Edinburgh Farmer's Market Produce II

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Don't these look tasty?

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WOW!!! Love your site, I have been here a few times now and I really enjoy reading it.

I have learnt so much just from the posts I have read today. You are now bookmarked and I will be back :-)


A fantastic blog , it has long sought a paper post com this blog 2.0

1. Each child has to do away from home × × potential CCAV News: glossy.
2. Cross the road, friends did not pay attention to red Zhi Wangqian go. I am anxious: God: say what you desire. I: I want to live in the World of Warcraft. God: (shaking his head) can not. Me: that I want to live in × × TV's news. God: ... ... (open book) to the World of Warcraft, it may have to adjust your race.
4. This year the Ministry of Railways said that let students stand to go home! I: There is a sleeper it? Conductor: no. I: have seat it? Conductor: no. I: There are standing tickets it? Conductor: do not sell student tickets. I: Why? Conductor: the Ministry of Railways said. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
6. Teacher: how do you late? Xiao Ming: because of a sign. Teacher: signs? What kind of signs ah? Xiao Ming: in front of the school says it slowly, and then I slow down and enter the campus. . .
7. Asked the donkey donkey: why we eat every day, hay, and feed concentrates for dairy cows to attend a lecture? Donkey to sigh: we menfolk than not, we rely on to run errands to eat, people rely on the chest to eat!
8. Biology lesson. The teacher asked: Female tears, the male towering rage, said: I tell you how many times, this ring is the bird research station who put me, not a wedding ring! I'm not married!
10 . There is truth, we must tell you: the Chinese men's soccer world number 83, far higher than China's per capita GDP in the world rankings, per capita income ranking, Corruption Perception Index ranking officials, social welfare ranking, ranking health care system, environmental Index ranking, ranking per capita natural resources ... ... you are qualified to ridicule Chinese football? !
11. Some people alive, he was dead. . . Some died, others do not want to live! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Such as Newton, Leibniz, Lagrange
12. Mobile phone users charge a fee of 100 yuan, charging the wrong phone number, and a little distressed. Give that man called over and that I can charge back? Result that special man depressed, said: Brother, at the end, and all Yaozhang, I finally shut down, you and I charge on the TM!
13. A wife seven months pregnant, knew a boy, so very proud of her husband, said: reports, quickly pick up the phone. his wife: high-lighter, holding textbook, where no point where!!
16. Ministry of Education, the deletion of Lu Xun's article in the proportion of secondary school textbooks, not because of Lu Xun's article out of date, but because the students may think after reading Lu Xun is a contemporary writer
17. a User: the virgin of the body, and finally the night before ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... .. 22 years to become a...
19. take the subway every day and work with his girlfriend, I do not know when to start, the subway there is always a guy leaning on the car ogle her, his girlfriend ignored at first, but the guy and the car every day on time, getting her face filled with expectations, more and more indifferent to me until that One day, she asked the guy holding a red rose,

There are five boys accused of smoking eleven teachers to teach to talk closely:
first boy was relentless K truthfully acknowledge a pass; returned to the bedroom and said:
buddy: I ​​have had to bear a man, you should never recognition.

[Scene One]
teacher: To be honest smoke?
boys A: Do not smoke.
teachers: do not smoke? Ah, eat the root fries it.
boys a very natural to take over the two fingers tucked ... ... ... ...

[Scene II]
Teacher: Smoking it?
boys B: do not smoke.
teachers: do not smoke? Ah, eat the root fries it.
boys hear a case B because it took very careful fries
teachers: do not dip tomato sauce?
B accidentally stick two fingers more then immediately bomb the bomb
teachers: do not smoke? ? ? The position is very skilled bomb Well soot. Called the parents to ... ... ... ... ... ...

[Scene 3]
Teacher: smoke?
boys C: do not smoke.
teachers: do not smoke? Well, eat the root fries it.
boys C due to the previous two examples very carefully sweating after eating the fries
teacher: do not give students with roots go back? C after the boys took the fries
easily on the ear clip ... ... ... ... ... ...

[Scene 4]
Teacher: smoke?
boys D: do not smoke.
Teacher: Very good. Boys eat small root fries it
ism finished French fries, French fries into his shirt pocket again
teacher suddenly shouted: Headmaster came.
busy boys a sense of his pocket the small fries out on the floor, stepped on their feet straining step ... ... ... ... ... ...

[Scene V] Teacher: smoke?
boys: do not smoke.
Teacher: Very good. Root fries to eat it just took the boys
teacher said: do not ask me to eat it. hands and handed the boys a sense of Mangcong
fries, and then took out a lighter ... ... ... ... ... ...

[Scene VI] Teacher: smoke?
boys: do not smoke.
Teacher: Very good. Root fries to eat it
ism boys finished French fries, French fries into his shirt pocket again
teacher suddenly shouted: Headmaster came.
boys have been sweating palms down, said: Principal hello!
teachers: principals will smell the taste of your mouth.
boys pocket and pulled out french fries: On the matter, still it does, the fire is not point ...

[Scene seven]
Teacher: Do you smoke do not smoke in the end?
boys: to God to ensure that absolutely does not suck.
teacher: really does not suck? Well, eat the root fries it.
boys: take over the french fries to eat a very clean and natural.
Teacher: What a good boy, what you generally like what brand of chips?
boys: [voter] Greater China. . . . .

Scene N:
Teacher: root fries to eat it!
boys: Thank you, no.

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Thank you for the great info, im going to write on this too!

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