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I buy my groceries online at It's great - they're delivered right to my door for just 5, no tips allowed. The selection is as big as the biggest supermarket they've got and if you know exactly what you want then this is the best way to shop. A taxi back from a grocery store costs more than five quid anyway, so I save myself the time of shopping and the money of a cab. has a nifty function where you can enter in a grocery list and it does it's best to choose what you mean. It's fairly bright and has done well for me each time I try it.

This time, I wanted some pork. I got a bit of a surprise.

GT Social Club Relaunch!

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Hi, Folks!

Group Technology relaunched their social club with a big party at the Three Sisters; no party is complete without me, so I went along with my friend Helen.

I promise you a more complete accounting later, but for now, read a bit about my friend Scott Proudfoot, who was at the party in all of his resplendent glory!

Carol's gone.

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She's in Australia.

This isn't news, it's just what's taking up my every spare cycle at the moment. I'm having a hard time thinking about other things, even Abu Ghraib prison photos or Nicholas Bergf.

Mara & Mark


Mara and Mark came to visit me this on Thursday! And here's a picture of them I took while we were walking around the Botanical Gardens.

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