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New spammer alias, same game.

The gambling folks are back at it again, but this time we have more powerful tools to deal with the likes of lilo@suddenenlightenment.us and sunny@moonlightshadow.us

Interested? Read on below.

As a side note, I'm sick as a dog. Edinburgh has undergone the transformation that all it's denizens know and loathe. The sun now sets before five and rises after seven. It's cold and raining constantly. My throat feels as though someone has cleaned it with a scrub bud that had been dipped in Drano.

I'm miserable.


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Hey, Sunny! Kiss my American Ass, you punk bitch!

I own you! Ha!

Okay, here's the deal, for those of you who have missed out.

There is a spammer bot, spamming for a number of poker sites to increase their Google rank by a tried and true method of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). That method is to post referrer URLs on blogs that have open comments allowed.

Since most of us in the blogging community would like to have anyone who wants to able to post on our blogs, this kind of thing is particularly pernicious.

Well, I've done a couple of things.

First, I've logged all of the entries from sunny_at_moonlightshadow.us and her affiliated poker companies.

Second, I've extracted all of the IP addresses and performed a reverse DNS lookup on each one. I'm in the process of cross referencing that with a list of service providers for those blocks of addresses. Once that is complete I'll send a series of emails to the service providers who provide IP transit to those boxes and ask that their customers be informed - it's likely that sunny has illegally compromised their boxes.

Third, I've installed an anti-spam tool that is - so far - keeping sunny at bay.

There are a few more pieces to this story, but until I know who is with me and who is not I'm holding off.

- Nathan

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