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Asparagus Angel

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Someone brought us asparagus last night.

Whoever you are:  thank you. Asparagus is a family favorite. It's wonderful.

A lot of people have asked what they can do to help. Here's my advice:

1. Be careful about visiting. Ask if it's alright, and expect the answer no. My mother is pretty tired more or less all the time and she puts on a positive face for visitors. It leaves her really, really drained. It's not that we don't like to see you, it's just that it really wipes her out.

2. Tell my Dad you're sorry that his wife is dying and ask him how he's doing. He's loved my mother for 37 years. Call or write.

Those are the two most important.

A number of people have brought by food. This is fantastic and we're really grateful. Cooking has become hard.

I'm really grateful for the people who have supported us in our time of need.

On the positive side - well, the whole family is here. Everyone came home for this. When I think about it, I'm a little happier. Family unity makes me feel better.

Finally, Ingrida and I have decided to postpone our wedding.

Soon, now.

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My father is praying, his voice low and quiet, as he strokes my mother's hair. It's the Baha'i Long Healing Prayer.

My brother and sister sit near them, quiet, listening. Even Liam is quiet, chewing on one of his socks.

It's Christmas.

Earlier today, Liam reached for my mother and cried out and it nearly made my knees buckle. His need for his grandmother was so unburdened, so unencumbered, so pure.

I need my Maman.

My Papa needs his love.

"Toots" he calls her. "Hey, Toots!" He called softly, as she rested after brushing her teeth this morning, a task that yesterday was trivial and today is a Hurculean effort. "How you doin'?"

"Dusty." She said. "I need to call the Hospice Nurse."

Rachael's on her way in. She gets here at eight o'clock tonight.

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I'm in Schipol Airport, headed to Mentor, OH, via D.C.

I'm getting married. On January 26th. To Ingrida.

Looking for a picture? If you count across, that's the girl in the fourth picture over up in the banner, in between Rachael and Mara.

Selling my house. Tomorrow. Soon, no more house.

Maybe changing jobs.

Sad, because I want my mother to live forever.

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