Leaving for Edinburgh, Part II


Subtitle: Return of the Evil Overnight Flight in Cattle Class


When I'm Rich, I'll Fly First Class


I spent last night packing. Carol was already packed so she spent the night finding new ways to make her feet as cold as ice. More below.

I brought four full bags of luggage over to Scotland, emptied three of them into my flat on Fettes Row and then put them, empty inside one another for the return trip.

Somehow, all of the things that were unimportant three weeks ago are vital now and I've packed a full extra bag of luggage as well as filling the previously empty bags.

Anyway, yesterday was a baking day: Carol baked bread and cookies, I baked a chocolate cake (frosted with a lovely cream frosting, so simple: put 8oz cream cheese, 1.25 cups powdered sugar, a lid of vanilla, a lid of orange extract, 1.5 cups heavy cream and whip until stiff - magnifique).

Unfortunately, due to poor planning, I baked a huge cake, three layers, and there was no one around to enjoy it: Chris was in Puerto Rico, Karl was in Florida with Danielle, Paul and Ange were out in Harrisonburg and it was too late to really call up Rachael and Eric.

Since we'd baked all day, there wasn't any real food to be had, so Carol and I had to eat cake. We ate about half of the cake. Carol and I became Jack Sprat and his wife - I ate the cake part, Carol ate the frosting; between the two of us, we licked the platter clean.

Then we tried to get some sleep. Carol succeeded. She also managed to get her feet warm and me cold - at the same time! I'll leave the manner and type of this thermodynamic exchange as an exercise for the reader. Sufficeth to say that I didn't sleep as readily and instead spent about an hour trying to get my Red Hat 9 laptop to recognize my Linksys WUSB11 2.5 wireless USB adapter, followed by about an hour killing Lich Lords off of Hebian-To to vent frustration at failing to configure my laptop. I swear, one day I will get Kismet to work!

Now we're all packed and will leave in about half an hour. I always feel like I've forgotten something. I'm usually right.

- Nathan


Two things.
1. If you get/make Carol a rice bag it is very good for keeping/getting feet warm at night. I use mine every night.
2. Now that I know you have a flatI want your adress:)

1. pajamas?
2. flashlight?
3. insect repellant?
4. underwear?
5. Swiss army knife?
6. toilet paper?

God, Kismet... thank goodness I'm not as persistent as you. Just get a Powerbook and be done with it. Kismet's just as much a pain to install on it as well. In the meantime, you can just thank your lucky stars that some German already made a simple equivalent to it that also does passive monitoring.

As far as thermodynamic exchanges... yeah I'm very familiar with that...

So, all is normal in the wee corners of the wold!
An' I thought all would be supernatural and excellence.
Packing is just that. never more. never less.

So, all is normal in the wee corners of the wold!
An' I thought all would be supernatural and excellence.
Packing is just that. never more. never less.

So, all is normal in the wee corners of the wold!
An' I thought all would be supernatural and excellence.
Packing is just that. never more. never less.

So, all is normal in the wee corners of the wold!
An' I thought all would be supernatural and excellence.
Packing is just that. never more. never less.

The new Zune browser is surprisingly good, but not as good as the iPod's. It works well, but isn't as fast as Safari, and has a clunkier interface. If you occasionally plan on using the web browser that's not an issue, but if you're planning to browse the web alot from your PMP then the iPod's larger screen and better browser may be important.

WOW!!! Love your site, I have been here a few times now and I really enjoy reading it.

I have learnt so much just from the posts I have read today. You are now bookmarked and I will be back :-)


WOW!!! Love your site, I have been here a few times now and I really enjoy reading it.

I have learnt so much just from the posts I have read today. You are now bookmarked and I will be back :-)


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; Like a Dream: -

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Second, daisy poem -

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; Like a Dream - Tai-yu -

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Third, Willow -

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; species Chrysanthemum - Yihong child -




flower flower Feifei sky, red incense off who pity? -

; second -

1, Victoria C = shrimp + poisoning
2, cold medicine + Coke = poisoning
3, egg avoid saccharin ┄ ┄ with food poisoning, death
4, tofu avoid honey ┄ ┄ with deafness
5, kelp avoid pig ┄ ┄ with constipation
6, avoid potatoes, bananas ┄ ┄ with freckle
7, avoid beef, brown sugar ┄ ┄ with inflation dead
8, bogey eel dog ┄ ┄ with the dead
9, mutton avoid snail ┄ ┄ with food plot bloating
10, celery avoid rabbits ┄ ┄ with off hair
11, tomato avoid eating mung bean ┄ ┄ with debilitating
12, goose avoid pear ┄ ┄ with kidney injury
13, onion, honey ┄ ┄ avoid injury with fresh eyes
14, blackfish avoid eggplant ┄ ┄ with stomach pain
15, soft-shelled turtle avoid amaranth ┄ ┄ with food poisoning
16, preserved eggs, avoid brown sugar ┄ ┄ with nausea
17, ginseng, radish ┄ ┄ avoid food product food stagnation with gas
18, liquor avoid persimmon ┄ ┄ with heart stuffy 19. sweet potatoes and persimmons - will get stones
20. radish and fungus - skin inflammation
21. taro and bananas - bloating
22. peanut and cucumber - injury kidney
23, beef and chestnuts - cause vomiting
24. crab and persimmon - diarrhea
25. carp and licorice - will be poisoning
26, with fresh lamb avoid watermelon --- debilitating
27, goose eggs --- avoid injury with fresh vitality
28, avoid pork belly with fresh water chestnut --- pain
29, dog avoid eating mung bean --- easy to eat with food poisoning
30, horse avoid eating fungus --- with cholera
31, avoid hair ginger beef with food poisoning deaths ---
32, mutton avoid mustard greens - - bored with eating raw heart
33, avoid mustard chicken with fresh debilitating ---
34, Donkey avoid heartache with fresh yellow --- fatal
35, rabbit avoid cabbage - with the food easy vomiting
36, with fresh crab avoid jujube --- easy to get malaria
37, mustard avoid food made with pear --- vomit
38, radish fruits adverse thyroid;
39, eel and crab turtle pregnant women avoid
40, eggs, eat anti-inflammatory tablets clash;
41, eggs, milk nutrition should not be washed
42, spinach, tofu color would not be appropriate
U.S. 43, carrot, red radish with each other,
44, tomato, cucumber can not eat together.
should not eat the food:
1, germination, blue potatoes poisonous to eat.
2, fresh lily (day lily) poisonous to eat.
3, do not fry the green beans, lentils toxic, can not eat.
4, the old chicken head (more than 5 years beheaded) big drug, can not eat.
5, tender fried liver, contain toxins, should not eat.
6, preserved eggs, popcorn, particularly lead, children should not eat.
7, burnt food can not eat, eat easily after cancer.
8, Black ginger are highly toxic, to necrosis of liver cells must not eat.
9, raw soybean oil contains benzene, will destroy the hematopoietic system, can not eat.
10, long cooking water containing nitrite, eating is prone to cancer.
11, can not eat too hot food, easy to burn the digestive tract caused by cancer.
12, can not eat undercooked soy milk, eat easy to poisoning.
13, pickled foods contain cancer-causing substances, should not eat.
14, baked chicken category, fish containing carcinogens, should not eat.
15, persimmon persimmon empty susceptible to stomach stones, do not eat.

boy casual word, the girls excited for a long time, until one day the boy found the girl say, in fact, the song just a song, all the girls feel everything thorough disappointment and despair, everything after the girls completely sober, right?
really can not find a true love of his people? But to seriously love a person, the same will so difficult?
fact, not difficult, you want to really love a person is not difficult, as long as you are willing for your loved one to do anything, without aspiring to return ... it is the highest state of love. . .
; can do for your loved one no longer love him - this is the love of a person's pole

a boy, a girls, they love each other, love is true, love is pure. Their time together, happy, full of sunshine, occasionally quarrel, but will soon be over, between the two of them always full of understanding and concern for each other.
In one, a touch of summer, the boy met girl and the girl launched a strong offensive of love, the girl is an ordinary girl, the boy is a grass-grade school boys, Zhang is very handsome, a little wide of the riffraff home dandy gas, this is the age, the heart of the prince all the girls ah! This can be called world of difference between two people, a popular term used to describe two lines, then, is two parallel lines, never have the intersection of two lines, but get good luck, but why God would allow such a two personal acquaintance, friend ... ...
every girl and boy with a dream and will feel the same, not to mention such an extraordinary appearance, there is no special girl, as by his favor, how the heart would not jump? However, the girl understand that she was too ordinary, and Pei Buqi him. So, in pursuit of her boy, she depressed, and her own lack of confidence, the feeling of confidence and no, she does not know how to do? Slowly a long day, the boy had been almost six months after her time, and, strange to say, the past six months how many grade school beauty girls seeking boys, but he did not even look one, his thoughts are with all the In this extraordinary girl, they have been again and again the indifference and disdain. Perhaps people are inherently more Do not like to get, not the chosen to favor a very tough battle. In this way, six months later, the boy is still hard to pursue the girl, perhaps, is the boy really touched the girl, the girl may be no way to disguise the heart to continue to camouflage, the consent and the boy together. The boy said on the light four words: think, not always the best, and do not know to get the treasure. When the girl agreed to the boy after the boy had not done before, to the girl. . Always ... ... the girl for her fits and starts that he is more macho man, so he also repeated tolerance and inclusiveness.
However, people's resistance level is limited.
girl suddenly asked the boy: anti-asked: I'm just a humble inside, though this, I am not sure in the end you have not really liked me and you is not just me as a trophy you? said: say, you catch a ---- I never liked you, because, in my first note you, I love you! lived, just as he finished the last word, his face smiling with tears, there is a sweet heart and joy, the boy could not pretend the cold face, and quickly ran up, tightly hugged the girl and says loudly: I like women a lot, but I'm sure I never loved them, but for you, I do not like it, because only love, I love you! Chapter II
so happy, sunny day, flashed two years ~. . Full of understanding between each other.
autumn, soon winter day, boys and girls walking down the street, the wind of autumn leaves fall to the ground, hoot friends send friends hoot sound.
boy asked the girl, you love me? Naughty girl said: ? ; distressed boy said: grimace, no longer speak.
boy continued: like a bolt from the blue, the girl at first hesitated, then, do the strong laughter, said: time, as light, said: minute of silence ... ... only to hear the leaves are still friends hoot hoot girl friends of the ring
not tear out, but like a touch of the boy's school, said: him. And sad to say:
this way, the girl spent two weeks in a trance, can be said for her suffering, which two weeks ago, the girl is really desperate, because, this time He really has not played a phone, without any news on when the girl is about to collapse, suddenly received a letter, a letter written two weeks ago, just three days before they sent in the past, When the girl saw the letter, thought to myself,
girl open the letter, the envelope when she was still in the demolition of fantasy and what she said the boy would apologize if it? Well, they have to do so quickly forgive him?
However, the moment you open the envelope, the girl kept it! In a letter between the electronic folder also report the girl's first reaction is to look at the letter.
Sorry! Please forgive me, I have no other way, I can not bear to look you sad, I can only use the fastest, but it is also the most cruel way, you forgot me, I really love you, but some things just do not do meet people, the days are merciless, when you see the letter, I might have been in the elevator to heaven, my dear, do not cry okay? You cry, I will be very sad, perhaps, this is the fate, destiny I love you, let me leave you forever, in fact, we should thank fate, thanks to which we meet, friend, love so I've been very satisfied, at least we once had, do not cry okay? I promise, we must take care of yourself, the day after we must have a good belongs to you happy every day!
before I left, it was afraid, not for anything else, just worried that I will not go after someone like me to love you, but I still can not overcome the pain, I ... I ... sorry ... I can only say: I can not love you like before, the last time, I have not finished, I want you to do one thing for me, you must immediately do, promise me? That is: you, I also did the original me, but, I promise, I will never leave you first, but also with our next life, but a lifetime to be together!
favorite song,
Well, put away your tears, From now on, do not think of me! ^ - ^ To laugh ~ ~ OK? You laugh like it's very beautiful, I have not said that!

love you forever: boys

E-Report: * years * months * on time * minutes * seconds * Name: * Gender: Male Age: 22 ... ... ... ... day before for heart disease, died death.

this is the beginning of winter, the winter wind blowing girl crying face clip, numb the mind no longer knows pain, tears already Kugan ~ ~ She just looked at the desperate end of that day, hope to see him finally smile •! ~ ~> ; -

the story of girls and boys this end, an inferior race to remind people in love, we must cherish each other, what say what, do not wait until there is no chance that the time to know and treasure, to know Human life is very fragile, seize the present time!

room and board in the car , to go where most needed , make the most money to fly , it has not just work , this is life , this is a life attitude.

1 . Shanghai , a man committed suicide , too dirty and climb up the river to . 2 . Shenyang 2100 degrees of myopia , a man , married for 14 years before his wife did not see the appearance . 3 . Taipei is a person's identity card number 123456789, is considered to be false many times . 4 . American woman shot himself , shot 18 and did not die fat , so your car going to the doctor ... 5 . Sichuangminzhai Russia a drunk , was an old man shot dead with a cucumber 6 . Three years by a Canadian family lightning 7 . Xi'an video stolen a couple married and decided to once again knot . 8 . Karate black belt master of New Zealand 10 year-old girl in the hands of death 9 . Beijing and a man listening to car alarms to sound , continuous cut through the 22 car 10. Shandong, a burglary thief , mistook firecrackers when the candle was blown into a seriously injured 11. Chongqing City, a police station , 110 phone does not Jiaodianhuafei was down twenty days 12. Nanjing, an employer's home , 26 towels, but have different purposes , can not be identified because nanny is more than words 13. Russia, a 240 kg woman with a body crushed thieves 14. Beijing, a father to his son named As the execution of the small number of Indian cuisine to the child when the hand self- prisoners 16 . Sichuan , a man dissatisfied with the attitude of banks , will be one hundred yuan into coins , kept a hundred times 17. Nanjing, a man close to the wall to see their own pictures laughed , then caught ... he saw the arrest warrant ... 18. American man in the street picking up coins decade , the cumulative one hundred thousand U.S. dollars 19. American robbers Daidisini mask robbery , robbery robbers who ran laughing gas 20 . Moscow, a woman jumped off the rail , tram drivers, heart attack and died

What is courage? Is crying for you love me, or smile to see you leave.

like the rain, because you do not know that I stand the rain tears; like daze, watching from afar because you do not know what I want you; love alone, because a person you do not will find that I love you; love around you, because you are my happiness with the only factor.

if I was silent, you can hear my voice; if I stopped, you can see my tears; is my heart, you will touch my heartache; if I disappear , you will know of my existence.

happiness instead of waiting for it will come, it needs its own well-being to follow! Meteor going to find their own happiness, the stars are in place waiting innocently happy.

still think of you always fear the dead of night, or you are afraid to hear the news. Precipitation is not too clear I love already?

every tear has its meaning down, and my tears will gather for you.

When love is not perfect, I prefer to give up, smiled and left. In fact, I'm not great. But, I love you!

Perhaps one day, in the noisy city, you pass me, I will be stopped, staring away in the back that is to tell yourself: That man, I have loved before. If you met me, please pretend not to know!

There is a love that, even love, but unable to speak. There is a love, obviously want to give up, but can not be relieved. There is a love, knowing that suffering, but not immune. There is a love, knowing that no road, the heart has long been retrieved.

love started by a smile, to end with heartache.

been said, no one is worth your tears, the person is worth your tears will not make you cry.

as you like just because someone loves you, does not mean you are not loved by others.

really love, let go of the hand, it will not go to waste; really love, mind similarities, but also why a lot of sweet talk.

the world's most remote distance, not the distance between life and death, not far apart, but I stand before you, but you can not say I love you ......
I put dignity, personality aside, put down the stubborn, just because you fit a

like a person, is not painful. Love a person, may have lingering pain, but to my happiness, happiness is the world's largest

Some people say give you a happy person, that is, you can bring the pain of people.

disappointed, and sometimes is a blessing, because something to look forward, it will be disappointed because there is love, will have a look, so even if disappointment is a blessing, although this being a little pain.

love a person is difficult, more difficult to give up their loved ones.

If you can not forget, do not forget the good. Really forget that it was not hard.

I have been looking for a frustrated, you can withstand my tears, my joy, you can bite my shoulder people.

no one knows, I met you, right or wrong, I met you, am I happy?
but I know, I met you, I never regret it.

New Year's Eve Eve, and I volunteer from Chengdu, Beijing Chen correspondent by the commission, to the part of the Dongfang Steam Turbine Works School (East steam School) parents of students killed in the earthquake sent 500 per family yuan relief funds. Reporters in this thank Mr Chen Chen kindness of the people in disaster areas.

This is a student section Ritz victims (female, 17-year-old high school sophomore students Dongfeng Motors ) segment into the German's father, received a phone call braved the cold on a motorcycle seat from work to pick Mianzhu Deyang rushed us. Segment into Germany, a depressed middle-aged man of simple and honest farmer, lost her daughter made him more silent sorrow. He had that night and those workers who are to eat a festive dinner, I heard that we come back to a very excited.
he was very moved even said: Oh! Too thanked! I did not expect anyone remember those of us who have lost parents! But often see units, media, civil society and other sympathy earthquake victims, never the victims of these people think we care about the parents of the students ....
especially New Year's Eve eve of our arrival, especially from the private sector volunteers, sent condolences to King meager $ 500, so that pairs are still immersed in the death of a child grief parents feel a special comfort. We also brought a donation of Zhejiang Mr. Xue Min's army coat, cold winter in the warmth of the dead student's parents. They moved in thanks, we see that they reveal the long-lost smile, we feel that this trip even more suffering to the suffering of the parents is very important! How much comfort ah! Even then cold - worth it!

East Han Wang Fei steam Middle School High School students killed in the parents live in Mianzhu Village, Xinglong Town, nine primate . Keep your father has long provided assistance to us in the street. His mother a broken arm, there is a old mother. From the end of the first floor of the dragon family residential seems easy life before the earthquake had full good, now take the dragon's wife as saying her son did not, what is of no use. His elderly mother to the victims of the Sun has been good grief no smile, no matter how comforting. Yes ah! The earthquake destroyed many evil happy family ah!

Mianzhu city from Germany to the segment into the home of arch star town, along the disaster that were a heavy heart. Where he had a family ah! They destroyed almost all the village houses. He left the collapsed ruins, now take by the roadside near a humble shed to stay old mother, who are husband and wife work to Deyang city, in order to rebuild the house and survive. Close to the shed is a ready to rebuild the foundation of the government subsidy of 1,6 million and just pouring the ground ring beam, a few stand alone rebar in the foundation, not rusty watering the cement. His old mother told us that her son when the foundation in the water, crying and fell on the tool side, said her daughter did not, no offspring inherited the house repaired and what to do ah! Sad old mother told me that her daughter a hysterectomy, there is no birth (and later learned that other parents, though healthy, but most of the mothers between the age of menopause has little hope of fertility. I feel very heavy heart , is a real problem)

shed not pull the power cord, no lights is to save money. Said the old man four to take the air, she was cold at night, beds are very thin. She always wanted the coat, worn during the day, at night you can take in some warm quilt. However, several relief material military coat did not turn her pumping her a copy of the check. Requirements of the elderly on this point. See, hear, and let my heart sour. Chengdu volunteers quickly get an old military coat draped over his body, hoping to add a little warm in the winter.

cold section of the current home of the shed

Section 512 refers to us as former German home

Duan De Gege home, too, take up temporary residence between the shed, life still continues, his wife was cooking dinner.

other victims were the parents of the students live in one night, the village tractor trail, if not into the German section of a guide, we simply become blind do not find the direction of the road. No matter again later, the road is hard, we must condolences to the New Year's Eve. Although Section Side sorrow few words, but very enthusiastic to help us find out everywhere to find other parents. The good news is, some parents did not contact them he was also asked to bring the West to find the East to find. Than 11 pm as he did not care and we have to eat, still on the road ran. Until then we Gongxingzhen condolences to those killed in the parents eleven end, he refers us to the street to our Luoshui bound direction of the town of Shifang County, the road to go back. Their feelings of how simple, how to understand Thanksgiving! We love to such a point a little, let them feel happy. If each of us sacrifice a little love, then the student's relatives will be killed slowly out of the shadow of death of a child, or to reduce a little sad.
walking ask

Yuting Yun tell of anger: the East so wealthy state-owned gas company, Dongfeng Motors has long been found in secondary is dangerous, daughter and ruined the lives of many children! And that only in the construction of new houses, some people wanted to dismantle the tent away. Perimeter is fenced off screens and mats, how to live in ah! (Of course, only to persuade the cool down)

Yu Yang's parents live in temporary structures with bamboo mats and screens inside the tent of the shed,beats by dre, so to holding point . We also give the couple took the New Year according to (the next photo will send) Unfortunately, they can only photo of her daughter's portrait.

shed in the shed only to comfort the parents forget the pain, had a happy year. Also encourage them to re-live and rebuild their homes.

good news is that more than has already begun to rebuild their homes, believe that their life will get better! Hope they come out from grief soon re-establish confidence in life.

steam in the East Middle School student killed Chao Tseng's parents live in the four groups of four, there are other towns and regions, only another day and then visited. Chao's mother is very deplorable that her son behaved 1,8 meters tall, his father is also my son's pictures show it to us to see. Chao's father, Li Kaibin out to earn money to support their families, the building seen from the family owners are very hard-working and capable, but for the earthquake claimed the lives of his son, the family had a very happy and prosperous. Chao's mother has

40s, the age pregnancy is too much trouble, with sad grief after the death of a child, shortly before 2 months of pregnancy the child aborted. Miscarriage had repeatedly warned his confinement is not able to cry, but died the day before yesterday they and other parents, students go to a Chinese secondary mass graves Wang Dongfeng Motors (I heard that the cemetery will be built later) for his son money to burn incense and wax paper . Can just go all the way to the mountain and saw the direction his son died, could not help but sad or crying. These days people are everywhere burning paper money to the souls of the deceased when the street and often see inserted Xiangla burnt paper money. Only in this way the pro-people pinned their grief, hope they re-live out of the shadows as soon as possible.

Shifang Luoshui schools also suffered large losses, Bo is the school student killed in high school students. He lived in the Lo countryside, along the way to ask the way to find the Lo is late in the night. Than in rural areas had to sleep early, coupled with cold winter, the outside can not see a person, and very few lights, are difficult to find a way to ask people find very hard! Fortunately, his brother received a phone call from Shifang county motorcycle came on the roadside waiting for us, we do not know with how much the East Bend West turned the roadway lane, and finally to his parents' door.

Bo was interviewed to find his parents, had not his body, we also hold the chance. Now his mother has mentioned how his son's tragic death, the whole face was smashed when it did not recognize. Said body soaked in the rain for a few days and nights, rainy night in the pro-Japanese people on stand by for a few days and nights ... and quickly change the subject, the military coat and condolence payments to her, lest she be sad, do not lock I made a mess earthquake depressive illness is difficult to end. Hey! Earthquakes are evil, let us all with different degrees of damage ah!

Bo family leave after the New Year's Eve is more than 1 am. We Ganjin Wang Chengdu direction, see Mianzhu a New Year's scene, I believe Mianzhu people will rebuild their homes, rebuild confidence in life!

The most romantic words than

leave me, do not comfort me to know every darn, that heart will experience stinging pain

~ Do you think the sour feeling jealous? No, the most sour feeling jealous is not right, simply fail to get you jealous, and that is the most acid, the most sour.

~ tears are there to prove that grief is not a hallucination

long for a person's taste is like drinking a large glass of ice water, then use a long, long time to flow into tears.

love a person is in the phone call when all of a sudden do not know what to say, it will only want to hear Listen to the familiar voice, really want to dial only their mind, a string.

Do not say love, the promise is a debt owed ~ ~

can not be friends after breaking up, because the harm to each other However, the enemy can not do, because loving each other too, so we become the most familiar stranger ~

~ the first time because you do not cry, laughter is the first time Because met you, the first smile in tears because they can not have you ~

~ what the world can no eternal, if it flows, it flows away, if he exists, it will dry up, if He grew, it slowly dying ~ ~

~ I put down the dignity and the personality down, put down a stubborn, does not fit because you

~ touch the hearts of a string, and suddenly remembered feeling swept through the body. . .

~ today's dedication, will become tomorrow's regret. You can have love, but not attached, because the separation is inevitable.

~ lonely people will always remember his life in the heart of everyone appeared, so I always get enough to think of you every star fall in the number of night over and over again my lonely
~ the warmth of my life so much, all of which I gave you, but you leave me, you call me again later how other people laugh

~ hiding in a given time, miss some time with the palm; hiding in a given location, also stand to miss an avenue of standing antecedents, I worried about people.

~ holding my hand, eyes closed, you will not go lost.

~ Some people will always be engraved in memory, even forgetting his voice, forgot his smile and forget his face, but think of him every kind of feeling, is always will not change

~ never said that before the separation of people, already scattered in the horizon of the.

~ You never see the most lonely, when I look, because only when you are not with me, I was the most lonely.

~ wound like me, is a stubborn child, refused to heal, because the heart is warm and humid place, for anything grow.

~ time did not teach us anything, it taught me not easy to believe in a myth; and myth where most people worship is that it's credible!

~ This is the world's most tired thing, than watched his heart is broken, it had to stick his hands up

~ one of the greatest lack is not selfish, passionate,Justin Bieber Headphones, wild, willful, but not his side to a person

~ If one day we meet again on the road, and I tell you: camouflaged with you if only to meet again, and not live together, how happy would it? I am very happy to tell you, just do not want to let you know I am actually very sad.

~ love, not love. Has been in farewell.

~ and disappointed that the pain of parting has no sound came.

~ when there is no joy in the laughter, the tears when no tears, no time to believe the promise.

~ I believe I love you. Still. Always. Forever.

~ your bones soft, soft hair, soft body, soft heart, but put on a very hard look

~ the world's most is that you can not hide when a person does not love the kind of eyes ... ...

~ he said: Well ... ...

At this time, our fellow teacher volunteered to go Wei, requiring changes in her hands. We hold your breath, staring at the elderly action, lest anything fall. I saw elderly people do not worry not alarmed, holding stick command, suddenly heard shouting

Like to gamble have come to see how you are losing money


a thirty, Liu Qian Taiwan magician performing a show in the spring night, a show, really let us experience the magic charm.

everyone please be patient to see, this film should make you benefited, Liu Qian Spring Festival which opened a casino and the secrets of magic, the other only as a piece dedicated to people who like to gamble, let you know how did you lose money, so we do not advise gamble

We have people that are not under the table with authority? Thus, we propose the withdrawal of the cloth,beats dr dre headphones, the old man apart from anything else on the withdrawal, they change, with the result, or we lose.

In fact, Mr. Wang Baohe there is another unique skills, shifty power. Exercise our powers, he is about 1.70 meters tall 3-year-old child can wear the clothes. But this effort too beverages, had finished after 10 days half of the job to restore. Currently, shifty face lost power, mainly trained in the process of very tough, old fear of transmission can not stand the pain.

It reminds me of Wuqiao Acrobatics World two years ago to see the ghost hand Mr. Wang Baohe performing any assistant, and is hundred percent and the audience up close interaction.

Wei teacher stunned, a change two children.

We also proposed

said CCTV cameras specifically with three of Mr. Wang Baohe Mr. Wang's fast chips rapidly can be seen.

ball problem, and replaced with mineral water bottle. This should go wrong, right, the results of our eyes are still wrong.

in Wuqiao Acrobatics World, all of them show fantastic, hard to forget, but most are lovely, people aftertaste or Mr. Wang Baohe -

Performances for the elderly picked up two small bowl, three balls, while mutter prayers, while three small ball with a stick in the bowl refers to refer to two, with his cries of , bowl the ball escape from missing, we do not always guess the number, we will never see eye when the most realistic outcome.

Mr. Wang Baohe

we removed the wallpaper has been

Long time no see , Cai Cai , Long time no see himself as a long time did not look in the mirror , mirror for me, just with the aid of contact lenses , only to see it with a black eye to their own , and eyelid eyes , as if there are bags under the eyes Oh , have considered bought eye cream getting better, but I thought that much trouble , or free, and actually to become a 1.5 double-fold eyelids , that is, between the folds between the eyelid and kind of , ha ha .
bored, look at my colleagues to contact , go shopping it, where in BOSSNI finally see a long absence, Cai Cai , disorderly kind of hair ( that is, four days did not seem to wash your hair ), and early 's silver hair, beard did not repair , not neat , extremely depressed - yesterday turned out, but sad I could not recognize the Cai Cai , Oh - are you? Oh ~ your energetic and cool it, yesterday did not recognize it ,
Oh - back on the road immediately to the barber , the kind of short , two sides to repair the flat , in front of a little long , beard shaving , oh , this is you,dr dre headphones for sale, Cai Cai

9, inevitable death.

woman's happiness is: he really loves me; man's happiness is: she is worthy of my love.

4, no choice of origin.

beautiful story is not actually ending, just because it will not end so beautiful. It's like why the tragedy is always more memorable than the comedy, but also as people are always looking for true love, but tend to rub shoulders away, not far from the love of this era, but never thought people start to use a strong heart to the warmth of another heart, not love, not eternal, but impetuous and fickle heart!

If a man take the initiative

one foot flat the violet, violet fragrance left in it yet the feet, which is forgiveness.

Home Family

I thought one day, I would completely love to forget, will you forget, but suddenly one day, I heard a Jiu Ge, I tears down, because this song, we were heard.

friendship, love, marriage is like a road paved with concrete, to set aside some separated on a crack, kept a little distance. Without leaving gaps, the road will soon be expanded, broken.

3, the passage of time.

stupid wholesale out of love alone

questions of life, a total of four topics: academic, career, marriage and family. Average high in order to pass, not to spend too much time and effort in on any topic.

Love is like sand in the hand grip, the more deliberately clenched tight grip, the loss of the faster!

Health is a train bound for the grave, there will be many on the road station, no one can stay with you through start to finish, you will see coming and going, up and down people. If you're lucky, there will be a stay by you through, when the person to get off, even sadness, but also be thankful,Kobe Bryant and Lebron James, then waved goodbye, because, maybe next stop will be another person will accompany you to go further.

nostalgia, not because of how good that time, but at that time, you're young.

word means? FAMILY Family is the father (Father) and (And) mother (Mother), I Love You I Love You.

8, others laughed.

7, always in the past.

third party is not our biggest rival, but years.

feelings between two people is like knitting a sweater, to establish when each stitch, carefully and long, when removed, but with just a pull.

marriage is not 1 +1 = 2, but 0.5 +0.5 = 1. That is, the two men were cut by half their personality and weaknesses, and then improvise together to be complete.

turn 180 degrees when the Earth, the day will become night; when the earth continues to turn 180 degrees, day and night has returned. When we order a 180-degree turn, we are back to their own sigh; when we once again for their own 180-degree turn, in fact, everything can start again! Everyone had a bite of the apple of God are flawed! Some people defect is relatively large, it is because God especially love him (her) the fragrance!

loud quarreling? The reason is that when two people angry with each other, their heart and mind is very far away; to fill the distance, they must shout, so to hear each other. The more they rage, the heart and mind away from the more distant, so only the more powerful they cry, they can hear each other. Conversely, when love is the reason why the whispered.

true love is not what you know him (her) how good was to be together; but knowing that he (she) has too many bad or do not want to leave.

bag for you, put you on the road to go inside, take the initiative to pull the chair for you, not to be moved to tears. This only shows that there are numerous girlfriend before he taught him that. And let him remember the woman is always changed his woman, not you. Therefore, the more details of the perfect man, the woman, the more challenges.

not because we settled many cases, you want to get married; but could not settle down with someone, why they want to get married.

from the front, is the great god (God); from the negative side, is despicable (dog). In fact, people committed sin (evil), in turn, was to live (live). - Another point of many things would be different

happy to be a fatal mistake by not killing, but by constantly recurring broken down a little bit of minor mistakes.

the same bottle of water, convenience store and two dollars, five-star hotel actually 30. In many cases, a person's value depends on location.

Never assume someone else's husband or wife than his good, not because they love you.

2, away from you people.

love, the couple have often lamented the last generation product of what Germany; marriage, couples often wonder what the last generation made a sin

coffee bitter and sweet, is not how mixing, but rather whether the sugar; a pain, not to forget how, but rather have the courage to start again.

life, some people rub shoulders with us, and did not have time met; met, did not have time acquaintance; met, but too late to know; familiar , but still want to say goodbye.

When tomorrow becomes today becomes yesterday, the last memory is no longer as important one day, we suddenly find ourselves unconsciously have been time to push forward go, this is not a stationary train, the train is interlaced with the adjacent, like himself in the illusion of progress, but we really grow in this matter in their own into another.

6, helpless forgotten.

chase two rabbits at the same time people, one will not catch. Do not covet nothing is there, otherwise you will have nothing; do not try to know everything, otherwise you will know nothing about; do not attempt to do anything, otherwise you will nothing can.

heart is a two-bedroom house, one lived in pain, there lived a happy; proud when people can not laugh too loud, or the pain will wake next door.


Why so painful to forget a person, time, nature will make you forget. If time does not let you forget to remember, we lost years what is the point?

quite divine power of money is a magic mirror, the villain, hypocrite in front of it are true colors; love is a superb way of make-up artist, lover, young people affected by it effects are radiant.

Love is zero ice, friendship is a zero water, maybe we are the best ice water mixture. Together, the heat, into the friendship of the water; cooling, form a love of ice. Neither hot nor cold, the love and friendship that is ambiguous

10, hopeless love.

worry philosopher, wise man always happy, not because they love all have, but they have all the love.

Please thank people who hurt you because of your efforts toward his temper! Please thank your trip, because he strengthens your legs! Please thank deceive you, because he has enhanced your wisdom! Please thank your contempt, because he was the awakening of your self-esteem! Please thank the people who abandoned you, because he taught you the independent!

1, the side of your wall.

5, inexplicable loneliness.

of Ten Life powerless to do:

the desire to be students , in the enthusiastic JIAN, JI, TING, PENG collusion , the use of 5.1 holidays of the machine, offer the same level in the deep Alumni Success University together .

theme : party. Minutes as follows :

Location: Olympus Hotel in Shenzhen Longgang room ;

five on-site random thoughts : fourth decade gathering of the phase period of 60 years , is the most sincere encouragement between buddy and best wishes : I'm alive ! ! !

People: Chinese 84 Chinese teachers in the deep alumni , alumni invited guests the same level in Dongguan .

( minutes without this president Hepi .)

an establishment of 84 Chinese teachers in Shenzhen China Alumni Association . Through self-nominations , he recommended ,dr dre beats, democratic evaluation, a show of hands , etc., successfully produced a president, vice president and Secretary , respectively, JIAN, HONG, TING. Whether the drafting of articles of association , depending on whether there is time to be Secretary-General . This organization is the initiative to set up , do not report to his alma mater for approval.

; May 7, 2010 order

time : the solar calendar year 2010 May 3 ;

six , photo processing : the existence of 126,602 space

three to determine the activity time . Commendation for the most alumni do not change his mind , has been trying to practice the

Fourth, this issue features : Meet 60 after . During the meeting, JI 's proposal , if 60 years after the present President who still alive , JI will they exhaust the lump of physical re- aged to pursue ! HONG immediately introduce ourselves to play by the master of ceremonies .

Second, the purpose of establishing the Alumni Association . Enhance the communication in deep- buddy , expand Wan , Hui and other alumni around the city at the same level of contact , through chat , mahjong and other healthy activities, the same old things future memory , breakdown romantic eras .

1, the differences between men and women] [two men chasing a woman, soul to light that the first to give up; two women chasing a man with affectionate that first give up.
2, [show off] from the inner psychology of self-confidence that with the hope to the envy of the outside world to build their confidence. The sun does not own happiness to others will suffocate you? If so, good to ask why. Remember: Life is not acting, like his wonderful!
3, the German psychologist that day, staring at beautiful 10 minutes fitness effect is equivalent to do 30 minutes of aerobic exercise, sustained, extended the average life expectancy for men four or five years. That guy do? ! ! ! ! !
4, the following chart to tell you this: in the wrong direction, the more effort the more embarrassing ... ...

5, [] to change the attitude summed up all of your misfortune into a word, then ask yourself: 3 years later, it is also important to you? Fact easy to explain, the feeling is indescribable.
7, the mirror a long time, you will find yourself in the mirror is very strange. . .
8, [crying] on 88.8% of people crying after the mood can be improved, only 8.4% of people feel worse after crying; 70 percent of people who cry when he is not dodging ; 77% occurred at home crying; what time is easier to cry? 39% of crying in the evening, 6 pm to 8 pm is the most likely to cry time.
9, [sad tears contain harmful substances, tolerate the equivalent of suicide] psychologists found that people fall out of tears, sad, high protein content. This protein is due to mental depression and harmful substances to suppress the accumulation of substances in the body, bad for your health. St. Paul United States - Lei Muse Medical Center psychiatric lab experts found that tears can ease people's depression. Kuba Kuba, not a crime!
10, five major errors [the education] 1 high expectations, bring the child's hopeless; 2 over-indulgent, cruel to bring children; 3 too frequent intervention, to bring the child's frustration; 4 over-protection, to bring the child's incompetence; 5 too much blame, bring the child's flawless. Nature is the child's nature, freedom is the child's nature, stifle nature, and nature is stifling the growth of energy and momentum, so education can cultivate creative talents.
11, [you have absolutely amazing illusion Intriguing] you can get a thorough and careful look at ah, this is absolutely classic. Guaranteed to make your vision same mistake again. One pair of body President: In this unaltered photo, Lady Bird Johnson, the head belongs to which body?

12, a person, if you do not force yourself one, you do not know how good!
13, there is a small monkey, tree else has been scratched, and a lot of blood. It saw a monkey friend clawed wound, you see my wound, it hurts. Each of the monkeys to see it wound its comfort, sympathy for it, tell it a different treatment to friends to see it continue to the wound. Continue to listen, then it is infected died. An old monkey, it is the death of his own injury. - Pain, that review once again.
14, who lives a few that really need a friend, mutual trust, mutual interdependence.
15, [22] 25 years of marriage the happiest lot of psychology studies have found that married sooner, the more happy marriage, marriage of the highest quality. But people are more willing to believe their own logic: the longer the wait, the better the result. The researchers showed that waiting for 22 years of age only makes sense, because as early as 22 years of marriage, marriage success rate would drop dramatically, but after the age of 22 do not need to wait. Marriage until after age 30 increased risk of poor quality.
16, [easy way] Do not be tied to the set thinking is dead! ! !

17, feel good to see that girl's face, not good when a witch's face, you see the thing ha?

18, the horizontal line in the figure below are parallel! The deeper the inexperienced person, the more severe erosion by the community, see the line the more deformation. You or just you? You can see a few straight horizontal line?

19, which is a static picture, the greater your mental stress, faster image rotation, while the children look at a picture is generally static. Psychological testing under the pressure of your

20, [wife looks husband character change] Psychology study found that: his wife's face, with her husband's character and his attitude is closely related to his wife. Broad-minded, not easily accommodate the angry wife's husband to be inclusive, so that his wife enjoy full freedom. Have such a husband, wife will skin smooth and delicate, long pimples and spots is not easy, not easy to aging, often radiant.
21, Psychology, believes that representatives from the other side behind the initiative to embrace a form of protection that are willing to embrace those who embrace the initiative is to give love and care. So use this sleeping position, on behalf of the people willing to give you love, commitment, the people will care and love from this initiative in the happy.
22, destroyed a great song the best way is to set it up alarm.
23, [gender] man active psychological emergencies kiss woman, women take the initiative to kiss a man is premeditated event. France Expert analysis, most women will kiss as an integral part of intimate relationships, is eager to experience being taken seriously, feeling of being needed.
24, the Japanese subway, five people have five people read books and newspapers; in Taiwan, five people have 3 people read books and newspapers; in Hong Kong, five people have two people read books and newspapers; in our continent subway, five individuals tend to have two people in his speech, while the other three people listening to their speech (no way, too crowded).

25, a mask we wear for a long time. So when we got off the mask. We face mask long with the same.

26, [IQ] men are more loyal companion into chemical experts Jinze Zhi said, the more loyal companion average IQ level of 103 men, not of men loyal to the average IQ of 97. The more men with high IQ, the more treasure specificity of gender relations. Later you can say the other side, you If infidelity Ah, Ah you is mentally handicapped! !
27, [the relationship better, and often loss of your favorite], and they say, you always can automatically block those who do not want to hear. Your problems they will never more clearly than you. Like you've met people who had, they were always excited to call you soon to see quick look. With little secret, always the first to want them to share. In fact, you are most concerned about, that love will always be against you.
28, [more afraid of things] more prone to cell phone pocket filled with bought, on the bus for fear of theft, from time to time to go see the cell phone is still there. This move attracted the attention of thieves, the ultimate mobile phone was stolen. Occur because of fear, it will be very concerned about, the more focused attention, the more prone to making mistakes. This is the famous Murphy theorem.
29, [1] is such a person. Who better to me who I am on the good; 2 as long as you take me seriously, do you thing is my thing; 3 things do you understand that I poor you can not do; 4 friends to pay it sincerely, you will not play on the mind; 5 hypocrites do the whole thing, I know who are good to me; 6. take me seriously, and do something talk to you, I am sure place; 7 difficult to reach, I can not make everyone like me.
30, [the night comes, is most vulnerable when the human soul is missing the most crazy time] when you are worried about a person, you will think he is also worried about you. Because like it care, because care and sorrow. It is not alone a person, when people miss a real lonely.
31, said that when you sleep, you will be appear in someone else's dream.
32, in fact you are lucky] life will encounter many setbacks. Sometimes we complain: why my luck is so bad, why does not God help me ... but, you do not know is ... ...
33, if you have Will want to use this drug do?
34, psychological studies show that: a man says 2000 words a day on average (when the men of ancient hunting habit), a woman one day say 7000 words (when a woman picking vegetables ancient habit). Work day to go home, her husband of that 2000 words in the company to run out, go home and think and rest; and his wife also did not say it word 5000, word came home one day be put to sleep to finish! Then so many cups had!
35, [mental] picture in picture A, B color the same? Is the same! ! ! Do not believe you shot out of contrast, you guessed it? - Many times we have seen, is not true. Eyes will lie!

36, [IQ quiz questions to the average person can answer] to answer five questions of who is a genius, is the handsome four correct answers only, answer 3 is the only, answer 2 Road is a genius, answer one of the people, a want is not out of the X only.

37, a woman in bed, the tears flow, more than in any one place. Man lying in bed talking, than in any one place more. ------ Zhang Xiaoxian
38, [psychological techniques: the use of] the power of the subconscious at least 10 minutes a day in the morning before getting up, do 10 minutes before going to bed imagine, because these two time periods is to enter the subconscious the best time. So if you want to succeed, love, marriage, etc., please enjoy these two hours to imagine it! Your subconscious gradually achieved by imagining you have confidence, to lead you get what you want.
39, each person has his way, each route is correct. There are nearly 60 million people, there are 6 billion the right way. People's misfortune is that they want to go their own way, but the way people always want to go. - Thomas Bernhard
40, [rebellious] psychologist Feeney Baker has done such an experiment: put up against the male bathroom graffiti brand. Which a warning: Then the child's toilet in the survey listed the number to be graffiti. Results linked to Ah, do not press Ctrl + W Oh!

41, you know [how] people will want to clear three questions: 1 What do you, what you want 2, 3 you can give up anything. For most people: What it is easy to evaluate their own situation; what they want, have a clear idea of ​​the heart; hardest part is I do not know or not to give up anything - and it can decide exactly what you want can really achieve something, no one can get without giving up everything.
42, knowing the reason why we are tired, that is, to maintain and often give up in between the wandering, indecisive; reason why we would worry, that is, memory is good, the mind, should not mind, will remain in the memory; The reason why we feel the pain, is the pursuit of too much; The reason we are not happy, is expect too much. Not that we have too little, but we care about too much.
43, [good] world-renowned sleep comfortable to listen to piano music charts, and quickly heard of the collection! ! ! NO.1 Alice
44, the seventh annual Best fantasy game (Best illusion of the year contest) in the United States, Florida, selected the winning: Love the mask (Mask of Love), it's puzzle is - the mask of the portrait was actually a man and a woman Kiss, Do you see it?

45, [dry matter what you know women do? ] 1. Pick up her hair at home; 2. Holidays do not make no bra; 3. Go out and forgetting things, not take off your shoes directly to step on toes to get to the room; 4. That at home watching cartoons, fun online dating than with men; 5. Even if nothing better to do online, but also often linked to the Internet; 6, mantra: Comments may be
46, [stout women are more popular], We always thought that Gugan Mei person or a convex model is the best female minds of men, but Australian research data eye-popping: the real heart make a man love and want to interact with them seriously, those chunky girl .
47, [suspect you got it wrong, change or not change the answer? ] Immediately to the exam, finish scripts, checking it was found two answers do not know what the election, this time should not change the answer? Survey: 55% of people think that the answer will change the damage results, only 15.5% think it will improve; but the reality is: change the answers of 58%, only 20% of the on error correction, there is still 22% of the wrong The error correction of. Therefore, the next encounter this situation: change!
48, [why we often are not happy? ] 1. Without faith. 2 random comparisons. 3 lack of beauty. 4 hard to charity. 5. I do not know enough. 6. Anxious. 7. Often blind. 8 non-assertive. 9 weight gains and losses. 10. Is numb. 11. Too hasty. 12. Very greedy. 13 vertical desire. 14. Not free. 15 small reading. 16. No repentance. 17. Very snobbish. 18. Flattering. 19. Worship power. 20. Hi demolition. 21 more plot. 22. Less candid. 23 seconds to fall in love low-income
49,8.2] Scientists believe that men and women first met, attention duration determines whether they fall in love. If a man concerned about the first time we meet a woman for more than 8.2 seconds more than he had been attracted, but is likely to have fallen in love.
50, [to teach you how to see through a person] to see whether a woman self-confident, after looking at her makeup. To see whether a man self-confident, after watching him romance. Look at a man's taste, depends on his socks. To see whether a woman pampered, to look at her hand. Look at a person's blood, depending on his hair. Look at a person's intention, to look at his eyes. Look at a person's worth, depending on his opponent. Look at a person's cards, look at his close friends.
51, psychological tests: the greater the stress, the black dots flashing the faster, damn black specks, or be quiet now!

52, [test your potential is an angel or devil! ] First see what shows you what the potential is?

53, the pressure test pattern [1], if you see the rough, then please leave immediately; 2,north face jacket women, the microwave if you see waves, make a break for several days; 3, if you see a lot of stars hazelnut, please continue to RMB services.

54, [picture] Healing - a dream, there will be a miracle Nothing is impossible! ! !

encouraging is on the way we ~

55, professor of applied psychology which is the United States out of the picture karaoke text design, photo rotation speed depends on your inner visual senses, pictures turn slower, the more prosperous your peach. Hong Kong Marriage Registry smoke lovers have been warned as appropriate licensing tests, said children to see the photo is not moving. Turn too slowly for Anshuang look, turn quickly to the boyfriend and girlfriend pulled to make TA a look.

56, [1 +1 = 2 is not love, but 0.5 + 0.5 = 1] the two men were cut by half its own personality and weaknesses, and then improvise together to be complete. If there is no mutual tolerance and inclusiveness, it is difficult final two people become one and the West and East.
57, young, I think that alone is a cool thing. Grow up, I feel lonely very sad thing. Now, I feel lonely is not a thing. - Anyone who worry about ... ...
59, [such psychological adjustment you do to it? ] 1. To see people who look smooth ring true; 2, to look down on people who look up; 3. To want to do a good job; 4 to figure out things figured out; 5 to curse out the words fast recovery; 6, to swallow swallow gas; 7 to the heart to indulge admitted. In fact, you do not need all the time, but do so several times, you will: 1. EQ high; 2 jobs rose; 3 pay up; 4, many friends.
60, the more mature friends, the more rude dialogue; the more mature friends, the more wretched behavior; the more mature friends, the more jokes do not care about; more mature friends, the more you come out to play is to control you; the more familiar friends, met few of the more thoughts; the more familiar friends, you have a wrong left his face no more to curse you; the more familiar friends, is not happy when he thought The first person the more you. (Really like this picture,, whistling - good and love..)
61, [picture] Test your lust level within 60 seconds, you can find a few dolphins? Find the three children's shoes read the following [This figure is very interesting. Children first see a group of dolphins play, but first see the adult is Painting called - Alessandro • Germany • Pitt. ] You find a few dolphins?

62, [psychological knowledge: Beibo law] had a newspaper into a 10 per copy, you will find unacceptable; comparison, had 5,000 computers up a 50, you will not have such a strong response. Beibo law shows that when people experience a strong stimulation, after giving the stimulus for him becomes negligible. You realize it?
63, in fact, only 900 months to life! In fact, you can draw a 30 × 30 table, a sheet of A4 paper is enough. Every month, on the tick in a box house. All your life in this paper. You will therefore have a clear concept: how your life is spent?

64, [mental picture] world is so big, can meet, is not easy ... ...
65, if you angry, in the face of the mirror before the face of love. Look at yourself, now you like this face? - Paul Luo Pier shuttle
66, according to a survey conducted by the United States, the vast majority of women willing to 15 months' Make Love, in exchange for a cabinet of new clothes. This shows that in mind men, brothers as brothers, women like clothes. In the woman the heart, men do not even dress like ...... 67, do not wait until when you want an elegant smile; not alone when he come to wait until a friend; do not wait for the good jobs, before going to work hard; Do not wait until failure remembered the advice of others; not wait until the sick did not realize the fragility of life; do not wait to break up not only cherish the feelings of regret; Do not wait until it was appreciated only when believe in yourself; Do not wait until it was pointed out that I realized that I was wrong
68, [art] a woman of the eight characteristics, the quality of a large woman, a small woman feeling two, big clear, small confused Third, self-reliance four to soft like water, can be as strong as steel five or six like children, on the living room, into the kitchen seven, Amy, will the United States eight, with a romantic feelings
69, why not Hello it! q. ..
70, 39-year-old into the world's richest man Bill Gates, Mr. Chen as China's richest 31-year-old, 28-year-old Sun Yat-sen founded the Revive China Society, Jiangdong, according to Sun Quan 19-year-old, 14-year-old to take world champion Ding Junhui, Temple children 7-year-old Naaosika, Kangxi ascended the throne six years old, 4-year-old Beethoven began composing, gourd born monster hit. You say I can not be rushed hurry?
71, found the woman around me, most of them have such a mother. You say Zhangdou, she said, after like a baby; you dysmenorrhea, she said, after like a baby; you say good fat ah, she said, after like a baby; you bad-tempered, she After a child like that; you say the chest is too small, she said, after like a baby ... ... eight Ga, children of women's universal weapon ah!
72, China's most cattle [10 characters] 1. (Although I know this has nothing to do, and psychology... But to know a few?)
73, [always liked this sentence, you and I encourage each] Nobody can go back and start a new begining, but anyone can start now and make a new ending. No one can go back to start, but anyone can start from now on, writing a completely different outcome.
74, what is That can not accommodate even their own shortcomings, be accommodated.
75, delay - the most powerful rejected. (Sha)
76, [a] letter addressed to his over their own; dear yourself, you must find love in addition to outside, you can make a strong stand with both feet on the land of things; dear yourself, you narcissistic self-confidence and even a little, I always remind myself worth having the best of everything. If your message is getting back to your other half slow, Congratulations you basically have to be replaced! High accuracy!
78, against hypocrisy, not curse ta, not expose ta, ta continue but to sadly hypocritical it, then pretend to know nothing. Then slowly, a lot of people will take the initiative came to tell you how ta hypocrisy!
79, bite straw woman] [Psychology, said: Those who used to bite the straw woman, breast-feeding when the mother is biting hard nipple feeding. Such a strong female sexuality, OOXX when fierce wild, men in general I am afraid that too much. Girlfriend before you ask her to drink milk tea it
80, [the] psychological common sense you know 1 hand clean and are more likely to tolerance of others; 2 happy marriage can help women decompression; 3 dogs than cat more conducive to physical and mental; 4 himself healthy; 5. techy people wound too good to be slow; 6 mobile furniture can improve mood; 7 people love spending money when hungry; 8. celibacy premature death rate were higher than half of married couples; 9. love the people blush more easily forgiven.
81, palmistry to see your TA [jealous] wisdom is the end of a fork-shaped line pattern, heavy suspicion that this person; and emotional lines short, and the bottom line expenses are manifold, said that in the most emotionally easy all investment, but also like all the other inputs. Therefore, although such a person's feelings lovely side more frightening side, if adjusted properly, it will easily lead to unwarranted controversy.

82, determined, decisive action, and bear the consequences. Success in this world can not be any hesitation on the matter.
83, [legendary insecure children would ...] 1. would love music very very much in love; (2) afraid of the dark, but used to sleep at night; 3 hide real feelings; 4. like to have pockets of the clothes, otherwise they will not know where to put hands; 5 habits habits of the Cold War folded arms; 6 will suddenly know what to do; 7 like the windows, like curling up; 8. like writing and reading; 9 inexplicable alone, can not resist the fear; 10 very quiet or love talk.
84, [the most physical pain you have experienced a few? ] 1 dinner bite his tongue. 2. Fell asleep in the car first hit the glass. 3 play clip, clip hand. 4. Sitting in a chair rocking chair, fell down himself. 5 left foot right foot mixed results fall. 6 hit the corner of a desk or cabinet, huge pain. 7 Remove the paste from the body hard. 8 zipper pull clothes clip to the chin on the meat. 9. Caikong fall suddenly step on the stairs. Have experienced, and that invincible!
85, take the bus habits and personality [] 1. like people who get up early to avoid the peak period (active person) 2 nights-ups the last train of people (passive speculators) 3 on the bus by car Stand back people (empiricist) 4. people on the bus ride after the observation of the state car, then get off at the earlier people may stand to wait for next opportunity (opportunity seekers) 5 on the bus just a place to stand After immersed in MP3 (Environmental metastasis)
86, [psychology, most people only have safety people angry] because in that safety within. You subconsciously know each other will not leave you. Sometimes nonsense is a dependent.
87, McDull said: There are things that speak out, do not wait for the other party to comprehend, because the other is not you, do not know what you want, wait until the last can only be sad and disappointed, especially the feelings!
88, [psychological] men and women take the initiative if a man bag for you, put you on the road to go inside, take the initiative to pull the chair for you, not to be moved to tears. This only shows that there are numerous girlfriend before he taught him that. And let him remember the woman always changes his woman, not you. Therefore, the more details of the perfect man, the woman, the more challenges.
89, to climb, the good points of encounter people, because when you fall, you will encounter them!
90, [my heart is not happy, start writing down] This is a pretty clear way. Because the , decreased anxiety, emotional healing will start.
91, [American psychologists say boys and girls were six kinds of basic needs] boys need love, love in the form include: trust, acceptance, gratitude, praise, recognition, encouragement; girls need the form: is concerned with , understanding, respect, loyalty, caring, comforting. (There are differences when compared to the war of words is more effective against his chest, said nothing, he calmed down, will know your heart, and you take the initiative to adjust the pace.)
92, Men usually do not like to fight, not take the initiative to fight, but they are good to make a woman look unbearable they quarrel.
93,525 narcissism on Gay Guide] 1. look in the mirror, look in the mirror human Yin Xiao; 2 write a letter in recognition of its own; 3 to the crush of people do not send a reply SMS request; 4 . buy clothes; 5 to meal buffet; 6 today do not do housework, dirty love go; 7 another hair; 8 about thirty-two close friend, recalled childhood memories; 9 issued a microblogging, pictures are You crush of people.

(in the diagram, you see? 5 seconds to see if you are cattle)

94, a woman's life, as if rotated circle. .

95, lovers contradictory coping strategies [1] Do not separate the right and wrong things, first of empathy, understand each other's underlying motives, understand each other. (2) usually maintain an appropriate psychological distance, too close will be fatigued. 3. Do not complain about each other and form negative habits-set, frolicking in the attempt to solve the problem. 4. Tolerance is on. We are not saints, no need for each other's behavior a little too critical. 5. Respect for each other, give each other love of your reasons.
96, seven kinds of dreams may indicate disease [1], dreamed of someone beating your head: the nervous system and brain; 2, a dream to hear the strange sound: with the central auditory; 3, dreamed of the trachea was stuck choke: the respiratory-related; 4, was chasing a dream: the blood and heart; 5, dream ataxia: the angina-related; 6, dream fall from a height: and heart disease; 7 , dream of water scenes: the kidneys and liver and gallbladder.
97, why men do not like to open their hearts] Psychologists have found that: talk about the problems between partners, will make a man very uncomfortable. This is because, when the women enumerate the problems between the two men is the first to experience a strong sense of shame, a sense of frustration can not do partnerships. He unconsciously to resist the resulting pain, with
98, vibration syndrome] [phantom phone vibrations always felt (rings), King spent a long time to find out what the situation is not.
99, [you can finish within 30 seconds verbatim of it? ] Note that the reading of

100, [with] blood couples (1) Equal Type: A male-A female, O M-O woman, AB-AB male female, B male-B female; (2 ) affectionate type: O male-A female, B male-O woman, A woman male-AB, AB Male-B Female; (3) managed: A man-O women, O men and women-B, AB-A male Female, B male-AB female; (4) complementary: O M-AB Female, AB M-O female, B male-A Female, A Male-B Female.

101, did not marry as marriage as cohabitation, not marriage, like marriage, like separation; animals dressed like people, animals, portrait, like bare flesh; children like adults, mature adults juvenile magic like a child; women like men, man, men like women bitch; money of the rich as rich as installed, the same money as the money so poor; lover as his wife, the same four swagger, like his wife Like reclusive lover.
102, in general: 103, [be] happy to pass the British Medical Journal published a study: the impact of happy emotions, relationships can be far outside the three. know a happy person, and you will become 15.3% chance of happiness, understanding has Happy friends of friends, increased 9.8%
104,1. are likely to go downhill. 2. freedom is not want to do whatever, but do not want to do without 3. life, is an excuse for failure; transport , is the winner of the modest words. 4. The best way to impress people is the most precious things to talk about his 5. character not help you hold things, but by what shape you want, 6. depressed when squatting down and hug myself, forgive others to forgive herself.
105, [the human brain the pace of work 24 hours a day 7 -9 points table]: Passion time; 9 -11 points: creativity time; 11 - 14 points: time to overcome difficulties; 14 -15 points: Entertainment time; 15 points -18 points: collaboration time; 18 points -20 points: their time; 20 points -22 points: relaxation time; 22 points after: sleep time.
106, [promising] foreign children to lie found that 50 percent year-old children will lie, people will be aged 90%, 12-year-old children almost always lying. children lie, in fact, recognized known sign of development. more robust cognitive development of children, lie the more sophisticated techniques, because they have the means to Yuan Huang. may be precocious child lie embodiment, these people are more likely to later become the National Cheng Kung University leaders. 107, [fat] will sleep lack of sleep, easy to gain weight every day 5 to 6 hours of sleep, an average of more than 7-8 hours a day sleeping 6-8 pounds of weight when deprived of normal sleep time , the body will produce large amounts of compression hormones to slow the rate of metabolism, and appetite will increase the next day if the morning to get up at 7 o'clock the night before is best to sleep at 11 o'clock. You can soak in hot water before going to bed bath, or Reading novels.
108, [scientists found that a good liberal arts long index finger ring finger length is good] University of Bath Mathematics amount spent seventy-five-year-old children's right hand finger length, found that children, math is good. forefinger longer children, the more outstanding achievements in English. The same calculation can also be used in adult men and women, the adult female ring finger longer.
109, Microsoft is an annual salary of millions of jobs, interview questions 99 people got it wrong, you can answer it? a person, spend eight yuan to buy chickens. 9 yuan to sell. 10 dollars to buy back 11 Yuan sold. Will he earned much money? find the correct answer.
110, [managing] a value of 8000 yuan psychology of people, do not bargain only willing to pay him 7,500 yuan. Even if the province under 500, actually cool his heart, a better opportunity, people Bajiao left the contrary, very much love to pay him 10,000 yuan, he will come up with twice the capability for you to dry their lives. mind to live, would rather spend the money to recruit two people a good man, do not use a person's money to recruit two satisfactory.
111, the teacher wrote on the blackboard ; nothing ) girls plus end punctuation Where is the truth.

113, [you bother someone else?] In fact, this is not good! compared to those of you who helped, those who helped you would be more willing to once again help you in other words - let people like you is not the best way to help them, but to enable them to help you if want the goodwill of others, when someone is no harm. This interesting phenomenon is called as br>
115, [1] the secret of the age, first pick a random number (0.1.2 .; 2 on this figure by 2; 3 and then add 5; 4 multiplied by 50; 5 to get the number with 1760; 6. Finally, subtract the number of the year you were born, and now you have a three-digit number? first median number of choices as you start the next two digits: is your age. under the quasi-fast test it?
116, [higher education] more afraid of death of Psychology University of Granada, Spain In a study of children's education at home, the concept of death education, the study found: higher education, the more afraid of death, while this feature will affect their offspring.
117, play mobile phone before going to bed [more] According to harm British , this more adverse effects, will lead to daytime cognitive or emotional problems such as hyperactivity, anxiety, learning difficulties.

I like to make their busy, busy work, busy, and eat with friends,Beats By Dr Dre Solo, busy to play, it's not what a stop on the Pa Jimo, but when a person will feel a loss ... ...
work, and entered his room, everything slowed down, as the astronauts walk in space! Substitution is still slowly, slowly get rid of shoes, put on headphones and slowly, slowly stuck the sofa, pick up a magazine, not the purpose of waving .. . ...
; head is crooked, bowed legs, or so. MP3 has no power to hear, in the hands of the book has long fall, how have such a loss even fall asleep? Half-asleep when you want , in the end not to open my eyes?
if not blowing air dry throat, really do not want them. A person, what had to themselves! Give yourself a glass of water to the kitchen. Back to grab the phone, or play to who?
day was how such a loss ... ...

Hangzhou, Zhejiang Online News July 24 (trainee reporter Pan Jie) at 20:27 on July 23, Beijing to Fuzhou, the D301 train travel to Wenzhou Shuangyu stretch of road, bound for Fuzhou and Hangzhou D3115 times train rear-end . More than two hundred wounded were rushed to Wenzhou twelve hospitals for treatment. Hotline users broke the news to this site, where work is in progress, but the accident was the use of fraudulent calls are everywhere, posing as medical staff.

Just today, the Wenzhou people reflect fraud gang posing as Mr. Huang, Wenzhou, director of Corning Hospital, call them, that their loved ones in serious need surgery, surgery to tens of thousands of families immediately deposit money into their accounts. Reporter reminded the families receiving such calls must be vigilant not to fall for the hospital has made it clear that the first rescue-based, can not ask for costs to the family.

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Wenzhou Public Security Bureau said in such cases, can quickly call 110 phone (in case they call congestion,beats dr dre headphones, can also be linked), the relevant public security departments in the registration number, make a deal quickly.

Do not know what to say , well !!!!

waiting in long lines , is to eat Panzhihua public website for their players to buy food
Panzhihua mountain school , some students of a state of life : local students because can not afford a 3 cents or 5 cents a dish , so most students have trouble eating a bowl of white rice . Some students do not have shoes , you only wear sandals , you can imagine , because of the high altitude , where temperatures are very low , many people wear shoes and warm clothing, down jacket also can not stand the cold , and these students? Many students do not drink after dinner , to drink unboiled water , in cold weather , a small primary school has its own laundry , which is the city where the students can not imagine. Female student dormitory slightly better , with a simple cardboard seal a bit ,just beats by dre, while the male students in the bedroom almost nothing and can not block the cold wind blowing at night .

go and buy lunch ah , today , there are dishes to eat

on only one meal ticket, a

no food

is such a bowl of rice a day

so-called soup , in fact, add a pot of water vegetable oil

they do not have a place to eat

New Year's day he finally eat dishes

he was finally the day to eat on New Year's dishes

After dinner , there was no water to drink unboiled water such

female student dormitory , there is something Dangdang windows cold wind

male student dormitory on the case , the cold wind simply can not block

a dozen square meters of houses , home to 24 students

a big bowl of rice in the dish so few unknown

Panzhihua public site members have bought the food to be finished soon

many of the students in the queue

Women with a lifetime commitment to a kind word commitment, so the girl with a whole lifetime, to waiting for her beloved boy ... ...

a girl, little legs when not agile, year round can only see other children sitting in front of playing, very lonely.

a year in the summer, the neighborhood in the city to play pro-wei, brought their children, a large-year-old boys than girls. Relationship because of their age are small, boys and children around the quickly became a hit, the lower river up the mountain with them, as very dark tan, smiled happily, the difference is, he will not foul language, and he noticed a little girl could not walk.

the first boy to catch the dragonfly on the girl's hands, first the girl back to the river, the first girl talk in front of the story, first told her that her legs can be cured. First, carefully think about it, also the last one.

girl with a rare smile.

to the end of the summer, the boy to leave the family. Girl tearfully to get in his ear whispered:

a blink of an eye, two years later. Boys from a naive child grew into a mature man. He opened a coffee shop, had a fiancee, a very ordinary life is also very quiet. One day, he received a phone call, a woman said her thin legs and a good voice, she came to this city. For a time, he even remember who she is. He has long been a forgotten childhood story of the summer, forget that the pale little girl, but forget the kindness of a child's commitment.

However, he took her, let her help in the store. He found that she was almost silent all day long.

time but he did not care about her, his fiancee is not pregnant with his child. He Xiufen Cross, ready to throw away a marriage with all things, every day alcohol, become violent irritability, and even his estranged family, is the mood to take care of business, and soon, he would a serious illness.

this time, she stood by his side, to take care of him, and tolerate the beatings when he was drunk, but insisted on an independent piece of crumbling shop. She learned a lot, but also tired skinny, can be the eyes, with a total jump of the two look.

six months later, he finally recovered. The face of everything she did, only gratitude. He gave her shop, she insists on not, he had announced that she is half owner. In her help, he slowly revive the spirit, he is a close friend of her as a friend, dig dig the heart of the hinterland of her talk, she is still silent and listened.

he did not understand what she was thinking, he just needs a patient audience only.

This took another few years, he has paid a few girlfriends, not long. He could not find the feeling. She also has been single. He found that she is very elegant, natural charm, there is no lack of suitors. He laughed her heart is high, she just smiled.

one day, he tired of his calm state, decided to go for a walk. Get a passport before he officially handed over to the store all her. This time, she has no longer opposed, but said that to his custody, so he came back.

in a foreign land rover days of bitter, but in this bitter, he has found a wide field of vision and open mind. Are clear cloud over all the misery, he suddenly found that, regardless of illness or health, poor or wealthy, smug, or unhappy, really be with him, and only her. His whereabouts no fixed, her letter was always behind with only fragments of words, gently touch, has been felt warm . He think it's time to go back.

when he returned home for her care and thought and moved. Whether at home or the store,Just Beats By Dr.Dre, his position is something he has been well maintained, as if waiting for him back at any time. He loudly call out her name, but no one answered.

shop for a new director, he told him that she died because of overwork has been half a year. According to her instructions, he has been told someone pay attention to his whereabouts, she left behind hundreds of letters to send eleven, he managed the store for the things, clean up the house for him, so he came back.

he put her possessions to him, a dragonfly specimens, as well as a roll of tape is her last words.

using borrowed time with a yard like a girl just like her light words:

seven years, he burst into tears like a child.

no one knows, sometimes a woman to use her life for such a simple thing ... ...

Fifth, do not self-centered: mature men to respect themselves and know how to respect others. They are good at empathy, will stand up to consider the issue of the position of others, do not force others to accommodate themselves, good cooperation with others. Any

nine, care for the young: mature men loving, social responsibility, there is the traditional Chinese virtues. He will seat the elderly and pregnant women, will donate the affected areas, will help school children, voluntary blood donation will be ... ... all these things they do not, but they never do nothing.

First, the emphasis promise: mature man never gone back to his own considerable emphasis on each commitment, careful consideration before the vow that he would really be able to honor, if honor, then he never said, made a will practice. His every word make you feel at ease and trusted. Mouth to run trains, chaos sake of making criticisms, showing no action of man, and maturity is not detached.

eight, clean and tidy: mature men respect their appearance. They remain the most suited to their hair, clean and without beard stubble chin, the face is not greasy, do not stay long fingernails. Not necessarily brand-name clothes, but clean and generous, will not dress like a wrinkled express delivery. They will never wear black shoes with white socks, wearing a suit to travel.

Third, knowledgeable and reserved style: they read and accept new things, new information, enrich their own content. But they do not play, their talent only when it is necessary to show up, never to deliberately show off to meet the vanity. If they are full-bodied wine, the more products the more flavor.

seven, strong-willed: a mature man of change do not mess with the psychological qualities, once they struggle to determine their own goals, to strive toward it, setbacks, they analyze the causes and lessons learned,Beats By Dr Dre Studio, and timely course corrections , but not easily retreated. They will be tired, but after the break, and confidently set out.

four, broad-minded: mature men do not care about, do not take any cheap, do not care eat a small loss, do not complain about it endlessly complain about it. Their vision is never trivial matters tripping, for a small family quarrel, they are often

ten, has a hobby: they not only know the work of the robot knows how to regulate their own hobbies frayed nerves, work and leisure correct, which makes them fun. No wonder women: There are not perishable like a man.

six, the courage to admit mistakes: a mature man is not stubborn enough to accept different opinions, good at the adoption of good advice. Inappropriate for their decisions, they have the courage to bear the consequences, never to find excuse for prevarication prevarication.

two, not rhetoric: a mature casual man never talk, he will take the appropriate silence, his voice clear but not Luanrang. Just a drink to put their own little story brought a small table full of experience and speak about, people can not hear the horn and a half house, this man up Bo audience laugh, and no one will take you that a wide variety of so-called struggle of the road

Ice cream ice cream is a romantic ,Just Beats By Dr.Dre
a honey
reminds me in yesterday's forgotten past
Falling hair
string can not afford it cold tray cold

draw sad tears
transparent hair flowing down my eyes suddenly appeared a little fluorescent

between the forgotten and I remember numerous ice cream as a loss
not melt in the melt and wandering helplessly among

When the sun rising when it has to eligibility

also once thought the sun and naive like me, the story will eventually end

no one could survive on its
same melting ice cream kept melting in the cold wind blows
- I left the season had a happy picture

only in a dream garden from ice cream to melt when

I no longer obsessed with

I love the way so you

a chance encounter ,
Heart Lake inadvertently Dangqi ripple .
Surge of joy soft breeze ,
Quietly blown into my memory .

memorable inexplicable heart endless ,
Eager to share the sweet intoxicating .
Whispers in the wind sings ,
I read ,beats by dre pro, it was a deep affection .

met . acquaintance friend . Xiangxi,
Fate of the sky we breathe .
Whether you are set far apart , there is always a part of your heart the Holy Land .

hand , if the years erase all the memories ,
Only the faces and voices keep you in my heart .
Chun Qiu winter to summer to go ,
You want to love you as ever .

even if one day I dream away from you ,
Do not forget the encounter was beautiful . When the light breeze singing Yanzi back , I still love the way so you ......

please put my lengthy thoughts close at hand ;
Please send me endless affection in my heart ;
Please bless my sweet melt into a dream .......
if one day I dream away from you ,
Do not forget the encounter was beautiful .
When the light breeze singing back when Yan Zi ,
I still love the way so you ......
Waiting for you .....


immediately open space , to experience access logs , privacy , such as Notepad to experience a new log !

1 primary language papers have a reading problem, the effect is about a mother suffering the children endured, and finally the death of things. After reading, ask students to the festival in the year after the mother said a few minds. Some students wrote: said to him: At this time, a small niece and cried: She finished pulling teeth back to the unit, my mother asked her: know that it hurt when ah! sister learned acupuncture. The correct answer should be: The results have a child to write: Although Zhang Haidi sister tenaciously learned acupuncture and several foreign languages, she was paralyzed. Also found a steeper child wrote: Zhang Haidi sister not only learn a foreign language, but also learned acupuncture, she was so stubborn to learn, and finally paralyzed! 5 children sentences 1). Title: delicious Students: delicious ass. Teacher: ... ... 2) Title: Moreover, the students: a train passing Moreover Moreover Moreover Moreover ... ... Teacher: ... I have to die 3) Title: indeed kids said: Yesterday I ate fruit. And turbid water (the teacher reviews: a phrase, not separated) children said: I have not finished the teacher, and she had diarrhea at night ~. (Teacher: ... ...) 6. There is an essay entitled: Three years after the A little girl in my class beauty wrote: I just bought a big diamond ring, also hung around his neck last month, before they take my gold chain I go with my lovely children in the park, full of people envy. suddenly, the road out of a whole body odor , face the sludge, the homeless woman, I am a closer look ~ ~ ~ God! she was my fifth-grade language teacher! ... ... Bob does not understand the meaning of the word,beats by dr dre headphones, ask the father. Dad told him: mother. people is minimal, that people listen to nothing, like you. Xiaoming find my father, my father and mother are busy Xiao Ming is no alternative but to Mama tears, back to his room writing a. The next day, my father received a teacher's phone: , and I doubt not his own book,

Song donor first met when he was among a group of pilgrims, some of this special group of people dressed up in his hand a lot of photographic equipment, they are a film crew in the nearby mountains movie in the middle some accident, to stop a few days, nothing among leisure, play it up the mountain to the temple.
song donor group of people appeared to be very special, when his worship than their peers who devoted a lot of posture and movement are not nothing wrong, look out there is to know about Buddhism, and he, like us do not have hair, head is bare, the opportunity to educate our Zhiheng Master shaved a few do not love the young monk, a monk of the people that we, as anti-road family piety, shaved daily to give you all hiding, but the donor also own some tonsure practice it.
Zhiheng master or some concern, also came shortly before the temple's devotees a self-ordained, a monk must be in our temple, Buddhist temple is also in preparation for the pilgrims spent many days, the masters to persuade the better times, to let him give up the idea.
we know show business, there are many people converted to Buddhism, Chi Heng Master decided to talk about the donor and the song, because the temple is not much room, and a few spare rooms are reserved for stay of pilgrims, and these rooms are not inside the temple, not suitable for cultivation.
noon Zhiheng master donor peers who listen to music that song is because the donor a little bald forehead, so simply put his hair shaved, after which there is no master Chi Heng donor look for a song.
may be due to this matter, so quit anger some impressions of the song donor.
song donor to the temple is the second time last spring, quit feeling angry a lot of the music facilities mainly silent, as if preoccupied look.
he sat in front of intellectual edge of the master, the master minds of confused him out, he was a music director, said the donor, but not well-known directors, has always wanted to direct a good movie, suddenly had a year ago his film opportunities, but the one is two, after considerable deliberation, he chose at first agreed to the partner, the other is a PhD, who also looks good. Although finding a donor
song very well-known producer of another investment opportunity, but he felt he made the right choice, although there are many in this world unscrupulous people, but there are people who will stick to their principles.
something has changed, however, doctoral students in the contract when the seal suddenly said he forgot, and after a few days, the song and then press the other donor contract, the other party is no longer answer the phone, asking the Trustee, original doctoral contract to someone else.
longstanding desire to suddenly come true, another opportunity missed, and that time the donor heart is very low song, sometimes selling drunk, drunk, they call PhD, scolding each other into the phone , and sometimes do not take the other side, even picked up does not speak.
donor, wise edge of the master curve, we should adhere to the principle? Say hello to people you really want to be rewarded?
edge of the master of music intellectual donor, said some things, since there was no change, as put down.
song on the intellectual edge of the master donor said, I tried to put down, but still can not.
Chi Master cited the edge of the donor went to the house music, pointing to the top of the song Maoshan donor, your confusion will go away onto the top.
song went top donor Maibu Xiang, intellectual edge has to stop living his master, pointing to the temple where the incense of the donor that song, you put it together right.
great bird incense burner, placed round the middle of the temple, very few people to move it, Qu donor hesitated, standing before the incense burner, hard drive incense,monster headphones, incense burners, just gently moved, onto the mountain almost to impossible. Qu donor want to give up, but not convinced, will adhere to the one finally gave up.
intellectual edge of the master smiled and said donor song, in fact, your goal is to reach the summit, do not take this incense burner is it.
that afternoon, long before the song donor standing censer, and finally smiled and sighed, took out his mobile send a text message, and turned away down the mountain and we say goodbye.
Some time ago, see also the second song ring angry donor, this time with a hat, quit anger do not know whether to much hair under a hat, but the donor can see the song a good mood, he told peers ring anger, donor shortly before the song took a very important award, the donor is also proud of looking at music ring angry laugh.
song ring angry I had to ask the donor, was on the phone do?
song anger donor told the ring was sending a message to the PhD and then delete her phone number, song donor told her: br> life is always more important than the hatred of things to do for you.
song that really do not care to deceive his benefactor's benefactress it? Ring anger to see is not always true, because I heard he was still loud with him, friends say that piece back, just look at that as easy a joke.

1, do not do big business channel, to avoid the sweep, choose a small number of small business products factory, still in the development of these businesses or businesses without their own brand, and so the situation, in short, you do not think in the short time, significant inroads into the domestic B2C. In particular, to sell trinkets. For this program to sell a brand the more accomplished (the higher the credit, the greater the amount of customers and stable) the higher the cost.

3, do the foreign purchasing, the road to sell their children in many Amoy go, let the faithful come to hide a hard hide.

from Taobao launched in April 2008, Taobao Mall not long before there are channels to sell Amoy Ma wrote to complain, but at this stage of C2C easy wading depth. After two years of deliberation, B2C success stories but also to attract a bunch of sharks crowd, the smell of blood more concentrated, there will be more sharks could not help but burst into the crowd to go.

If you have a good way to share the trouble under the bar. I can not think of tonight.

2, if you feel they have a creative, conditions permitting, you can do now sell the product design, and gradually to the direction of personalized products. Same design, if you want to enter another field, you need to tear down everything now, as with the first scenario, the cost becomes high a lot. Amoy sell this path who can feel big to do after the B2C feeling.

up today, found a mine - How much will take away sales channels to sell Amoy list.

In fact, four months ago, the SAIC promulgated the gradually into the shop the ranks of tax, but this This information also will give you a C2C businesses are worried for a while right. Trend can not be changed, in the over-touted C2C, the incomplete will be a major cleaning, and the cleaning of the object aimed at is the big brand C2C channel. As a channel, unless you have the confidence of more affordable than produced, otherwise you lose the price of a chip. And as a channel to sell Amoy, how to face this bad situation, whether they thought Kennedy did not expect to sell Amoy, I think, and collecting their columns in the following:

should now start another period of record , I hope I can persevere and do the do, do not impulse , good every day had finished . Smelly my wife and children , dressed in the clothes I take a picture ,Beats By Dr.Dre Tour, take a look at it, you will be more happy , happy .


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1, could lose everything, and do not lose the smile ... ...

2, encountered do not want to answer the question, look directly at each other's eyes, smile, silence.

3, love is like multiplication, one zero, the result is always zero ... ...

4, love to laugh girls, not bad luck.

5, someone asking you for something, smile and look him: What to you want to use me for?

6, please remember, a good friend is defined as: your mix is ​​good, her psyche happy for you; you mix well, she sincerely anxious for you.

7, in fact, between boys and girls can have a pure friendship, but if you begin with the ambiguous approach to his words, then you have no life that a male confidant .

8, you do not have so many viewers, do not be so tired.

9, was trying and you vexatious, quiet look at him and said: I wish Hello mood. And then leave.

10, can speak directly, people are very straightforward, and that hypocrisy is better than good.

11, see through, but not truth. A lot of things, like if you know what, no need to say so.

12, does not contravene the principles of, to be tolerant of others, can help to help, do not force the people no way out, giving people a posterior approach.

13, not bit overestimating their own collective strength, because when you choose to leave, they will find that even without you, The Sun Also Rises!

14, to a certain extent the bad life will be better, because it can not be worse.

15, if not happy and do not frown, because you never know who will fall in love with your smile ...

16, may not have done a good deed Good News, honest people often suffer. But the advantage is nothing to be ashamed.

17, I believe his words, but do not really ... ... learn a little hypocrisy, those who long eye ... ...

18,dr dre beats, certainly will not hurt those who love me and I love the people ... ...

19, learn to be tolerant of people hurt themselves, because they are poor, each has its own difficulties.

20, the weaknesses of human nature have a clear understanding, but I always believe that true love, love will always cherish the simple desire.

21, since the hand, do not easily let go. Everyone's love is limited, always bother to go to waste love, eventually you will find that you did not have the ability and courage to love again!

22, not old in front of others you talk to your bare the plight of the vulnerable.

23, do not do hedgehogs can not with the enemies and the enemies who do not are not with you forever no need to remember some things in mind.

24, do not stop learning. No matter what learning, language, cooking, skills.

25, do not waste time on the Internet and watching idol.

26, a little better on their own, in a bad mood, what are other considerations, to eat their favorite bar.

27, when you say left is to let each other hurt, you have to each other causing the greatest harm.

28, important, love your family, always ....

29, happy most important, who, what, what is going to make you happy , go with them together. What things make you happy, you will leave him. No conditions, to create the conditions have to leave him.

30, do not grab a friend's boyfriend, even if the former boyfriend, girl's reputation more than anything else.

31, not to hurt the boys and girls, love you do not want you boys to do this dirty thing.

32, walk upright, to meet people who do not want to say hello, nod and smile, straight through.

33, even in love with her boyfriend every day and do not in money, that will make you love a heavy burden.

34, not to friends or relatives work together, and finally you must hate each other.

35, he can not be the best, but it must be the most suitable for you.

36, there is no perfect thing, there is no perfect person, the key is clear in the end what you want. To be desired, will have lost another part of it. If everything you want, will get nothing at all.

37, have their own vision and goals for the future, women have to live for themselves but for their own struggle.

38, they do not like people, can be quoted to silence a smile;

39, not always to find fault with others, since you did decide to love like that He, do not continue to go after the other with critical, before asking others to progress, to make their first progress.

40, money is important, but can not rely on men or parents, he must maintain a certain ability to make money. Do not find the rich as their own standards, it looks like you will never get happiness.

41, their fair share of things, and strive to 100 points.

42, not to trample on their dignity. You can not him, but not without its own dignity.

43, first learn to respect themselves, then others will love you.

What was I willing to have you anything ... ... ... ... ,dr dre headphones for sale

willing to witness the oath as the moon misty moon as far as the sea breeze as the memory of the trance short time
Dalian, Beijing, summer winter spring ... ... and here 's five years or a little bit of feel like the moment of the experience

greedy those who simply love beautiful and pure love of those who never think enough !

the memories put into the refrigerator is always fresh sincerely loved expect it has changed only then hate the U.S.

thanks once ... ... share the memory of a sense of heaven and earth !

Premiership football baby hot bikini photo Wild ( HD )

Recently , US-based football baby gold indomethacin yacht bikini shoot a group photo ,just beats by dre, a big show of their S- shape , very sexy .

Kardashian sisters beach hot sexy sultry eye photo (Photo )

Very good album,dr dre headphones, every song is so sweet . Cute female voice from beginning to end , somewhat lazy , I personally like the style. Artist: Agnes Kain
Album: Keep Walking or I'll Kill You
Release Date: September 25, 2007
Gerne: Indie Folk / Indie Pop
Label: Half A Cow Records

Track Listings:
1. You will be loved, & hated
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3. All ; time high
4. Keep walking or I'll kill you
5. To me
6. Off with the faeries 7. Favourite
8. Pretty pickings
9. Josephine
10. Our new, happy life
11. My brother ; told me
12. Time

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After dinner, lying on the couch watching TV, let the rice bowl piled on the coffee table.
little guy at home, riding his beloved bike back and forth shaking.
mouse to see me lazy, pressed me suddenly threw himself on the sofa, mouth, shouting: come, I come! We are a family of three stacked so pleased with the Ocean, Oh ... ...
had a will, it is not stand the pressure, and I on the ultra-loud, said: Dad to go wash friends! ;

drop the little guy I'm afraid, and hastened to the kitchen, saw little guy has a good reason and the station, there are norm-like, huh, huh ... ...
I'll help you work, OK?
I took him
add detergent, and then add some hot water with his hand began with hand washing.
little guy washed very carefully, I started to wash hands with him, to the back, I helped him carrying his pot, he'll wash it!

Although the little guy is still small, so he may have to really wash a few years, but he loves to work, passion, or make us happy for a moment! Liked his enthusiasm ... ...
carefully after washing, but also with him through it again, rinse the detergent, then wash the little guy to a good bowl into the cupboard.
Hey, baby, you finally grow up slowly,beats dr dre headphones, ah! Mom and Dad love you all, huh, huh ... ...

help the little guy down the detergent

then add hot water, that would be more to the oil, washed clean ... ...

with a little guy started washing dishes ... ...

little guys learn quickly, I will be their own washing.

washed very happy, we like his earnest enthusiasm, huh, huh ... ...

hard cervical care

Cervical cancer is one of the most common malignant tumors, the incidence of second tumors in the female. More frequent pregnancy, cervicitis and other factors will change that causes cervical cancer, cancer of the virus infection is the biggest culprit. Therefore, we must pay more attention in the life of the incidence of cervical cancer.

Therefore, palpation, ultrasound or mammography-based breast cancer screening is particularly important, of course, clinical examination, we found that most women have varying degrees of hyperplasia, and hyperplasia is a dangerous sign of breast cancer, about 4 a breast cancer patient had a patient may develop into breast cancer, which is medically famous So once a year in addition to breast screening, the aggressive treatment of breast hyperplasia of mammary glands and other diseases is also essential.


With the improvement of living standards, women live longer, the incidence of endometrial cancer significantly increased the early detection of endometrial cancer. Any middle-aged women, especially women around the menopause, if prolonged vaginal bleeding, diagnostic curettage should be done, do it intima

cervical cancer in gynecological cancer early detection in the most vulnerable, it is recommended once a year for married women, the best anti-cervical cancer smear, in addition, treatment of cervicitis, cervical erosion, the prevention of cervical cancer has a very important significance to the early Cervical cancer can achieve a satisfactory treatment.

passed 1:4 risk

breast cancer is a serious threat to women's physical health, common diseases and frequently-occurring disease, but many are still unable to achieve early detection of breast cancer. According to statistics, zero-phase survival in breast cancer patients up to 95% or more decades, Phase I (tumor less than 2cm, no lymph node metastasis) about 80%, which is highly effective prevention and treatment of cancer. Unfortunately, many patients with stage zero breast cancer early are lost opportunities.

abdominal mass which is the most common symptoms of early abdominal mass is not significant when the patient is not easy to detect, as the tumors grow, patients can be conscious of abdominal mass, when the omentum metastasis serious cake made of block , it can float in the sense of touch on the large abdominal mass. When the pelvic or abdominal tumor mass transfer or position change so that the traction around the organs, or torsion, can have abdominal pain, but also may be associated with nausea,Monster Miles Davis Tribute, vomiting and fever.

relative incidence of ovarian cancer than cervical cancer, but relative to other gynecological cancers, but the biggest risk factor. The ovaries are female reproductive organs important, can secrete estrogen, reflecting women's physiological characteristics. It directly affects the health or women's health and beauty. Women after childbirth should pay attention to maintenance and inspection of the ovaries, ovaries deep in the pelvic cavity, so early tumor is small, asymptomatic, often found in the gynecological examination, such as abdominal mass should be vigilant, to the hospital in time B- check, because of its discovery difficult, if necessary, can be immune or biochemical methods in the detection of serum tumor markers will also help the cancer diagnosis.

Finally, airport screeners will have the option of swabbing the children's hands to check for explosive residue as an alternative to patting down the children. Pat downs will be used only if concerns persist.

The pilot program, which has been going on since August at six airports, has shown the TSA could reduce the number of times it has had to pat down children, a TSA official said. The six airports are Boston Logan International, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International, Miami International, Orlando International, Houston Intercontinental and Denver International.

Washington (CNN) -- Responding to the uproar over physical searches of children, the Transportation Security Administration is rolling out new procedures that should reduce, although not eliminate, the number of times children are patted down at airport checkpoints.

In the spring, the TSA modified the actual pat down procedures, refining the parts of the body officers touch, amid widespread criticism that the pat downs were too intrusive. Since then, the TSA has been testing a variety of protocols to see if it could address public concerns without jeopardizing security.

Under the new procedures,dre beats headphones, children age 12 and younger will be allowed to keep their shoes on, the TSA said. If a metal detector or full-body image detects a suspicious object, the children will be allowed multiple passes through the machines in an effort to identify the anomaly.

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano on Tuesday told a Senate committee the TSA will roll out the new procedures in the coming weeks and months. "It does require additional training of all of the thousands of TSA officers and that's under way," she said.

"Unfortunately we know that terrorists around the world have used children as suicide bombers," Pistole said.

TSA chief John Pistole said at a Capitol Hill hearing in spring that a female security screener performed the pat down on the girl because the child had moved while passing through the imaging machine. That prevented the device from getting a clear reading.

Pistole suggested then that a pat down of a child is not entirely unjustified.

The furor over screening of children erupted in spring after a video posted on YouTube showed a 6-year-old girl being searched at New Orleans airport on April 5. The girl protests the search at first, although she complies quietly while it is under way.

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never more rich lady, ancient Dandyism less Weinan. . Means to treat son to poor maintenance, which is actually an investment for his son's life; raise her daughter to the rich, in fact, is a cultural accomplishment of investments. . I agree.
eutrophication daughter, the poor raise his son. This means that, if raised a daughter, we should as much as possible for her to create a prosperous and comfortable environment for the growth, from childhood to make her quality of life to poetry, so that out of the girl will grow up to great taste, will create a mood of life; if raising a son, we should deliberately try to make him the hardships of life, from childhood to hone his strong will, he can play for future obligations, and thus grow into a real man.
train boy, we should let him eat more bitter, so he has a hard, hard work, motivation and the will to change. . Prepare girls to the contrary, we should let her enjoy some blessing to her as a good material conditions, shaped by her elegant, generous, decent.
the same time I feel that marriage for love has also been instructive. . That is: to marry a woman had it tough, hard to understand the man. Marry a good family man, a woman known over ceremony. .
Otherwise, each with ancient proverbs are prejudiced. Maxim, usually concise, profound meaning, we need to always taste! Not be underestimated! Some say the boy stocking
fierce as tigers, domesticated show flower girl. I think that is a poor temper, the boy is the earth itself, will have to grow into a man, so you have to stand by the fall weather. Rich is the care, the girl is the lotus root itself, can not afford to knock, too precious a point of support. Poor and the rich non-material ratio, an exercise in severity of the points.
never more rich lady, ancient Dandyism less Weinan, should Daughter of nutrient-rich, not too small profits, extraordinary temperament; life tempered so that the son of poor maintenance will be stronger; boys to go after the social, social responsibility and family responsibilities, so to keep the poor in order to encourage chi, or wasteful, a dude, how on instructions from their parents, under the support his wife and children!
nutrient-rich girl, childhood will be brought out on various occasions, increasing the ability to see the world, until the flower-like age, to the earth in the difficult growth, it is not easy be confused by all the glitz and vanity, a girl not seen major aspects of society, in the dude's sugar-coated bullets, the rhetoric is likely to be defeated. Nutrient-rich girl, because depth of knowledge, independent, assertive, intelligent, very aware of their pursuit of the real thing.
rich daughter, is a kind of investment in education, education, wealth; poor maintenance men, but also a defeat, Tall in the saddle, but did not experience failure and frustration boy grow up.
boys in the future is to fight, to let him know that hard-earned money;
girl to marry, she must train to identify things in perspective, do not be a piece of cake will give coax away.
rich daughter more romantic. Girl called daughter, it is estimated there are sources in this area. Although the appearance and health by the day, the day after tomorrow may need intensive care, need daily fine craftsmanship, which is obviously requires a certain material base. From another perspective, in addition to giving better material conditions, but also need to broaden girls' vision and knowledge. Rich is also a Know how the United States, appreciate, know to identify, also learned to protect themselves, and will not be tempted by all the outside world.
poor maintenance men and more solid. To be a real man, to suffer in this life of suffering, cold, humiliation, frustration and I do not know how many. The ancients said, will drop any day he died, we must first labor of their bones, their body skin hunger, hardship and aspirations, so that it can self Qijia rule the world. Boy from an early age should develop work and plain living, hard-working style, the idea of ​​filial piety virtue, especially in the material can not be too much to give, or easily become another Dandyism child.
eutrophication 20 years, Furongchushui; poor support 20 set, sword baked.
girls not so worried about the material conditions, it is easy to cultivate a calm temperament, the boys got the idea of ​​the material conditions that will not loose. With the nature of the? Girl born with good attention to detail, and then instill the Boys and vice versa. This is the wisdom of life, right?
to be strong-willed boy, the girl should know that over ceremony. Care about the poor support the rich mean it.
domesticated boy, are young children should indomitable personality, sense of spirit, good quality Xiaoyi Germany. Otherwise, the trees do not brush shape up, blindly spoiled, laissez-faire, encouraged, and will develop a gas not a dude to.
family has Jiaonv, we should give in love since childhood, moderate to meet the material needs, in order to achieve a rich sense of character and heart. Thus, to understand the goodness, learn to identify and self-protection, took all the material things of society they are not subject to the temptation, to avoid being taken.
This topic does not mean that poor families can raise his son, Wealthy before raising his daughter, but to the boy to There can only act after something; girl to elegant and beautiful woman.

11. I, appearance, crossing the Red ------ landscapes, we pass, in the end, who is the scenery ... I only know that when the distance is no longer the distance, we will meet, to form water, ice-cemented, or will turn into dust ... ... I hope you are my most beautiful scenery, I was waiting for your return people -

7.1 to this day is worth two tomorrow. Tear a calendar, a very simple, grasp the day, it is not easy. ------ Trust others, give up, this is the beginning of many people fail in life! ------ In the most difficult time, but also to believe that they hold the hands of the best shotgun. -

4. no one has the patience to listen to your finished his story, because everyone has their say; no one likes to hear you complain about life, because everyone has their own pain; most lonely world, this world willing to listen, used to silence people, a rare few. ------ I do not want other people to bring their own past, those struggling in the nightmare of loneliness, desolation, or over time, slowly indifferent. ------ Meters -

19. happy moment with you half and half in a dream ;------ painful moment, half of separation, half in silence thinking of you ... ... -

15. our lives were not likely to love a person, but often there is a person you laugh the most sweet, most pain so that you always have a beautiful wound, you become part of the body can not heal! ------ As strange, so brave, because of distance, so beautiful. -

17. ------ Happiness is not the end the path to happiness, love and joy ran, ran into the wind and rain, frustration, pain together constitute the road. ------ But also because they are, we understand the true meaning of happiness -

1. one of the weakest place, is reluctant. ------ No longer bear a wonderful feeling, could not bear a vanity, reluctant applause. ------ We always thought the best days will be very, very long, not so fast to leave. ------ In our soft-hearted and a lack of courage, the best days of relentless passing of. -

18. When a person when two people do not even think about, to recall to the side ;------ when you lose a person, just want to welcome, the sadness behind ;------ a time when you come to a person's romantic, release your emotions, open your mind. ------ In fact, when a heart is aching, tears ready for it. -

2. this world, there is always a person waiting for you somewhere. Not here, not this time, there will be, is wound up, waiting for you. ------ A person can miss you is happy. -

3. we can no longer go back ------ We can no longer have a childhood; never again have a junior high school; never again have a first love; never again have the joy of the past, happiness, sadness and pain. ------ Yesterday, before the second, all can not go back. ------ Life is not a movie playback out of print! -

16. a love is not accepted, the need is not sad, but time, time period can be used to oblivion. One was deeply hurt the heart, need is not sympathy, but to understand. ------ Because of love, so compassionate; as to understand, so tolerant. -

8. forgotten, we can not change destiny, everything is not aligned like the drawings. ------ All back to the former than in the past, and thus gradually extended, little by little, to stagger. ------ May stagger the things we really should be forgotten. -

6. Do not think if ... ... can not bear the feeling of life, is that life is not important to the opportunity. If we had to be, we would not ... ... what how the choice of each fork is actually no real good or bad, as long as life as their own unique creation, not frequently do not look back as if you had the choice of . ... ... Life is only sold one-way ticket, the past is the past, more importantly, take a good way behind. -

10. life sad thing is you meet a very important for you people, but eventually found that you never meant to, so you have to let go. -

9. Do not let the pain of love becomes a ------ If you do not love a person, please let go, so people have the opportunity to love her. If you love to give you, release yourself, so that they have the opportunity to love others. ------ A person does not love to have, but people must have a good love him. -

5. no matter how good things are lost day, and then have forgotten the deep memory of the day, to love people, have gone to the day, there dream and then wake up the U.S. one day. ------ Not retain the abandoned, the treasure will never let go. ------ Can not be friends after breaking up, because the two sides hurt! The enemy can not do, because loving each other too. -

12. Life is a process rather than a goal. ------ Bitter and sweet from the outside world, to appreciate happiness comes from within. ------ Grateful, learn to meet, let the good life overflowing baskets. ------ Heart is fine as long as there is no rain! -

13. and what it is ------ is a critical moment of decision; is a choice; is to the left, or right; is to continue, or give up. ------ Is the moment of farewell with the past; is brave clean the wound at the moment; is the future of the moment decision. ------ To be happy, first

14. in your life, the people leave or enter. So, see, sight; remembered, forgotten. ------ In your life, and have been lost. So, invisible, see; forgotten, remember. ------ However invisible, is not non-existent? Keep in mind, is not forever? -

noon meal , a Luo husband was still no wife to go home , they came to the cauliflower to find the ground , I saw the ground cotton rickety . -


went to work . -

people brought a knife to cut open the snake from the abdomen , the whole body exposed to the dead , the snake 's head has been part of gastric juice corrosion . See not reproduce two days must have been bitten by a snake

track pieces while on the ground there , he immediately feeling bad . When he found more than 10 meters away from the vegetable concave piece of ground , a sight that froze. -




a treaty ten feet long snake creeping in there, motionless , his stomach distended Laocu . -

cried :





holding a shotgun serpent head and body toward the villagers fired several shots , serpent quickly killed . -


a terrible thing ! Peasant village swallowed by the python ! { Is an incredible event } who lives in the mountain villages of northern shelf of a peasant woman to Luo 's home ground in the mountainside -



Luo ran a husband turned



Take a look at our family to Prince of Tennis , more joyfully eating lollipops .
to , sign a name it!

really into Prince of Tennis . . .

Section VI: -

Buddhism in China in this sentence: 'Jinshan Tuizi the incense'. Zhenjiang Jinshan Temple in meditation who are not allowed to switch legs. No matter what leg pain, patience with the root still roll up our sleeves. If you move a bit, you suffer Hong board (made of wood board, playing the body, really hard). Over time, the legs, hears the command. The so-called 'Zen and the sub-Jinshan, legs, most abide by the rules. '

legend but this koan, can not be confirmed. However, the results Jiafu Zuo, martial arts mastery, and knowing when to the case, there is a real example.

8. Double leg not only open the meridians and blood, and will open the hip joint. -

double Jiafu Zuo, commonly known as double-disc ─ ─ place left foot first on the right thigh, and then placed on the right foot palm on the left thigh, the posture of this double-disc, also known as good luck to sit. If placed in charge of the first foot on the left thigh, then the left foot placed on the right thigh, which is the opposite direction, then called Different functions, so the names are different. In the two-Jiafu Zuo, when they made ready, and when ready beings, good roots strong: you double Jiafu Zuo, which have strong heart; double Jiafu Zuo also known as King Kong ride, King Kong ride is solid meaning. So I am willing to all sentient beings, good roots are planted too strong, no rebate transfer. Debu earth: not move, that is, do not change the practice of this idea, you can continue to Bodhicitta, practice Jiafu Zuo, do not shake, do not be hurt, or what state to shake. -

recommended method II: Double excel within half an hour's method (double-disc crash gymnastics), reproduced from the Internet, original author unknown -

recommend one: a simple method of direct practice Double: -

some time for these exercises, legs, cross, knee, ankle ligaments stretching, increase flexibility, increase range of motion across the knee-ankle, double Jiafu nature will do. -

2. Double turn out to be not only bones, but to open all the meridians. -

V: -

way of the sole relative, both hands grip double toe, heel as much as possible closer to the genitals, legs and thighs were parallel to the shape close to the body forward from the press 21 times. -

4. Double excel, the meditation will not be back pain. Adequate kidney, or even impossible to sit hunched, gas will back the top of the foot is straight. -

today about a legal case:

Stand feet together, relax, breathe naturally, back slightly bent, lower my eyes, two hands knees buckle. More knee first 21 hour turn, and then clockwise knee 21 times. -

f. double ankle protruding, with a focus on outer soles. The beginning of practice, should be gradual and well protection to prevent ligament strain. Department of ankle strength to be increased, can be practicing walking. Often used in this exercise, can not easily be sprained ankle. -

[B] nodal Jiafu Zuo, can eliminate karma robbery immeasurable, immeasurable merit to give birth to life and death -

Double :--

toe to side-step around the wide open, hands on knees, left knee 36 times alternately call pressure. -

e. at about two-toe in a straight line (center of gravity, could stay a little perspective, but also unstable, could help the tree, etc.), open step over the shoulder, knees and try to put outside and relax under the slowly Shen, repeated practice. Be enhanced leg muscle strength, pace and gradually increase. -

7. to practice double-disc, can quickly promote gastrointestinal motility. Even immediately after a meal to open practice, 20 minutes after all the emptying of the stomach. -

1 sat on the bed legs straight, hands hold the knees, double toe to maximize the circle, in order to achieve the purpose of the ankle joint activities. 2 back on the right foot on left thigh, left hand to move the right foot elevation, press the right hand under the knee. Activity ten times, for the left foot activities. 3 back on the right foot on left thigh, left hand to move the right foot, right hand supporting the right knee to do along the counter-clockwise circle. In order to achieve the purpose of open hip. Activities for the left foot. 4 above 3 methods you can try to practice for a period of time after the double-disc, the first try in bed legs on the plate, lying to sitting on the disk will be able to drive, as long as the disk once a success.

, first pull the left leg on the right thigh by the lower abdomen, hands on knees, in the flutter speed down 108 times. Then switch legs in accordance with the law 108 times speed vibrations. -

Stretch your legs forward

high temple in Yangzhou meditation are the most time to keep the rules. To replace the clock incense, to the only quiet time, it only static; to open the static when it opened quiet, good for a minute, so as the incense. Any reference in these temple through Zen, who fought to sit through Daye Forge, tempered the King. Hsu Yun old monk, Zen temple in the high and enlightenment.

3. If you excel at, and every day, two-legged for 20 minutes, 70-year-old climbing as insurable guy. Basic daily sickness not health. -

preparation style: -

Double, also known as double Jiafu Zuo, is a practitioner of the standard sitting position, both disciples of the Buddha or heretics very seriously. Double the body qigong home that is more stable and easy to sit a long time; meditator that double-disc set makes the heart, and can guide the gas upstream and downstream; martial arts practice that is important for strength; physicians believe that stretching the meridians, can be riddled with is not life. The Tantric Buddhism is that you can make the gas into the veins, rapid meditation. The so-called A double-disc has three brothers said that since the double-disc later, the heart was set, the body better. -

1. Double everyone can practice, even if the 60-year-old started practicing, but also excel in about a year. If the 30-year-old started training, does not take a year. -

9. Double ankle posture actually suppress the thigh artery, to open up the artery, the heart will increase the pumping power, which can open up the leg veins. -

Section VIII: -

one hand and grip the front foot, a hand Jiaobo, the disk on the other side of the leg by the side of the thigh at the belly. Double Serve. - -

6. the specific training method is the seat of honor to do before opening hip movement, and then try to double-disc until the disc, and then reluctantly, until more and more time. -

Stand feet together, relax, breathe naturally, hands should be lightly pressed knee, squat 21 times. Squat as far as possible to make contact with the thigh and calf muscles. -

please stand, feet apart, shoulder width, eyes curtain, breathing naturally. Knees slightly bent, Hanxiong pull back. Shoulders relaxed, axillary micro-air, his arms drooping naturally, levator ani abdomen. Stretch over two brows, starting from the raw joy of soul has been infiltration of the entire face. -

Section: -

b. to practice sitting cross-Crane (hip pressure on the feet and knees). Crane sat in a cross made on the basis of the following exercises: press and hold the feet remain hip, upper body back down flat (available beginning quilt pad into the slope, gradually flat), try to keep time. -

Section X: -

knees to the left and right song, two-way of the sole relative, heel closer to the body as much as possible, pressing his hands on the knees, the flutter speed down 360 times. -

Section: -

sit on the ground, hands folded, hands little finger close to the heel, Banzhu left foot, pull the body along the right leg as much as possible, one pull of a song for the time, do 21 times. And back foot by the same method to do 21 times. -

knot Jiafu Zuo of merit, to students quit power, concentration, Hui Li, Sanli situation right. All Diamond defending God, are to protect you. Quit all the demons, far away from you. Kowtow to you all evil.

Section XIV: - -

VII: -

stand feet shoulder-width, body relaxed, thumbs forward, the tiger's mouth stuck in the waist, two hand pressure in the two parts of the kidney to the body with a hip, knee and leg swing call 108. -

feet together, relax, breathe naturally, his hands hanging naturally at sides, toes toes touch the ground 21 times, when the foot off the heel touching the ground. -

body up and down a regular starting tremor (2 minutes). -

Stretch legs while sitting, pull the left leg a little pressure in the right leg by the Ministry of the thigh side knee, left hand holding Jiaobo at the right hand thumb and the other four fingers are holding the bottom of toes and back, the first 21 laps counter-clockwise turn shake the ankle. Counterclockwise to grip the outside of the main clockwise to grip the inside of the main. Clockwise roll the ankle again on lap 21. -

feet shoulder-width stand, relax, breathe naturally, to mention belly abdomen, chest, hands clasped together, knees slightly bent, with Tail-centered, counter-clockwise around the 36 round draw circle. And then draw circles clockwise around the 36 laps. -

[Er Shi Buddhas. Block of this knot Jiafu Zuo. Case Zhanzhuan. Fill the three thousand worlds. And one of the points in the body of Sakyamuni Buddha. Still it is not entirely. ] At this time, Shifangzhufo, the child seat in the division, nodal Jiafu Zuo. Attached to a such a Buddha Buddha, after rows of sitting, and fill the three thousand worlds have been. But in the East by the avatar of the Buddha, there are not seated, not to mention the other nine parties Buddhas do?

Section XII: -

Section XIII: -

10. in the blood opened up the legs before, but because his legs arterial blood, so blood is concentrated in the upper body, but this time the heart and increase blood supply in the power, so the internal organs will be a lot of blood, rapid improvement organs function, and promote blood supply to the brain. -

c. legs straight and close together, the spine from the cervical, thoracic to the lumbar spine by bending before the holiday, his hands touch the ground, and then grasping the heel tendon, gradually attached to the head, face and legs. So repeatedly. -

Stretch your legs, sit on the ground


why can not we enlightened? Because of delusions fly, distracted tied to live, out Mercedes-Benz. Sakyamuni Buddha under the bodhi tree sermon, the first sentence he said: 'Qizai! Qi Zai! Qi Zai! Earth beings, all with a Tathagata wisdom with Germany, but the persistent delusion, was not evidence. 'Meditation is the g phase confirmation, the Senate is controlled Buddist delusions. From this, a religious delusion is a stumbling block.

legs wide open before and after the step, left hand supporting the left knee, right hand supporting the inside of the left knee, knocking down the pressure of the knee forward as far as possible 9. The same way for the right leg knee-knocking pressure 9. Then be submitted to replace the leg over again. - -

Here are several methods used

5. started training a few days later, it will continue to leg pain, then back pain. Do not practice, they also have been hurt. -

said short-term success of many double-disc, or even to become again, I did not test but I inspired the invention of his own double-disc method excel pressure ligament double-disc achievement is difficult to set up before I their pressure ligament law can immediately set up only one, but probably only for me. Suddenly remembered such a thing out for your reference -

There was once a monk, chanting for the dead, living, so as to catch by remorse. One day, he finished law will be dead at midnight, he will return to the temple. Went to the river, heavy rain, his shelter under the bridge. Whim, then knot double Jiafu Zuo. At this point, to two ghosts, see he is a urn, because the towers are to support the Buddha relic, is a bow bowed. Soon, monks feel leg pain, into a single bear in mind the double Jiafu tablets, two ghost looked up, a silver urn tower, but do not care about, according to worship is not wrong. However, soon after, the monk legs, or feel pain, then changed into a smug sitting (that is, feet down). Two ghosts look, silver tower has become a pile of mud! Two ghosts furious fight mud heap. Monk look, scared soul flying outside, a cold sweat. Then instantly restore double Jiafu Zuo. Two ghosts look, and an urn, Pianbai to the cock away. Since then, driven by monks to give up repent, to concentrate on meditation, soon clear your heart, claiming to be 'ghost force Zen'.

Double Quick Gymnastics - -

take place after the leg with both hands to gently drive to win, Stretch your legs, heels touching, two massage hands supporting the knee 108 times faster. Then, one leg Stretch, Stretch the other leg on top of the thighs, legs stacked with hand held onto the side of the knee, one hand in the hollow palm of the official labor force Yongquan point on the soles of the feet tapping 108 times, then switch legs to beat with the law 108 times. Stand up. Stand feet together, back slightly bent, lower my eyes, two hands buckle knees, knees first turn counterclockwise 21 times, then clockwise knee 21 times. Then, standing feet shoulder-width, thumbs forward, the tiger's mouth stuck in the waist, two hand pressure in the two parts of the kidney to the body with a hip, knee and put foot call 108. Making body.

a. In reading, watching TV, sitting cross-legged at rest as much as possible; -

Section XI: -

Section: -

d. lunge for being, relaxation sink. Feet do not move position, the body 180 degrees and then relax for the direction of sinking. Repeated exchange sink several times the natural pace and gradually become larger. To the maximum, the roots after a heel, toes touch the ground, and then try to sink, repeated several times, the income potential. -

then for the first leg against the law in accordance with clockwise roll the ankle after the 21 laps. -

restoration of the natural pine stand quiet like. -

IX: -

was asked: 'What is a double Jiafu Zuo it? 'You see Fosuo sitting position, the first move in the right leg on his left foot, right foot and then move to the left leg, called double Jiafu Zuo. There are single Jiafu Zuo, is free on the right leg on the left, or right foot on left leg. Double Jiafu Zuo called King Kong ride, fell monsters, which is sitting. Meditation one can end double hesitant Fuzuo, easy meditation. This sitting method, can lower their heart, it is not scattered, mental concentration, not raw paranoia.

hard training, most people can sit cross-legged in a few months to reach double instep: -

Section: -

Doctors have concluded

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Zhuanlian Wen father
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village head
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often think it might make your family a kind of new hope

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First, we analyze the current international situation, the long-term Ruoshi dollars down and the United States has maintained adequate liquidity continues to lead international commodity shocks climbed, gold and tin hit a historic a new high, breaking the mid-finishing aluminum platform entered a new round of rising channel, the Libyan war, because NATO is prepared to send ground troops to Libya that ended the war will not be so easily and quickly, thus leading to short-term oil and not of the rapid increase in medium-term upward trend will not change. Economic uncertainty in Europe has begun to show inflation has begun. Taking these individuals believe that the international oil and commodities will continue to shock the mid-climbed, so that inflation will gradually appear, of course, to the resource profit growth of listed companies to provide a favorable environment protection, non-ferrous, oil and coal companies listed a quarterly and semi-annual profit will be significantly increased.
come under the domestic situation analysis, the first for us, said real estate, the Department of Housing and Urban made it clear that in 2011 plans to build affordable housing projects is 10 million sets of tasks, invested 1.4 trillion, Not to mention affordable housing can make how much real-estate company profits, at least to ensure that their profits will decline sharply, 1.4 trillion investment would be positive for cement, steel, building materials, machinery manufacturing companies. Central bank to raise deposit reserve and interest rate problems, deposit reserve continuously improve curb inflation out of the other side also shows that market liquidity is sufficient enough, it is worth noting that if one day you find that the market began to talk about central bank is prepared to reduce reserve the time that you stay on the sidelines of the time. Because money market began to rise has been found, and will inject liquidity. We rely on the stock market to push prices higher? Performance? Personally think that the current A-share market funds is the main factor propelling the stock. Interest rates may not be bad, he will be thickening of bank profitability of listed companies. Expansion of three new board also launched an international board of venture capital class and brokerage companies to bring new profit growth point.
Finally, we analyze the plan to double the wages under the state and national issues of industrial restructuring, plan to double the wages of 10 million units with the implementation of affordable housing for people who are a good thing, so people have more money for other spending and not just to life a house, some funds will be used for other overhead, so a corresponding increase in the tertiary industry profitability of listed companies. National industrial restructuring or in the startup phase of the current situation, can the real success of the transformation remains to be seen, but the pre-state investment funds will give new energy, advanced manufacturing, marine development, new technology has brought a lot of listed companies opportunities.
the above analysis, almost all cover the medium-term positive most of the blue-chip type plate, oil, coal, nonferrous metals, steel, real estate, banking, securities have recently pulled the wheel moving, blue-chip need financial support to start, with financial support once started will not end so quickly. So I think the market's medium-term trend has begun to change dramatically down the pre-shock trend started a new round of market volatility climbed. Think first consider the configuration of the plate is a resource listed companies, listed companies in the resources first before consideration is propagated upstream mining industry. Upstream industry chain profit growth in the quarter and semi-annual report revealed. Bank of listed companies due to the recent increase is too large, you can enter after the callback.
the stock market next week, I think the first half weeks to move up, pay attention to the finished lower data later this week, next week's market close attention to the international situation and the international movement of bulk cargo, coal sector in key configuration, color, scarce resources and gold. My personal position mainly in Shandong Gold 600 497 600 547 Chihong Zinc and Germanium 601 690 600 030 CITIC Securities Luan ring can

you selfish man, we got into a fight, you said a lot of debate, they are not selfish selfish person is thrown out the door after the Internet overnight, I call you I dare you not to take a look for your own ... ...





a woman this time a little bit excited, began to fill with the eye, said:

silence. -

women think is really so, the original, the two sides just need a little patience, a little bit of tolerance. This man took her first travel review site, is really hard, and remember that time with them not long ago, to make each other feel good, have shown their best side. -












He opened the book began to look, surprised a woman how to write so much. Watching men and women while saying: clean, I say you will not even sheer ah, you will come temper, and then got into a fight ... ...


woman got into the man opened his arms laughing Yen -.


inappropriate, not only cherish the treasure, to go along, happy with the progress! -

just moved into this house that day, she was finishing the Department of things completely, and finally come up with a very fine glass, he said: entered, and add a drop of water, on behalf of my tears. If it is full, I pack up my things to leave the house.


man silent. Woman continued: touch cold water, wronged ... ...


men did not immediately open the view, his face a hint of surprise, a little bit dumbfounding mean, does not seem to think a woman can be so many tears, filled so fast, they feel a woman is making a fuss, but it is cute. -


long silence. -

men disagree, a bit puzzled: of!


woman said:


they travel together to the first place, too many good memories are aroused, the original is so deeply in love with each other, especially when the woman gentle, considerate when the men in particular. -


really did not fit the original

or woman broke the silence:

atmosphere a bit awkward. -

he thought, probably because every fight, they are like in the fight to find out they do not love their own evidence. He suddenly realized that this is a very serious problem! And each fight, both sides are in the mood instability, when the time is still bothering the other, the bad emotions into the lives of two people. -


record this house is so small things matter, the reasons for each fight is so simple, a man looked at the book, seems to understand a woman's mood, big man is not going to care about these little things, After the original feel and have every right, a woman who loved to take these things, but when his serious look, he also began sad, and a woman is very careful, the events, feelings have written but also their own summary why. The original accumulation of the smallest thing is very painful, he could see, a woman from down slowly into despair. -



Two months later, the woman put the bottle for men, said: small notebook to the man. -


PS: Please share if you like ... maybe one day want to see it, how hard can not find the ... ... -

later they married. Rarely quarrel. If the careless man accidentally knocked a cup, a woman will not open blamed, because the woman before the opening, a man has apologized, saying sorry, all I am not careful, lose two to my wife! Although his wife to choose your favorite! A woman laughed and said, do not buy friends, anyway, there is the cup, say not all your fault, I did not blame the cup away, and let you hit it! -





( arranger shot a little heavy, a little metal plates of the southern Utako (((^_^))))

words: Asakusa
song : Kankan
Code: monochrome

pulp sound Dengying
who quietly passed
the moonlight bathed the Tang and Song embroidered

someone to sit by the window
Lady tonight Petals free number has several flower

24 bridge where this can still ringing in
partner in every cloud of sentimental
whom I should be laughed out of the thin profile

precarious boat on the river crossing
who remember the sadness , but anger
caisson depths of the legendary
reaped several times Xiaosheng silent

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26 love letters the interpretation

26-letter interpretation of the classic love

A-accept (accepted)

Remember, you love him, he must accept everything, even his shortcomings.

B-belief (trust)

do not trust each other, often the tone of questioning each other with suspicion, distrust of love that only end up breaking up.

C-care (care)

just show your level of concern for each other seriously, make a phone call to each other from time to time to greet a concern: him: These concerns may not have practical use, but at least make each other warm in their hearts.

D-digest (understand)

We are not saints, there is always emotional ups and downs, when, if the other is about him?

E-encouragement (incentives)

couples to appreciate each other, stimulate each other, especially in the face of adversity and some key moments, the energy from the partner's motivation much stronger than thought .

F-*******( free)

even if married, the other should also be given the right to freedom and to keep secret. The other half of your life is not your slave, do not let him marry you is equivalent to that trapped in a cage.

G-give (pay)

love this thing you pay is not necessarily a But it certainly does not pay no gain. For your lover, there should be such as himself, without reservation, pay, this could be considered true love.

H-heart (heart)

love is the heart of the most important props, you have to really deal with, hard to love. No heart, how can really be called love?

I-independence (independent)

sweet people will say: become a heavy burden on the other side, and even cumbersome.

J-jealousy (jealousy)

appropriate jealousy, Xiacu that you can be each other's attention, but remember it is reasonable Xiacu; the contrary, no unreasonable, furious to Xiacu , will provoke resentment.

K-kiss (kiss)

a kiss worth a thousand words, a gentle kiss on your behalf has been able to cherish him, love him, so please do not mean your lips.

L-love (love)

say this is love, without love how can there be these things? Love with love is different from love someone, you must be willing to do anything for him, which is the highest level. Pro with each other may wish to say

M-mature (mature)

why the average person's first love will always silent colorless to defeat, because young people are in love a little bit more naive. Moreover, no one will like each other for many years to bounce unthinking. People mature, your love will change a little premature, until the fruit.

N-natural (natural)

dating when many people are beginning to hide the shortcomings of all, to become another person. Over time, the disadvantages appear before a basket of basket, so that the other side too much. In fact, not artificial, the natural flow of love is steady.

O-observe (observation)

preferences lovers often carefully observed, not only to better understand each other better to give him a surprise. Share of mind must be more precious than the gift.

P-protect (protected)

boyfriend, of course, to protect his girlfriend, but do have to protect each other's girlfriend's dignity, should not allow others to slander, insult your other half.

Q-quarter (large)

large is the basic tips, the couple of mistakes, you should be lenient attitude to forgive him, because you love him.

R-receive (receiver)

for lovers as you do, please do not behave indifferent, that he discouraged. He paid, then you should enjoy it to accept, make this feeling further.

S-share (share)

If you love him, he will share with him his joy and sorrow, this is easiest as a partner the responsibility.

T-tender (tender)

songs are very sing Of course, love to love tenderly, because the lack of gentle men and women are not lovely.

U-understand (understand)

do not understand each other's ideas, the other to talk to you, you never just alone in a daze, it is a lack of communication of love. Multi-stand each other's position has gone to think, we could know more about your other half.

V-veracity (honesty)

of love, honesty must be a hundred times, you do not want your other half is a Feelings often deceive each other forever, how can it?

W-wait (wait)

waiting for is to maintain the basic elements of a relationship. The most important thing is you want with him has grown, so, although the wait is painful,dr dre headphones for sale, and it is happy.


Y-yearn (miss)

work together or not, may wish to miss each other, sometimes by phone or paging him say to work more energetically.

Z-zest (warm)

like the Maid as though Maoruo angel, but frosty lover, in addition to Yang Guo, I believe no one willing to work with her whole life. So ,**** companion and appropriate enthusiasm can add a lot of fun, but avoid too much enthusiasm.

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