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"That which does not kill you makes you stronger."

What bitter irony it was, then, that a cancerous brain tumour ended her life at 25.

I finally have my Internet back. The bastards at BT, who suck so bad that no metaphor is appropriate, have set a new standard for suckiness. Replacing Royal Plastics, they are the suckiest.

My sister Rachael shows up today, if all has gone well! I'll find out in an hour or so when she either shows up or I stand around in the airport waiting like a chump for soemone who will never arrive.

I'm pretty excited about my sister visiting; Rachael's never been out of the country before, so it's doubly cool! All of the rest of the siblings have lived abroad for a while (and Mara and I still are!) Rachael and I never did those sisterly things when we were kids, like play with Barbies and braid each other's hair. I blame this on three things:

1. I was in college by the time Rachael was 10.
2. I had hair too short to braid and Rachael had hair too tangled to braid. And trying to get her to brush it was a major trauma for my mother, who is a fearsome and capable woman, so I was too daunted to even try.
3. I did play with Barbies, just differently from everyone else! Heh heh!

This time around, we'll make butter (as per Rachael's request, provided the fridge gets fixed!) and see shows and go to the castle, and watch street theater and go to the movies and talk about stuff and probably she'll sleep alot as well.

Anyway, her flight arrives in an hour, so that should be way cool!

Also, Ange is coming for a visit! I haven't seen Ange in a long time; the last real visit of any length was two years ago, almost to the day. It'll be great to see Ange, too.

Angela (picture somewhere earlier in the blog) has been my friend for a long time, long enough to know all the weird quirks I've got and is still my friend anyway, which is proof that she really means it!

Chick Tracts

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Okay, sometimes you just need to kick back and laugh.

These guys over at Chick Tracts have provided all the humor you need.

There's dozens of them, but this one is my favorite!

As if this could happen.

Israel's Eugenics Program

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I was over at Three Legged Duck, Violetta's articulate blog, and she posted a link to a Haaretz article about genetic counselors in Israel.

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