Mara & Mark


Mara and Mark came to visit me this on Thursday! And here's a picture of them I took while we were walking around the Botanical Gardens.



:) Looks like you guys were at a park or something. Mendon should be arriving tomorrow morning!

Nae, you are truly a man of few words. So, does this mean you have a digital camera, too? I guess that you didn't take this picture with Mark's because his seems to be around his neck. Looks like you had beautiful weather, unlike Cleveland. This is the first time that I can remember feeling that Spring was lasting too long, and yet, the weather pattern has been the same as always. I must be getting old.

Hello all! Just a quick one, as I haven't said hi in a while. Stephanie & Dusty, warning: stay off the road, my sister has (somehow) gotten her license. Nathan hope you're well. Mara/Mark -- glad you're well (hard to believe it's almost been a year already!), and Rae are you guys still planning on a trip up this summer? Talk to you all soon!

Yeah, we'll definitely be up this summer. I'm not sure when, especially cause we're planning to move in July...but I'll get in contact when I know:)

Hey, Crystal!

Nice to see you here.

Your sister got her license, eh? Cool for her!

I don't drive at all here, so it's okay.



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I have learnt so much just from the posts I have read today. You are now bookmarked and I will be back :-)


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