withstand the weight of 20,000

5, Turkey Bosphorus Bridge was the first link across the Bosphorus Strait and the mainland of Asia and Europe, two cross-sea bridge, so also known as Eurasian Bridge.

6, Canada's Confederation Bridge length of 13 kilometers, is the world's longest ice-covered waters in the construction of the bridge, is the world known as the

7, in the 20th century, the International Association of Bridge and Engineering, Bridge in the central city Isfahan Iran, length 132 meters, from the river is very low, most are the 23 characteristics of an Islamic-style arched bridge opening

9, Singapore, the bridge looks exactly like the human DNA helix the construction, extension spiraled

11, Spain Allah secret Los Bridge is the world's most tasteful one bridge, the bridge the whole distance, like a harp, elegant and beautiful

11, Spain Allah secret Los Bridge is a bridge between the world's most tasteful one, the whole bridge a distance like a harp, elegant and beautiful

12, the Han River in Seoul, Korea Banpo Bridge is a double-decker bridge , the bridge on both sides of the ten thousand fountains become a major tourist attraction

According to the U.S., To commemorate these great achievements,

Hiya, I am really glad I've found this information. Nowadays bloggers publish only about gossips and internet and this is really frustrating. A good web site with interesting content, this is what I need. Thank you for keeping this web site, I will be visiting it. Do you do newsletters? Can not find it.

but the

long time ago , the river on the bridge , the river is easy to cross the river Huang Huang
hundred years , thousands cross a bridge . His son did not walk a bridge had collapsed bridge across the river by feeling .
his son 's death , due to flooding , erosion, stone is not much , but fortunately he found a three grandchildren , about the line can be marked , but also river.
to his great-grandsons , the touch for a long time did not find the stone , then touch a piece of hard stuff , he 's excited to get up and look, , , ,dr dre studio, mother of the crab !!

1. Xiaoqiang swinging in the village each day, father and mother looked worried, thinking the child in the future how to do it; Xiao Ming daily studying poetry and literature, like the parents in mind, the village people found that he must amount to anything.
2. That year, Johnny and Bob are the age of nineteen, and John followed by work outside the village, came to the highway construction site, pay three thousand security at the end; Xiao Ming was admitted to a key University of Reading's roads and bridges is the professional, tuition fees per year over five thousand.
3. That year, Johnny and Bob are twenty-three small strong to say the father and mother to his clever wife, is the neighboring villages, especially virtuous; Xiao Ming in the university to talk about a woman friends, is a neighborhood school, great culture.
4. That year, Johnny and Bob are twenty-four little strong in his hometown, got married, the wife brought to the site, to give him doing laundry rice, loving a plus; Xiao Ming finally graduated from college, looking for a construction unit of work, the two separated with his girlfriend, dreaming.
5. Xiaoqiang very happy every day after work all right, dined and daughter for a walk in the evening they watch TV and play mahjong workers; Xiao Ming is very busy every day, day every corner of the site, information on painting at night to do the drawings, long-lost girlfriend broke up with him.
6. That year, Johnny and Bob are 28 years old, and John she saved two million, have been the father of two dolls, thinking of building a beautiful home built buildings ; Xiao Ming over the intermediate grade, or a single person over, I thought to stay for another few years, is the senior of the;
7. Xiaoqiang built in the rural two-story home, decorated very nice, left money to buy a group of Aberdeen, wife to go home to pig farming; Xiao Ming in the city to buy a new home loans, mortgage than 3000, the parents to introduce a new girlfriend, very little work in the city meet.
8. That year, Johnny and Bob are 31 years old, and John his wife from the home called to say: Xiaoqiang, now home to a house and a deposit, we feed the pigs, all the way very happy, the family can not do without a man, you come home; Xiao Ming wife called from the city is: Xiao Ming, Jiedu Fei to one hundred and fifty thousand children do, at home no deposit, and you think you could find companies by point .
9. Xiaoqiang wife listened, then left the site, with the pig back home with his wife, parents, child care; Xiao Ming listened to his wife's words, work harder, to the remote and difficult sites, it is difficult to go home again.
10. That year, Johnny and Bob are 35 pork prices skyrocketing, and John became a big circle baby pigs a year earned more than ten million; serious inflation , Xiao Ming's company received a project is difficult, many people have a waiting list;
11. That year, Johnny and Bob are five years old is three grandchildren Xiaoqiang's grandfather, the sun every day smoking a pipe down the sun wandering in the village; Xiao Ming is senior bridge engineer, frowning against the sun every day at the site inspection;
12. That year, Johnny and Bob are six years old, Xiaoqiang over sixty birthday, his wife said: a reunion more than okay, things at home let the baby have to worry about it, so what fun out of place we go around; Xiao Ming retirement feast, the leaders said: go home to recover from boring , Employment in technical advisor to do it back to the unit, there is a problem on site to guide your guide;
13. Xiaoqiang a disease, and John took his wife's hand and said: I live for nearly seventy years old, have children have the Sun, and contentment; a disease Xiao Ming, Xiao Ming stroking his wife's hand and said: I work outside for several decades, so that you suffer, I'm sorry;
14. ... ... As the long-term physical, eat home-grown vegetables, pigs, and John has been very tough physically, and slowly comes back. Due to the long burn the midnight oil, Xiao-Ming drinking entertainment, site canteen food is very poor, who fall a lot of problems, and soon died.
15. 80, Xiaoqiang squatted village smoking tobacco pouch,beats by dr dre solo hd, looking far from the mountain; far from the mountains there is a cemetery, where Bob has been quietly asleep; little strong in the knock knock sole soot, on crutches stood up, looked at the patch of the cemetery, said to himself: Well, all this life Yeah ...
would like to work in large cities, paid youth, love, affection and even human life.
person's life is very short, I hope you give yourself more time, more love to his family.

1, learn unsympathetic, the roll to roll , stay on the left .

2, learn alone , no-one guarding you when the treasure , the world is always alone
3, learn to be strong , in fact, a person can live a beautiful, his smile for yourself, give yourself to cry listen
4, learn patience , to shut up shut up , the silence on silence
5, learn to cherish , close friends have been much, if walk, really only own a
6 , learn to turn a blind eye , nausea, chose to ignore things , things that disgust selection screen , will not someone let me unhappy
7, learn to meet the so-called Better than also
8,beats by dr dre, learn to be independent , can not be blindly trouble others to do their own thing their own , are the so-called求人不如求己
9, learned to grow up , can not be so headstrong , so naive , so childish
10, Institute of serious , serious people , serious on the matter
11, learned to be careful, do not know who should know , should not interfere in things not to intervene
12, learn to forget , can not live in the past time , the memory has gone , continue on their current life 13, learn to give up, some people will never own , then happy to let go , do not dragging its feet, it will not only hurt others, but also grueling own

14, Institute of cold-blooded , good people to me only good
15, learn to pleasure than before , even sad , but also smiling face
16, learn to cruel , got to kill

People = eat + sleep + work + play ,
Pigs = eat + sleep ,
into : people = Pigs + work + play ,
namely: human - Play = Pigs + work .
Conclusion: = do not know who will play the work of the pig

men = eat + sleep + earn money pigs = eat + sleep

men = pigs + earn money pigs =
men - men do not make money make money
so mean pig .

Women = eat + sleep + spend .
Pigs = eat + sleep. Into the above equation was :
Women = Pigs + spend . Transposition was :
Women - spend = Pigs .
Conclusion : Women do not spend money are pigs.

sum :
men to let women become pigs do not make money ,beats by dr dre headphones!
woman to make men do not become a pig and money !

man + woman = eat + sleep + eat + sleep + earn money + money (- money ) = 2X ( eat + sleep ) = pig

Is a popular personnel departments in many large companies actually use the test, surprisingly accurate.
Please choose a pen to remember the answers to these ten questions, and then calculate the aggregate sum of the control points, control points range to know your character up!
tests begin: Choose the answer should be Now you are based, subject to the current situation, and not according to your past, and do not hesitate.
>>>: 1. When do you feel better?
>>>: a) morning
>>>: b) afternoon and evening
>>>: c) Night
>>> :
>>>: 2. You usually walk:
>>>: a) fairly fast,
>>>: b) fairly fast, small step
>>>: c) fast, head up the face of the world
>>>: d) less fast, head
>>>: e) is Slow
>>>: 3. When talking to people, how kind you usually:
>>>: a) stand with your arms folded the
>>>: b) hands clasped
>>>: c) a hand or hands on hips
>>>: d) touch forward or push the person you are talking
>>>: e) play with your ear, touch your chin, or smooth your hair
>>>: >>>: 4 to sit and rest, your legs:
>>>: a) your knees close together
>>>: b) your legs crossed >>>: c) legs straight
>>>: d) one leg curled under
>> >: 5 hit something really amuses you, your reaction is:
>>>: a) big appreciated laugh
>>>: b) smile , but not loud
>>>: c) a quiet chuckle laugh
>>>: d) a sheepish smile
> ;>>: 6. When you go to a party or social gathering you:
>>>: a) make a loud entrance so everyone notices
>>>: b) make a quiet entrance, looking for people you know
>>>: c) make the quietest entrance, trying to stay unnoticed
> >>: 7. When you really concentrate on work, someone interrupted you, you will:
>>>: a) welcome
>>>: b) are very angry
>>>: c) In between these two extremes
>>>: 8. the following colors, which you like best color?
>>>: a) Red or orange
>>>: b) Black
>>>: c) yellow or light blue
> ;>>: d) green
>>>: e) dark blue or purple
>>>: f) white
>>>: g) brown or gray
>>>: 9. Pro a few minutes before falling asleep, your position in bed is:
>>>: a) Lie on your back, straight
>>>: b) stretched out face down
>>>: c) side, slightly curled
>>>: d ) head on one arm
>>>: e) head under the covers
>>>: 10. You often dream that you :
>>>: a) falling
>>>: b) fighting or struggling
>>>: c) to find things or people
> >>: d) flying or floating
>>>: e) you usually have dreamless sleep
>>>: f) your dreams are always pleasant
> >>: options for each question corresponds to the test score:
>>>: 1. (a) 2 (b) 4 (c) 6
>>>: 2. (a) 6 (b) 4 (c) 7 (d) 2 (e) 1
>>>: 3. (a) 4 (b) 2 (c) 5 (d) 7 (e ) 6
>>>: 4. (a) 4 (b) 6 (c) 2 (d) 1
>>>: 5. (a) 6 (b) 4 (c) 3 (d) 5
>>>: 6. (a) 6 (b) 4 (c) 2
>>>: 7. (a) 6 (b ) 2 (c) 4
>>>: 8. (a) 6 (b) 7 (c) 5 (d) 4 (e) 3 (f) 2 (g) 1
> ;>>: 9. (a) 7 (b) 6 (c) 4 (d) 2 (e) 1
>>>: 10. (a) 4 (b) 2 (c ) 3 (d) 5 (e) 6 (f) 1
>>> plus the total score after the interval with the character scores were described:
>> ;>: [less than 21 points: within the pessimist]
>>> people think you are a shy, nervous, and indecisive, someone to take care is to be , always want others to make decisions for you, do not want anything or anyone related. They think you are a alarmists see a never
far there is no question of people. Some people think you are boring, and only those who know you know you are not
such a person. >>>: [21 assigned 30 points: the critical lack of confidence in those who]
>>> your friends think you are diligent hard, very picky. They think you are a cautious, careful people, a slow and steady hard-working people. If you have any impulse to do something or not prepared to do, they will surprise you. They believe that you will carefully examine from all angles, is still often decided not to after all. They think this reaction on your part because of your careful nature of the cause.
>>>: [31 assigned to 40 minutes: eye for an eye of self-protection]
>>> people think you are a wise, cautious, focusing effectiveness of the people. Also believe that you are a clever, talented and gifted modest man. You will not quickly and easily, and people become friends, but a friend is a very loyal person, and to ask you a loyal friend in return. Those who truly have the opportunity to know you people will know to shake your trust in friends is difficult, but equally, once this trust is broken, will make you difficult to get through.
>>>: [41 assigned 50 points: A balanced middle]
>>> others think you are a fresh, vibrant , attractive, fun, pragmatic,
>> and always interesting people; a mass is often the focus of attention, but sufficiently balanced that you are a person,Kobe Bryant and Lebron James, and will not therefore carried away . They also think that you kind, kind, considerate, able to understand people; a person will never make them happy and will help others.

>>>: [51 assigned 60 points: attractive adventurer]
>>> others think you are a very excited, highly reactive, and quite impulsive personality; you are a born leader, a person who will soon make a decision, although your decision is not always right. They think you are bold and adventurous, and would be willing to try anything at least once; is an opportunity to enjoy adventurous willing to try people. Because you distribute the stimulus, they like with you.
>>>: [60 points or more: an arrogant loner]
>>> others that you must In the eyes of others, you are conceited, self-centered, there is an extreme desire domination, domination of desire. Others may admire you, like you want a little more, but not always believe you, and you will be further hesitation and hesitation between.

Decoration is so cute , could not help collection down .
room tone is comic , the owner was a girl engaged in the design ,cheap Beats by dre studio, the room has a lot of hand-painted patterns , as well as a houseful of toys

1. Confucius said:
3. explanation is to cover up, cover up that story ~ ~
4. not allowed to ask me: how to had recently?
5. will be paid salary of more than think about, well, want to live.
6. there are difficulties to, and not to create difficulties but also the difficulties.
7. summer is not good, even when the poor did not have to drink a northwest wind.
8. hold your hand, the child away. If the child away, take away - to continue the halo!
9. you let me roll, I roll, you let me come back, I'm sorry, I rolled far away! ! !
10. I fight fat, almost no sacrifice
11. get at, give me a good affordable grave.
12. lived for twenty years, not for the motherland, the people do something, every thought of this, was heartbroken.
13. and people are not polite you can get along!
14. as long as the overtime - when enough cattle to make horses do not care ~ ~
15. Living Well, is born, to live ~ ~
16. and then have to love the ugly, talking about the world is full of love.
17. not in the arena for a long time, rivers and lakes always have my legend ~ ~ ~
18. do not eat how can effort to lose weight! ,Kobe Bryant and Lebron James!
19. sister is not a square, a fortune-teller, not so much chatter you hear nibbling.
20. I pray with Jesus, practical and stable life, he then said, let's first talk about world peace or something right ...
21. adults uncomfortable, is not comfortable for adults ~ ~
22. taking advantage of young talented bad thing to have done it, not years.
23. earned the money selling cabbage, speaking in the heart of selling heroin ~ ~
24. the so-called simple, long wings of angels, no wings is an idiot.
25. except temptation, what can I resist ~ ~
26. poetry and painting do not, cook and too tired ~ ~
27. where I fit in, because I will not have The ~ ~
28. Have you ever said to me, I will always love, love this stuff I understand, but never what?
29. year-old boy is the most horrible creatures on the planet, they have a curiosity, mobility, and destructive,
30. a bad mood today. I have only four sentences say. Including this and the previous two. I finished saying ... ...
31. Love is a metamorphosis of things! Because
33. were you in true to its word - I said I did not pay back the money pay back the money!
34. I have the disadvantage of Xianpinaifu, my advantage is certainly not narcissistic.
35. my wife said to see lightning, I took a kitchen knife cut the wire.
36. ship hit bridge natural Shen ~ ~
37. I say: sleep to sleep, is sleep.
38. get up every morning to be read through the
39. Although I believe eachother, but may not believe you ah ~ ~
40. I planted a bunch of her boyfriend in the spring and now fall to, tut, actually crop failure ~ ~
41. God said: Do not forget an umbrella out, while I have to water the flowers.
42. special people never say that they particularly, for example, me.
43. to complicate things, in order to reflect our ability to work!
44. all right Do not look for me, something more Do not call me ... ha ha
45. Youth is like toilet paper, looking with a lot of, not enough with the use of a ... ...
46. recent work is not prominent , performance is not outstanding, lumbar disc a little prominent.

47. I like to find a man like King Kong, as I stood on the tallest building in the United States to give me a plane.
48. I has already has, and can be empty to Thailand, said he did not.
49. Sorry, you dial the user is married.
50. Although self-knowledge, but I firmly hardcore!
51. only two things in my life it will not 2 1 then it will not
52. In addition to Jin Yong, JK Rowling wrote seven books can also be connected into one sentence: Yes, why do you love someone does not love me ... my dear yuan.
55. I would love to say out loud Come on! I hate life keeping everything right!
56. I know, No feast banquet, but, at least, I want to eat the feast cool!
57. Journey to the West tells us that the monster will be a background leader rescued, no background was only one stick dead ~ ~

58. intended to Phoenix in serious anti-advertising spots broadcast TV!
59. If a bad mood, go to the supermarket squeezed noodles.
60. who delayed me for a while, I let him regret it forever.
61. closed a month, do not call me, because one call me I will come out ... ...
62. taxi driver, the driver of the fighter, oh yeah!
63. thinking of how far you go away!
64. Zhuge Liang did before coming out with a soldier ah, you Why the hell should I have work experience! ! !
65. the work of the highest state is watching other people work, led the wages of others.
66. fat and haggard with ~ ~
67. Yasuo resign when you have not considered the feelings of A Dream! (Japanese Prime Minister announced his resignation last year when writing)
68. My style and bold, well head and at ease, taste excellent but hard-working self-examination, though there are many shortcomings, but also look Haihan!
69. Get out of here, non-stop rolling ... ...
70. a man who must do a bounce.
71. I take my sunshine channel, you had your Modoribashi.
72. The greatest tragedy is not young, still in acne.
73. The world is ours, and also the children, but ultimately gang grandchildren!
74. someday your name will appear in this account on my home!
75. When you put on a dress I put on a robe ~ ~
76. Our aim is: RMB service!
77. Whenever a difficult time I read Buddhist scriptures: refined it!
79. -------------- simple secret of longevity to keep breathing, do not breathe ~ ~

80. the money you really that important? Talked about a penny more than three hours are not reduced.
81. killed I do not say you do not make honey trap!
82. so I have money, I bought a bus, take the special bus lanes, a special stop at the bus station, so it was like on the car, I say: Sorry, this is the private car ~ ~
83. good that other people go hungry, I eat meat does not bia ji mouth ~ ~
84. Do not talk to me about the ideal `` I quit!
85. .. stay in bed the morning then took out six coins in his pocket .. if you throw to all the positive thoughts a long time .. .. .. go to school .. too risky or forget or continue to Hami .. it (~ o ​​~) ~
86. I wanted to be a problem teenager, but I behave to live for so many years.

Ye Hao

us, because also adhere to such a belief can go now , right?

like this sentence : one day you will meet a person like a brilliant rainbow , then you find all of the past are nothing but clouds .

even fantasy ,Beats by dre pro, or at least hope , people will not be disappointed .

monk is Xuanhua Master Hsu Yun 's master , Zen Master Hsu Yun ( 1840 ~ 1959) , Su Xing Xiao , native of Hunan Xiangxiang County. Buddhism in the modern history of the ascetic persist for up to over a hundred years , sat fifteen calendar temple , Chung-hing, birthplace of six to one who is bearing Zen five ,Beats By Dr.Dre Tour, Fasi hundreds of followers of the monk Peoples , only the dean of the reputation of Zen Hsu Yun .

Here are some stories about some of the old monk records .

1. I see. I understand.
2. I quit! I quit!
3. Let go! let go!
4. Me too. So do I.
5. My god! God!
6. No way! No!
7. Come on. Come on (quickly)
8. Hold on. Wait a minute.
9. I agree. I agree.
10. Not bad. Not bad.
11. Not yet. Not yet.
12. See you. Goodbye.
13. Shut up! Shut up!
14. So long. Goodbye.
15. Why not? okay,Herve Leger dresses outlet! (why not?)
16. Allow me. Let me.
17. Be quiet! be quiet!
18. Cheer up! Cheer up!
19. Good job! well!
20. Have fun! fun!
21 . How much? how much?
22. I'm full. I'm full.
23. I'm home. I'm back.
24. I'm lost. I'm lost.
25. My treat. My treat.
26. So do I. Me, too.
27. This way. Way, please.
28. After you. You first.
29. Bless you! bless you!
30. Follow me. Come with me.
31. Forget it! way! (forget!)
32. Good luck! Good luck!
33. I decline! I refuse!
34. I promise. I promise.
35. Of course! of course!
36. Slow down! slowly!
37. Take care! take care!
38. They hurt. (Wound) pain.
39. Try again. Try again.
40. Watch out! careful.
41. What's up? what I do for you?
42. Be careful! attention!
43. Bottoms up! Cheers (bottom)!
44. Don't move! Freeze!
45. Guess what? Guess?
46. I doubt it I doubt it.
47. I think so. I think so.
48. I'm single. I am a single people.
49. Keep it up! stick to it!
50. Let me see. Let me think.
51. Never mind. It does not matter.
52. No problem! No problem!
53. That's all! so!
54. Time is up. The time is coming.
55. What's new? What's new do?
56. Count me on my count.
57. Don't worry. Do not worry.
58. Feel better? good point of it?
59. I love you! I love you!
60. I'm his fan. I'm his fan.
61. Is it yours? This is your do?
62. That's neat. This is good.
63. Are you sure? you sure?
64. Do l have to have to do it you?
65. He is my age. He and I have the same age.
66. Here you are. To you.
67. No one knows. No one knows.
68. Take it easy. Take it easy.
69. What a pity! too bad!
70. Any thing else? Anything else?
71. To be careful! must be careful!
72. Do me a favor ? a favor, okay?
73. Help yourself. You're welcome.
74. I'm on a diet. I am on a diet.
75. Keep in Touch. Keep in touch.
76. Time is money. Time is money.
77. Who's calling? Which one?
78. You did right. You did right.
79. You set me up! you betray me!
80. Can I help you? Can I help you?
81. Enjoy yourself! I wish you have fun!
82. Excuse me, Sir. President, I'm sorry.
83. Give me a hand! help me!
84. How's it going? how to?
85. I have no idea. I have no clue.
86. I just made it! I did it!
87. I'll see to it I will take note.
88. I'm in a hurry! I am in a hurry!
89. It's her field. This is her Bank.
90. It's up to you. You decide.
91. Just wonderful! is fantastic!
92. What about you? you do?
93. You owe me one. You owe me a favor.
94. You're welcome. You're welcome.
95. Any day will do. Day will do evening
96. Are you kidding? Are you kidding!
97. Congratulations! Congratulations!
98. T can't help it. I can not help.
99. I don't mean it. I did not mean.
100. I'll fix you Up. I'll help you RBI
101. It sounds great!. Sounds good.
102. It's a fine day. Today is a good day.
103. So far, So good. Is still good.
104. What time is it? points a?
105. You can make it! you can do it!
106. Control yourself! control yourself!
107. He came by train. To train him.
108. He is ill in bed. He was ill in bed.
109. He lacks courage. He lacks courage.
110. How's everything? everything all right?
111. I have no choice. I had no choice.
112. I like ice-cream. I like to eat ice cream.
113. I love this game. I love this sport.
114. I'll try my best. I do my best.
115. I'm On your side. I fully support you.
116. Long time no see! Long time no see!
117. No pain, no gain. No pain, no gain.
118. Well, it depends Well, it depends on the situation.
119. We're all for it. We all agree.
120. What a good deal! really cheap!
121. What should I do? how can I do?
122. You asked for it! you ask for it!
123. You have my word. I promise.
124. Believe it or not! Believe it or not!
125. Don't count on me. Do not expect me.
126. Don't fall for it! fooled!
127. Don't let me down. Do not let me down.
128. Easy come easy go. Easy come, easy go faster.
129. I beg your pardon. Please forgive me.
130. I beg your pardon? you say it again (I did not catch).
131. I'll be back soon. I'll be right back.
132. I'll check it out. I went to check.
133. It's a long story. Long story.
134. It's Sunday today. Today is Sunday.
135. Just wait and see! wait!
136. Make up your mind. Make a decision.
137. That's all I need. I'm going to them.
138. The view is great. What a beautiful scenery!
139. The wall has ears. Walls have ears.
140. There comes a bus. Car came.
141. What day is today? day is it today?
142. What do you think? how do you think?
143. Who told you that? Who told you?
144. Who's kicking off? who is now in the kick-off?
145. Yes, I suppose So. Yes, I think so.
146. You can't miss it you will be able to find.
147. Any messages for me? have my message do?
148. Don't be so modest. Do not humble.
149. Don't give me that! less to this!
150. He is a smart boy. He is a small arrival area.
151. He is just a child. He was just a child.
152. I can't follow you. I do not understand what you say.
153. I felt sort of ill. I feel a little discomfort.
154. I have a good idea! I have a good idea.
155. It is growing cool. The weather is getting cooler up.
156. It seems all right. It seems that no problem.
157. It's going too far. Too far.
158. May I use your pen? I can do with your pen?
159. She had a bad cold. She is suffering from a bad cold.
160. That's a good idea. Really good idea.
161. The answer is zero. Naught of.
162. What does she like? she likes?
163. As soon as possible! the sooner the better!
164. He can hardly speak. He was almost speechless.
165. He always talks big. He was always bragging.
166. He won an election. He won the election.
167. I am a football fan. I am a football fan.
168. If only I could fly. If I could fly just fine.
169. I'll be right there. I immediately went to.
170. I'll see you at six. I see you at six o'clock.
171. IS it true or false? this is right or wrong?
172. Just read it for me. Good school to me.
173. Knowledge is power. Knowledge is power.
174. Move out of my way! Get out!
175. Time is running out. No time.
176. We are good friends. We are good friends.
177. What's your trouble? where you uncomfortable?
178. You did fairly well! you're doing pretty good 1
179. Clothes make the man. Tailor makes the man.
180. Did you miss the bus? you miss the bus?
181. Don't lose your head. Do not panic.
182. He can't take a joke. He opened not a joke.
183. He owes my uncle $ 100. He owes my uncle $ 100.
184. How are things going? how well things are going?
185. How are you recently? how are you?
186. I know all about it. I know all about it.
187. It really takes time. This is too wasted time.
188. It's against the law. This is against the law.
189. Love me, love my dog. (Proverb) Aiwujiwu.
190. My mouth is watering. I want to drool.
191. Speak louder, please. Please speak a little loudly.
192. This boy has no job. The boy did not work.
193. This house is my own. This house is my own.
194. What happened to you? how do you?
195. You are just in time. You come just in time.
196. You need to workout. You need to exercise it.
197. Your hand feels cold. Your hand feels cold. .
198. Don't be so childish. Do not be so childish.
199. Don't trust to chance! not luck.
200. Fasten your seat belt. Fasten your seat belts.
201. He has a large income. He has a high income.
202. He looks very healthy. He seems very healthy.
203. He paused for a reply. He stopped to wait for answers.
204. He repaired his house. He repaired his house.
205. He suggested a picnic. He suggested that, go for a picnic.
206. Here's a gift for you. Here's a gift for you.
207. How much does it cost? how much?
208. I caught the last bus. I caught the last bus.
209. I could hardly speak. I am just speechless.
210. I'll have to try that. I have to try to do so.
211. I'm very proud of you. I am very proud of you.
212. It doesn't make sense. It does not make sense (anomaly).
213. Make yourself at home. Please do not uncommunicative.
214. My car needs washing. My car needs a wash.
215. None of your business! of your business!
216. Not a sound was heard. that there is no sound.
217. That's always the case. Used to it.
218. The road divides here. This road where the bifurcation.
219. Those are watermelons. Those are watermelons.
220. What a nice day it is! Today is fine!
221. What's wrong with you? you where wrong?
222. You are a chicken. You are a coward.
223. A lovely day, isn't it? good weather, is not it?
224. He is collecting money. His fund-raising.
225. He was born in New York. He was born in New York.
226. He was not a bit tired. He was not tired.
227. I will be more careful. I will be careful of,
228. I will never forget it. I will remember the.
229. It is Just what I need. This is what I need.
230. It rather surprised me. That thing made me quite surprised.
231. Just around the comer. In the vicinity.
232. Just for entertainment. Just for fun look.
233. Let bygones be bygones. The past, just let it past it.
234. Mother doesn't make up. Mom does not make.
235. Oh, you are kidding me. Oh, I you Do not take a joke.
236. She has been to school. She went to school.
237. Skating is interesting. Skating is fun.
238. Supper is ready at six. Like six o'clock dinner.
239. That's a terrific idea! really good idea!
240. What horrible weather! Bad weather!
241. Which would you prefer? you to choose what?
242. Does she like ice-cream? she likes to eat ice cream do?
243. First come first served. First-served basis.
244. Great minds think alike. Great minds think alike.
245. He has a sense of humor. He has a sense of humor.
246. He is acting an old man. He is playing an old man.
247. He is looking for a job. He is looking for a job.
248. He doesn't care about me. He does not care about me.
249. I develop films myself. Wash my own photo.
250. I felt no regret for it. I do not feel regret this incident.
251. I get up at six o'clock. I am of the morning.
252. I meet the boss himself. I saw the boss himself.
253. I owe you for my dinner. I owe you dinner money.
254. I really enjoyed myself. I have a lot of fun.
255. I'm fed up with my work! I work sick!
256. It's no use complaining. complain of no use.
257. She's under the weather. Her bad mood.
258. The child sobbed sadly. Child sobbed sadly.
259. The rumor had no basis. That rumor was unfounded.
260. They praised him highly. They praised him greatly.
261. Winter is a cold season. winter is a cold season.
262. You can call me any time. You can always call me.
263. 15 divided by3 equals 5. 15 divided by 3 equals 5.
264. All for one, one for all. I was all, all for me.
265. East, west, home is best. Gold Wo, silver nest, as their grass nest.
266. He grasped both my hands. He grasped my hands.
267. He is physically mature. His body has matured.
268. I am so sorry about this. I am very sorry (sorry).
269. I can't afford a new car. I can not afford a new car.
270. I do want to see him now. I really want to see him.
271. I have the right to know. I have the right to know.
272. I heard some one laughing. I heard someone laugh.
273. I suppose you dance much. I think you always dance.
274. I walked across the park. I walked through the park.
275. I'll just play it by ear. I went to when resourceful.
276. I'm not sure I can do it. I'm afraid I can not do this thing.
277. I'm not used to drinking. I am not used to drinking.
278. Is the cut still painful? wounds still hurt you?
279. It's too good to be true! good to be true.
280. Jean is a blue-eyed girl. Jane is a blue-eyed girl.
281. Let's not waste our time. We do not waste time.
282. May I ask some questions? I ask you a few questions?
283. Money is not everything. Money is not everything.
284. Neither of the men spoke. Two people can not say it.
285. Stop making such a noise. Knock it off.
286. That makes no difference. No difference.
287. The price is reasonable. Price is reasonable.
288. They crowned him king. They crowned him king.
289. They're in red and white. They wore red and white clothes.
290. We all desire happiness. We all want happiness.
291. We just caught the plane we just catch the plane.
292. What shall we do tonight? we buckle down a little tonight what?
293. What's your goal in life is your goal in life?
294. When was the house built? this buildings when the house is built?
295. Why did you stay at home? Why stay home?
296. Would you like some help? I help you?
297. You mustn't aim too high you can not be too ambitious.
298. You're really killing me! is really killing me!
299. You've got a point there. You say, quite justified.
300. Being criticized is awful! been criticized really painful
301. Did you enter the contest? you participate in the competition yet?
302. Do you accept credit cards? you accept credit cards? 303. Don't cry over spilt milk. Do not do useless regret.
304. Don't let chances pass by. Do not let the opportunity slip away from us.
305. He owned himself defeated. He admitted that he failed.
306. He seems at little nervous. He seemed a bit nervous.
307. He strolls about the town. Him stroll in the town four.
308. Her tooth ached all night. She had a toothache all night.
309. How about a drink tonight? how to drink tonight?
310. I can do nothing but that. I will do that.
311. I get hold of you at last. I finally found you.
312. I have a surprise for you. I have an unexpected thing for you to see.
313. I like all kinds of fruit. I like all kinds of fruit.
314. I saw it with my own eyes. I have seen.
315. I will arrange everything. I will arrange everything.
316. I wish I knew my neighbor. I want to know my neighbors.
317. I would like to check out. I want to checkout.
318. It has be come much cooler. The weather became much cooler.
319. It's time you went to bed. You would have the bed.
320. No spitting on the street. Ban on spitting in the street.
321. She was totally exhausted. She was tired out.
322. Show your tickets, please. Please show your ticket.
323. Thank you for your advice. Thank you for your advice.
324. That's the latest fashion. This is the most popular styles.
325. The train arrived on time. Trains arrive on time.
326. There go the house lights. Theatre lights went out.
327. They are paid by the hour. Their time and reward.
328. Things are getting better. Situation is improving.
329. Wake me up at five thirty. Please wake me at half past five.
330. We are all busy with work. We are busy working.
331. Where do you want to meet? where you want to meet?
332. You can get what you want. You can get what you want.
333. A barking dog doesn't bite! barking dogs do not bite.
334. Are you free this Saturday? you free this Saturday you?
335. Be careful not to fall ill. Be careful not to get sick.
336. Being a mother is not easy. Be a mother is not easy.
337. Brevity is the soul of wit. Brevity is the essence of wisdom.
338. Cancer is a deadly disease. Cancer is a deadly disease.
339. Did you fight with others? you and others to fight yet another?
340. Don't dream away your time. Do not waste time.
341. Don't keep me waiting long. Do not make me wait too long.
342. He has a remarkable memory. He has a remarkable memory.
343. He has completed the task. He completed the task.
344. He has quite a few friends. He has a lot of friends.
345. He is capable of any crime. What kind of bad thing he could have done it.
346. He walks with a quick pace. He walked quickly.
347. He was not a little tired. He was very tired.
348. His looks are always funny. His appearance is always funny.
349. How about going to a movie? to see how a movie like?
350. I think I've caught a cold. I think I had a cold.
351. I was taking care of Sally. I take care of Sally.
352. I wish I lived in NEWYORK. I want to live in New York.
353. I'm very glad to hear that. Glad to hear you say so.
354. I'm your lucky fellow then. My partner is your lucky friends!
355. It's none of your business! it to do your thing!
356. No littering on the campus . Not allowed to throw waste on campus.
357. She is a good-looking girl. She is a beautiful girl.
358. She mended the broken doll. She fixes the broken doll.
359. So I just take what I want. So I just take what I need.
360. Spring is a pretty season, spring is a good season.
361. The figure seems all Right. The number seems to be right.
362. The stars are too far away. The stars are too far away.
363. The whole world knows that. The whole world knows.
364. Tomorrow will be a holiday. Holiday tomorrow.
365. We walk on the garden path. On the path we walk in the garden.
366. What you need is just rest. You need is rest.
367. What's your favorite steps? What is your favorite dance dance?
368. You'd better let her alone. Your best to let her stay a while.
369. A lost chance never returns. Never miss the opportunity to come back.
370. Don't let this get you down. Do not do this frustrated.
371. He shot the lion with a gun. his gun and killed the lion.
372. I don't think you are right. I think you are wrong.
373. I have never seen the movie. I have never seen that movie.
374. I haven't seen you for ages. I have not seen you for a long time.
375. I was alone, but not lonely. I was alone, but do not feel lonely.
376. I went there three days ago. I've been there three days ago.
377. It's a friendly competition. This is a friendly.
378. It's very thoughtful of you. You are very thoughtful.
379. May I speak to Lora, please? Laura and I can speak it?
380. Mr.Wang is fixing his bike. Mr. Wang repair his bike.
381. My brother is see king a job. My brother is looking for a job.
382. Nancy will retire next year. Nancy will retire next year.
383. Neither you nor he is wrong. You are right, he's right.
384. Opportunity knocks but once. Now or never.
385. She dressed herself hastily. She hastily dressed.
386. She hired a car by the hour. She rented a car billed by the hour.
387. Someone is ringing the bell. Someone rang the doorbell.
388. The Smiths are my neighbors. Smiths are my neighbors.
389. These shoes don't fit right. This pair of shoes is not appropriate.
390. This is only the first half. This is the first half it.
391. This pen doesn't write well. This pen is not good writing.
392. Would you like a cup of tea? cup of tea do you want?
393. You really look sharp today. Today you really pretty.
394. Another cat came to my house. Have a cat came to my home.
395. Check your answers with mine. The answer to your look with my check.
396. Don't keep the truth from me. Do not hide it from me the truth.
397. Everything has its beginning. Everything has a beginning.
398. He came to the point at once. He once said the point.
399. He fell behind with his work. He worked behind.
400. He is the happiest man alive. He is the world's happiest people. 401. He neither smokes nor drinks. He does not smoke nor drink.
402. He ran his horse up the hill. His horse ran up the hill.
403. He reminds me of his brother. He reminds me of his brother.
404. He was efficient in his work. His high work efficiency.
405. He will do anything but work. Not work as long as he do do.
406. His father runs a restaurant. His father owned a restaurant.
407. I have something to tell you. I have something to tell you.
408. I smelled a smell of cooking. I smell cooking cooking taste.
409. I want to see the film again. I really want it again.
410. I've got too much work to do. I do work too much.
411. Let's go for a walk, shall we? we get out, okay?
412. Please let me check the bill. Let me check what bills.
413. Plenty of sleep is healthful. Healthy enough sleep.
414. The sun comes up in the east. The sun rises in the east.
415. This is because we feel pain. This is because we can feel pain.
416. What do you desire me to do? you want me to do?
417. What you said was quite true. you said is true.
418. You can either stay or leave. You or leave or leave.
419. Your life is your own affair. Your life is your own business.
420. All that glitters is not gold. Flash is not all gold hair.
421. Are you going to have a party? you want to meet you at?
422. Aren't you concerned about it? Do not you worry about it?
423. Don't forget to keep in touch. Do not forget to keep in touch.
424. He broke his words once again. He again violated the promise.
425. He is in his everyday clothes. He wore ordinary clothes.
426. He is taller than I by ahead. He had the high one.
427. He led them down the mountain. He took them down.
428. He was trained to be a lawyer. He was a trained lawyer.
429. I am afraid that l have to go. I have to leave.
430. I don't have any cash with me. I did not bring him the cash.
431. I have been putting on weight. I began to fat.
432. I have just finished the book. I just finished reading this book.
433. I was late for work yesterday, I am late for work yesterday.
434. It appears to be a true story. This story seems to be true.
435. I've got to start working out. I have to start doing fitness exercise.
436. Japan is to the east of China. Japan in China's east.
437. John asked Grace to marry him, John Grace to marry him.
438. My watch is faster than yours. I table the table faster than you.
439. New China was founded in l949. Founding of new China in 1949.
440. Thanks for your flattering me. Thank you for your praise.
441. They charged the fault on him. They fault attributed to him.
442. This car is in good condition. This car was good.
443. This work itself is very easy. This work itself is easy.
444. Truth is the daughter of time. Time to see the truth.

Usually I am very proud

but because I am not afraid I should be proud

Because pride is a pride of the nature of happiness
not change my personality
proud enthusiastic but motivated never despise but who does not seem frivolous
pride pride seems to have very special

very cute little lazy
not like how activists
Because life is calm and enjoy
get too impatient to pay for any more why do not greedy
Because there is always a self-confident:
or I will lose, but depressed snubbed
absolutely not in my who I am somewhat anxious or

But the real problems or difficulties
anyone see my courage and strength shown by the heart can not help depression

inherently so not depressed?
love when the heart does not actually strong inferiority
frankly do not believe that the ultimate happiness of doomed passion
then a melancholy eyes Leo

I hide in any kind of crowd
any kind of possible life
But no matter where I kept the nature of self-esteem
not addicted and can not fall
come at the most extreme but also self a break I just
To achieve a real life flower
an > pay to get my wealth is my right
love is the most beautiful light color
nothing with my enemy

do the best
neither Do not give up halfway
extra dirty success is a go with the flow personality
failure is only a chance occurrence of the accident
not sensitive to what is an experience

about love I always secretly behind crying
dear who understand the demanding requirements of deep feeling
move the heart is moving the soul of the most vulnerable who can meet my side of the hero
side of tenderness?
who can understand I only want you in your world, you always have to finally free
our mutual love of a quandary?
armor is not the hero's personality
demeanor, but really is not a means of emotional outpouring is so personalized and instinctive instinctive
bound my wound I never fend for themselves

did not seem very firm
floats uncertain wandering eyes
not figure
I have confused and contradictory
but I do not have to lose prestige
so I am willing to do every Perhaps things
no different,Beats By Dr Dre Solo, and so and so but you can always find

I can live more comfortably and more naturally as I walked the streets
are conscious of these truths

not extreme
as long as you dive to explore the inner

you will feel really feeling to their survival mission
equally obligatory performance

good clean air , could not help but take a deep breath . Unfortunately, not enough time to go out early to install the camera bag , though generally light , but the high ISO no problem . School is quiet, so the birds can get head start with this phrase is accurate .

originally had this song, to the border town of Tracy , a child saw that movie , very distressed , because the end was: this person may never come back , come back tomorrow perhaps . Always remember the ending monologue sentence , it is difficult to bear .

a day off really fast , if this four years later , there are people I play with you .


I would not ask you as I do ... it all filled up ...

heart of a person's world there are many people ... maybe I'm just one ....

patience with ... everything hurt all buried ... again and again ....
and her ... to a kind of attitude ... to continue the success of concealed if nothing had happened ...

do not know when it began to play the fool like red ... stunned ...

quietly those looking ... move ...

insult silently listening ... that naive lie ...

until ...

intolerable . ..

've been telling myself to be patient ... one day she will feel and understand ...

make every effort to continue to pay to maintain a ... the ...

.... patiently waiting for the next ... more clever deception ...

fact, happiness is no need to pretend .. ..

if you need ... I will also not free ...

you want to accompany you waiting for ....

Adopted a daughter, 10 years old, set to her name and birthday.

then every intention of education, learning skills - reading, dance, ritual, magic and martial arts.

chat with her, buy her a birthday gift, tired out with her vacation, deal with various contingencies, continued support and encouragement.

I hope, she will be a happy, carefree, happy little princess, with a noble character and charm, and no one can the enemy of wisdom.

8 years, carefully nurtured, watched her grow up a little bit, watching her make many friends, watching her and getting familiar with the Prince, seemed a step by step smoothly.

but finally it? I absolutely can not even imagine the outcome - she became a freelancer, and it does not get married.

why, really puzzled, sad ah! Is too spoiled or too much work (no way to really poor at home ah)?

how people can do to support the Queen's daughter, to do the magician, a singer, and so on and so on dozens of possible, can I do?
how people raise daughters can marry a king, marry a dragon prince, married a businessman, and so on and so on dozens of possible, can I do?

killed could not understand ... ... ... ... I but depressed in the very heart of the ah. Poor parents!
parents really do not know raising a child than done!

In this, the way I wish the whole world's mother, Happy Mother's Day, I wish the whole world of his father, Father's Day! ! !

said so much, is not already dizzy, the above fact is I spent several hours of game results.
recommended here would like to thank the lovely little cat games - girl DreamWorks 4.
also interested to play this game go play and see what you will raise a daughter like it?

This is the first time with her daughter go on vacation, see more cute!

This is my daughter and friends together for Christmas.

This is my daughter and the Prince dancing man, will close to the ultimate goal, ah!

This is the final outcome, the daughter became a freelancer, is not married!

This is the result of someone else - become a queen.

this is the result of someone else to play - has become the Devil Queen.

this is the result of someone else to play, to marry an ordinary person.

this is the result of someone else, became Countess, alas, so many may be, how did I come across!
















a child in an environment full of jealousy grow

he learned patience

a child is accepted in an environment full of growth
he learned to cherish the world

he learned conscious guilt

a child friendly environment full of growth
he learned to love life

was a child in a positive environment full of growth
he learned standing ambition

a child in an environment of fear to grow

a child in a hostile environment to grow

he learned insatiable

a child in the full sense of security environment to grow
he learned to trust others

a child in an environment full of tolerance to grow

share a child in an environment full of growth
he learned generosity

a child full of fair and honest environment to grow
he learned the truth of justice

a child in an environment full of peace that he learned growing

condemning others he learned picky

praise a child in an environment full of growth
he learned to appreciate other people

critics find fault with a child in an environment full of growth

He learned to argue against

a child in full recognition of the environment to grow
he learned to love yourself

He learned to fear anxiety

a child in an environment filled with encouragement He learns self-confidence grow

full of shame in a child 's environment to grow

The Zune concentrates on being a Portable Media Player. Not a web browser. Not a game machine. Maybe in the future it'll do even better in those areas, but for now it's a fantastic way to organize and listen to your music and videos, and is without peer in that regard. The iPod's strengths are its web browsing and apps. If those sound more compelling, perhaps it is your best choice.

Nothing better to say , very very powerful album . This time have been listening to this . Artist: Goldfrapp
Album: Seventh Tree
Release Date :2008-02-26
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1. Clowns
2. Little Bird
3. Happiness
4.Road to somewhere
5. Eat Yourself 6. Some People
7. A & E
8. Cologne Cerrone Houdini
9. Caravan Girl
10. Monster Love

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original wonder girls - nobody

First if he was thin, he wanted to eat nutritious way to cheat things, eating all the meat hit his address, said he was to lose weight. If he needs to lose weight, to accompany him to eat less fat but delicious things.
second ever stop to his right, so he can protect you feel and confidence.
third he likes basketball, you can play with him for a while, or his side of the pitch when they play, you see him perform.
fourth time when he was busy, so busy that he's a good peace of mind, you can help him to help some; their busy time, first told him, let him do what to do, do not let him worry.
Article climbing when his tired back, he said to you, let him back, because that is sweet, but to give him a break in his leg Chuichui rubbed shoulders. Article
he will not take an umbrella when it rains, remember to bring an umbrella to cover two people.
Article not let him smoke, even if he smelled smoke on the headache, but to control his smoke, but also to let him pumping pumping good, because smoke is not very good beverages.
Article VIII when he was a cold, remember to let him take medicine, drink boiled water, good rest. Article IX
movie, do not always put his head on his shoulders, as long his shoulder will sour. Article
he and his friends go out, do not always let him let him call it, that would make him very unhappy, let him play happy.
Article XI to know all his love, try to adapt to his taste.
Article XII back to the field trip, do not look like a detective-like traces of suspicious, I believe him.
Article XIII to the field trip, remember to bring his favorite things in the local buy him, he will be pleased like a child.
Article XIV Whenever his cell phone to play, I believe what he said. Article XV
him to remember all the passwords, which is trust in him.
Article XVI that he may sometimes be busy, to be considerate.
Article XVII night talking on the phone not long, let him rest, he should do tomorrow, busy.
Article 18 he sent something to be carefully preserved.
other boys refuse to Article 19, even than his fine, but just love him, whether he is not the best.
Diershitiao when some girls to show him a good, slightly jealous, but not incomprehensible eat vinegar fly, there are other girls like him to prove his excellence.
Article 21 when he encountered trouble to comfort him, I believe he can solve.
Society of eyedrops Article 22, because he always clumsy drop is not good, eye drops to buy their own good, according to his needs.
Article 23 is ready for all kinds of Chinese medicines drugs, although he rarely sick, to prepare for contingencies.
Article 24 to his laundry, clean the quartet built a pile on the closet.
Article 25 there will be vulnerable when the boys, this time to provide a warm embrace and words of encouragement to him.
Article 26 to the temple incense, when I remember praying for him.
Article 27, as he sometimes like a child, do not bother. Article 28
respect for his hobby.
Article 29 when he occasionally take good care of him when drunk, sober up and do the plum juice to him, let him sleep comfortably at night, and water in the bedside table ready , drink a drink a lot of water; there best to let him in 500ml of milk before drinking, so you can make alcohol less gastric damage.
thirty sincere towards his friends, not to mention his friend was not.
第三十一条 keep your photo and tell everyone around you is a couple. Article 32
trouble with him, a total stand.
Article 33 to his home, diligent and polite to let his parents like to accept you.
Article 34 would worry about him, tears and insomnia.
Article 35, when they quarrel, do not remember a tough stance, and do not come to an impasse, then the impulse.
Article 36 do not always ask him: continuous efforts.
Article 38 In the winter, I remember him weave the scarf, love cards. Article 39
love him the same.

Moisturizing Cream Awards: H2O eight glasses of water cream. Although the Results I surprised, but H2O is not the person in charge of Results had already shown itself to be full of confidence. Best make-up water

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Wine on the table rules:

(a) if they really can not drink, Centre on the distinction between the first port, carrying his food bowl while eating a folder to
(b) if satisfied that his drink, Do not install the ink, the next rule is a rule of

: wine on the table although the his mouth.
rule two: keeping a low profile, profound knowledge, must not be a charge on the wet bar on the large.
rule three: drinking before their turn leading mutual respect.
rule four: can people respect a person must not be more than one respect, unless you Ya is leadership.
rule five: his respect others, if you do not clink, they drink much depending on the circumstances, such as other alcoholic beverages, other alcohol attitude, must not drink less than the other, respect their own people to know.
rule six: their respect others, if the clink, one, I finish, you are free, side was Tatu.
rule seven: his humble position, remember to add wine to the leadership, not blind to the leadership on behalf of the wine is to generation, but also looking for someone to do in the leadership, but also because you want to pretend that he is not drinking In order to give leadership on behalf of the wine and drink. A numerous liquor such as leadership, respect by beating about the bush to prepare the leadership of a person stopped.
rule eight: reach for the glass (beer mug), the right hand briefly Cup, left pad bottom of the cup, remember your own cup is always lower than others. If their leadership got the message point, do not put too low, or how a man called the following?
rules Nine: If there are no special characters present, the best time the needle hit the wine order, not favoritism.
rule ten: clink, toast, have arguments, otherwise, I tmd Why drink your wine?
rules XI: do not talk business on the desktop, drink good, business is also almost the same, everyone inside a clear understanding of the heart, otherwise people will not open up to you to drink.
rules XII: Do not install crooked, wrong thing, do wrong, do not defend themselves, consciously Monastic clincher.
rules thirteen: if, purely if encountered alcohol would not be enough, the middle of the bottle on the table, add their own people, Do not be silly not to waste one by one pouring, or the people behind the wine, how did do?
rules XIV: Finally, there must be a boring glass of wine, so do not let your glass empty. Stand it ~
rule XV: Note Do not drink and slip of the tongue, do not boast, not badly, not spittle flying, chopsticks thrown chaos, not chaos refers to the fingers, soup puff ring, do not fart burp, do not hold back live to the toilet to go, no one stopped you.
rule XVI: Do not
rules Seventeen: leadership drink with you, is to give you face, no matter how much you drink leaders how to own it for the King first, remember ah, hands, lower cup.
rules eighth: peanuts for drinking people, is a good thing. Keep a clear head, it is indispensable to drink greetings, a cup of yogurt, a cup of hot water, a hot towel, you are obviously caring.

If you can not drink

1, do not take the initiative to implement a defensive to the offensive strategy;
2, table and put two large cups, put a cup of white wine, put a glass of mineral water , take a small handless winecup toast, ground water montblanc ink pen, to drink wine on the table eight points drunk basic subject-object, you can water on behalf of the wine, take the initiative;
3, toast, do not swallow right away, look for opportunities to wipe with a napkin mouth, spit napkins in wine;
4, Theravada eat some fat after class, bottom of starchy food, drinking is not easy drunk;
5, the rhythm, do not drink too much at once fierce; 6, not types of wine mixed with drink, are particularly vulnerable to drunk;
7, leaders take their food, do not turn Jiuzhuo the middle of the disc, you dial a leading wine on the table and take their food taboo;
8, drink six drunk, they can put you in front of the dish of vinegar to drink vinegar, let the waiter added;
9, each toast, the filling, and then pretended not to predict with confidence handless winecup before drinking, as throwing out some, so you can drink into a lot of time;
10, put away in front of a half cup of tea before drinking, drunk do not swallow, and quickly picked up the cup, drink the wine spit into the glass in the effort , changing the water full of spit on the line, or effective!

-------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -

banquet etiquette

1, Chung Huan fun, should not whisper
banquet guests are most more, it should be as much about some of the most people to participate in the topic, to get the majority of people. Because of personal interests and hobbies, knowledge different topics so as not to be too biased to avoid conceit, far apart, Shenkan boundless, there beside the phenomenon, while ignoring the crowd. In particular, try not to whisper with one ear whispered, and give them a sense of mystery, often have a
2, targeting the two sides, grasp the overall situation
most of the spill dinner has a theme, which is the purpose of drinking. Dinner when you should first look around the demeanor of expression, to distinguish between primary and secondary, not simply to drink and drink, and lose a good opportunity for friends, but do not let some of the sensational upset the hosts mean drinkers.
3, the language properly, witty humor
sprinkle on the table can show a person's talent, knowledge, training and communication manners, sometimes a humorous humor, language, give the guests impressed, virtually makes you feel good. Therefore, we should know when to say something, the language properly, witty sense of humor is critical.
4, urging people to drink moderately, to refrain from force
often encountered in the wine on the table drinks upon the phenomenon, some people always like wine market when battlefield, trying to persuade others to drink a few glasses of that amount is not to drink it.
5, toast and orderly, prioritized
toast is a science. Under normal circumstances should a toast to age, rank, both sides in order of status, must take full account of the former toast toast good order, distinct primary and secondary. So that together with people who are not familiar with drinking, it must first inquire about the status or pay attention to how others call, which is the number of hearts to have to avoid embarrassment or hurt feelings of the situation.
toast toast be sure to grasp the order. Are asking when certain guests at the meeting, he will naturally be doubly respectful, but be careful, if the presence of a higher status or older person, you should not only help busy people respectfully, it must first Venerable elders to toast, or make you very embarrassed.
6, the wind blows, understand the hearts
To get everyone in the appreciation of wine on the table, you must learn how the wind blows. Because communication with others, we must understand the people, both ways, in order to play the role of wine on the table.
7, the edge gradually shot, sit tight in the Taishan
banquet dinner on occasion to see, to correctly assess their own strength, do not be too impulsive, as liquor and talking to retain some sense of proportion, not to let others look down on their own but not too revealing, select the appropriate opportunity, and gradually its edge radiation, in order to sit tight in Taishan, not someone else have a The idea, so that we can not underestimate your strength.

-------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------
attention to detail

1 - seating
general, the seating is If the round table, the door is based on customer, subject and object positions around the hand, places the distance from the subject-object perspective, the more respect the more close to the subject and object position, the same respect from the left on the right. If the square table, if there is on the door of the seat, the door is on the right side of the main bit off. If the errors on the door, then right-side seats for the East side of the chief.

If the banquet, table and desk chief attention to the arrangement between the top center, left turn 2,4,6 seats, the right to 3,5,7 seats, according to the subject-object identity, status, sit in affinities.
If you are the owner, you should arrive early, and then wait by the door position, and lead guest seat. If you are invitees, then the host should follow the arrangements for admission.
general, if your boss to attend, you should lead to the main boss seat, sitting on your customers the highest level of the left side of the main seat position. The object of the leading hospitality unless a very high level.

2 - a la carte
If time permits, you should wait after most of the guests in attendance, the menu for Guests circulated, and requested them to a la carte. Of course, as the official dinner, you will worry about budget issues, therefore, to control the budget, your most important thing is to do more homework before meals, select the appropriate grade of the dinner location is more important, so that guests can also greatly appreciate your the budget. Moreover, in general, if you come to pay, not the nerve to a la carte guests also will allow you to decide. If your boss is also the feast, do not because of respect for him, or that his entertainment experience, catering to eat more, and let him / her to a la carte, unless he / she requested. Otherwise, he will not feel decent.
If you are attending the banquet were, you should know, you should not be too active in the a la carte, but to enable the owner to a la carte. If the other kind requirements, you can point a not too expensive, but not all the food taboos. Remember to consult the views of people about the table, especially to ask A la carte, you can consult,

ordering, be sure to know what's what. When ordering, according to the following three rules
a look personnel. In general, the per capita a dish is more the rule. If dinner is more men may be appropriate to increase the volume.

second look at the food combinations. In general, the table is the best meat dishes well-established, hot and cold, try to make it comprehensive. If the table more than men, some meat or fish can be more, if women are more light may be a few more vegetables.

three to see the importance of the dinner. If ordinary business dinner, an average of one dish in 50 yuan to 80 yuan acceptable. If the object of the dinner is quite key, then the weight is enough to point a few vegetables, such as lobster, saury, anchovy, and then to the specifications that are abalone, fin powder.

Another point to note is that a la carte dishes, the waiter should not ask the price, or bargain, so make your company in front of customers is a little petty, but the customer will feel uncomfortable.
attached: a la carte Chinese food guide - four bogey
three excellent Chinese dinner meal standards, usually, the first on the cold, followed by stir-fried, then the main course, dessert and soup then on, if feeling a little tired of eating, you can order some desserts, and finally the fruit plate. In ordering the program to take into account the various dishes.

priority dishes

one, there are characteristics of Chinese food dishes. Entertain foreign guests of the time, this one should pay more attention. Like deep-fried spring rolls, boiled Lantern, steamed son, lion head, kung pao chicken, etc., not food delicious, but because with distinct Chinese characteristics, so admired by many foreigners.

Second, there are the local characteristics of the dishes. Such as Xi'an steamed mutton, Hunan, Mao Pork, braised lion head in Shanghai, Beijing lamb, where the dinner guests the field, on these dishes, fresh seafood probably fits more than well received.

Third, the restaurant's specialties. Many restaurants have their own specialties. On a copy of this restaurant specialties, telling the owner's care and respect for those who were invited.

in arranging the menu, guests must also consider food taboos, especially to food taboos for the guest of honor's attention. These dietary taboos are four
1. Religious food taboos, that can not be negligent. For example, Muslims generally do not eat pork, and do not drink. Hunxing domestic Buddhists eat food, it not only refers to meat, but also includes onions, garlic, leeks, mustard and other pungent smell of food. Some believe in the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy in the diet, especially forbidden to eat beef, which points to serve Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and overseas Chinese compatriots, especially when to pay attention to.
2. For health reasons, for some food, but also some taboos. For example, heart disease, cerebral vascular, vein sclerosis, hypertension and stroke sequelae were not suitable to eat dog meat, lamb and turtle Jichi hepatitis, gastroenteritis, stomach ulcer and other digestive system diseases also inappropriate to eat turtle, hypertension, high cholesterol patients, less chicken soup and so on.
3. Different regions, people's food preferences are often different. For this, to take into account when arranging the menu. For example, people in Hunan province in general like to eat spicy food, eat less sweets. Anglo-American countries, people usually do not eat pets, rare animals, animal offal, animal's head and claws. In addition, hosted foreign guests, try to be less rigid grazing dishes, foreigners will not bite in the dining in the food in the mouth and then spit it out, it also needs to take into account.
4. Some occupations, for some reason, the food and beverage often have their own different special taboo. For example, the state allowed to civil servants in the performance of official duties an invitation to dinner, eating and drinking are not allowed when the official dinner, not exceed the national standard meal, are not allowed to drink alcohol. Again, the driver may not drink alcohol while working. If this point is ignored, there is likely to make mistakes the other side.

3 - bite
Chinese people are generally very particular about food, but also very particular about eating phase. With more and more emphasis on workplace etiquette, business on the table to eat and eat with more attention. Following the lunch, for example, teach you how polite at the dinner table with instrument handy.
lunch banquet meal at the beginning, the waiter brought a wet towel is a towel first, do not use it to wipe her face. The lobster, chicken, fruit, a little water will be sent to Meng, one floating piece or rose petals, lemon twist, it is not a beverage, but hand-washing purposes. Hands, can turn his hands wet finger, lightly rinsed, and then use a small towel.
meal to be civil. Do not repeatedly advised of the foreign guests food, Chinese food can be introduced to each other's characteristics, eat eat by him. Some people like to persuade others, food, and even for each other and take their food. Foreign visitors do not have this habit, if you politely again, chances are people will resent: If you wait for someone else to own dish cloth, it had the Russian stomach.
guests seated, do not immediately practical feeding. The owner should be greeted by the owner to indicate the beginning of toast, guests can begin; guests can not rush in front of the owner. Take their food to be civilized, and other dishes to be in front of their own, and then Dongkuaizi, do not rush in front next to him, one should not take their food too much. Slowly, this will not only help digestion, but also on the table etiquette requirements. Must not be large mouths, devour, this will leave the impression of greed. Do not picky eaters, do not just stare at you like Lay eat, or hurried to favorite dishes piled up in your own plate. Action to elegant dining, do not touch the folder, when Levin neighbor, not appropriated to the food tray table, not spilled the soup. Do not make unnecessary sounds, such as soup, when Do not eat while while and chat. Mouth of the bones and fish bones do not spit on the table, can be used napkins hush, taken out on the dish with chopsticks. Out the food on the table, do not eat. Do not play with chopsticks during a meal, or with chopsticks straight people. Do not pull the hand to mouth disorder. When teeth with a toothpick, cover your mouth and apply hand or napkin. Do not let dishes make a sound.
end of the meal, you can use napkins, napkin or a waiter brought a small towel wiped his mouth, but should not rub the head and neck or chest; meal not uncontrolled burp or belch; not signal the end of the host, guests can not be left.

4 - drinking
the saying goes, Yuehe Yue wine is thick, but at the reception desk there are a lot of knowledge stress, The following table summarizes some of the wine you have to pay attention to small details.
details are: leadership before their turn drinking each toast. We must stand up and toast, toast with both hands.
details of the two: can people respect a person must not be more than one respect, unless you are a leader.
details of the three: Respect others, yourself, if you do not clink, they drink much depending on the circumstances, such as other alcoholic beverages, other alcohol attitude, must not drink less than the other, respect their own people to know.
details of the four: his respect others, if clink, one, I finish, you are free, side was generous.
details of the five: remember to add wine to the leadership or the customer, not blind to the leadership on behalf of the wine is to generation, but also in leadership or customer looking for someone to do, but also because you want to pretend that he is not drinking In order to give leadership on behalf of the wine and drink. A numerous liquor such as leadership, respect by beating about the bush to prepare the leadership of a person stopped.
details of the six: reach for the glass (beer mug), the right hand briefly Cup, left pad bottom of the cup, remember your own cup is always lower than others. If their leadership got the message point, do not put too low, or how a man called the following?
details of the seven: If there are no special characters present, the best time the needle hit the wine order, not favoritism.
details of the eight: clink, toast, have arguments, otherwise, I tmd Why drink your wine?
details of the nine: do not talk business on the desktop, drink good, business is also almost the same, everyone inside a clear understanding of the heart, otherwise people will not open up to you to drink.
details of the ten: if, purely if encountered alcohol would not be enough, the middle of the bottle on the table, add their own people, Do not be silly not to waste one by one pouring, or the people behind the wine, not how to do ?

on toast

1, owner of King guest of honor.
2, Peiqia King guest of honor.
3, the guest of honor retaliate.
4, Peiqia mutual respect.
Remember: guests must not overwhelming and chaotic toast, that would be very rude, the owner is very disrespectful.

5 - pouring tea
mentioned here apply to both learning visit to our company, the same applies to business the table.
first tea to clean. The guests came in, let sit, back-up tea. Before tea, must take the tea to wash clean, especially the long-unused tea set, it is inevitable dust, and dirt, but also to carefully wash with water again. In tea, the best scalded with boiling water before pouring teapot, cup. In this way, pay attention to health, and it looks polite. If the matter is not clean, clean, tea, wild tea to guests, it is impolite performance. People saw the teapot, cup stains on stains on the nausea, how would also like to drink your tea? Companies are now generally one cup, the tea cups before one-time pay attention to put the cup holder, so as not to hot water and heat, so that guests can not Duanbei tea moment.
Secondly, tea should be moderate. Let me talk about tea, generally appropriate. Tea should not be too much, nor too little. Too much tea, its flavor is too thick; tea too little, nothing out of the tea flavor. If customers take the initiative to introduce themselves like the habit of drinking tea or weak tea, then in accordance with the stomach to the mouth of the guests good tea. Besides tea, no matter how large cup small cup, pour are not too full, too full of easy to overflow the table, bench, floor wet. Not careful, will burn the hands of their own or customers, so that two sides are very embarrassed. Of course, we should not fall too low. If the bottom of the cup before tea on the side cover only to the guests, will make people think it is the bumbling, not sincerity in.
again, some tea to be successfully implemented. In accordance with the traditions and customs of our people, as long as hands are not disabled, are served tea with both hands to the guests. But now some young people do not know the rules, gave the guests tea with one hand trouble. Tea should be very careful with both hands on a cup ear cup, usually with one hand grasp the cup ear, boosting the bottom of the cup the other hand, the end of tea to the guests. Not filling the tea cup after cup ear hot the whole body, hands not close, some comrades just-do, hold the cup with the fingers go out into the front of the guests get the edge. Although this method can prevent scalding tea the accident, but it is unsightly, is not enough health. Consider, for guests of the mouth lick the owner's finger marks, you feel better?
Tim tea. If the boss and customers need to add a cup of tea, you have to duty-bound to do so. You can indicate waiter Tim tea, or let the waiter left the teapot on the table, by adding your own is better in person, it is not know what to say when the best way to cover up. Of course, add tea to the boss and when the first customer to add tea, and finally give their Tim.

6 - leave
general reception and tea for a long time, have about two hours. Perhaps visit a few times, recognize some people, you soon want to leave. At this time, leave the middle of some skills, you can not understand.
common being conducted in a warm dinner time, because someone wants to leave, which leads to the result of everyone agents just quickly disappeared, so the organizers anxious really hopping. To avoid such unpleasant consequences, when you want to leave halfway, and do not talk to everyone in eleven circles farewell, quietly and around as long as two or three people say hello, then you can leave.
picking up and leaving the reception site, be sure to invite you to the master note, an apology, not swiftly vanished.
and greeted the owner, you should go at once, do not pull the door to the owner in the big talk incessantly. Because the other day to do a lot of on-site there are still many guests waiting for him (her) to say hello, you account for the owner too much time, will cause him (her) in front of other guests rude.
some people attended the reception, tea, when the half-way ready to leave, will be 11 asked everyone she knew to do a walk. The results have been bustling scene, she was such a agitation, once they finish at the advance. This bustling thing, understanding the most difficult to master by dinner, a gentlemanly person, be sure not to commit this clock error.

-------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------
preparation before drinking
alcohol can hurt the liver, which is well known road, in order to minimize the effect of alcohol on the stomach and liver damage, reduce the incidence of fatty liver. Preparatory work before the wine is very important, which is able to guarantee that you never drunk wine on the table a key factor. In to dinner before the first bite to eat at home, so little stomach thing cushioned. That specifically eat what is good? Generally better to eat high-protein, such as eating two eggs, drink milk, soy milk, as these high-protein foods and alcohol in the stomach can combine, react, reducing the absorption of alcohol. In addition, eat biscuits, cakes, etc. can make the stomach a little something, because fasting drink, alcohol is easily absorbed in the stomach, resulting in easy to drink. Note, do not use salted fish, sausage, bacon drinks, such as smoked foods contain a lot of pigment and nitrosamines, and alcohol react not only to liver injury, and damage to oral and esophageal mucosa, and even cause cancer.
In addition, regular or frequent drinking wine server who can try some of the methods recorded in ancient books. Such as the Qing Dynasty Anonymous in ; Before drinking, as much as possible eat a la carte, and then drink, its principles and as said earlier. Non-fasting drink, both easily drunk, and easy to Shang Wei.

sober up after drinking measures
after drinking, dizziness, headache, vomiting, or unconsciousness, drunk to withstand great pain, this time to sober up as soon as possible to reduce the pain caused by drunkenness, and to prevent a greater harm may occur. Here to teach you the recipe for sober approach is simple, drinkers according to their own circumstances, to choose their own way, give it a try.
★ ☆ Beverage white radish juice: raw white radish, washed juice, a little heat dose, each a cup, 10-minute, three times to go to the alcohol solution.
★ ☆ eat cabbage heart: the heart out of shredded cabbage, a not enough to take two, plus a small amount of sugar and vinegar and mix well pickled thirty-five minutes after the dose, this method quickly hangover.
★ ☆ serving celery juice: Wash chopped fresh celery juice, drunk as a tea, drink three times (every 5 minutes), this blush for a drink headaches effects of brain swelling.
★ ☆ drink fresh orange peel water: two bright orange skin plus 1 kg of water to boil, then add a small amount of salt after shaking drunk as a tea, a cup once, 5 minutes to drink, three times effective.
★ ☆ drink green bean juice: green beans, 2 2, plus Shui Zhushu after drinking the soup with beans, such as green beans mashed with boiled water will be a hangover effect.
also how to reduce drunk-induced headache, dizziness, nausea and other symptoms? Here also are a few foods, which is the American National Headache Foundation, researchers found, we may be a reference:
★ ☆ honey headache after drinking water treatment: a special kind of honey contains fructose, can promote alcohol decomposition of absorption, reduce headaches, particularly red wine-induced headache. In addition, there are hypnotic effects of honey, can make people fall asleep quickly and wake up the next day will not be a headache.
★ ☆ dizziness tomato juice drink: Tomato juice is also rich in particular fructose, can help promote the decomposition of alcohol, one drink 300 ml or more, feeling dizzy after drinking can gradually disappear. If a small amount of salt before drinking, but also help stabilize mood.
★ ☆ drink fresh grape cure nausea, nausea: If you eat before drinking, but also effective in preventing drunk.
★ ☆ watermelon juice drink body heat: watermelon with a can clearing away heat, speed up the alcohol from the urine.
★ ☆ eliminate mouth alcohol grapefruit: grapefruit dipped in sugar to eat meat, drink for the elimination of alcohol in the mouth helps a lot.
★ ☆ celery juice drink gastrointestinal discomfort, facial redness: This is because celery is rich in B vitamins, break down alcohol.
★ ☆ yogurt drink irritability rule: yogurt can protect the gastric mucosa, slow alcohol absorption, including calcium-rich drink to alleviate irritability particularly effective.
★ ☆ banana drink rule palpitations, chest tightness: drink and eat 1-3 bananas, can increase blood glucose levels, reduce the proportion of alcohol in the blood, to achieve the purpose hangover. At the same time, it can relieve the symptoms of palpitation, chest depressed elimination.
★ ☆ olive drink anorexia treatment: olive sober since ancient times, Qingwei heat, promoting the appetite of

thought that tea can sober up, but I do not know it was ; Li in the Modern medical research also pointed out that the tea will stimulate gastric acid secretion, making it easier for alcohol damage to the gastric mucosa; the same time, theophylline in tea and alcohol as causes rapid heart beat, more heavy burden on the heart.

sober drug
above the current market there have been many sober drugs, such as Neptune Jinzun, wine server division What can break down quickly, so that loss of effect of alcohol, or blocking the absorption of alcohol in the gastrointestinal, reducing the amount of alcohol into the blood, so naturally you can achieve the purpose of sobering, but no matter what the sober drug, no matter how wonderful their effectiveness , there are certain side effects, and can not eat, especially for those who often need regular wine server or entertaining people, even more so. generally do not eat, because even if you take medicine, or alcohol into the body, the liver damage, the best is do not drink, when to drink, first while using other methods to sober up.

drunk ; drunk themselves often do not know their behavior, not to take care of themselves, so as relatives or friends must take care to note several aspects:
1. drunk who does not like to walk stability, should be careful not to let it fall, to prevent bruises, or other important parts of the head bump.
2. keep warm, because the decline in physical function were drunk, this time easily catch cold. so drunk's head twisted to one side, to prevent the vomiting, if there is vomiting, to clear the mouth of vomit, to prevent access to the trachea, causing suffocation or lung infection.
3. drunk more severe cases, and can not take sober goods , you should make it spit out the stomach contents, you can use your finger, cotton swab, etc. into its throat to make it vomit. If necessary, you can use warm water or 2% sodium bicarbonate solution gastric lavage. more serious then quickly call 120 or immediately sent to hospital.

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