Produce from the Edinburgh Farmer's Market

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I've never even seen garlic that looks that fresh before!

I washed the dirt off that garlic about twenty minutes before taking this picture. That garlic is less than a day out of the ground.

man, i wish i could have gotten fresh fruit and vegetables that look that good in gambia. everything was bruised from abusive transport. sigh. we ate a lot of 'vegetable mush something's while i was there. oh, and, by the way. the maid was almost necessary (besides being very commonly employed). the houses get dust in them from the desert and have insects and poor plumbing and etc... it was almost a full time job just keeping the house clean so we employed someone else instead of spending the plenitude of hours a day required to keep it clean. although. if we had both worked on keeping it clean it would have been cleaner to a much higher standard and we wouldn't have needed a maid but we weren't usually home during the daylight hours and cleaning in the dark (remember power outages were common) isn't a good idea.

And employing a maid gives gainful employment and much needed income to someone who would be unemployed otherwise. Think of it as income redistribution or charity.

Beautiful produce. Almost as good as from our garden. I can understand your falling in love with it. I do the same thing when I go shopping in Switzerland.

The broad beans turned out to be disgusting - they were just like Lima beans!

They smelled like feet! I'll never have them again.

I have been to your site a fair few times now and I really enjoy reading your posts thanks again for making my day a whole lot better. :-)

WOW!!! Love your site, I have been here a few times now and I really enjoy reading it.

I have learnt so much just from the posts I have read today. You are now bookmarked and I will be back :-)


I have been to your site a fair few times now and I really enjoy reading your posts thanks again for making my day a whole lot better. :-)

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fried eggplant box (Figure)


one meat

need accessories: onions, ginger, garlic, salt, MSG, cooking wine, soy sauce, and meat and mix well.


flour into a paste with water, add a small amount of salt.


eggplant slices, each set of two, one side can not cut through, to maintain adhesion, a bit like clam shells.

Preparation Process:

the meat stuffed into the middle of two groups of eggplant, two eggplant just caught.

cooking steps:

First, the meat of the eggplant sandwiched ban mussels prepared flour paste to put inside, the whole wrapped in a layer of batter.

Second, the frying pan into the hot oil.

Third, constantly turning it over fried until both sides of the yellow.

pan it!

spicy fish (illustration)

mild, mostly fragrant. Old is also not much to eat steamed mean, to buy fish, remove the meat, fish bones for the rest of the fish head soup, a fish to eat two, yes.

a fish, cuts clean, take both sides of the meat, cut butterfly pieces, marinate with seasoning for 30 minutes.

hot fried cooked.

more than a little pot and saute the garlic oil.

then dried chili peppers and ginger until fragrant, add a little water, soy sauce, sugar to boil.

wrapped up fish soup, pour vinegar, hook thin gravy, sprinkle with spring onion, turning spoon pan.

spicy, crispy, slightly sweet and sour fish will do the work!

super easy to waffles

do eat the mouth from the beginning, it does not take half an hour, fast and simple ~~~~~~

ingredients: flour, 150g, 2 eggs, salt amount, the amount of water (about 300ml), oil 20g, take appropriate

the eggs, salt , oil, water, beat together until salt dissolves, slowly add the flour mix, flour a lump on the pressure with a teaspoon, plus the final mix to take no dough. Wake up a few minutes.

open the fire, with a flat-bottomed non-stick pan, pour a little oil, to batter down the middle to go down to the irregular spread to the surrounding batter, that batter is too thick, and in the batter add water.

dilute fallen after the batter a very uniform to spread around, shaking pan batter quickly flow.

look batter and shake the pan surface change color when the batter has not moved, you can turn over fried, and (best way to turn it over, the one not hot, and second, to practice Shoujin)

turn it over, you can cover the pot, you can not cover. Well ... ... eat! Add cup of black coffee!

caramelized bananas (graphic)

material ultra-simple: banana four, flour 50g, starch 75 g, 1 egg, water, sugar, 250 grams, oil

banana cut, the powder, eggs, plus the amount of water and mix well. Pot with a lot of oil, fried bananas would be fried to a crunchy banana smell of the surface like. I once put a few pieces, and finally all of the bananas back to a skillet, as far as possible so that all surfaces are hardened.

pot add a little oil, add sugar, stir constantly small fire, you will see the sugar from the dolphin to gradually dissipate, and then quickly from white to beige to dark yellow and then to light brown. This time we can put into banana, stir to sleep bananas are wrapped in the ancient sugar.

candied banana caramel, crunchy outside, soft inside waxy waxy, very good. Fly in the ointment, banana flour, a little outside of the package softened to do to adjust the surface after slurry formulations.

winter tonic fried lamb (graphic)

last night to buy a leg of lamb, what is the white goat, stewed together with skin.

raw materials: a leg of lamb, chopped up into pieces, best known as the butcher cut a little chunk. Two potatoes, a green turnip, two carrots, scallion stalk length, butter a piece of pepper amount.

preferably whole grain white pepper stew, I did not buy, only a pan, add pepper.

water fishing off the leg of lamb into soup praise, add the right amount of water, add pepper to taste (can be afraid to eat pepper wrapped with gauze), pepper can be good to go In addition to the smell of mutton, the fire heating.

lamb stew with one side, while other materials will be handled. Onions cut into sections, cut ginger chunks Crush, potatoes peeled carrot chunks.

ginger best shot is broken, so that ginger can burn out, will be mild ginger soup to absorb, that fend off the cold and good taste.

all materials are added to the soup praise in the fire to boil, to bubble, turn small fire burning slowly, at least 1 hour or more.

after the pan with salt and white pepper can be discretionary, but also have parsley!

can now drink! !

pine nuts corn (illustration)

success for

necessary ingredients:
a bowl of sweet corn, pine nuts in a small bowl, chili (small) one carrot (small) one, onion one.

seasonings: salt and a half teaspoon.


1, the pepper, carrot, onion cut all the small size of corn kernels.

2, first pine nuts over oil. This step to be more careful! ! Because Song Rente easy to paste! ! ! !

pot oil until the oil temperature with 30% heat, put the pine nuts into the pot, to keep a small fire, eyes wide open, while stirring and as soon as look at white pine nuts a little bit color, it is necessary to quickly remove and drain. Thus, the use of residual heat, pine nuts can Zhashu become crispy up.

I is good before the bombing of the pine nuts, so there is no process map, and this step is too tight can not attend to take photographs.

3, the other from a pot, add base oil, while the next green onion and carrots and stir-fry, stir a small flavor, add pepper, toss, you can add sweet corn kernels stir fry, and to cooked, add a half teaspoon of salt, dish pan.

fried corn!

4, will be ready, pine nuts, poured into the dish, mix well, you can open eat)

intimate Tip:

1, pepper, carrot color here mainly as an effect, so basically you can pick a smaller one.

2, although the dish did not add a little sugar, but sweet corn kernels and pine nuts reasons, basically sweet flavor. But cooking with salt plus the usual half or even 1 / 3, you can make this dish taste more fresh.

3, the reason why the final mix in the pine nut dish, you can better maintain its taste spicy crispy shrimp (Photos)

number of sea shrimp, back open side.

main ingredient chili, pepper some ginger, garlic slices, shredded pickled pepper some onion, also sliced ​​ginger foam.

pot and pour the oil, remember to be more than usual amount of meat dishes as fried oil more than doubled it to the hot oil a large fire, into the shrimp.

fry for a while, add dried chili and pepper, stir fry, heat oil to taste the spicy and hemp are

a spicy flavor and hemp, add ginger and garlic pieces, Pickle, ginger foam (do not put onions first)

Stir ginger and garlic flavor, add soy sauce, sugar amount, a little wine is about pot, add onion, stir add salt.

a clean wok.

old jar chicken legs (Figure)

remember a few years ago my mother came to Shenzhen, I go home for dinner, a look was served a white sauce of chicken legs did not put Han, heart straight to himself, like the white water is boiled chicken legs, dipped spices it, he found not any seasoning can bowl, clip a bite, ah, how so tasty, my mother said with a smile, old jars of pickles with blisters, ah! It is no wonder that this delicious, I love, and my mother look at me so fond of, often do, the fridge, I love watching TV while eating, really happy days ah ... ... ...

practice: Wash chicken legs, open water, the pot is not more than ten minutes, using chopsticks can penetrate on it, picked up over cold water, put in the crisper, scoop water into the old jar of pickles, swamp chicken legs, by the way fishing for a few pickled pepper, celery pieces together and then cut-point bubble, in the fridge two hours before you can eat.

Note: Do not cook chicken legs, a long time, gum out, it froze into the skin.

oyster burned two winter (Figure)

ingredients: mushrooms 50 g (dry), bamboo shoots 150 grams.

accessories: 1 tablespoon oyster sauce, onion amount, 1 teaspoon soy sauce, salt, sugar, MSG, water, starch, sesame oil.


1. dried mushrooms wash, bubble, change the knife into 3 pieces each, soak mushrooms in water retention.

2. bamboo shoots cut hob, boiled, remove and control of water.

3. the oil pan, add mushrooms and bamboo shoots, onion, explosive look, add oyster sauce, soy sauce, salt, sugar, monosodium glutamate, mushrooms and a little bubble of water, a small fire to braise for 5 minutes.

4. After the fragrant soup, water, starch hook thin gravy, Drizzle sesame oil, stir well.


mushrooms is characterized by plain, fresh, fragrant, but some people do not like the aroma of mushrooms, but it is this Hong to bamboo shoots aftertaste. Note that with savory and sweet, we do to try it .....

pickled loach (graphic)

starring play!

loach (water for two days to keep the first abdominal, water a few drops of oil). Pickle, wild salamanders, fermented glutinous rice, ginger and garlic.


1, pickled ginger and garlic finely chopped Sansho,

2, 1 pot put the oil under the material saute
3, stir-fried loach next moment

4, pour a little hot water salamanders, wine

5, put the fermented glutinous rice

burning forty-five minutes after the seasoning, not long burning, loach easily broken, I would burn for a little more.

loach fresh, pickled Sauvignon, typical of Sichuan cuisine, was said to have beauty (what is now the United States should add beauty?)

then introduce a child or the elderly to practice, tofu milk loach

oil heat, after a little ginger and garlic until fragrant oil under the loach fry, mixed with milk, boil, add tofu cooked. Physical fitness for children and frail elderly people.

farm fish (illustration)

condiments are as follows:

scallions, ginger, garlic, parsley, Pixian, mustard, pepper, pickled, pickled ginger if you can make it more perfect, and Oh, broiled fish, especially farm-style, in the absence of more than pickled ginger to taste and the bubbles of the.


first fried fish, a lot of people afraid of this part, because it is easy to be thrown into the hot oil, so the fish stick pan, fry skin broken out, in fact, as long as the preparation well, these will not happen, the first fish to dry after washing is good about water vapor, and then use kitchen towel to drain water fish

another pan fried fish must be washed, dried before firing the pot, turn off let cool slightly, rub the pot with the ginger and let the pot with a layer of ginger, then pour oil fired, hot oil, the fire reduced, not too large, this time down to the fish, slowly fried on it.

other fish fried to a golden brown on both sides, you can serve.

they going to pot another oil, the pepper, hot ginger, pickled, mustard, Pixian stir the pot, then under the soy sauce, vinegar, rice wine, sugar and adjust seasoning with water after the fish stew, the next onion, garlic.

juice fast such as when received, under dry parsley, pot!

a success! It looks good!

spicy broth (Figure)

Chongqing, the pig intestine called the broth, sounds greasy, practices, there are many, such as roast, stew , dry stir so on, which I think the number of and spicy pepper taste delicious, but also to remove the smell of the large intestine, to eat up with Ma and spicy, very tasty, eat a bowl every time ~ ~ ~

talk about the practice By the way I approach the large intestine wash, wash it very clean!


1, pig intestine 500g

2, dried chilli 100g (adjust according to personal taste)

3, pepper 20g (based on personal appropriate adjustments to taste)

4, ginger, garlic little

5, cooking wine, salt, soy sauce, sugar, chicken amount


1, will buy back the pig intestine wash;

By the way, the large intestine washing method: buy back some of the large intestine into the flour into the pot to the (slightly more than put a little) and salt, rub back and forth a bottle of beer, until the large intestine on the dirt washed into the sink, with running water rinse the large intestine, large intestine on the flour until the clean up. Then drain the pot, into the wash of the large intestine, then add cooking wine, ginger (purpose is to remove the smell on the large intestine) Bring to a boil (the water is meant to fly), remove the large intestine;
2, re-turn on the water pot, add ginger wine, such as pot and then put the large intestine, the colon and cut into small pieces to cook a soft cool reserve (Figure 1);

3, dried peppers from middle cut cut in two, add pepper spare (Figure 2);

4, the pot of oil until the oil temperature heat into the colon six, put some salt, turn the fire slowly The stir some dry moisture to dry and then drained the oil colon Sheng out of standby (Figure 3,4);

5, the ginger and garlic pieces into the pan stir fry just out of incense, into the ready pepper and pepper, stir fry until peppers turn the fire a little color into the previously filled out after the colon continue to stir fry for a little, add cooking wine, soy sauce, sugar, chicken stir fry for a while and then continued to pepper into the dark red off Huosheng out after transfer to a plate (Fig. 5,6)!

from pickled salted egg (Photos)

First, choose coarse salt (fine salt will do, if not coarse salt is good)

boiling salt water, depending on your weight of the egg determines the amount of water, until the salt is saturated so far (not soluble in water and salt) that line.

cool place to be salt egg (duck also, the personal favorite) If you eat Fei eye (that is, out of the salted egg yolk pickled black, protein is white) can be hot salt water to lay eggs, then dip pickled fifteen days, do not flip the egg.

this is a half months after the salty pickled eggs, take the food, the salt water can still go on to pickled eggs came alive again.

we look at it, a lot of egg yolk oil Oh, my yellow egg yolk, egg yolk if you want to hearts in boiling salt water can add a red tea when boiled with salt, egg yolk will red, and like to eat salted's try it!

rice bacon roll (Photos)

open blisters rice, more than an hour after the release of steam steam inside the pot for 15-20 minutes

cut bacon onions, and lettuce, lettuce must maintain the integrity of

the lettuce a little hot, hot soft

fried bacon, add the steamed rice, plus salt raw soy sauce chicken (a little) cooking wine, stir, add onions out pan fried


take half a slice of cooked lettuce leaves, a good amount of fried rice

wrapped like

steamed about 3,4 minutes

loose soft coconut balls (graphic )


butter 100 grams sugar 130 grams (I only use 90 grams, enough to flavor), milk 40 g , 80 g egg yolk, milk powder and 20 grams of coconut 270 grams.


1, butter, powdered sugar together and stir until mixed;

2, graded by adding egg yolk mix;

3, graded by adding milk mix;

4, add coconut,wholesale Coach bags online store, milk powder and mix well (my pot is relatively small, so I was graded to join).

the marinated coconut knead small pellets group (the entire production process on a number of this step is the most accurate, and good oil good sticky yo, can only put up with, Coconut relatively loose group, using disposable gloves or plastic bags is not good to do), the row of small pellets in the baking dish into the preheated oven. 120 degrees up and down the fire (I feel a little low, the temperature of the oven may be mainly the home, so I used 140 degrees) baked to golden brown like small pellets, and I used it for 35 minutes!

delicious yo, taste soft, full of aroma! Genuine material from the household, than before the justice and interests may be strong to eat more! The difference is obvious.

done such a case, less than I imagined, but also eat on the days!

mouth fragrant taste ribs (Photos)

cola ribs

materials: pork 600 grams, 2 cans of cola , ginger, onion, star anise, soy sauce, salt.


1. Wash and cut the ribs inch form, and then fly water retention;

2. with peanut oil saute ginger (3), then add ribs stir-fried;

3. and then cook ribs into the cooker, add a small amount of star anise and soy sauce, salt, cola;

4. with the fire burning to the sauce like, came to power when you put a small amount of onion.

plum garlic steamed pork ribs

materials: pork row of 600 grams, ginger, green onion, garlic, cornstarch, Plum 5, pepper, sugar, rice wine.


1. Wash the ribs cut into small pieces and drain water retention;

2. add the right amount of salt, rice wine, pepper and marinate for 15 minutes, Plum with the clutch bad, to cut a little bit, add sugar, garlic, mix, sugar, melted, into the ribs, add dry starch, then mix well;

3. to tile plate ribs on the water to boil, put the steaming rack, and steam for 8 to 10 minutes until cooked;

4. when the sow green onion and serve, pour 1 tablespoon hot oil can.

salt and pepper ribs

Material: 750 g pork ribs, onion, ginger, red pepper at the end, the end of green pepper, 2 eggs, black pepper, monosodium glutamate , Hua Diao wine, salt and pepper.


1. the pig-shaped ribs cut into small pieces (5 cm) washed, and ribs with a cloth to dry the moisture retention;

2. then be pickled, salt, black pepper, monosodium glutamate, Hua Diao wine, ginger marinated for 15 minutes;

3. oil in the firing process, the main ingredient of modulation an egg batter, stirring it with a small spoon uniform;

4. the marinated ribs evenly coated with the egg into the boiling oil in the paste, fry until golden shortening picked up on the plate;

5. Jiaru Qie good red pepper at the end, the end of light blue, green peppers at the end and after an appropriate amount of salt and pepper saute slightly and evenly sprinkle the ribs, then this dish even do a good job.

● steamed pork ribs when there is no steamer available if the home bowl instead of directly into the pot watered, flooded to the high half of the bowl can be. Otherwise, when the pot when steaming to add a little water, so water Shaogan. Remember to add the boiling water, or hot and cold, bowl easy to explode.

● Salt and pepper pork ribs with a layer of custard outside, so the pot, the pot of sauce will thicken immediately, then stir to stop to prevent the stick pan. Juice must be received dried, when the bottom of the pot are basically oil, divided between the ribs in the ribs will pull a wire of sugar, the juice can be received almost the same. Juice will seriously affect the finished dry confiscated luster and texture.

10, fried eggplant box
11, spicy fish
12, super simple and easy to waffles
13, candied banana
14, winter tonic fried lamb
15, pine nuts corn
16, spicy shrimp
17, old jars chicken legs
18, pickled loach
19, farm fish
20, spicy broth
21, from pickled salted egg 22, rice bacon roll
23, loosely soft coconut balls
24, ribs taste the mouth fragrant
25, salt and pepper ribs

Ah ha ha can not but say a lot of fun , really inviting ~ ~

PS: I greet are reproduced with good comrades ~ ~ Hey

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watching them deep in thought, the Chinese went on to say: the third group is the dragon and snake, on behalf of fierce dragon, snake on behalf of flexibility. The so-called Gang are easy to fold, so just the easy to break, but if only the soft side on the easy to lose assertive, therefore, hardness with softness is our Zuxun.

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slim, white body, distinguished and elegant.

's self-developed high-performance software Oh! !

side is also very handsome ~ ~

include: Search thousand degrees, Ali meow, ie 10 and many other software companies and the latest version of the software developed exclusively!

feel super dark blue shell, three-dimensional logo, hand-wind full of personality reflected! ! Art must have!

wear an electronic pen and digital tablet computer with hand-painted plate features hand-painted own ARTRAGE 5.0 software.

unique mode of coupons! !

There are many software MunanSoft

windows, Linux, Ubuntu, Mac and other systems)

Currently, MunanSoft are actively developing a new generation of pear more exclusive systems and other software, according to industry sources, the new generation of pear will have more sophisticated systems, including three-dimensional imaging capabilities, positioning the universe of stars, Ha Bo telescope camera, thermal sensing, heat the oxygen conversion, and health work correct! In the audio will also make greater improvements, home theater-level audio features and more! Insiders, MunanSoft has invited the world's leading artists, designers, including environmental science, ergonomics experts and other scientific experts in the field 300 are set to build a new generation of pear, name the current technology has not yet determined the However, insiders revealed: in the near future, as Bond will no longer be a dream.

I can not find their own more and more ,
perhaps frustrated I was standing here before just beats,
waiting the arrival of an important moment ,
but now I do not know why here waiting ,
life spent in constant repetition . like every dream I have is a busy Walker ,
where is my past and future ,
perhaps the time is really only just strike the shuttle ,
not the slightest trace of me left me constantly ...
warned of their own ,
occasional road will remain more powerful footwork ,
Unfortunately I missed her ,
; have been forgotten in staying ahead in the direction .
friend asked me the New Year wishes ,
but I actually forgot the past 24 years how I ever have done what years so passed on strike ,
not to mention disappointed ,
because I do not want to know which ... I was far away from .
I should be glad that my sound exists, without a soul , but the bladder ,
too eager as before, then it was also to tell me: you have not you ...
; 2.11
; essays

The Zune concentrates on being a Portable Media Player. Not a web browser. Not a game machine. Maybe in the future it'll do even better in those areas, but for now it's a fantastic way to organize and listen to your music and videos, and is without peer in that regard. The iPod's strengths are its web browsing and apps. If those sound more compelling, perhaps it is your best choice.

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