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I love my mother.

I call her Maman, but in my head I still call her Mommy.

I can remember when she knew everything and could do anything.

I always squirmed when she held me.

I'll never do it again. I promise.

I love you, Maman.

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I love you, too. I don't mean to go all biblical, but I feel like (loosely) quoting, "Lord, take this cup away from me." I so wish I didn't have to walk this path. And that you all also didn't have to walk it with me. I am so sorry that this is happening.

Amen, Nae. Amen.

I will walk any and all paths with you no matter where they leads!!!! Arm and arm through eternity!

Now, Papa, that made me cry! (in a good way)

Thank you. It is nice to know I won't be alone. I just feel bad for leaving you alone. Love each other; forgive all and everything. Pain makes us do stupid, painful things. Forgive each other.

This made me smile and hopefully after your last post it will do the same for you:

Don’t be humble, you’re not that great.

WOW!!! Love your site, I have been here a few times now and I really enjoy reading it.

I have learnt so much just from the posts I have read today. You are now bookmarked and I will be back :-)


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I agree with your the rest is silence - The Definite Article, great post.

I agree with your the rest is silence - The Definite Article, good post.

I agree with your the rest is silence - The Definite Article, excellent post.

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I agree with your the rest is silence - The Definite Article, excellent post.

I agree with your the rest is silence - The Definite Article, excellent post.

I agree with your the rest is silence - The Definite Article, superb post.

I agree with your the rest is silence - The Definite Article, good post.

I agree with your the rest is silence - The Definite Article, good post.

1 , if you feel my heart dig dig cool cool , the phone call I ! Please press 1 to talk about feelings , talk about work , press 2 , press 3 to talk about life , I introduce to the object , press 5, I eat , please say so , please hang up to find I borrow money .

2, married to a monkey giraffe , giraffe filed for divorce after one year : I do not ever had this kind of jumping up and down the days ! Monkeys furious : on leave from ! Who has seen a mouth had to climb trees pro !

3, Fish said: Please receive text messages . Elephant in the center row of the stool , an ant just passing through, it looked up and looked at the mist-shrouded peaks that can not help but sing : Yeah friends claim , this is the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau ! ~ ~ ~ ~
5, with no one in the railway next to the large paper , do not worry , the train will remind you : pants rub , rub pants , pants rub ! No one on the river with a large paper , do not worry , the frog will tell you : stick scratch , scratch stick , stick stick scratch !
6, you put the ring in the office the old fart , my colleagues could not help but say you can not fail to speak out . Then I would see you sitting there rocking to and fro shook, ask what you're doing , you reply that I tune into the vibration of it!
7, a drunken man accidentally fell from the third floor , attracting passers-by crowd , a over : what happened ? drunk : do not know , I am also just arrived.

, and also send them a bottle of mineral water per person, by begging on the streets persons alike.
street beggars, a term sounds very new, in fact, plainly, is a beggar, saying Changzhou called
in most people's minds, beggars are a very nasty group of people shopping there will be frequent experience, come out from the hotel door, came out from the mall, there are always some people, staring at you money, and once you give a person, other people will swarm like a bunch of hungry wolf saw a lamb as your fenced until you Taoguang every coin pocket will give up. Such groups can be caring, so many people's minds quite unhappy, at least I admit when I first saw this news when the heart is sour, I think working hard every day, even the company issued root popsicle, it was not until the temperature at 35 degrees above what the party's brilliant shine to the beggars before the body?
careful thought, suddenly relieved. In a democratic society, freedom of career choice is, as we sell their intellectual, physical, like beggars who used to sell their self-esteem, their own self-esteem in exchange for a revenue, is the essence of a democratic society people born equal, we can enjoy, beggars are also entitled to enjoy, Changzhou relief stations of the behavior is a manifestation of this basic principle, we should vigorously support my son.
to what occupation a person's freedom, prosperity prosperous as the United States, Japan, and its age-old career as a beggar, still exist, recalled the New York subway, great promise, such as the labyrinth of the subway, the total will be seen in twos and threes a few beggars, not a lot of legs missing arm, or a lot of legitimate prime, but also sitting there, but the use of props and, unlike China, its Manner, it is in no different.
a year to accompany a few foreigners to Yuyao, that few foreigners are ethnic Chinese, has long since did not know Chinese, but looks quite Chinese legacy, from the hotel out of the door a group of beggars, shouting with his mouth, walk with us, foreigners to know why (in my opinion, play the fool some more ingredients), a beggar who had dispersed, and so we ate dinner back to the hotel entrance, is still around over a bunch of beggars, the difference is, this group of people, more than a few can speak English, and kept more than understand a foreign language, income may actually be higher than others.
respect everyone, no matter what profession you are engaged in, whether you are living in a society in which hierarchy, begging and bottled water to relief stations Changzhou this news, and recently Shanxi rescue 69 miners trapped , direct costs amounted to 16 million yuan, read two news together, can not but feel that our government is becoming more humane, more cute together.
way to work, the news station's the so-called
In fact, in my opinion, this is really no need to worry, although the rule of law in a society where everyone has the obligation to abide by the law, but the agency of the Public Security Bureau is not a rescue shelter, rescue shelter itself We do not need to take place of the Public Security Bureau's obligation to enforce the law, relief in itself, is a special work, which determines the object of his work, there are a lot of itself does not really engaged in a law or regulations for the activities permitted As a hospital, the emergency patients, regardless of the patient is not injured in the crime, but should be considered the first time to rescue the patient. Begging to relief stations to take the responsibility of driving, that there do not know how many innocent of Sun Zhigang to die.
As these
News Links:
city of vagrants and beggars to take the high-temperature mineral water complimentary

I agree with your the rest is silence - The Definite Article, great post.

I agree with your the rest is silence - The Definite Article, wonderful post.

I agree with your the rest is silence - The Definite Article, great post.

Because of you, I seriously, which I changed, I worked hard and I had ... I am sad silly, you silly; my pain, the pain for you; the night, you are my kind of inertia memories ... I do not want to struggling the past, I do not want to work in the past, I do not want to miss and care, but these are just do not want, I can not insist that it is ... there is a heartache, there is a waiver of loneliness; the rest of life Only wait and miss ... going through some things, you read some of the people ... see through the truth, promises, lies, start, end; not really like to avoid loneliness, and dealing with loneliness, lonely half-forgotten in a corner of the peeping of There is a feeling called happiness ... learn; there is a regret called heartbreak, time day by day in the past, accumulated little by little sad, until I can not bear, the heart is dead, you will find: love how deep the pain there is more concentrated. Loved the deep side informed, drunk behind the known alcohol concentration; not love what is the gap, do not want what is the ratio. ? When you love a person, you would do. ? Night because you think he will not sleep; when you like a do not like themselves, how would you do it. ? A unrequited love. ? A pain. ? Still have to work hard for him, for him to do more, watching his own happiness will be happy. ? Maybe I love too helpless, knowing that no result has chosen to Kill love; may love more deeply, hurt more pain, but, the more pain and more love! Bow, silent, squatting corner, a few tears ... the heart lies, tears in surrender! Fear of injury, so I chose to leave ... because you love the feeling, there have been; sense of betrayal, there have been; parting feeling, there have been; Finally, even the dead have had the feeling, has been waiting for you back , in return for the final heartbreaking blurred ... this world Only you can let me know what love is, what is pain, pain! I have been paralyzed, does not matter just make me a deeper injury, blame yourself too inflexible will make you hurt so thoroughly, and watch your leave, I bow to smile, but tears already surrendered, and gradually, only to find how much you ridiculous, and slowly walked into my world quietly stole my heart, silently watching the final but went straight back to your left, go so thoroughly, you leave let me know: The original love so fragile always can not stand this torment, but I chose to wait ... I look down on that humble love, my thoughts away, leaving only bitter memories of that ... just to look up to 45 degrees that was constant reason, do not want to let the tears fall ... does not matter dedication, so that love Xiedu a lonely, perhaps I will leave, just because love is too deep, too deep depression, injuries too ... love to deepen the understanding of pain and lost consciousness, I understand the heartache. love; hovering just does not matter! Love, we forget the time with each other after breaking up, time for us to forget each other, I found a sad excuse for silence, fingers closely related, meditation forever ... I love you too realistic fake, so I'm looking for no reasons for leaving, people will not know less than a bruised regret, I really love you, his face says it does not matter, but it is still very care! Life is like a drama, who arranged for me ...

wanton twisted her sexy body put on a variety of attractive positions

Banke so that his eyes are not allowed to leave
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fortunate to meet just -born calf , sheep , ponies , speckled , so cute , lying on her mother 's side , full of stubborn curiosity looked at this new world , they are very satisfied , good sweet grass , a mother 's milk , have a warm wind , as well as sweet rain . Kind of like a sudden desire to keep only pony and watch it grow, live each day full of expectations . I would also like a pony , like happiness , we should have a bright sun , stubborn brilliant .

do not know what to write , and always think we should write about , life seems to be contradictory , yes, everywhere is full of contradictions. In Chongqing during the days , old friends around to hear the word comes to tangle ... ...

fact, happiness is very simple , stuck to their faith to keep going , you will happy .

insist that it is an excellent tough character , but do they really want to pay many, many , chose to not regret , can not regret it , keep going , no matter what kind of results , because you have chosen . A lot of people are often not happy, relax, and it is because they are not insisted on their choice in doubt , so worry about the outcome , but not the satisfaction. Better than .

eat properly, get up early to bed early, confident , and the sun alive. Care about is the process alive , cherish the life of every detail .

I have to learn to adhere to , so go , go ... ...

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thousands and thousands of shops Taobao, Taobao is Wan thousands of products, how to quickly find buy cheap authentic it? Taobao veteran, this is not an easy thing, let alone a novice, with the following categories Taobao genuine shopping channel, simply find what they want cheap goods, with a look!

12: rice tea herbs duck

material: Duck cut half a block, a packet of herbs (person Triple, parsley, red dates , chestnut, stone fruit, astragalus, Wujiapi 。。。), ginger, garlic.

seasoning: the first glass of wine (the wine is very fragrant, rich flavor, alcohol is more volatile after the duck soup with flavor), salt.

practice: After the boiling water rinse duck to fly, into the pot, into the eight bowl of water / glass of wine first, add all ingredients to the fire to boil, skim foam, Turn to low heat simmer for two hours, to season with salt.


18: Duck duck...

bought a tender thin skin of the duck tea (tea in tea breeding fresh-eating duck), made a duck and Meal: (1) Rose Luya, (2) oil double winter duck pieces, (3) skeleton duck soup boil cabbage.

(1) Rose Luya -

Material: Duck legs, duck wings, Yajing, duck eggs (cooked peeled).

halogen material: spring onion, ginger / garlic, star anise, bay leaf, dried chili, dried tangerine peel.

halogen juice: water Liuwan, soy sauce cup, a tablespoon of salt, a half tablespoon of sugar, half a glass of rose wine.

practice: gravy plus halogen material cooking 25 minutes, a small fire into the material ± 40 minutes, turn off after 60 minutes to soak.

(2) oil double winter duck pieces -

Material: sliced ​​duck breast (with a little cornstarch, a little wine salt), sliced ​​bamboo shoots, mushrooms soaked slices, ginger / garlic / pepper each slice.

seasoning: a tablespoon of oil, a half tablespoon soy sauce, cooking wine and a half tablespoons sugar / MSG, a little , cornstarch and water amount.

practice: Heat two tablespoons oil, stir-fry quickly spread into the duck pieces scattered, picked up the spare. Heat the remaining oil pan, put in ginger / garlic / chili flakes saute, add bamboo shoots / mushrooms, stir-fry 2-3 minutes, two spoons of soup, duck back into the film, adding the oil / soy sauce / wine / sugar / MSG to stir quickly stir fry a while, with the cornstarch and water hook thin gravy.

(3) skeleton duck soup boiled cabbage -

Siwan water add ginger, onion, wine, duck soup, boiling down to the skeleton with the left about two bowls, fishing Serve the soup all the debris discarded. cut long strips of cabbage, mushrooms silk, bamboo shoots into the soup along with cooking 30 minutes, add soaked bamboo, pepper flakes, a pinch of salt / sugar / MSG continue to cook 5 minutes, with a little cornstarch and water hook thin gravy, topped with diesel oil can.

1: miscellaneous materials

pot duck: duck chop coarse block (to the bloody hot), mini potato / carrot (7 minutes into the boiling water and cook until cooked, about 15 minutes), cabbage, ginger , star anise, a can of beer.

seasonings: spicy bean sauce, two spoons of debate, soy sauce / soy sauce of one tablespoon, one tablespoon sugar, salt / taste a little different.

practice: Heat two tablespoons oil, put the ginger / star anise until fragrant, add duck stir fry extract the oil, pour beer, add all the seasonings, cover and simmer over low heat 45 minutes, placed near the potato / carrot / cabbage to cook for 15 minutes. Incense and ah! ! !

17: Triple Angelica people duck / mushrooms and bamboo shoots simmered duck

I. people Triple angelica duck
Material: duck (duck only about half the weight), number of flowers mushrooms (soaked), Triple Korean people a pack of soup herbs, a few pieces of angelica, wolfberry a teaspoon, a few pieces of ginger, rice wine, four spoon, a little salt.

practices: water for eight jobs were added Triple soup herbs / Angelica / wolfberry / ginger boil, turn the small Huoao smell out drugs (about 20 minutes) into the duck / mushroom , rice wine, stir and simmer for 20 minutes to turn a small fire continued to simmer for 90 minutes, season with salt. can also be surface line / set the bowl boiled thin noodles, topped with duck soup, put several pieces of duck / mushrooms as a meal eaten.


mushrooms bamboo shoots braised duck material: duck (duck only about half the weight), number of flowers mushrooms (soaked), cut Magnolia soaked bamboo shoots thick wire, a few ginger pieces.

Ingredients: water, a bowl soak mushrooms / water bowl, two spoons of rice wine, soy sauce, a tablespoon and a half, salt, sesame oil and two spoons.
approach: sesame oil pan, put ginger, duck, mushrooms and stir fry until the smell of overflow, pouring wine, add mushrooms soak water / water, soy sauce / salt, cover and cook until stew over low heat Sulan, turn stir dry soup can be closed to all shoots almost the essence absorbed, delicious!

4: chicken stew person Triple

materials: half a chicken cut into pieces flying hot water, a fresh one triple, raw abalone, mushrooms soaked , ginger, a tablespoon of wine were triple, a little salt.

practice: 5 bowl of water into the stew pot, put chicken, one triple, abalone, mushrooms, ginger, wine. Into the steamer, and steam impermeable to 25 minutes, turn a small fire continued to steam 95 minutes, season with salt.

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chickens and ducks to eat the world's best practice Daquan! (Do not turn regret) want to eat, want to learn to share, please click, save up!

material: a small chicken, a bamboo tube, triple the number of fresh people, Angelica, Ginkgo biloba, wolfberry, red dates, garlic, rice four tablespoons / purple half tablespoons (slightly washed foam), salt, rice wine.

practice: the chicken to take care of clean, the rice / purple Mise into the belly cavity. bamboo wash, all the ingredients set tube end into the bamboo chicken (head under the legs), add a tablespoon of rice wine, half teaspoon salt, filled with water, take a wet tissue paper on a blanket in the bamboo tube mouth. big pot into the water (enough to submerge and bamboo half) boil, move the bamboo pot simmer for 25 minutes after the big switch to a small fire and simmer 90 minutes.

feature of this approach is the chicken flavor, the soup penetrates into the the smell of herbs and light bamboo incense, was a micro-light green, the color, flavor and taste really. of course, is the essence of belly cavity in those soft and fragrant sticky rice, and very evocative!

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20: Beer duck

Material: duck cut into small pieces, dried chili, ginger tablets, garlic debate, onions, star anise, pepper, orange peel, bay leaf.

seasoning: a can of beer, two spoons of soy sauce, salt / MSG, a little different, marked a tablespoon.
way: Heat the pan a tablespoon of oil, after oil broke the duck pieces picked up. pot stay in a tablespoon of oil to the garlic, chili, ginger until fragrant, back into the duck pieces, pour beer, put pepper, star anise, orange peel, bay leaf, salt / soy sauce / onions, boil, turn a small fire, cover and simmer 45 minutes, were mixed with diesel oil can be topped. spicy appetizing, plump and rich, soup mix rice lo mein class.

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10: Braised chestnut chicken

materials: half a chicken cut into pieces, fresh chestnuts / roasted chestnuts all ten , mushrooms (soaked), garlic, ten, a few pieces of ginger, pepper flakes.

Ingredients: water, a bowl soak mushrooms, sesame oil and two spoons, a tablespoon of soy sauce, a tablespoon of soy sauce, two spoons of rice wine, a teaspoon of sugar, salt / MSG, a little different.

practice: sesame oil pan, put ginger / garlic until fragrant, add chicken / mushroom stir-fry evenly; into the water, into the fresh chestnuts, boiled cover cook ten minutes; add other seasonings / roasted chestnuts / pepper flakes, stir fry until sauce is about to turn dries to

6: Spiced Luya

materials: half a chopped duck fast (flying over water rinse), eggs (cooked peeled), ginger chip and pepper.

Ingredients: marinade: two cups of chicken broth, a cup of rose wine, soy sauce cup, water cup, a teaspoon of allspice, a brine bag [containing pepper, cloves, bay leaves, cinnamon, star anise, licorice, strawberry], ginger, pepper, three tablespoons of sugar. All halogen material boil, turn simmer thirty minutes.

practice: a tablespoon of the oil pan, put ginger / pepper until fragrant, add duck stir fry a while, extract the oil, remove, and eggs together in the first to fire into the gravy rolling boil 15 minutes after a small fire ± 30 minutes.

material: spring chicken, two fresh abalone, scallops, three (soaked), take a concubine, mussels meat, fresh scallops one, take a large conch meat, a fresh one triple, two dates, a little salt, a tablespoon of rice wine.

chicken filling materials: two spoons of rice, red rice a tablespoon garlic two, a teaspoon of pine nuts, ginkgo three (all after mixing were filled chicken belly cavity to a toothpick to seal tight end, tied with cotton thread the chicken combined.

practice: the chicken into the stew, adding other materials (except salt), sealed, placed into the pot, drain and steam for 30 minutes to turn a small steam 90 minutes into the season with salt.

Material: 1 chicken (a half kilogram), three tablespoons of onion, ginger and two sub-key, white pepper, three tablespoons of oil, salt, cornstarch and water.

Marinade: 1 teaspoon salt, a tablespoon of rice wine, scallion / ginger.

practice: the chicken to take care of clean, inside and outside with the marinade and marinate for about two hours after a wipe over. Amount of water (enough to submerge at least the chicken) to boil, put the chicken, cover with high heat for 10 minutes, turn off to stew for 15 minutes. Remove the cooked chicken cut swing set, then the onion / ginger bedding in the chicken, sprinkle with pepper. Heat 3 tablespoons oil, pour in the ginger on. Take 1 / 2 cup of remaining broth to boil boiled, seasoned with salt, cornstarch and water hook with sulfur glass gravy, pour in the chicken on top.

2: herbal duck soup noodles alcohol

materials: (1) pretty duck several pieces (to the bloody hot standby), surface Line a (hot soft), (2) ginseng, angelica, wolfberry, red dates, bamboo shoots, mushrooms, ginger, (3) brewed a small cup of wine, a little salt.

practice: 5 bowl of water plus materials (2) boil, then duck into the boil, turn soup simmer 90 minutes, add wine / salt and simmer 15 minutes. Set bowl noodles, pour soup / materials can be eaten.

Note: use the liquor brewed wine, the alcohol concentration is not high, not too Xinlie. Due to the addition of licorice / wolfberry / dates, so sweet and mellow taste, full of ginseng / Angelica herbal, drink, or join the net is very suitable for flavoring soup.

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11: Chan taro stew duck

9: Triple taste Sauce Shredded chicken

Material: Triple-cut thin slices of fresh human Houqie Si, chicken thigh meat cut into thick filaments (with a little cornstarch, cooking wine, salt, white pepper marinate for 30 minutes , mushrooms soaked shredded cabbage (shredded cabbage).

sauce: sweet chili sauce (Korean chili sauce one tablespoon plus one teaspoon of honey, half teaspoon of soy sauce, half teaspoon of sesame oil, a few drops of red were mixed with vinegar), a teaspoon of cooking wine, soy sauce and a half teaspoon, soaked mushrooms and their jobs less than half the water, cornstarch water amount.

practice: Heat two tablespoons oil, stir into the chicken stalls scattered moments, Add mushrooms / stir-fry until chicken cooked Korea Caisi (about 7-8 minutes), release the Triple silk / sweet chili sauce / wine / soy sauce / mushroom water, boil, thicken with cornstarch and water, topped with sesame oil / red vinegar and mix well to.

5: herbal duck soup
This road is mainly soup, long after the meat has been boiled and tasteless, so you can try using duck skeleton, meat stewed with some keep.

Material: duck skeleton cut into pieces (flying over water rinse), a packet of herbs (fresh human Triple, angelica, red dates, wolfberry, Astragalus, Wujiapi, ginger, garlic), rice wine 2 large key.

practice: eight bowls of water and add all the ingredients cook 25 minutes into the duck pieces, cooking wine, then bring to boil, turn to simmer 90 minutes left 2-3 jobs, that is flavored with a pinch of salt available.

the soup line is used for lo mein, Xiamen, one kind of another person miss home to eat, can not completely discard the oil, eat up even more slippery mouth.

Material: duck just less than half the cut block, Chan steamed taro, peeled (peeled raw line when the phenomenon is apt to cause itchy), soaked mushrooms, cabbage (cabbage), ginger, pepper.
Ingredients: water / soak the mushrooms and water bowl, a tablespoon of sesame oil, rice wine, two spoons, a tablespoon of hot bean sauce debate, soy sauce / soy sauce of one tablespoon, sugar / salt / MSG, a little different.
practice: sesame oil pan, put the ginger / pepper flakes / duck stir fry until fragrant, into the water / foam mushroom water / wine boil cover, turn a small fire to cook about 60 minutes to join Chan Taro / cabbage / mushrooms and other seasonings, turn the fire to simmer for 10 minutes lifting the lid to turn stir fry thick thick soup can.

( Do not turn regret )

7: sub-ginger chicken

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8: tender chicken ginger / soy sauce chicken wire lo mein


Ginger chicken dish, although tender meat, but it is fresh and taste, slightly spicy but not Sim. The delicious chicken, mushrooms sweet, ginger, crisp, very appetizing.

materials: chicken thigh meat cut into thick filaments (with a little salt / wine / cornstarch and a little salt), ginger cut into thin slices, fresh mushrooms, scallion.

Seasoning: soy sauce and a half tablespoons of salt / MSG, a little different, a half tablespoon cooking wine and white pepper.

practice: Heat two tablespoons oil, put chicken fried powder, add ginger / mushrooms / onion and all seasonings to stir fry until cooked quickly.

II. Soy sauce chicken lo mein, lo mein

this road there is a strong smell of soy sauce, tender chicken or focus. Pumpkin fine surface texture soft

Materials: pumpkin fine flour, chicken thigh meat cut into thick filaments (with a little salt / wine / cornstarch and a little salt), mushrooms, pepper / sweet pepper wire, garlic, scallion.

seasoning: a tablespoon of soy sauce, broth and a half bowl, a tablespoon of cooking wine, soy sauce and a half tablespoons.

practice: half pot of boiling water, add two spoons of edible vegetable oil, into the boiled noodles (about 3-4 minutes), picked up drained, stir in a tablespoon of cooked oil.

two tablespoons oil pan, put fried chicken powder, add mushrooms, pepper / sweet pepper, silk, garlic, spring onion until fragrant add all seasonings, boiled immediately turn off, put back to the fishing noodles mixed evenly.

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15: Neptune Orient bamboo cup chicken

materials: three live abalone, scallops, two bubbles soft, three mushrooms soaked, a few people triple, two chicken, two red dates, ginger and a few pieces, a tablespoon of cooking wine, salt, water, a bamboo tube.

approach: all the materials into the bamboo tube, filled with water, add wine. big pot into the water (enough to submerge half and bamboo) boil, move the bamboo pot simmer for 25 minutes after the big switch to a small fire and simmer 90 minutes, with salt seasoning.

19: stewed chicken

=============================================== =================

16: Triple bamboo stew chicken

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3: ginger chicken Youlin

Although there is no soil broiler chicken tender, but the chicken flavor, and the other people think of a child to go home reared chicken flavor. . .

materials: half a chicken, onion / ginger, pepper flakes, wine, salt, white pepper, monosodium glutamate, edible vegetable oil.

boiled soup: a small half pot of water (enough to swamp chicken) add ginger / onion / wine boil.

practice: the chicken into the boiled soup, in the boil, turn heat and simmer for 10 minutes turn off the cover soak for 10 minutes. Remove the chicken, meat cooler tear strip from rising, Wobble. Take a half bowl of chicken soup, salt / white pepper / MSG were mixed, pour over the chicken. The onion / ginger / pepper flakes on the chicken shop, topped with 4 tablespoons of boiling oil can.

13: called black chicken

material: a silky, fresh human Triple, angelica, red dates, wolfberry, Astragalus, Wujiapi, garlic, pine nuts, rice ( washed with water and soak two hours).

practice: clean, chicken care, seed rice Gason / wolfberry / dates / garlic mix into the chicken abdominal cavity, after all, the end seal with a toothpick. five bowl of water boil, add all ingredients boiled for 30 minutes to fragrance overflow. the chicken into the stew, and soup ingredients into the wok and steam for 30 minutes impermeable to turn a small fire continued to steam 90 minutes, add seasoning to charge.

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14: boiled chicken / Rose Lu Ji legs

I. boiled chicken

practice: chicken wipe a little salt / cooking wine, salt about 25 minutes. Guo Lifang San Taiwan water, add ginger / garlic / onion, a tablespoon of cooking wine, half tablespoon salt to boil. into the chicken, then boil until the soup after heat and simmer for eight minutes, turn off a ten-minute soak. This chicken is very tender and juicy.
stick material 1 garlic / ginger / onion / pepper flakes home dish, add a little salt, topped with three tablespoons of boiling oil can.

stick material 2 two spoons soy sauce, a teaspoon of balsamic vinegar.

stick material 3. garlic chili sauce.

II. Rose Lu Ji legs

practice: the chicken immersed in the marinade (*), the transfer turn off immediately after the open fire, soak ten minutes; re-fire, boil again after turn off, turn over, soak for ten minutes. Rose must tender chicken with sauce is the top grade, on the old lost all taste.

(*) Lu Ji juice: two cups of chicken broth, a cup of rose wine, soy sauce cup, a cup of water, a brine bag (with pepper, cloves, bay leaves, cinnamon, star anise, licorice, strawberry) , the number of pieces ginger, garlic number of tablets, onion one, three spoons of sugar. all halogen material boil, turn simmer thirty minutes.


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Happened in a certain online games.
The day after the summer holidays, I know the crazy brush copy of this MM.
I play the swordsman and she is Summoner.
Her name is
her favorite saying, friends rogue away
see her and they talk very happy I am a little jealous ah.
we play this area, usually with a local thing, actually met such a lovely girl, I want her to be my girlfriend .
But every time in the game when my wife asked her good, and looking for her to QQ, she very seriously said, how to be less than with her QQ.
bleeding yesterday, I received this a few hundred RMB Need Staff, gave her, provided that the QQ to me. She hesitated for a long time after she finally gave me the Q number.
immediately add friends, but a message appears
I was surprised, do I know her?!
then in the group!
I rub!!! I wiped clean!!!!
I was junior high school, a cousin had to go to university, usually not too much ... ...
contact me because of who actually thought bubble to his brother,dr dre beats pro, a cup ah!
did not sleep well last night, one night ... ... ...
LOLI now see the image of the Master that I would think that wretched cousin ... ...

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Zune and iPod: Most people compare the Zune to the Touch, but after seeing how slim and surprisingly small and light it is, I consider it to be a rather unique hybrid that combines qualities of both the Touch and the Nano. It's very colorful and lovely OLED screen is slightly smaller than the touch screen, but the player itself feels quite a bit smaller and lighter. It weighs about 2/3 as much, and is noticeably smaller in width and height, while being just a hair thicker.

If you're still on the fence: grab your favorite earphones, head down to a Best Buy and ask to plug them into a Zune then an iPod and see which one sounds better to you, and which interface makes you smile more. Then you'll know which is right for you.

Computer owners often wonder why, you may often feel back pain, body resistance is increasingly weak, the spirit is often unable to concentrate, you absolutely can not imagine the reason for the neglected, according to MPR Ⅱ international radiation safety requirements, the 50cm distance necessary? 25V / m amount of radiation exposure, but the amount of radiation you know the computer is? Tell you -
Ⅰ,Monster Miles Davis Tribute, keyboard 1000V / m
Ⅱ, mouse 450V / m
Ⅲ, screen 218V / m
Ⅳ, host 170V / m
Ⅴ, Note recipe effective anti-radiation computer:
first one: put the computer next to pots of cactus, which can effectively absorb radiation;
; second measure: life is stressful but also for busy people who, against the computer radiation is the easiest way is to drink in the morning 2 to 3 cups of green tea, eat an orange. Tea is rich in vitamin A former, it is absorbed by the body, can be quickly converted into vitamin A. Not only can vitamin A synthesis of rhodopsin, but also in the dark under the eyes to see things more clearly, therefore, green tea will not only eliminate the computer radiation hazards, but also to protect and enhance vision. If you are not used to drink green tea, chrysanthemum tea can also play against the computer radiation and regulate the function of the body, Spirulina, sea buckthorn oil also has anti-radiation effect;
third measure : good skin care online prior to isolation, such as the use of pearl film, the unique a lot of electromagnetic radiation absorption of particles, to promptly wash with water, so will reduce the radiation suffered 70%!
fourth measure: operating on the computer screen when the best computer security a special color filter panels to reduce the radiation hazards, loitering metal objects should not be placed indoors to avoid the re-emission of electromagnetic waves . Using the computer, to adjust the brightness of the screen, in general, the larger the screen brightness, electromagnetic radiation is stronger, the smaller the contrary. However, it can not be stressed too dark, so the brightness is too small to affect results, and could easily lead to eye fatigue.
fifth trick: as much as possible to buy new computers, generally do not use old computers, old computers are generally more powerful radiation, at the same distance, under conditions of similar models, the general 1-2 times the new computer.
Sixth move: computer placement is very important. Try to not let the screen toward the back of someone's place, because the back of the computer radiation is strongest, followed by the right and left, front screen, but radiation is the weakest. To be able to see the word to prevail, at least 50 cm to 75 cm distance, thus reducing the harm of electromagnetic radiation.
seventh move: pay attention to indoor air: research confirmed that the computer screen can produce a brominated dibenzofuran carcinogens. Therefore, the best place to install the computer room ventilation fans, if not, the Internet, with particular attention to ventilation.
eighth trick: pay attention to appropriate, eat some carrots, bean sprouts, tomatoes, lean meat, animal liver, rich in vitamins A, C, and protein foods, often drink green tea and so on.
ninth trick: often people who work at the computer dry eyes often feel pain, so the computer desk is necessary to put a few pieces of banana, the banana in potassium can help the body expel excess salt, potassium and sodium in the body to achieve balance, relieve eye symptoms. Also, bananas contain a large number of β-carotene, when the body lacks this kind of material, the eye becomes painful, dry, dull eyes, dehydration less God, more bananas not only reduce these symptoms, but also a certain extent, alleviate eye fatigue, prevent premature aging eyes.

[ Source : ffffound] Russian photographer Alexey Titarenko 's long exposure method used in the last century, 92 to 94 years shooting the streets of St. Petersburg .

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children at home do not imitate . Comment below that , I admit ill-considered , but you eat eggs , or your own .

001 ◎ mice an angry, we are all sick cats.
002 ◎ MM argument and a whale is not a fish, and finally I said,
003 ◎ man young gold, I cut down the legs, and even pieces of copper did not find it!
004 ◎ spring I put corn buried in the earth, to fall I will gain a lot of corn. Spring, I put my wife buried in the earth, to fall ... I'll be shot!
005 ◎ If you see a shadow in front, do not be afraid, it is because the sun behind you!
006 ◎ travels to brothels were not old, please Huiren.
007 ◎ hear Jun's words, I have ten books province!
008 ◎ 0-year-old debut appearance, 10-year-old every day. 20-year-old lofty ideal, 30-year-old worked hard. Basic orientation of 40-year-old, 50-year-old popular everywhere. 60-year-old playing mahjong, 70-year-old wandering everywhere. 80-year-old Lara homemade, 90-year-old hanging on the wall!
009 ◎ undressed, I was an animal, put on clothes I Yiguanqinshou!
010 ◎ Shi Tai, a monk, right from you! ... Long,beats by dre studio, long time ... Shitai, you spare a monk, right!
011 ◎ into gold, I want her as the gold as dirt.
013 ◎ read 10 languages, as chat half QQ.
014 ◎ lazy bed the morning, then six coins in his pocket: If you throw to six are positive, I went to school! Thinking hesitate a long time, or forget, do not take the risk of ... ...
015 ◎ I spent 80,000 to buy a Western Zhou pottery, called yesterday to the Western Zhou Dynasty? This is the last week! ! ! But that does not tolerate the money is fake! ! ! !
017 ◎ who was friends pretended to be dead, a woman makes herself by plastic surgery.
018 ◎ grow up to marry monk, to play to play, can not play put him eat.
019 ◎ Oh my god, except one male and one female.
020 ◎ Do not wait until everybody says when you find yourself really ugly ugly.
021 ◎ If a friend can betray each value of five, I also made a small fortune.
022 ◎ Personals: requirements are as follows, A alive, B woman.
023 ◎ to the point of the sun I'll rot.
024 ◎ to eat a proper, only fresh weight ah.
025 ◎ Shanghai Triad, shake to Modoribashi.
026 ◎ fate is responsible for shuffling, but the game of cards is our own!
027 ◎ Q: Do you like my point? A: I like you away from me!
028 ◎ you come back, I do not come one 忽悠!
029 ◎ life like Zude's mouth, the next you never know who will be unlucky ~ ~ ~
030 ◎ fell, got up and cry ~ ~ ~
031 ◎ difficult world to extricate themselves, in addition to teeth, as well as love.
032 ◎ Xi'an Jiaotong University, when passing a dinosaur on the trips to the bathroom, came out she sobbed: Live, easy. Life is not easy.
034 ◎ my cousin, more than four years. From the beginning of the text, not even the test in three years. Then martial arts, martial arts made a vector field, officials in the drum, by the out. Switched to medicine, essays a recipe, clothes, and death.
035 ◎ ask to have the misery, like a group of eunuchs on the brothel ... ...
036 ◎ My life career, and eating has no limits ~ ~ ~
037 ◎ want a place where there are two ways to pollution : garbage, or money!
038 ◎ the young, we often directed at the mirror and make faces; old age, the mirror be even.
039 ◎ you blind ah? You can not see such a large shield, but why should throw stones at me on the head!
040 ◎ problems first to find the cause, not a strange planet has no gravity constipation.
041 ◎ racking our brains decision-making, to ensure that each of the offerings, shot ass leave.
042 ◎ We are going too fast, the soul can not keep up ... ...
043 ◎ Do not stoop to earth ~ ~ ~
044 ◎ girl from virgin to a woman and as long as a success, the boy from the virgin Men need to repeatedly change the temper!
045 ◎ Chulai Hun, his wife sooner or later want to change it!
046 ◎ child grow up, I thought I could save the world, and so grow up they discover the whole world can not save me ... ...
047 ◎ are rich uncle! QZONER but it is not also owe!
048 ◎ even if I was a toad, a toad I will never marry his mother.
049 ◎ why long sleep before his death, since death will be buried ... ...
050 ◎ tailor did not want to cook, not a good driver.
051 ◎ time is the best teacher, but unfortunately - the last he killed the all students.
052 ◎ road trip to Xi'an, a burst of bluster Dalian Dalian man more than a lot of good, and then said Dalian City at the time the centennial celebration of a very grand and so on, and then asked the next one: What is a city centennial celebration did not? ... ...
054 ◎ harmonious campus, perhaps riding a bicycle was a Ph.D., and open-Benz may be a logistical ... ...
055 ◎ is gold, always spend the; a mirror, always reflecting the ... ...
056 ◎ my girlfriend because she improperly nuns four did not, Anli charge.
057 ◎ star off point can be more famous, I was caught off the bare up!
058 ◎ see a beautiful MM, having no way to strike up a conversation, a brick street, picked up, stepped forward, scientists, fantasy is the landlord of his young master, families with fertile fields all day, ignorant and incompetent, nothing led a group of dog I took to the streets to take liberties with what decent girl ... ...
060 ◎ Do not talk to me about ideal, quit !
061 ◎ your roses, chocolate for you, your diamond. You, my!
062 ◎ so-called surprise is waiting for your rabbit to a hard, followed by a wolf!
063 ◎ What is fortunate? Happiness is a cat fish dog meat, Altman played little monster!
064 ◎ both farmer bragging: 065 ◎ cockroaches are not afraid of cockroaches drugs, and vitamins that we do not even get it working!
066 ◎ long a bun like to not blame the dog to follow!
067 ◎ Touxing when a man second only to Einstein's IQ!
068 ◎ Chinese efforts to study! A pack of Chinese a lot of sore ... ...
069 ◎ If you can not give your woman to wear the wedding dress, so do not stop you untie the hands of her buttoned!
070 ◎ Do not think you can do to wear dirty clothes tainted witnesses; do not think you can do wearing wooden clogs slippers witness ... ...
071 ◎ cause is a national, honor is the unit, the performance is led by the wages is the wife, the child's property is the error of their own.
072 ◎ Nirvana Phoenix is ​​reborn, reborn pheasant is Evil Dead.
073 ◎ If one day I become a rogue, please tell others, I too innocent ... ...
074 ◎ I only have a car, or own ... ...
075 ◎ woman has numerous QQ, just to liberties with a man, a man above a QQ number commonly used to fill a variety of women ... ...
076 ◎ chance to see the book on the so-called contemporary woman mate selection criteria: Then write down the standard fantasy wife in the election: people being bullied.
078 ◎ sleep is an art - who can not stop my pursuit of artistic footsteps!
079 ◎ In order to avoid domestic violence, so I decided not to get married!
080 ◎ You can live like a pig, but you will never be as happy as pigs!
081 ◎ lightning Pirates of the bell, maintaining the original aim, to succeed not worth mentioning, this material most Acacia storm, a house does not sweep sweep invincible, east west sunrise rain falls, I raise my eyes comparative study, transfixed hair when everyone happy, chickens Yanyong chopper small scale, hard-edged spring, Weiweijiuzhao Po Kui, Very good bye, eight-tooth Lupin, blew out the new moon ... ...
082 ◎ a blog diary of a woman : a certain day, drunk and go, hand touched - in mobile phones and chastity, sleep!
083 ◎ and beautiful, and pure, gentle, sexy, cute virgin, like ghosts, men are talking about it, but no one has ever witnessed ... ...
084 ◎ remember the primary school teacher scolded me: Now, they will not dare to laugh is a laugh ... ...
085 ◎ If happiness is a cloud, if the pain like the stars. That my life is really cloudless, starry sky ... ...
086 ◎ contraceptive effect: not successful, it becomes
087 ◎ alone is a person's carnival, carnival is a group of people alone.
088 ◎ most tiring thing in this world, than to watch his heart is broken, had to stick it up yourself.
089 ◎ tragic life is: made a hard night of eclectic content of the dream, wake up the next morning actually can not remember all of it!
090 ◎ father asked me what to pursue in life? I replied, money and beauty, his father vicious hit my face; I replied, career and love, the father appreciated the touch of my head.
091 ◎ men lust, color center slightly stronger than that called satyr, another strong point called the goat, but also to strengthen called rapist, You Qijiang it became perverted rapist, lust to the extreme, the artist known as body aesthetics .
092 ◎ remember one day recently graduated, his girlfriend sent me a text message: can be completely sad ... ...
093 ◎ here prohibit urine, and offenders confiscated tools.
094 ◎ see beauty in the street, looking a little higher is appreciated, look low point is that rogue.
095 ◎ baby his mother, nothing if life there are many things to do it, do not delay the effort and I play hide and seek, and quickly jumped out Come on ~ ~ ~
096 ◎ woman's life like two flowers: one money to spend, and second, to spend as much as possible!
097 ◎ became a hit - is described as female artists ... ...
098 ◎ unfair is that this world: God said: Beauty said: Rich said: I said:
099 ◎ really do not understand, many, many beautiful girls to buy clothes to wear, is to attract the attention of boys, but boys want to see, but it is a girl with no clothes on.
100 ◎ occasional quiet life of a mime you will feel so cool, but the quiet life of a mime you will suffer ... ...

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eight persons , one day the public , two dragon public , three Yasha , four dry- up woman , five Asura , six Garuda Luo , seven Kinnara eight friction call Luojia .

Qingyuan County, Qi Long Lu Ji, br> :

Zixiao Father heart wide, he has made the best for sure, do not suffer from the parent without mercy, personally sub-Yin music. Parents World Heart,

size without thickness, Shun said Kui Kui, Gu also allowed if the old gentleman.

couple Proverbs:

husband to justice for the good, the women to shun the order, and music to George, by brutal calamity should disaster. For the case will bang, as guests respect each other, the chicken soon Ming Hin, where the three bonds are.

brother Proverbs:

brother must love his brother, younger brother of King to be his brother, not the slightest interest, flesh wound this situation.

Duke Fu Tang Di, a sense of Bauhinia's mouth, even with gas re-sticks, women made Shenwu listen.
friends Proverbs:

foes Jinger far, should be good friends to each of the cross in the virtuous, Qi on the rich and poor.

gentleman Danru water, aged for a long time the situation more real, a small population, such as honey, instant as the enemy.

Mencius 10000 chapter on

is also the parent not the child? the cable. Ming called big disadvantage, a poem, > read Tangdi flower child, and his sister Niezheng comics.
lack of martial arts Niezheng pregnant mother and sister were removed willing to traders in the city, the shock at Yan Zhongzi country who laid down his life with the gift of reports, in order to avoid family into trouble at all disfigured death, he asked for those, but the kind of friends with reported values ​​ah!
and Nie Although there is no striking martial arts, but with a fearless spirit, to faith, family, life at the expense of their own the courage to come forward, their character, staunch strong, decisive act, Shigeyoshi suicide, also called A Touch of Zen Yeah!

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Apple now has Rhapsody as an app, which is a great start, but it is currently hampered by the inability to store locally on your iPod, and has a dismal 64kbps bit rate. If this changes, then it will somewhat negate this advantage for the Zune, but the 10 songs per month will still be a big plus in Zune Pass' favor.

I'll gear this review to 2 types of people: current Zune owners who are considering an upgrade, and people trying to decide between a Zune and an iPod. (There are other players worth considering out there, like the Sony Walkman X, but I hope this gives you enough info to make an informed decision of the Zune vs players other than the iPod line as well.)

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Another year over ~ ~ Jay ~ ~ masterpiece was underway and then played out ~ ~ ,beats by dre SOLO HD
expect Chou
of this world if you have too many complaints
fell on
Why not continue to move forward so the vulnerability of people to fall
you turn on the TV to see how many people
life in a brave effort to go
Our treasure is not all that contentment
remember even if you do not have
home is the only castle that Daoxiang rivers continue to run with a smile childhood
dreams do not cry so I know
firefly countryside to escape with your songs will always rely on
go home back to the beginning of a beautiful
do not want to give up so easily as I said do not chase
to dream another dream does not have to
for my own life first love painted bright color like the color
laugh a bar fame is not the purpose
to make yourself happy happy childhood this is called the significance
the paper airplane to fly back to my hand
finally called it happy barefoot chasing dragonflies in the fields picking fruit catch tired
to a bee sting to be afraid of who I rely on lucky it
singing with the wind blowing the Scarecrow fell asleep
Oo afternoon guitar in insects are more crisp
Oe sun shines on the road are not afraid of heartbreak
cherish everything even if there is no recall has
you say home is the only river to continue to run the castle as Daoxiang

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article you decide not to accompany me

- ; ;

identify who you are laughing at me the answer I am not afraid of extreme

trust your instincts stubborn people do not shout tired - ;

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fell in love with you I do not retreat



also assume if I'm wrong

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recently. surely I thought It is nice to see people

замуж за иностранца

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close your eyes he looked at me weak

pheromones speeding through the wall
shock sensitive
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heart I do not care how wild
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Hands down, Apple's app store wins by a mile. It's a huge selection of all sorts of apps vs a rather sad selection of a handful for Zune. Microsoft has plans, especially in the realm of games, but I'm not sure I'd want to bet on the future if this aspect is important to you. The iPod is a much better choice in that case.

This is getting a bit more subjective, but I much prefer the Zune Marketplace. The interface is colorful, has more flair, and some cool features like 'Mixview' that let you quickly see related albums, songs, or other users related to what you're listening to. Clicking on one of those will center on that item, and another set of "neighbors" will come into view, allowing you to navigate around exploring by similar artists, songs, or users. Speaking of users, the Zune "Social" is also great fun, letting you find others with shared tastes and becoming friends with them. You then can listen to a playlist created based on an amalgamation of what all your friends are listening to, which is also enjoyable. Those concerned with privacy will be relieved to know you can prevent the public from seeing your personal listening habits if you so choose.

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Emily listened in silence to the various opinions of the nuns, concerning the conduct of the Count, most of whom condemned it as rash and presumptuous, affirming, that it was provoking the vengeance of an evil spirit, thus to intrude upon its haunts.

Sister Frances contended, that the Count had acted with the bravery of a virtuous mind. He knew himself guiltless of aught, that should provoke a good spirit, and did not fear the spells of an evil one, since he could claim the protection of an higher Power, of Him, who can command the wicked, and will protect the innocent.

'The guilty cannot claim that protection!' said sister Agnes, 'let the Count look to his conduct, that he do not forfeit his claim! Yet who is he, that shall dare to call himself innocent!--all earthly innocence is but comparative. Yet still how wide asunder are the extremes of guilt, and to what an horrible depth may we fall! Oh!'--

The nun, as she concluded, uttered a shuddering sigh, that startled Emily, who, looking up, perceived the eyes of Agnes fixed on hers, after which the sister rose, took her hand, gazed earnestly upon her countenance, for some moments, in silence, and then said,

'You are young--you are innocent! I mean you are yet innocent of any great crime!--But you have passions in your heart,--scorpions; they sleep now--beware how you awaken them!--they will sting you, even unto death!'

Emily, affected by these words and by the solemnity, with which they were delivered, could not suppress her tears.

'Ah! is it so?' exclaimed Agnes, her countenance softening from its sternness--'so young, and so unfortunate! We are sisters, then indeed. Yet, there is no bond of kindness among the guilty,' she added, while her eyes resumed their wild expression, 'no gentleness,- -no peace, no hope! I knew them all once--my eyes could weep--but now they burn, for now, my soul is fixed, and fearless!--I lament no more!'

'Rather let us repent, and pray,' said another nun. 'We are taught to hope, that prayer and penitence will work our salvation. There is hope for all who repent!'

'Who repent and turn to the true faith,' observed sister Frances.

'For all but me!' replied Agnes solemnly, who paused, and then abruptly added, 'My head burns, I believe I am not well. O! could I strike from my memory all former scenes--the figures, that rise up dr dre detox sale, like furies, to torment me!--I see them, when I sleep, and, when I am awake, they are still before my eyes! I see them now--now!'

She stood in a fixed attitude of horror, her straining eyes moving slowly round the room, as if they followed something. One of the nuns gently took her hand, to lead her from the parlour. Agnes became calm, drew her other hand across her eyes, looked again, and, sighing deeply, said, 'They are gone--they are gone! I am feverish, I know not what I say. I am thus, sometimes, but it will go off again, I shall soon be better. Was not that the vesper-bell?'

'No,' replied Frances, 'the evening service is passed. Let Margaret lead you to your cell.'

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