Schipol is so dull it finally made me blog.

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I'm in Schipol Airport, headed to Mentor, OH, via D.C.

I'm getting married. On January 26th. To Ingrida.

Looking for a picture? If you count across, that's the girl in the fourth picture over up in the banner, in between Rachael and Mara.

Selling my house. Tomorrow. Soon, no more house.

Maybe changing jobs.

Sad, because I want my mother to live forever.

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Yeah, life is great and it sucks.

Hang in there, Puika.

We'll be ready to tackle the world again after some rest, so make sure to get plenty of sleep at home.

I love you.

Thank goodness for RSS.

See you in a bit. We'll have the coffee on.

Can't wait to see you Nathan! Have a safe trip.

I hope you're bringing starcraft for late at night;)
I'll see you soon, bro.

When you are a piece of 'taffy', everyone wants a piece of you. Like everyone else, I too look, very much, to you visiting with me and Mama.

For some reason, your name popped into my head today. I thought I would look you up and here I am. Really just wanted to say hi. We had some good times.

Good luck on the up coming marriage. Until another time...

So much for your sesquipedalian posts, I guess. I figured you gave up blogging, and I was almost right. Congratulations. Good luck with life and everything.

Hello . Thanks for that awesome Post . Keep up the awesome job. Cannot wait for next post. BTW. One more thing.. I'm keep getting this error : "An error has occured! MySQL Error! Please Check the Tracker Logs for more information about this issue" - why ? take care.

Hi . Thanks for that awesome Post . Keep up the great work. Cannot wait for another post. BTW. One more thing.. I'm keep getting this error : "An error has occured! MySQL Error! Please Check the Tracker Logs for more information about this issue" - why ? take care.

2010 is a great year for cars, olympics and being broke!!

Hey,i wanna wish everybody a merry digital xmas from the bottom of my heart!

Hey,who here thinks the Zerg in starcraft 2 are rediculously hard to play with ?I mean come blizzard...diversity is one thing but this..

Always a pleasure reading your blog,kinda makes me feel guilty that i slack on my blog and don't don any work :(

Always a pleasure reading your blog,kinda makes me feel guilty that i slack on my blog and don't don any work :(

This is getting a bit more subjective, but I much prefer the Zune Marketplace. The interface is colorful, has more flair, and some cool features like 'Mixview' that let you quickly see related albums, songs, or other users related to what you're listening to. Clicking on one of those will center on that item, and another set of "neighbors" will come into view, allowing you to navigate around exploring by similar artists, songs, or users. Speaking of users, the Zune "Social" is also great fun, letting you find others with shared tastes and becoming friends with them. You then can listen to a playlist created based on an amalgamation of what all your friends are listening to, which is also enjoyable. Those concerned with privacy will be relieved to know you can prevent the public from seeing your personal listening habits if you so choose.

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rice Bureau
1, dinner is not a panacea, no dinner is totally unacceptable;
2, one day in advance booking is really you, accompany you in advance half a day, serving up only please you make up the numbers;
3, a please to call readily the three keep up appearances, please come to call, how to please not call the principle of unsolicited call Cengfan;
4, dinner three Compassion: to Please do not come in to accompany them are, when you checkout one awake;
5, friends of good wine, if predators come to rely on to meet his female satyr;
6, a week a dinner is a normal day, a dinner is a red one, is a socialite dinner three times a day, the day dinner is shuffling plates of N;
7, will be toast by the language arts, good Doujiu's by guerrilla tactics, equipment drunken good play tricks, filling the affirmation self-defense has not drunk surgery;
8, dinner on the belly of language do not drink: eat their meals, to let others spit go! Finally, your eyes are dim, the official said, more than just roads, summary is not comprehensive enough like him to bear.
9, county party chair to drink high, shouting: I mention the cups! First Cup: Who do not drink, who I am father! Busy people drank; Second Cup, who do not drink, who is my father! Everyone is dry; the third cup, drink by drink who is the father, everyone drunk!
10, often with leading food, promotion is a matter of time; often eat with the wealthy, rich is a matter of time; often eat with his wife, tired of is a matter of time; often with Valentine's dinner, is a matter of money ; often eat with the little secret, is a matter of making mistakes.

wine on the table ... ... a man must learn the rules a woman must know that [ah] wine on the table over all the rules:

(a) if they really can not drink on the distinction between the first port, carrying his food bowl while eating to clip the
(b) if satisfied that his drink, do not install the ink, then that is the rules of the

rule one: wine on the table although the
rule two: keeping a low profile, profound knowledge, must not be a charge on the wet bar on the large.
rule three: drinking before the leadership of each other turn their respect.
rule four: can people respect a person must not be more than one respect, unless you are a leader.
rule five: his respect others, if you do not clink, drink yourself how much can the case may be, such as other alcoholic beverages, other alcohol attitude, must not drink less than the other, to know their respect people.
rule six: their respect people, and if clink, one, I finish, you are free, side was Tatu.
rule seven: his humble position, remember to add wine to the leadership, not blind to the leadership on behalf of the wine is to generation, but also looking for someone to do the leadership, but also because you want to pretend that he is not drinking To lead on behalf of the wine and drink. A numerous liquor such as leadership, respect by beating about the bush to prepare the leadership of a person stopped.
rules VIII: reach for the glass (beer glass), cups his right hand briefly, his left pad bottom of the cup, remember their cup is always lower than others. Themselves if it is leadership, got the message point, do not put too low, or how a man called the following?
nine rules: If there are no special characters present, the best time the needle touched the wine order, not favoritism.
rules ten: clink, toast, have arguments, otherwise, I tmd Why drink your wine?
rule XI: Desktop does not talk business, drink good, business is also almost the same, all inside a clear understanding of the heart, otherwise people will not open up to you to drink.
rules Twelve: Do not install crooked, wrong thing, do wrong, do not defend themselves, consciously Monastic clincher.
rules Thirteen: If, purely if the encounter would not be enough wine, the bottle on the middle of the table, people add their own, Do not be silly not to waste one by one pouring, or the people behind the alcohol and how do?
rules XIV: Finally there must be a boring glass of wine, so do not let your glass empty. Stand it ~
rules XV: Note Do not drink and slip of the tongue, do not boast, not badly, not spittle flying, chopsticks thrown chaos, not chaos refers to the fingers, soup puff ring, do not fart burp, do not hold back go to the toilet to live, no one stopped you.
rule XVI: Do not,
rules Seventeen: leadership drink with you, is to give you face, how should you drink no matter how much leadership he start it for the King, remember ah, hands, lower cup.
rules eighth: peanuts for people to drink, is a good thing. Keep a clear head, it is indispensable greetings drink, a cup of yogurt, a cup of hot water, a hot towel seems you are caring.

If you can not drink

1, do not take the initiative to implement a defensive to offensive strategy;
2, put two large glass table, put a cup of white wine, put a cup of mineral water, take small handless winecup toast, ground water, to drink wine on the table eight points drunk basic subject-object, you can water on behalf of the wine, take the initiative;
3, toast, do not swallow immediately , look for opportunities to use napkins Mazui, napkin in the wine spit;
4, Theravada eat some fat after the class, bottom of starchy food, drinking is not easy drunk;
5, the rhythm, do not drink at once too hard;
6, not to types of wine mixed with drink, are particularly vulnerable to drunk;
7, leaders take their food, do not turn wet bar in the middle of the disc, you dial a leading wine on the table and take their food taboo;
8, when you drink six drunk, put your dish in front of the vinegar to drink vinegar, let the waiter added;
9, toast every time, filling, and then pretending to drink before handless winecup not predict with confidence, try throwing out some, so you can drink into a lot of time;
10, put away in front of a half cup of tea before drinking, drunk not to swallow, quickly picked up the cup, drink effort to spit the wine into the glass, the spit on the line full of water changes, or effective!

----------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ----------

banquet etiquette

1, Chung Huan fun, should not whisper
Most banquet guests are more, it should be as much about some of the most able to participate in the topic, to get the majority of people. Because of personal interests, knowledge are different, so try not to be too biased topics to avoid conceit, far apart, Shenkan boundless, there beside the phenomenon, while ignoring the crowd. In particular, try not to whisper with one ear whisper, and give them a sense of mystery, often have a
2, targeting two sides, grasp the overall situation
Most sprinkle feast has a theme, which is the purpose of drinking. Dinner when you should first look around the air of expression, to distinguish between primary and secondary, not simply to drink and drink, friends lost a good opportunity, but do not let some grandstanding drinker upset host meant.
3, the language properly, witty humor sprinkled
table can show a person's talent, knowledge, training and communication manners, and sometimes a humorous humor, language, will guests impressed, make people feel good to you virtually. Therefore, we should know when to say something, the language properly, witty sense of humor is critical.
4, urging people to drink moderately, to refrain from force
often encountered in the wine on the table drinks upon the phenomenon, some people always like wine market when battlefield, trying to persuade others to drink a few glasses of that amount is not to drink it.
5, toast and orderly, prioritized
toast is a science. Toast under normal circumstances should be of age, rank, both sides in order of status, must take full account of the former toast toast good order, clear primary and secondary. So that people who are not familiar with and drink, it must first inquire about the status or pay attention to how others call, which is the number of hearts to have to avoid embarrassing or hurtful situation.
toast toast be sure to grasp the order. Are asking certain guests in the gallery when he naturally doubly respectful, but be careful, if the presence of higher status or older person, you should not only help busy people respectfully, it must first Venerable elders to toast, or make you very shy.
6, the wind blows, in order to understand the people at the reception desk
everyone's appreciation, we must learn how the wind blows. Because communication with others, we must understand the people, both ways, in order to play the role of wine on the table.
7, getting shot edge, sit tight in the Taishan
banquet dinner on occasion to see, to correctly assess their own strength, do not be too impulsive, as liquor and talking to retain some sense of proportion, not to let others look down on their own but not too revealing, select the appropriate opportunity to gradually edge their own radiation, in order to sit tight in Taishan, not someone else have a , so that we can not underestimate your strength.

----------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------

attention to detail

1 - seating

general, seating is If the round table, then being on the main passenger door, left hand position of the subject-object, places the distance from the subject-object perspective, the more respect the more close to the subject-object position, the same respect from the left on the right. If the square table, if there is on the door of the seat, the door is on the right side of the main bit off. If the errors on the door, then face east side of the right seat for the chief.

If banquet, table and desk chief attention to the arrangement between the top center, left turn 2,4,6 seats the right to 3,5,7 seats, according to the subject-object identity, status, sit in affinities.

If you are the owner, you should arrive early and wait in a location near the door, and lead block for the guests. If you are invitees, then the host should follow the arrangements for admission.

general, if your boss to attend, you should lead to the main boss seat, please sit in the main the highest level of customer the left seat position. Unless the leadership level of hospitality object is

2 - a la carte

If time permits, you should wait after the majority of the guests in attendance, will be circulated to the menu for guests, and invited them to a la carte. Of course, as the official dinner, you will worry about budget problems, therefore, to control the budget, your most important thing is to do more homework before meals, select the appropriate grade dinner location is more important, so guests can also greatly appreciate your budget. Moreover, in general, if you come to pay, a la carte guests also not the nerve will allow you to decide. If your boss is also the feast, do not because of respect for him, or that his entertainment experience, catering to eat more, and let him / her to a la carte, unless he / she volunteered. Otherwise, he will not feel decent.

dinner if you are who you should know, you should not be too active in the a la carte, but to enable the owner to a la carte. If the other kind requirements, you can point a not too expensive, but not all the food taboos. Remember to consult the views of people about the table, especially to ask After ordering, you can consult,

when ordering, be sure to know what. A la carte, according to the following three rules

saw staff. In general, the per capita a dish is more the rule. If more men may be appropriate to increase the amount of dinner.

second look at the combination of dishes. In general, the table is the best meat dishes well-established, with cold and hot, try to make it comprehensive. If the table more than men, some meat or fish can be more, if more women, you can light a few more vegetables.

three to see the importance of the dinner. If the ordinary business dinner, a dish in the 50 average to 80 yuan acceptable. If the object of the dinner is more key, then the weight is enough to point a few dishes, such as lobster, saury, anchovy, and then to the specifications that are abalone, fin powder.

Another point to note is that a la carte dishes, the waiter should not ask the price, or the bargain, it will Let your company in front of customers is a little petty, but customers will feel uncomfortable.

with: a la carte Chinese food guide - three excellent four bogey

standard Chinese dinner meal,Beats by dre tour headphones, usually first on the cold, followed by stir-fried, then the main course, then on snacks and soup, eat a little if you feel tired, you can order some of the desserts, and finally the fruit plate. In ordering the program to take into account the various dishes.

priority dishes

one has distinctive Chinese dishes. Entertain foreign guests, when this one should pay more attention. Like deep-fried spring rolls, boiled Lantern, steamed son, lion head, kung pao chicken, etc., not food delicious, but because with distinct Chinese characteristics, so admired by many foreigners.

Second, there are local characteristics of the dishes. Such as steamed mutton in Xi'an, Hunan, Mao's home braised pork, braised lion head in Shanghai, Beijing, lamb, where the dinner guests outside, on these dishes, fresh seafood probably fits more than well received.

Third, the restaurant's specialties. Many restaurants have their own specialties. On a specialty of the restaurant, telling the owner's care and respect for those who were invited.

in arranging the menu, guests must also consider food taboos, in particular, to food taboos for the guest of honor's attention. These dietary taboos are four

1. Religious dietary restrictions, that can not be negligent. For example, Muslims generally do not eat pork, and do not drink. Hunxing domestic Buddhists eat food, it not only refers to meat, but also onions, garlic, leeks, mustard and other pungent food smells. Some believe in the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy in the diet is especially forbidden to eat beef, which points to serve Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots and overseas Chinese in particular should pay attention to when.

2. For health reasons, for some food, but also some taboos. For example, heart disease, cerebral vascular, vein sclerosis, hypertension and stroke sequelae were not suitable for eating dog meat, avoid eating lamb and turtle patients with hepatitis, gastroenteritis, stomach ulcer and other digestive diseases are also inappropriate to eat turtle, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, less chicken soup and so on.

3. Different regions, people's food preferences are often different. For this, to take into account when arranging the menu. For example, the Hunan provincial people generally like to eat spicy food, eat less sweets. Anglo-American countries, people usually do not eat pets, rare animals, animal offal, animal's head and claws. In addition, the dinner with foreign guests, try to be less rigid grazing dishes, foreigners will not bite in the meal in the mouth and then spit out the food, it also requires taking into account.

4. Some occupations, for some reason, in the dining area often have their own different special taboo. For example, the state civil servants in the performance of official duties are not allowed to an invitation to dinner, eating and drinking are not allowed in the official dinner time, not exceed the national standard meal, are not allowed to drink alcohol. Again, the driver shall not drink while working. If this point is ignored, the other party may also make mistakes.

3 - bite

Chinese people are generally very particular about food, but also very particular about eating phase. With more and more emphasis on workplace etiquette, business on the table to eat and eat with more attention. Following the lunch, for example, teach you how polite at the dinner table with instrument handy.

Chinese banquet meal at the beginning, the waiter brought the first of a wet towel is a towel, do not use it to wipe her face. On lobster, chicken, fruit, it will send a little water Meng, lemon slice or twist them floating rose petals, it is not drink, but hand-washing use. Hand, can turn his hands wet fingers, gently rinsed, and then use a small towel.

meal to be civil. Do not repeatedly advised of the foreign guests food, Chinese food can be introduced to each other's characteristics, eat eat by him. Some people like to persuade others, food, and even for each other and take their food. Foreign guests do not have this habit, if you are polite and again, chances are people will resent: If you wait for someone else to their own cloth dish, it had to Russia stomach.

guests seated, do not immediately hands-feeding. The owner should be greeted by the owner to indicate the beginning of a toast, the guests can begin; guests can not rush in front of the owner. Take their food to be civilized, and other dishes to be in front of their own, and then Dongkuaizi, do not rush in front next to him, one should not take their food too much. Slowly, this is not only conducive to digestion, but also on the table etiquette requirements. Must not be large mouths, wolf, so will leave the impression of greed. Do not picky eaters, do not just stare at you like Lay to eat, or hurried to favorite dishes piled up in your own plate. Action to elegant dining, sitting next to the folder Lay Do not touch, do not appropriated to the food tray table, not the soup spilled. Do not make unnecessary sounds, such as soup, when Do not eat the side, side and chat. Mouth of the bones and fish bones do not spit on the table, napkins are available hush, taken out on the dish with chopsticks. Out the food on the table, do not eat. Do not play with dishes during a meal, or with chopsticks straight people. Do not pull a hand to mouth disorder. When teeth with a toothpick, cover your mouth and the application of hand or napkin. Do not let dishes make a sound.

end of the meal, you can use napkins, paper napkin or a waiter brought a small towel wiped his mouth, but should not rub the head and neck, or chest; uncontrolled postprandial not burp or belch; not signal the end of the host, guests can not be left.

on toast

1, owner of King guest of honor.
2, Peiqia King guest of honor.
3, the guest of honor retaliate.
4, Peiqia mutual respect.

Remember: a stranger must not overwhelming and chaotic toast, that would be very rude, is very respected owner.

4 - pouring tea

knowledge mentioned here only company for customers to visit, the same applies to business table.

first tea to clean. The guests came in, let sit, back-up tea. Before tea, tea must take the clean, especially the long-unused tea set, it is inevitable dust, dirt, but also to carefully wash with water again. In tea, the best scalded with boiling water before pouring teapot, cup. In this way, pay attention to health, but also seems polite. If the cleaner is not clean either tea, wild tea to guests, it is impolite performance. People saw the teapot, cup stain on the trail of nausea, but also how you willing to drink the tea? Companies are now generally disposable cup, the tea cups before one-time pay attention to put the cup holder, so as not to heat hot water, so guests can Duanbei tea moment.

Secondly, tea should be adequate. Let me talk about tea, generally appropriate. Tea should not be too much, nor too little. Too much tea, tea flavor too thick; tea too, nothing out of the tea flavor. If customers take the initiative to introduce their favorite habit of drinking tea or weak tea, then by the mouth of the stomach to the guests a good tea. Besides tea, no matter how large cup small cup, are not down too full, too full of easy to overflow the table, stool, floor wet. Not careful, will burn themselves or guests of the hands and feet, so that two sides are very embarrassed. Of course, should not fall too low. If the tea had just cover bottom of the cup on the end to the guests, will make people think it is the bumbling, not sincerity in.

again, some tea to be successfully implemented. In accordance with the traditions and customs of our people, as long as hands are not disabled, the guests are served tea with both hands to the. But now, some young people do not know the rules, gave the guests tea with one hand trouble. Hands should be very careful tea, the cup of a cup ear, usually with one hand grasp the cup ear, boosting the bottom of the cup the other hand, the end of tea to the guests. Not filling the tea cup after cup ear the whole body hot, his hands not close, and some comrades just-do, with fingers pinch edges of the cup before the guests get aboard. This method, although some tea can prevent burn accidents happen, but it is unsightly, not enough health. Consider, for guests of the owner's finger marks lick the mouth, you feel better?

Tim tea. If your boss and clients need to add a cup of tea, you should obligatory to do so. You can indicate waiter Tim tea, or let the waiter leave the teapot on the table, by adding your own is better in person, it is not know what to say when the best way to cover up. Of course, the first to add tea when the bosses and clients add tea, and finally give yourself Tim.

5 - leave

general reception and tea for a long time, has about two hours. Perhaps visit a few times, some people recognize, you will soon want to leave. At this time, midway leave some skills, you can not understand.

common being conducted in a warm dinner time, because someone wants to leave, which leads to the result of crowd agents just quickly disappeared, the organizer anxious people really hopping. To avoid such unpleasant consequences, if you want to leave halfway, and do not talk to everyone in eleven circles say goodbye, so long as quietly and around two or three people say hello, and then you can leave.

picking up and leaving the reception site, be sure to invite you to the master note, apology, not swiftly vanished.

and greeted the owner, should go at once, do not pull the door to the master in the big talk incessantly. Because the other day to do a lot of site still has many of the guests waiting for him (her) to say hello, too much time on your master account will cause him (her) in front of other guests rude.

Some people attended the reception, tea party, when the half-way ready to leave, will be 11 asking everyone she knows to do a go. The results have been bustling scene, she encouraged such a sudden they finish at the advance. This downtown market thing, the hardest was the banquet master of understanding, a gentlemanly person, be sure not to commit this clock error.

---------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------

preparation before drinking alcohol can damage the liver, which is well known channel, in order to minimize reduction of alcohol on the stomach and liver damage, reduce the incidence of fatty liver. Preparatory work before the wine is very important, which is to ensure you never drunk wine on the table the key factor. In to dinner before the first bite to eat at home, something a little cushion for the stomach. It specifically eat what is good? Generally better to eat high-protein, such as eating two eggs, drink milk, soy milk, as these high-protein food in the stomach and alcohol can combine, react, reducing the absorption of alcohol. Also, eat biscuits, cakes, etc. can make the stomach a little something, because an empty stomach drink alcohol in the stomach can easily be absorbed, resulting in easy to drink. Note, do not use salted fish, sausages, bacon drinks, smoked because these foods contain a lot of pigment and wax nitrosamines, and alcohol react not only to liver injury, and damage to oral and esophageal mucosa, and even induce cancer.

In addition, regular or frequent drinking wine server who can try some of the methods recorded in ancient books. Anonymous as in the Qing Dynasty br> when the importance of bite. Before drinking, as much as possible eat a la carte, and then drink, its principles and as said earlier. Fasting is prohibited to drink, both easy to drink, easy Shang Wei.

sober up after drinking measures

after drinking, dizziness, headache, vomiting, and even personnel unconscious, intoxicated persons should undergo great suffering, this time to sober up as soon as possible to reduce the pain caused by drunkenness, and prevent more damage may occur. Here to teach you the recipe for sober approach is simple, drinkers according to their own circumstances, to choose their own way, worth a try.

★ ☆ Beverage white radish juice: raw white radish, washed juice, a little heat dose, every time a cup, 10 minutes time, three times to go to the alcohol solution.

★ ☆ eat cabbage heart: the heart out of shredded cabbage, one is not enough to take two, plus a small amount of sugar and vinegar and mix well pickled thirty-five minutes after the dose, this method soon hangover.

★ ☆ service celery juice: Wash chopped fresh celery juice, drunk as a tea, drink three times (every 5 minutes), this blush for a drink headache effects of brain swelling.

★ ☆ drink fresh orange peel water: two fresh orange Piga 1 kg of water to boil, then add a small amount of salt after shaking drunk as a tea, a cup once, 5 minutes to drink, three times effective.

★ ☆ drink green bean juice: green beans, 2 2, plus Shui Zhushu after drinking the soup with beans such as green beans mashed with boiled water will be a hangover effect.
Also how to reduce drunk due to headache, dizziness, nausea and other symptoms? Here also are a few foods, which is the U.S. National Headache Foundation, researchers found, we may make a reference:

★ ☆ drink honey water treatment headache: a special kind of honey contains fructose, can promote the decomposition of alcohol absorption, reduce headaches, particularly red wine-induced headaches. In addition, there are hypnotic effects of honey, can make people fall asleep quickly and wake up the next day will not be a headache.

★ ☆ dizziness tomato juice drink: tomato juice is also rich in particular fructose, can help promote the decomposition of alcohol, one drink 300 ml or more, feeling dizzy after drinking can gradually disappear. If a small amount of salt before consumption, but also help stabilize mood.

★ ☆ fresh grape drink rule nausea, nausea: If you eat before drinking, but also effective in preventing drunk.

★ ☆ watermelon juice drink body heat: watermelon with a goal can be heat, speed up the alcohol from the urine.

★ ☆ eliminate mouth alcohol grapefruit: grapefruit dipped in sugar to eat meat, the elimination of the alcohol drink in the mouth helps a lot.

★ ☆ celery juice drink gastrointestinal discomfort, facial redness: it is because celery is rich in B vitamins, break down alcohol.

★ ☆ yogurt drink irritability rule: yogurt can protect gastric mucosa, slow alcohol absorption, including calcium-rich drink to alleviate irritability particularly effective.

★ ☆ banana drink rule palpitations, chest tightness: drink eat 1-3 bananas, can increase blood glucose levels, reduce the proportion of alcohol in the blood, to achieve the purpose hangover. At the same time, it can alleviate the symptoms of palpitation, chest depressed elimination.

★ ☆ olive drink anorexia treatment: olive sober since ancient times, Qingwei heat, promoting appetite

thought that tea can sober up, but I do not know it was Tea
Li in the . Modern medical research also pointed out that the tea will stimulate gastric acid secretion, making it easier for alcohol damage to the gastric mucosa; the same time, theophylline in tea and alcohol as causes rapid heart beat, and more heavy burden on the heart.

sober drug

above the current market there have been many sober drugs, such as Sea King Jinzun off Gerber purposes: First, how can rapidly break down, lose the alcohol effect, or blocking the absorption of alcohol in the gastrointestinal, reducing the amount of alcohol into the blood, so naturally you can achieve the purpose of sobering, but no matter what the sober drug no matter how effective its magic, there are certain side effects, can not eat, especially for those who often need regular wine server or entertaining people, even more so. generally do not eat, because even if you take medicine, alcohol or into the body, the liver damage, the best is do not drink, when to drink, use other methods to first while sober.

drunk care
drunk themselves often do not know their own behavior, not to take care of themselves, so as relatives or friends must take care to note several aspects :

1. intoxicated persons, such as unsteady gait, should be careful not to let it fall to prevent bruises, or other important parts of the head bump.

2. keep warm, because drunk physical function decline, easy to catch cold at this time. Let's head twisted to one side of drunk, prevent vomiting, if vomiting, to clear the mouth of vomit, to prevent access to the trachea, causing asphyxia, or pulmonary infection .

3. drunk more serious, sober up and can not take goods, you should make it spit out the stomach contents, you can use your fingers, cotton swabs, etc. to make it into the throat and vomiting if necessary can have with warm water or 2% sodium bicarbonate solution lavage. more serious then quickly call 120 or immediately sent to hospital emergency.

hangover method:

alcohol in the stomach on the general will be the blood into the circulatory system, when the liver hangover was weaker than the speed when the speed of alcohol intake, blood alcohol concentration increases, people will be drunk, in another aspect, the liver will be damaged.

pre-approach: The best hangover is to advance prevention, first provide the following specific methods:

a, eat ru21 An S & P composite film body, is currently the world to prevent drunk, stay awake for the best food, is said to be the former Soviet secret service 'KGB' spies to complete its task bodyguard.

b, milk or yogurt (high-quality protein can also be fun class) amount, in half an hour before taking the wine, milk or yogurt In the stomach to form a protective film to reduce the alcohol into the bloodstream to the liver.

c, high concentrations of dietary fiber tablets, taking half an hour before the wine (after taking need to drink enough plain water), the role of cellulose with water quickly expansion, releasing large amounts of alcohol can be wrapped cation does not directly excreted into the digestive cycle, reducing alcohol damage the liver and body.

d, eat a few oranges.

e, vitamin c, b enough to take half an hour before the wine, vb, vc has to digest and break down the role of alcohol, we can own an experiment, adding the right amount of beer in a glass of vc or vb, and without vc, vb beer to than can be found alcohol concentration decreased significantly. (vc alcohol oral tablets 6-10 the previous film, can prevent alcoholism. vitamin b is also more effective, pre-take 10.)

things in ways :

1 properly eat meat and fat, can help adjust the body parts function, so that was a big sin because the stomach may be a thin layer of grease and covered with protective film to prevent the infiltration of gastric alcohol
2 saw the eggs, preserved eggs and other dishes served, and quickly eat.

3 they should make more use of tofu dishes for snacks because the tofu in the amino acid cysteine ​​is a major , can poison acetaldehyde solution, enables the rapid discharge after eating, or, have a cup of soy milk belly pad pad Ye Hao.

4 fruit if the table, great joy, just to eat regardless of the Ya-phase or not.

5 drunk the better way is to go half-way buckle throat, secretly go to the bathroom vomiting. do not spit out, pull the hand out into the throat, pull the dead have to spit Oh. spit after use a face like cold water. almost every time that enemy out, and then restart Doujiu.

6 on the onions, yogurt and sour cream and pour the vinegar fish do tapas, the more the better ah.

7 and orange juice are also on drugs when sober.

after the way:

drunk, how to relieve headaches, dizziness, nausea, fever, these uncomfortable symptoms? the following approach might have good results.

ru21 general security body -> drink headaches, dizziness, vomiting, restlessness, nausea

drink taking ru21 general security body, you can quickly alleviate the symptoms for more than 30 minutes before people can return to the state of the wine, is this what the price is not low, but the effect is definitely the most direct and fastest and most effective way.

honey Water -> headache

drink drink honey water effectively reduce headache symptoms. U.S. National Headache Foundation, the researchers point out that this is because honey contains a special kind of fructose can promote the decomposition of alcohol absorption, reduce headaches, particularly red wine-induced headaches. In addition there are hypnotic effects of honey, can make people fall asleep quickly and wake up the next day is not a headache.

tomato juice - > dizziness

drink tomato juice is also rich in particular fructose, can help to promote the effective absorption of alcohol drinks break, a drink 300ml or more, the gradual disappearance of feeling dizzy after drinking can experiment confirmed that drinking tomato juice hangover than raw tomatoes better. If a small amount of salt before consumption, but also help stabilize mood.

fresh grapes -> drink nausea, nausea
fresh grapes rich in tartaric acid, can interact with alcohol to form esters of ethanol, to reduce the concentration of ethanol in vivo, to achieve the purpose hangover while the sour taste of the drink can effectively alleviate nausea, nausea. If the grapes before drinking, but also effective in preventing drunk.

watermelon juice -> body heat

drink watermelon juice is a natural white tiger soup (Chinese classics side) , one can speed up the alcohol from the urine to prevent its being absorbed by the body caused by body heat; the other hand, watermelon juice itself has a clearing away heat effect, can help the body cool. drinking a small amount of salt, as well as help in emotional stability.

grapefruit -> drink tone

Li in the is the elimination of eating sugar drink alcohol and odor in the mouth wonders.

celery juice -> drink gastrointestinal discomfort, facial redness

drink gastrointestinal not feeling well, drink celery juice can relieve, it is because celery is rich in the decomposition of alcohol b vitamins needed if the gastrointestinal function is weak, it is best to drink celery juice before drinking to do prevention. In addition, drink celery juice drink can effectively eliminate the symptoms of facial redness.

yogurt -> irritable

Mongolians drink more booze, yogurt is the secret of their hangover, Once the drink more, then yogurt, yogurt can protect gastric mucosa, slow alcohol absorption due to calcium-rich yogurt, so drink to alleviate symptoms of irritable particularly effective.

banana -> drink palpitations, chest tightness

drink feel palpitations, chest tightness, immediately eat 1-3 bananas, can increase blood glucose levels, so that the concentration of alcohol in the blood decrease, to the purpose hangover, while reducing the symptoms of palpitation, eliminate chest depressed.

olive -> drink anorexia

olive sober since ancient times, Qingwei heat, promoting appetite direct consumption, but also add rock stew.

other areas:

1 to 50 grams of vinegar, brown sugar 25 grams, ginger, 3, with the decoction after taking.

2 Orange hangover. take the orange or fresh orange peel 3-5 directly after eating, or taking the juice such as orange is not, tomato juice will do.

3 Sydney hangover , Sydney take 2 to 3 slices mashed, wrapped with gauze and squeeze out the juice Beverage Service.

4 rice soup hangover law: drunk desirable Beverage thick rice soup, rice soup containing polysaccharides and b vitamins, there are detoxification hangover effect, add sugar consumption, and better efficacy.

5 salt hangover: drinking too much, abdominal discomfort, can add a little salt in boiled water for drinking.

6 sugar hangover method: Apply sugar with boiled water, a hangover, refreshing effect.

7 mung bean hangover method: Take 50 grams of green beans, 10 grams of licorice, plus amount of brown sugar, decoction, to sober up, such as mung bean decoction alone have a definite effect.

later approach, although seemingly more than twelve happy, but it is indigenous methods or folk methods, is not recommended while here to recommend 1 Naloxone tablets 1-2 tablets; 2 oral glucose powder watered, moderate drink; 3 and vitamin b6 vitamin c tablets 6 tablets of the three kinds of applications at the same time, synergy.

course , alcoholism heavier near coma, and less than one hour, should immediately 1 emetic (apomorphine is disabled, so as not to increase the inhibitory effect of ethanol), gastric lavage (with 0.5% or 1% of the carbonate carbon sodium hydrogen), such as more than 1 hour, then most ethanol has been absorbed into the bloodstream, no major role in gastric lavage and then rushed to the hospital for disposal. 2. severe poisoning, to speed up the removal of ethanol in vivo, viable hemodialysis treatment. 3 manic excitement were available for a small dose of diazepam (stability) intramuscular injection, but should avoid the use of morphine and phenobarbital inhibition of respiratory drugs. 4. of coma, respiratory depression, can use the central doping. naloxone o.4 ~ 0.8mg intramuscular or intravenous, to improve breathing, and promote the role of the patient awake, if necessary, repeated every 2 to 3 hours using a 5. cerebral edema, should be dehydration treatment to reduce intracranial pressure, used 20% mannitol, fructose, glycerin, etc. 6. intravenous injection of hypertonic glucose and insulin, vitamin b6, can accelerate the oxidation of ethanol in the body, promote the patient awake. 7 Chinese XNJI as a coma patient's regular medication, resuscitation with refreshing effect.

avoid drinking tea:

Li in the fall heavy legs, bladder Leng Tong, edema, phlegm and suffering Modern medical research also pointed out that the tea will stimulate gastric acid secretion, making it easier for alcohol damage to the gastric mucosa; the same time, theophylline in tea and alcohol as causes rapid heart beat, more heavy burden on the heart.

coffee or some other rescue drug


hangover hangover method is also 10 kinds

(1) green beans hangover amount of green beans, wash with warm water, pounded, boiled water or soup service.

(2) sugar cane a hangover, peeled, juice clothing.

(3) salt hangover of excessive drinking, pleural uncomfortable. Riga, a little salt in boiled water, drink it, instantly sober up.

(4) citrus peel citrus peel hangover drying, powder, plus 1.5 grams of salt, soup service.

(5) white radish turnip hangover 1 kg mash juice, a number of service points. white radish juice can be added in the amount of brown sugar Beverage Service. also edible raw carrots

(6) Orange hangover Orange (bright orange can) 3-5, Juice Beverage, or food service (7) Olive (fruit) hangover Olive 10, take the meat decoction.

(8) Sweet hangover minced raw potato, add sugar, mixing dose.

(9) Xianou hangover fresh lotus scoured, mashed lotus mud, juice Beverage.

(10) Chili hangover pears or pear juice squeezed Beverage.

- and note how the hangover !

and notes how the hangover!

drunk do not know who we are, but maybe these matters may occasionally need it

Q: drink tea good?

A: After drinking alcohol in the human liver into ethanol, and theophylline in tea rapidly into the kidney stolen, too much stimulation to the kidneys, can damage kidney function.
Q: Why is not taken to drink the morning?

A: Because the people from the morning at 6 o'clock, the body of ether gradually increased to reach the peak of 8:00, this time drinking, alcohol and ether combined, will make people feel tired all day.

Q: How drunk solution?

A: repeated touch with your fingers and chopsticks throat to vomiting, drink bowls water, then spit, play the role of gastric lavage; can use vinegar and water, soda water to drink next.

Q: What tea can sober you?

A: Research shows that tea did does not break down alcohol ingredients Moreover Wine drinking will damage the kidney with, so avoid drinking tea, especially tea.

price of cigarettes (million level):

Trinidad wood Price: 39,000 yuan / Article

Cohiba - Long Price: 36000 yuan /
Cohiba World Price: 22,600 yuan / Article

Monte 一号 price: 19,024 yuan / carton four of Monte

price: 12,720 yuan / Article
excellent people - the highest U.S. price: 12,000 yuan /

price of cigarettes (Qianyuan Ji):

Romeo 1, 9968 yuan / Article

Every good Seck 8600 yuan /

soft close of the 3rd Euro 8536 yuan / Article

Romeo Pui 6496 yuan /

excellent people of the Ritz-Carlton 5992 yuan / Article
2 boxes Panda 5,000 / industry event of

Peter Hunter 4520 yuan / Article

Romeo - small 3080 yuan / Asian race of

he small game 2960 yuan / Article

Cohiba fans Nepalese 2490 yuan / Article

Yellow Crane Tower -19,161,800 / Article

diamond - soft Jingtai 1,800 yuan / Article
Hibiscus King Diamond King 1600 yuan / Article

Cordyceps - hard case to 1,600 yuan / Article

Yellow Crane Tower - Hard Thanksgiving 1500 / Article

Double Happiness - distinguished Yiping 1500 yuan /

Purple East to 1400 yuan / Article

emperor - hard yellow 1300 yuan / Article

Panda - Special Edition 1200 / of
King St. - Golden Age Collection 1200 / Article

your smoke - Golden Age 1000 yuan / Article

good day - Golden Age 1000 yuan / Article
Yellow Crane Tower - Product Road 1000 yuan / Article

good cat - a very good cat 1,000 yuan / Article

Yellow Crane Tower - sky tour 1000 yuan / Article
Imperial - MAK 1,000 yuan / Article

Yellow Crane Tower - asked 1,000 yuan / Article

white sand - treasures and license 1,000 yuan / Article

39 Yellow Crane Tower - hard sky tour Wide
Hubei tobacco industry limited liability company
1000 yuan /

40 Yellow Crane Tower - soft 1916
Hubei tobacco industry limited liability company
1000 yuan /

41 Diaoyutai - Gold box
Red Cloud Red Group 昆明卷烟厂
800 yuan / Article

42 Huangshan - New Horizons
Tobacco Anhui Industrial Corporation
800 元/ Article

43 Lanzhou - Gansu Flying
tobacco industry limited liability company
800 yuan / Article

44 Su smoke - smoke Jiangsu Jinsha 2
800 yuan / Article

45 Tarzan - Confucianism wind
Shandong Tobacco Industry Company
800 yuan / Article

46 Panda - Age version
Shanghai Tobacco (Group) Corporation
800 yuan / Article

47 real dragon - Jin Yun
Tobacco Guangxi Industrial Corporation
800 yuan / Article

48 clouds - image 94
Red Cloud Red River Tobacco (Group) Co., Ltd.
700 yuan / Article

49 white sand - and the diamond
Tobacco Hunan Industrial Co., Ltd. 700 yuan /

50 Yuxi - Great
Hongta Tobacco (Group) Co., Ltd.
700 yuan / Article

51 gold leaf - the wind version of Malibu
Henan Tobacco Industry Co., Ltd.
700 yuan / Article

52 Soft China
Shanghai Tobacco (Group) Corporation
650 yuan /

53 Wan smoke - the classic red soft
cigarette factory in Hefei, Anhui Tobacco 600 yuan / Article

54 Red Eagle-F1 Soft
Zhejiang Tobacco Industry Co., Ltd.
600 yuan / Article

55 Yellow Crane Tower - soft treasures
Hubei tobacco industry limited liability company
600 yuan / Article

56 gold leaf - a special style of Malibu
Henan Tobacco Industry Co., Ltd.
600 yuan / Article

57 Lotus King - Soft Blue
Hunan Tobacco Industry Co., Ltd.
600 yuan / Article

58 blessing cards - VIP One
Red Cloud Red River Tobacco (Group) Co., Ltd.
600 yuan / Article

59 good cat - Prime
Shaanxi Tobacco Industry Co., Ltd.
600 yuan / bar

premium cigarettes (two hundred level):

Dana Bustamante sweet 870 yuan / cap new era of 716 yuan / bar gift box China 650 yuan / Article

soft Red Chinese 544 yuan / cap impression of clouds 530 yuan / Soft Blue Hibiscus King of 450 yuan / Red River of

cover V8 450 / State of the soft smoke 450 / Nanjing treasures of soft 420 / of the
soft Jinsha Su smoke 420 / loading of 12 Chinese 400 yuan / 120mm Red China of 380 yuan /

cover of Red Chinese 354 yuan / Hard of 11mg Chinese 350 yuan / Hard of International Guardian 320 yuan /
full of Chinese 298 yuan / bar covered platinum Yuxi 266 yuan / new concept of soft yellow 218 yuan / soft beak of

ABBA 290 yuan / 256 yuan of soft white sand treasures / Need for Kim Sung of 210 yuan /

cover of Blue Lotus King 288 yuan / cover payments of Yuxi 240 / King of advanced plastic box 204 yuan / soft

People's Assembly of 288 yuan / Royal goods of soft real dragon 240 / box of fine soft, 202 yuan /

boutique Zhongnanhai 280 / soft Senior treasures of 230 yuan / Article Furong Wang 202 yuan / Article

Soft special alcohol five leaves 270 yuan / Article purple La 230 yuan / treasures of soft clouds of 200 yuan / Article
cigarette brand, I really do not know how many Chinese people can afford, but do not know how many people is pumping his own pocket so the smoke? Top Chinese super high-end luxury cigarettes - you smoked a few? The price of cigarettes does not consider the following areas is poor, for reference only.
1 Red River - Red River Road
Hongyun Tobacco (Group) Co., Ltd.
2300 yuan /

2 Yellow Crane Tower -08
Hubei tobacco industry limited liability company
2000 yuan /

3 ABBA - leisure
Zhejiang Tobacco Industry Co., Ltd.
1900 yuan / Article

4 Su smoke - platinum crystal
Jiangsu Tobacco Industries
1900 / Article

5 True Dragon - Golden Age
Tobacco Guangxi Industrial Corporation
1900 / Article

6 white sands and the world
Tobacco Hunan Industrial Co., Ltd. Company
1800 yuan /

7 Yellow Crane Tower -1916
Hubei tobacco industry limited liability company
1800 yuan /

8 Nanjing - was the emperor
Jiangsu Tobacco Industries
1800 yuan /

9 diamonds - Soft Jingtai
Hebei Tobacco Industries
1800 yuan /

10 Cordyceps - Inner Mongolia Kunming Cigarette Hard Box
1600 yuan /

11 Double Happiness - distinguished Yiping
Tobacco Guangdong Industrial Co., Ltd.
1500 yuan /

12 Yellow Crane Tower - Thanksgiving
hard Hubei tobacco industry limited liability company
1500 yuan /

13 Purple east ( It is said that it is difficult to buy)
Shanxi Kunming Tobacco Co.
1400 yuan /

14 Furong Wang - Diamond
Tobacco Hunan Industrial Co. Company
1300 yuan /

15 Emperor - hard yellow
Chongqing Tobacco Industry Co., Ltd.
1300 yuan /

16 Diaoyutai - Hard Cloisonne
Red Cloud Red Group 昆明卷烟厂
1200 yuan /

17 West Village - Classic 1961
Huaiyin cigarette factory
1200 yuan /

18 Gold St. - Golden Age Collection
Jiangxi Tobacco Industries
1200 元/ Article

19 Panda - Collector's Edition (Chinese luxury goods after the liberation of the first cigarette)
Shanghai Tobacco (Group) Corporation
1200 yuan /

20 White Sands - treasures and brand
Tobacco Hunan Industrial Co., Ltd.
1000 yuan /

21 Changbai Mountain - De Jong world
Jilin Tobacco Industry Co., Ltd.
1000 yuan /

22 Dorsett - China Tobacco Henan wind
Industrial Co., Ltd.
1000 yuan /

23 good cat - a very good cat
Shaanxi Tobacco Industry Co., Ltd.
1000 yuan /

24 good day - Prime
Tobacco Industry Co., Ltd. Shenzhen
1000 yuan /

25 Hulunbeier - gold box
Red Cloud Red Group Ulanhot cigarette factory
1000 yuan /

26 Yellow Crane Tower - Music Road
Hubei tobacco Industrial Co., Ltd.
1000 yuan /

27 Yellow Crane Tower - asked
Hubei tobacco industry limited liability company
1000 yuan /

28 Yellow Crane Tower - sky tour
Hubei tobacco industry limited liability company
1000 yuan /

29 Yellow Crane Tower - Soft Thanksgiving
Hubei tobacco industry limited liability company
1000 yuan /

30 pride - lucky Sichuan Tobacco Industry Co., Ltd.

31 seven wolves - Prime

32 Emperor - hard Huang Kuan version
Chongqing Tobacco Industry Co., Ltd.
1000 yuan /

33 Yuxi - state
Hongta Tobacco (Group) Co., Ltd.
1000 yuan / Article

34 clouds - Soft ceremony impression
Red Cloud Red River Tobacco (Group) Co., Ltd.
1000 yuan /

35 diamonds - Fairview
Hebei Tobacco Industries
1000 yuan /

36 Yellow Crane Tower - Goods Road
Hubei tobacco industry limited liability company
1000 yuan /

37 you smoke - Prime
Guizhou Tobacco Industry Co., Ltd.
1000 yuan of

38 Diaoyutai (Shao Tong Factory)
grade higher, production is not large, worked exclusively for Diaoyutai State Guesthouse smoke, and the Red River Tobacco Factory After the merger, was discontinued. Zhao now smoke production
smoke all in the collection of.
1000 yuan / bar


more look down, the more hilarious, look at the fakes on the market today can be used to alert the end of the unscrupulous businessmen ~
detergent to the supermarket to buy the buy Diaopai, are placed in shopping basket where a, is found living brand ...

weeks later to buy wholesale, find results more ...

white washing powder, Japan? Do not think the cold ....
Diaopai, eliminating it with a little better, took a look .... what is a bottle of shampoo, shampoo back itchy scalp found, a closer look: the drift soft!

a look wrong, no way, then buy a bottle of it, choose a separate brand, use Clairol, but bought a look

OLAY Olay, Oh My! No! Olay

there is OKAY ONLY, cold !!!!!!......

big treasure hey, they really like a series of ......
Mengniu you call, I call !

also Mongolian milk milk

there Mengniu Sour milk, sour milk into a high cow milk Wang Zi

there? No! is busy child milk

Master, no!!!

Master is the master of pure clean water, pure water, actually there is no return Kang, Kang Young seems there should be

Master in the supermarket to buy a bowl of instant noodles, eating eating wrong Yeah, look closely, it was in Bo Kang Shuai Tang instant noodles

master ......
have master G!

unity and the reunification of China Group is not a company

these are not Jianlibao, Po is the power up, power up and up Lippo Bin
do not think that this is the Qingdao Beer This is the Kuanghan ~ ~ ~ ~

home store to buy a new bottle of Sprite, after drinking that taste right, it was found written on the bottle is still snow Bi

exposed Shei-pa ... ......

there really is overbearing!

Notice how this is not a Coca-Cola CocaCola is Kaka Kara Cacacala!

there may be on Coke!

bought a bottle of discovered taste right, carefully read a long time, turned out to be mobility???

seems I have to look for buy a package Qiaqia seeds, a close look at the

Excalibur chewing gum ...

buy a bottle of Bar, a closer look, this is the Maotai

do not buy, and buy Wuliangye, a look is actually three liquid food

not buy alcohol, I buy cigarettes, ~ you look closely, this is cigarettes, not !

how this so cheap nokia phone, oh, was originally nokla ...

delicious points! delicious shop? tone is not a small ah ..

IVIKE version of the NIKE, myopia with ten million to buy the wrong

this purely funny, is said to be strongest in the history ah di. . . Adidas brand on too much imitation, prescribe bars, there are four, five bars of. Adidas Big Brother Avi


two brothers Ada Das

brother Adiduosi this watch I witnessed. . .

fourth brother Adi Bath

five younger brother Dassas

Adidas and Nike also imported shoes [img]
this PUMA PUMA's hair is also really sturdy

polar bear version of

version of the flying fish have curly

perm version

still live cat version, really funny!!

four Ling, obviously trying to ruin how, but we still have to top! Fuel, for one day in the near, into the Japanese market!

Beckham wood, do not spend a penny, so I ask the stars of the world's most expensive advertising the

look hungry, you eat KFC. . .

Fog blocking my line of sight , until I open the windows of the morning .
Day , or by night , the kind of endless breath of life , how are indelible .
Call alternating with suction , master as natural .
God , the human superficial trample the weak is their own .
I said , learned to cherish the people around the world also live up to the trip .

then look up the alley in the street , it is not only to illuminate the quiet of the night , but a picture of frustration for lamp face .
lamp , two girls calling each other , we must be happy . but it was point at which the poor happy and lonely corner , destroy health .
hoarse call , sad happiness .
firmly refused to let go of the hold , it how to bounce back .
light the gas issue Zhi Zhizhi 's voice , it tells you , it 's life is approaching .
straight ahead to move forward, crouching in the corner of that stupid , cold shivering .
not find my way home , but it is fork of that road many more , in the temptation of the moment, no one not pretending to be calm .

suddenly one day, gone the ring worn on the hand , it means that your life will be repeated .
chains could not set value of things , but only release .
put it this way, we will better .
then my heart will be branded a mark , very deeply . how deep your ups and downs , how deep it , then , always growing , always growing .
Ye Hao even rot , decay after those maggots at least let you smell the smell of living thing .
but it does not will it grow to pierce my throat .
pain of lost for words , only tears .
then , let us work together to destroy , ashes , placed in the cold box .
accepted a living memorial .

Buddhist in belief is called salvation .
soul salvation will nurture new life , only afterlife life .
like things in the world all living beings .

Young age, doing well, but why cheat good people everywhere love . That 's money you comfortable? Do not you do it is not guilty ?
look at those old people , they are strong and do more than you do ? Than you beautiful? They two are not on top of you a right ! But they are still relying on their ability to eat, although tired point , but the flowers comfortable.
here I advocate , even if you do not need to also buy some of those old street vendor to sell things. Begging for money to see those young people like the video where the man to do that.

media file source file information :
You can click the play button on the control -line play . Note that play the media file , there are some risks.
Annotated : Dongwangluntan system disables the automatic playback of the file .
not made automatically because the user 's permission to play multimedia files or the layout is set to not support multimedia playback .

Christmas Eve that year, and that a passing, slightly sad beautiful memory.
is fictional, it is real, the story is similar.
of whom are my recollections - - - - - -

Yifan all this is being written the song, my favorite one. Even better than I write lyrics for his song Yifan also write your own words, I feel the best place one.
the winter it should be a year before, the song he gave me the DEMO. (DEMO can also be interpreted as a fragment of the original recorded singing audition)
when I heard this song, as usual, he gave me the same as when other DEMO, suddenly appeared in my mind a lot picture.
lyrics a little bit white, but not the lack of realism, I asked him his own story? He did not answer.
I gave him some advice, including the design of the entire song, and added a little embellishment, and so the other point. Yifan is always so humble acceptance. Yifan
whenever a new song written, he always sent me, so I tried to fill in the lyrics. Or he himself had written a word. But every time I always pick and choose for him to write the lyrics. He always said that I write the lyrics than his fly (do not know whether intentionally say, huh, huh)
However, only this time, I did not any of his lyrics to the views, but his very favorite.
be like I said before, a little

drink a lot of wine, now the situation is drunk after a small wake of dizziness.
drank tea, slightly a little clear in the songs. Headache, I do not know will write so many things.
might have wanted too much.
Yifan in listening to singing, my mind is constantly playing fragments of memories.
some experience is the way via some external, in order to single out those vague remnants hook.
tonight's the night feeling particularly deep, my head is constantly spinning.

all people should have some regret it, it may also have a regret, only to regret the events of the more beautiful.
If you catch this beauty, that fleeting moment, those moments of brilliant,
ask them not to forget his. As their free and easy learn, learn to give up after.
put away their sad, do not blame others for their abandonment, anything can be seen as heavy and light Italian.
should have had it for life episode and glad.
but - - - - - - - - in the last
clearly heard singing the song
but - - - - - - - -
I cried

special song to sing Dong Yifan
word Dong Yifan
; Dong Yifan

audiovisual address

thing about last night you said we should not be too concerned about not feeling
it was just the game it's only fair you do not leave your cell phone call just to tell me that you said Thank CIND
play I'll give you a very happy happy

(there are no words to say) I have the courage
(courage to defeat loneliness) loneliness think you
(like all your breath) breathing into the distance

(you do not get too upset) I was born and his gas
( What you gas yourself) you will not want to hear
(want to hear too many things) will not matter destined to see you

I will remember this special winter
premature and do not forget you Christmas is coming

another one week you will be lying in the arms of
who I will remember this special winter
because you go through the beautiful white snow outside the window
roof Do not cry

People often say crazy man Maid of the ancients has been explained very clearly . Man 's infatuation for love , for love of the world and understand how much specificity ? The woman said a man can fall in love with more than one woman, a woman did not know in fact, only a man loved a lifetime ! Man truly pure love only once , when that love comes, he will be desperate ; when that love the , will no longer have . That deep love , but pain is too deep . After the men will fall in love with another girl , just the kind of love already no longer pure , contains a desire to include compassion , pity included . A woman's heart is made ​​of water , is the most injured woman , wounding a woman is the deepest . Favorite girl encountered a man that after all the love for her, how many girls can know how to cherish ? Then a man in tears , extremely sad and desperate tears . Slowly, the men began to bury their own hands that one and only love , it gathering dust in their mind, one of the deepest abyss . When a woman complained that when a man incapable of ever thought that men being the most precious thing you merciless destruction. When a man shy of saying I love you when you cherish it? When men cry for you when you help him clean it? Say ruthless man , a woman can ever know , because the silly man's relentless , loving and very silly , very silly and painful , very painful death . When true love wiped out after a man died of a heart of love , for love with a point total cynicism , because once in a lifetime love him ... ... a man's heart knows best . If this is you, you feel it? Feel , you cherish !




















































































































































































  4.平底锅内放油,倒入拌好的蛋糊,小火煎至基本定型时翻面,最后煎至两面金黄 即可。











































































































- -

incontinence: peach. Plum -

● Papaya: In addition to dark spots, freckles, aid digestion, cure ulcers.


hypertension: bananas. Watermelon. Grapes. Tomato. Walnut. Persimmon. Peaches -

Other -

increase strength. Anti-aging: Apple. Bananas. Walnut -

liver disease: strawberry. Plums. Apple. Grapes. Banana -


dental diseases: strawberries. Orange. Plum -

back pain: kiwi. Watermelon. Pears. Citrus -

heart: Apple. Kiwi. Pears. Watermelon. Pineapple. Walnut. Banana -

stroke: Apple. Persimmon. Pineapple. Kiwi -

arthritis: grapes. Loquat -

cold: strawberries. Mango. Pineapple. Loquat. Twist lemon -

hemorrhoids: Apple. Persimmon. Peaches. Bananas. Figs -

diarrhea: Apple. Bayberry -


high cholesterol: mangosteen. Walnut -

skin: papaya. Strawberries. Apple. Walnut -

maternal postpartum recovery: Apple. Walnut -

urethral stones: watermelon. Kiwi -

● Olive: to quench thirst, salt's to sober up, vomiting. Brewing tea, hot water can dry cure disease. Dry mouth, dry lips, sputum can often chewing, diarrhea appetizer food product can be ruled out.


bronchitis: grapes. Apple. Cherry. Pears. . Persimmon -



● Orange Citrus: antipyretic, diuretic, expectorant, anti-constipation, fluid.


● Avocado: a beauty, prevent arteriosclerosis effect.



● loquat: cream can cough and phlegm.

- -

● Grapefruit: to thirst, refreshing, fatigue, lower blood pressure, aid digestion, beauty, skin weight loss.


stomach: Papaya -

low back pain: peach -

● Kiwi: dry antipyretic, diuretic, thirst, constipation.

- -


the pharmacological effects of various fruits


● Mulberry: Adjustable digestion, cure stomach ailments, constipation, old branches Jianshui drinking cold can prevent disease through blood gas pain. Add rock sugar or brown sugar leaves Jianshui drunk as a tea, can Qingfei heat, gastrointestinal, urine, swelling, expectorant.



urinary system diseases -

enteritis: pineapple. Bananas. Apple. Grapes. Tomato. Pomegranate -

- -

● Watermelon: antipyretic, diuretic, detoxifying, refreshing, laxative. -

● Bristol: In addition to heat, Gan Liang lungs, relieves congestion through the intestines.

- -

● longan: aphrodisiac Qi, Heart tonic, nourishing the nerves, skin and other cosmetic effects, to treat anemia, palpitations, insomnia, forgetfulness, neurasthenia and illness, postpartum weakness embolism. -

surgery faster healing: Strawberry -

● Pear: clear antipyretic drugs, cough and phlegm. -


promote growth: Apple. Pears. Bananas. Strawberries. Cantaloupe. Watermelon. -

- wax: antipyretic, diuretic, quiet nerve function.

endocrine disorders. Crocodile plow. Apple. Kiwi. Grapes. Peaches. Cantaloupe. Papaya -

students what disease. eat fruit -

asthma: grapes. Peaches -



night blindness: Papaya -

tuberculosis: pears. Peaches. Loquat. Papaya -

● carambola: clear scratchy, sore throat, thirst, Shun Qi, lungs, to wind-heat, diuretic.


● grapefruit: clear heat, purge, eliminate bad breath, hangover.


atherosclerosis: Apple. Avocado. Walnut. Tomato. Banana -

urethritis: peach. Grapes -

● plum: stomach, fluid, insecticide, the solution vomiting, hangover.


● Peach: Chongjin sweet, easy to eat indigestion. -

● banana: to help prevent constipation, digestion, clearing the lungs.



oral inflammation: pears. Orange. Pomegranate -

● Tomato: prevention of high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, anemia, liver disease and gastrointestinal problems. To summer heat, heat, help digestion. Juice wash to eliminate small wrinkles.



respiratory system. Trachea. Lung disease -

gout: kiwi. Pineapple -



● Apple: governance diarrhea, lowering blood pressure, hydrate the skin. -

dates: constipation, diuretic, stomach fluid.

eye. Ear. Laryngeal Diseases: Papaya -

● persimmon: blood diarrhea, constipation. -

● Grape: to qi, blood, beauty, a diuretic, tocolysis gas.


● Coconut: antipyretic heatstroke, antiemetic, eliminate swelling, coconut meat can be an appetizer, warm in the blood.

- -

cystitis: watermelon. Peaches -

● Cherry: the prevention of colds, cancer.


● heart fruit (Ginseng): hot weather heat, increase physical strength. -

without appetite: grape -

● fig: detoxification, dysentery, constipation, hemorrhoids.

- -

- -

● melon: fever, thirst, the net blood, urine, solution impatient.


- ● Sugarcane: Ganliang thirst, heat, and lower air, relax, diuretic, added strength, hangover, eliminate bad breath throat, miscellaneous dirty teeth. -

- Pineapple: a strong effect on human tissue, can cure indigestion, loss of appetite, excessive sweating (to wipe the salt).

● orange: Cold, can be antipyretic, expectorant, anti-constipation, thirst, rub the skin with pain relief, anti-inflammatory effect and beauty effect.

or wounded: Papaya -

- -

digestive system. Stomach. Liver disease -


gastritis: Apple. Grapes -

indigestion: pears. Strawberries. -

● Paramita: thirst quencher, diuresis, heat, sober up, fill in the.


a hoarse voice: grapes. Loquat -

● Bayberry: with digestion, cold, summer heat, diarrhea, diuretic, cure dysentery and thirst on the fluid, clear the stomach, Chufan anger foul smells -


● Lemon: enhance digestion, excessive sweating, loss of appetite, physical fatigue, weight loss hangover. -

● Strawberry: clean blood, diuretic.


● Sterculia: Sterculia nutritious, containing protein, crude fiber,beats pro headphones, vitamin A, vitamin B, phosphorus, calcium. More in cooked food, because high calories, so for the thin, loss of appetite of people who no doubt is the best fruit to add strength.



bone. Joints, skin diseases: grapes. Loquat -

● Mango: treat motion sickness, the ship, and vomiting. Cooked flesh can be deposited burns, water burns, anti-inflammatory pain.

- -

anemia: grapes. orange. Tomato. Apple. Strawberries. Cherry -

● plums: hangover, refreshing.


● passion fruit: bowel, appetizer, thirst, except tired. -


pregnant antiemetic: pears. Apple. Persimmon -

● lychee: blood, lung health, and promote blood circulation, heart weakness may eat (have been advised not to eat hot).

Zhen Xing sub-wing and the ground balance Cottage. Lapel with five lakes and three rivers, control and lead quite Jing Ou more. Tianbao, Long irradiating buffaloes of the Market; outstanding, under Chen Fan Xu Ru couch. Xiongzhou fog column, Jun Cai-Xing Chi, Yi Xia pillow dry moat at the turn of Taiwan, both sides make the beauty of the southeast. Wang Yan Ya captaincy of the public, Ji Yao Pro; Owen of New Jersey Yi Fan, curtain temporarily stationed. Ten ten-day vacation, Sheng-like clouds; miles flatter, almost a full house. Tengjiao from Phoenix, Meng Xueshi words were; purple electric blue cream, General Wang's arsenal. Jun slaughter house for the road known area; boy know what, bow every win preserves.

September when the dimension, order is Sanqiu. Lao clear water make the Han Tan, twilight mountains and purple smoke photocoagulation. Yan Can in the road and visit the landscape at Chong Ah. Emperor of Pro sub-Cheung Chau, the old building was immortal. Layer units Song Cui, Xiao on the weight; Flying Club Flow Dan, overlooking the landless. Hok Ting mallard example, poor islands linger; Guidian Lan Gong, Gang Luan out of the body potential. Phi embroidered door of an inner, overlooking the sculpture Ikara, Kuang its earnings as the original mountains, Kawasawa Xu Hai their visions. Rushed to Yan Lu, Zhong Mingding food home; Ge ship maze, Qingque Huanglong axis. Hong Ji-off rain, Toru District, Choi Ming. Falling clouds and lonely duck to fly, relaxed and a total length sky color. Boats, Sea Li Peng affect the poor; Goose cold shock, the sound of breaking Hengyang Pu.

remote lapel overlooking Chang, Yi Xing Trent fly. Angels hair and cool breeze of Health, and condensate clouds containing fiber songs. Sui green bamboo garden, gas Ling Pengze the bottle; Ye Zhu Hua water, light Linchuan of the pen. Simei with, two difficult and. The Air ogle at the poor transit, a very entertaining tour in Xia Ri. Day Heights regression, feel infinite universe; Xing Jin and grief, the knowledge of several Ying Xu. Wang Chang in Kusakabe, Wu will mean the clouds. South polar terrain and the deep sea, far North Star Tianzhu high. Guanshan more difficult, way of people who lost sad? Meet by chance, the best is foreign customers.
pregnant with steel and not see God, Feng Xuan room to what year?

Jie Hu! Bad luck, ill-fated. Old Yi Ping Tang, Li difficult to seal. Qu Jia Yi in Changsha, non-no Lord; channeling Liang Yu Song, Qi Ming lack. The Lai Junzi Poor, Daren attitude to life. Healthy and strong, rather shift the heart of the white first? Benefit the poor and the firm does not fall Albatron ambition. Discretion greed spring they felt cool, dry place with still joy rut. North Sea, although credit, spread upward, which can be accessed; EAST stories, Sangyu not late. Meng Chang Gao Jie, left with the heart to serve the country; Nguyen by furious, not at a dead-effect of crying!

Bo feet micro life, scholar. Trackless volunteered, so finally the military twenties; a pregnant cast pen, Que Mu were the winds. Bailing Wat hairpin in homes, on instructions from twilight in the skies. The non-Xie Baoshu, then Monteggia's Neighborhood. He increasingly Court, to accompany hundred carp on; this morning holding a sleeve of a robe, like care goal. Meaning not every Yang, Lingyun and ask self pity; minute period of both opportunity and played water on what ashamed?

Ming call! Resort rarely, can no longer feast. Lanting gone, Azusa Zeqiu Market. Parting words, fortunately preserves Cheng'en Yu Wei; climb for Fu, is that the public look at the group. Dare dried rustic Cheng, Christine sparse short lead. A word are assigned, all four into a rhyme. Please sprinkle Pan River, the dumping Lu Haiyun Seoul

women: ; -


male: chest, I really could not tell you on the positive and negative it!


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woman: So lifelike!



M: You like it very deep Daoxing; ballast also a head of ice crystals, I Pooh! not that some frozen solid nose bubble it? one that does not look in your own point Pizi ... p>


not read message: the men's small toothpick-like ... later, after a small woman like egg yolk -






M: Bi in the man's paintings are seen!




woman: relatives it!






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Liu Xiang 's injury is the people's pain Time: [ 08/08/27 09:27 ] article text : Liu Xiang's expression of pain and helplessness , I believe , if the Achilles tendon can be immediately replaced , then the presence of a Chinese audience will each to his feet sticking out , so the doctor for some careful selection . However, the medicine has not yet reached such an advanced stage hair ! In fact , Liu has not adhere to the game , at this time, he is Greek mythology that was shot in the Achilles , he can not face his opponent , placed in front of him , only one way , that is failure. Our dorm a few people looked at each other , can not believe this is true . Four years ago, this young man jumped on the top step of the action is so vigorous , four years later, he was only twenty years old only, but the weakness has emerged overwhelmed . Not believe he never had a serious injury to the point , can not imagine ever not his 110-meter hurdles is what will look like . To some extent , Liu Xiang, track and field has become a symbol of China , and this Olympic Games , the Chinese track and field has no idols . Can not blame Sun Haiping , Liu Xiang can not be blamed for the treatment of those doctors . Things are now, if the accused as well as with words , but also to Liu Xiang continues to fly the nest , then , let 1.3 billion people with accusations it! This is Liu Xiang, the most difficult time in life the game , it is not hard with opponents for the contest , nor is recorded into the device with the race , this time , his enemy is his own ! And he , being himself, playing without injured by their own men also Page 1 / 2

1. Time does not wait for me, is that you forgot me, I never forget the firefly left, right hand in a decade a long meditation.

2. Everyone is a king in his own world aspect overbearing, you do not listen to me, but you do not let me listen to you.

3. a person close to the location is only so much you can give only so much in this small circle, some people want to come in, there are some people had to leave.

4. a person always on a strange road, watching strange scenery and listening to strange music, and then in a casual moment, you will find that things had really want to forget pains so forget it.

5. not every effort will be rewarding, but every effort must be harvested, it is an unfair proposition irreversible

6. Memory is like down in the palm of water, whether you spread out or clenched, will eventually flow drop by drop from the fingers clean.

7. I forgot what year what day what month of the side wall where I carved a face with a sad smile, staring at my face

8. We smile that we remain in the original at the time had long been swept away by flood silent

9. Some people will always be engraved in memory, even forgetting his voice, forgot his smile and forget him face, but think of him every kind of feeling is never changed

10. the separation of those who never spoke before, had already scattered in the End of the World.

11. you never see the most lonely, when I look, because only when you are not with me, I was the most lonely.

12. Who is who in the passing of life, who is in the wheel of life, past life of dust, present in the wind, endless sorrow of soul and spirit.
ultimately are not a who's who.

13. The city is no grass Orioles legend, it will always live in the real inside, fast drums, haste figure, numbness, eyes, fake smile, and I am being assimilated
14. Time is not taught me anything, it taught me not easy to believe the myth

15. leave, to make things simple, people become good, like a child, we start again .

16. a wounded beast, it can go to a cave to hide themselves, and then lick their wounds, they insist, but once they are being, it can not stand

17 . wound like me, is a stubborn child, refused to heal, because the heart is warm and humid place, for anything grow.

18. because I know you are likely worried about the kids, so I will pay you in the hands of line but did not dare to fly too far.

19. One day I will quietly walk away from your side, without any sound, I missed a lot, I was always a sadness.

20. I like now as look at you smiling, silent, proud, lost, so I follow you follow you happy and sad, but I always stand now but you will always stay in the past.

21. If we are children, the time can remain in situ, sit together while listening to the story that never grow old while slowly Haoshou.

22. When you really love something when you will find how fragile and weak language . Text and there is always a feeling of estrangement.

23. forget that we should not change the fate of everything is not aligned like all the drawings back to the former than in the past extended little by little, so slowly stagger to perhaps stagger the things we really should be forgotten

24. What is happiness? Is to cover up their grief for everyone smile.

25. I do not like talking that day, but most, I do not like laughing always laughing, everyone says around my life so happy, so I also think he really happy. But why would a large group of friends suddenly on the silence, why in the crowd to see a similar back to sad, to see the leaves fall off trees and crazy I forgot to speak, saw it was getting late warm yellow lights on the road forgotten their original direction ...

26. you gave me a tear, I see your heart all the marine

27. you laugh once, I can be happy for days on ; can see you cry once, I sad for several years.

28. lonely people will always remember his life in the heart of everyone appeared, so I always get enough to think of you every star fall in the number of night over and over again my lonely
29. hiding in a given time, miss some time with the palm; hiding in a given location, also stand to miss an avenue of standing antecedents, I worried about people.

30. holding my hand, eyes closed, you will not go lost.

31. If one day we are not together, but also the same as with.

32. the original text and the slightest of children is never happy, happy like the fun of their children, wandering into the sky, wandering back to the sky still refused

33 . those after carved in back will love the flowers, like the concrete floor out of the end of time with no wind forest

34. Do not be the ideal fantasy, passion not to be hypocritical. Everything contentment.

35. From the moment the pupa cocoon is torn heart of a layer of skin pain Toru Toru pulmonary many butterflies are in the moment of breakthrough pain was dead.

36. We have been looking, looking, that we have the outcome

37. At that moment, I could almost hear the voice of the world collapse.

38. is brave too long, a person you decided to live.

39. I stand too long, too long to say I have tired, how can you still do not understand? I write too much too long I have written tired, how can you still do not understand?

40. airfields while the riots stopped, people here are with their own direction, and hurried off, hurried down, take away someone else's story, leaving his memories.

41. I like a melancholy sunset as the birds of sadness, melancholy of birds flying into the sunset like my sorrow.

42. the whole world I will leave you on your side, there is rampant in hell with us.

43. my tears stayed, irrigation the following soft grass, do not know the coming year,dre beats headphones, will not prescribe a way of memory and sorrow.

44. birds of the air, are you more lonely than I, or my sadness than you, the rest of the time, you with me, okay, so you're not lonely, I will not be sad ... ...

45. If you wait you can exchange for a miracle, I prefer to wait, even a year, or a lifetime!

46. we are like the needle on the surface, stop turning, side switch, one side watching the time rush to leave, but could do nothing

47. I always stare that Sunrise Shen homeless sad month

48. cello sound like a river, left bank I can not forget memories, is that I deserve the right bank of the bright Love grasping the middle flowing, every year I but each touch of sadness!

49. I do not know the time of death, staring at the sky turned back so bleak, I heard the lament heard sleet Snowbird, slanting sweep days away, I see your face appeared in the dark green blue the sky above, so I laughed, because I see you, happy like a child grow up.

50. friends are always for you shelter from the storm, if you bear in the distance snow, but I can not, I will pray for those snow fell on me.

51. If I recall it as the hard iron is the smile or cry, as if the corrosion of steel like that here is the memory of joy, or the ruins of the city?

52. Firestone's noisy and bright, worldly pleasure, happiness, as the clearest streams in the wind, in front of me, Mimi and over, as warm as spring water pouring out, and I did not expect, I just want you to be happy, do not sorrow.

53. If you can with you, I'd rather make the sky all the stars all the damage down, because your eyes, most of my life bright light.

54 ..

55. or matches that of the good, her lower body that men are animals. Those men kept for you to give you half a lifetime of happiness, in fact, is that your lower body to the happiness of

56. Hold your hand, whether it is where I feel like moving heaven to run.

57. memories like rotting leaves, those fresh green has long been buried in that time scale of the front, leaving only the overwhelming smell of decay in the time scale of the tail.

58. Dengying slurry voice still cold in the day the dream genre Shuiyou Han Qing Chang Restaurant Filled House Mountains beyond mountains outside the mountain people who did not also did not have
Yanzi back earlier than the person tears Fuqin Lethe Ringing in the shoulder shirt covered with full flowering covered with residual shoulder
Lakeshore Jiang Sheng siren in the film slowly and where is the southern

59. they have ambiguous when they are ambiguous

60. happy and well-being so similar, but happiness is happiness you?
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a real dialogue
women: the A ?
M: Anthracene !
women: doing?
male : female , who
: such as your girlfriend ?
M: No, a friend
woman : and so she was doing , you are bored?
M: I never get bored , I'm afraid she bored , waiting for her up to chat
women: you like her ?
male : female anthracene
: She did not online ?
M: No, she was never on the line , the line is invisible
Woman: Oh ! You waiting for ?
M: She will send a message to me up the
woman : If she is not on-line or on-line is not sent to you, that you are not white and so the
M: I do not know !
M: So you call or send a message to her A
M: She is not convenient ,
woman : Why ?
M: Next talk to you , bye
want to call the boy to the girl every day , but can not find an excuse to find reasons, every month 130 messages , sent every month finish , there are a lot of girls send a message to the boy , the boy is never returned , or two or three days to return them. Boys do not like to chat, but every day waiting for the girl hung QQ , not because of boredom , many girls find boys to chat ,beats pro headphones, do not ignore the boy , just want to accompany the girl to chat , every on-line , boys are very disappointed , each the voice on the line in terms of sleep, eat , work, boys will look at is not the girl on the line , but I am always disappointed , the boy 's friends in all the QQ removed , leaving only one girl , so there would be so many voices on the line , not so much disappointed , waiting every day , the boy did not even disappointed , and finally the boy to the girl's friends also deleted . Since then, not on the QQ. Not everyone will be no reason such a person to chat on Q , not every message can get back to you in a minute , maybe that person is waiting for your timely reply to your message every time that person , so your friends do not let he ( she ) disappointed . Cherish
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black and white classic

gorgeous series

comfortable and simple

pork meat


pork tenderloin a recorded pork sauce 1 small bottle of green ginger 4 tablespoons rice wine, honey and two 20 ml

1, will buy back the pork loin dry cleaned water cut into strips, and with scissors cut the surface of the white fascia; peeled ginger into pieces, cut onions into sections alternate

2, take a large sealed box into the box of the pork, then add the ginger and spring onion, pork sauce and rice wine into the grasp uniform, it is best to make the meat are immersed in sauce

3, covered with the lid sealed box, into the refrigerator for 1 day, flip open about half-way out of the meat, remove onion to make tasty and even throw
4, preserved well after the removal, within a shop in a foil pan, then roast the meat on the Internet, will be roasted on a grid in the oven to dry 15 minutes after the brush a layer of sauce are dropping honey, and then to the pan for a clean aluminum foil

5, the lower the pan into the oven, put the meat grill up the middle to 180 degrees bake 20 minutes after removal, brush a layer of marinated meat sauce juice, a little dry and then brush a layer of honey

6, the brush upside down good meat into the oven to 180 degrees and then continue to bake for 20 minutes, then brush out 2 times a honey again, then bake the best 10 minutes to

intimate suggestions:

1, do opt for a more lean pork meat, not too much fat and skin of the plum to make, if you buy a large After the rump, then 5 cm from the right by cutting down the knife, and then left 5 cm cut back up ... ... this in turn cut down, pull the meat can become a long, so you can make the meat more quickly The tasty

2, raw onions can not be preserved for too long, or will form a smelly onion flavor, the aroma of meat affected

passion beef balls


beef ginger at the end, bread crumbs, eggs, green apples, flour, cornstarch
salt, baking soda (food powder), tomato sauce, orange juice concentrate, sugar, pepper


1) Beef row with a knife blade chop, chop to pull its weight toughness, in a bowl. Add a little water and baking soda and stir into the beef, stirring to water have entered the beef. Then add salt, pepper Stir into beef material.

2) the green apple cut into Ding, and onion into the beef with the late, and then mix well. While the eggs and mix stand.

3) material extruded beef balls, shot on a little flour, then wrapped eggs, and finally bread crumbs evenly on the film. Into 5 into the pan fried to a golden color, float balls are rotating in the oil, until golden. (Two of our four, but still too late to squeeze the ball and shoot Zhawan Zi process, so those who admire the detailed process map of food blog, this is really not an easy living ah!

4) pot add a little water, add tomato sauce and concentrated orange juice, add sugar and a little salt (salt to be very small). Boil adjusted the taste, cornstarch thicken, pour in the beef balls, and you can.

cuisine features: crisp outside and tender, sweet and sour, fruity mouthful.

small caution:

1, chopped beef must use a knife blade, cut out of the mess enough so smooth.

2, the baking soda dissolved in the water, then pour beef mud. Note, do not want to add the water, this ball will not easily formed.

3, if we find water Cadogan, the ball is not easy to shape, it can be crushed to Riga in the flour to make up. (I am sure you did not efforts to re-cut beef into a)

4, beef, stirring the mud must be a clockwise direction.

5, deep-fried balls to pay attention to the oil temperature control. (I fried up a bit)

colorful skins eggplant roll

Meirou half a catty, sugar, soy sauce, pepper, rice wine, ginger end of the egg mix for a while; addition and III diced pepper, garlic mince

[ ],[stuffing: Meirou (pork tenderloin addition, more tender meat, suitable for stuffing) half a catty, sugar, soy sauce, pepper, rice wine, ginger end of the egg mix for a while; addition and III diced pepper, garlic mince
3, wok, warm the oil, slip loose meat, then add all ingredients, stir fry until cooked, the meat on the well

4, eggplant evenly covered with meat, from left to right and then rolled up, a volume is complete eggplant;

5, and tasty but also satiety, the eggplant does not want to poison immune ^ ^

Sichuan Shuizhu


1, pork ( or beef) meat 250 grams of cabbage (or other seasonal vegetables, usually lettuce in Sichuan) 200 grams

2, Pixian 50 grams (3 tablespoons) cooking wine 25 grams (1.5 tablespoons), starch 25 grams (1.5 tablespoons),

3, 2 grams of salt (about 1 / 2 teaspoon), a small amount of chicken, chili, 10 grams, 20 pepper, onion amount, broth 400 grams,
4, oil 100 grams of soy sauce, 3 grams (1 teaspoon), sugar, 5 grams (1 teaspoon), 4 garlic (peeled, chopped), ginger 5 grams (finely chopped)

[practice ]

1, the lean meat cut into about 5 cm long, 2.5; cm wide, 0.3 cm thick sheet of large (but probably, not strictly a measure, in short, thin, some are better), if they feel bad cut, the meat can be slightly frozen in the freezer until hard, when some slices of meat, starch, wine, salt and small amount of water to catch even a little salt meat stand.

2, cabbage, washed, large leaves torn by hand, cabbage with a knife cut into diagonal slices; onions cut into scallion; cut with scissors section chili stand; Pixian chop broken stand;

3, 30 grams of oil into the wok, add dried chili pepper in the fire section and deep fry brown, remove and set aside.

4, turn the fire, saute the onion into the wok, then add cabbage and fry off students, shop in the bowl aside.

5, hot wok, then pour 30 grams of oil,dr dre beats sale, add ginger and saute Pixian until the fry oil.

6, add broth, boiling.

7, the marinated meat into the pot with chopsticks aside loose, to be spread out and cook until meat color, add soy sauce, chicken, sugar to taste.

8, will be paved into the meat and cabbage soup with the bowl.

9, will be pre-fried dried chili peppers and chopped pepper, sprinkle on the meat, garlic is spread evenly on the meat.

10, pot wash dry, add 40 grams of oil, till 90% heat (smoke), and then poured the hot oil evenly on the meat can be.

Shuizhuroupian particularly tasty to a few tips:

1, dried chili and pepper section must be reddish brown fried crispy, fried peppers and pepper oil to fry vegetables. Fried minced chili pepper sprinkled on meat after, the taste fragrant mouthful of coke, very flavored.

2, Pixian Stir fry must be marked to.

3, finally pouring hot oil must be burned too hot, sprinkled with garlic flavor to be put out soy.

King full elbow

net elbow 1, 50 g

chili sauce:

salt 2 tsp allspice 2 tsp soy sauce 2 tablespoons sugar 1 tsp chicken 1 / 2 tsp cooking wine 2 tablespoons spice amount of stew, onion, ginger, a little section


1, elbow through into the water boiled, remove, Eviscerate;
2, inside the elbow cast five-spice powder, then the elbow with a rope tied tightly;

3, the pot into the boiling broth, lower spices, pork, onion, ginger segment, a small fire cook until nine mature when removed;

4, remove the cotton line, into the soup, the last steamer thirty minutes, until cooked Ruannuo;

5, wok Add marked Heat, the next burst into the chili crisp, pour in the pork, sprinkle with chopped green onion.


final steaming to make pork more Ruannuo, take the opportunity to symbolize the New Year, our days flourishing, if you suspect trouble, you can directly cooked.

hot lanterns shrimp


shrimp, tofu, Pi bean paste, red pepper, pepper

eggs, cherry tomatoes, broccoli stalks, or cucumber, parsley

1 small tomato Wash stalks, all two and a half, put the disk into a lantern shape

2, beat the egg, spread into the shells, let cool, cut into wire for lanterns ear

3, broccoli stalks cut into small pieces, cut out a few grooves in the above, for lanterns Block


1, Wash the shrimp to the head, to shrimp line , peeled. Back from the middle of a knife cut to the shrimp shrimp abdomen, penetrating the middle part of the shrimp body into the hole

2, the end of the shrimp from the shrimp through the belly of the cave, made of shrimp

3, tofu cut into small pieces, bean paste, chopped

4, wok cool the oil, first under the bean paste and red pepper, Stir the fragrance, pour in the water (water should be more together)

5, the pot of boiling water, poured into chunks, stir well, cook a few minutes

6, cook until tofu tasty, sprinkle a little pepper, stir well, dishing out the tofu, put into a dish lanterns in

7, the remaining soup pot boiling, pour in shrimp stir fry, stir-fry until cooked shrimp, soup can do the basic income

Phoenix Spring Festival


dates, wine, 1 / 3 bottle dry longan broiler 1 star anise 1 10 ginger 4 red pepper 1 20 g sugar Chuncong two garlic tablets 6 Chestnut 10


soy sauce 2 tablespoons salt 1 / 2 teaspoon pepper 1 / 2 teaspoon soy sauce chicken stock 150 g amount of

1, boiled a pot of boiling water, then cook the bloody water into the wash after the broiler and then remove and wash and drain water

2, the broiler After the incision from the belly white and black color on the brush into the pan until golden brown, after removal, and then also into the pan in the garlic until golden brown

3, take a bowl, the fried the broiler with the skin down into the bowl, then put the rest of the materials and seasonings into the chicken inside

4, bowl with plastic wrap to seal, then into the steamer out of steam an hour later, the first to collapse the soup, then remove with material impurities, chestnuts open-minded

intimate suggestions:

1, dates, wine can also use rice wine, white wine instead of

2, chestnuts use a dry chestnuts, but soaked with hot water before use and then use

tofu cucumber cup


tofu, cucumber (in order to better The stuffed stuffing, to choose some rough cucumber), carrots, fresh mushrooms, onions, starch.

spices: salt, pepper, plain and easy fresh, sesame oil.

1, paragraph Peel the cucumber, hollowing out the middle part made of cucumber cup;

2, carrots, fresh mushrooms, onion finely chopped, a small piece of tofu, mash, add carrots, fresh mushrooms, diced green onion, Sprinkle the salt, pepper, sesame oil, plain and easy fresh, a little dry mix made of starch filling;

3, will be dug fillings stuffed into the cup cucumber , gently pressed;

4, steamer after the water was stuffed cucumber cup into the fire 6-8 minutes;

5, the steam out of the soup plate into the juice to the pot, add a little seasoning salt and fresh elements easily, add a little water, starch hook thin gravy, drop a few drops of sesame oil, pour in the cup on the cucumber can be.

hygrophila cucumber


summer cucumber 3 garlic three chili peppers 5 tablespoons sesame oil, diesel oil pepper 2 tablespoons rice vinegar 1 2 tablespoons salt 1 teaspoon sugar 1 tablespoon soft little fish sauce 1 tablespoon MSG cool white open 2 tablespoons


1, Wash the cucumber to two, and then on the case of the board, then the case of the board on both sides to put two cucumber cucumber chopsticks; blade 45 degree angle with chopsticks under the knife diagonally sliced ​​cucumber, cut into chopsticks at that stop, cut cucumber finished side will then turn over and complete the same cut
2, the chili peppers cut into pieces, garlic, pressed into garlic, spices transferred all of the bowl after adding 2 tablespoons of cold boiled water and mix well

3, is tuned to the spices into the water cut cucumber inside, covered with plastic wrap in the refrigerator before eating iced

intimate suggestions:

summer is thin cucumber cucumber and green, unlike many children's autumn cucumber, In Singapore they call >

secret Pork


skin pork 2 tablespoons soy sauce 1 tablespoon cooking wine 2 tablespoons sugar 2 ginger 2 green onions 2 segments star anise 2 dried tangerine peel 1 bay leaves 2 cinnamon a pinch of salt a little water


1, Wash the meat into the pot, pour water over pork did not open high heat for 15 minutes, remove and let cool a Xuemo to let cool, cut into small pieces of pork

2, the amount of oil into the wok hot, add pork, stir fry 5 minutes, Fry came out to be sung out

3, into the pot, cleaned 2 tablespoons water, the water and pour into sugar, when sugar became bubbles into the roasted pork stir fry or two , then pour soy sauce, cooking wine with stir fry 2 minutes

4, the meat into the casserole (can also use pork wok), add onion, ginger, star anise, dried tangerine peel, cinnamon and bay leaves then pour a small cup of water to the meat are soaked in broth, transferred to a pinch of salt, cover and simmer 1 hour small fire can

intimate suggestions:

1, making braised meat, be sure to use the skin of pork yo, the most delicious is the skin and fat

2, because the pre-roasted meat, oil fired out a lot, so do not point the Pork bored
3, because the pig is very easy to stick pan, so when the pork with the best selection of cookware

4, I think the stew casserole dish with very fragrant, of course, can also be used wok cover with lid or stew pressure cooker saves time, if the pressure cooker stew meat, turn the exhaust smallest fire after about 15 minutes

rose shrimp


shrimp 200g, 100g

broccoli sauce:
salt 3g, Maggi sauce 5ml, chicken powder 5g, Thai chicken sauce 20ml


1, use Shanghao Wash shrimp, marinated stand;

2, sprinkle with salt and broccoli over hot water, remove the circular discharge Wobble, Wobble in the tomato skin around;

3, add the soy sauce, pickled shrimp, chicken powder, soy sauce, Thai sauce, sauté the chicken, remove, put a good swing set in broccoli and roses.

teriyaki chicken wings


1. Lee Kum Kee Teriyaki chicken wing sauce a pack of

2. some chicken wings, I used here is eight


1. chicken wings thawed, washed.

2. pot with Lee Kum Kee Teriyaki chicken wing sauce, and half cup of water, the fire to boil.

3. plus chicken wings, tile, so basically you have not seen the water wings, in the heat and simmer for ten minutes, during a period of about 6-7 minutes turning once the wings surface.

4. ten minutes to, from the serving dish.

pickle fish


fish 1 (500 grams , grass carp, crucian carp, etc., I use carp), hot vegetables, 50 grams of hot red pepper, 50 grams, onion 10 grams, ginger 5 grams, 5 grams garlic, cooking wine 15 grams (1 tablespoon), soy sauce 15 grams (1 tablespoon), starch 10 grams (2 tsp), vinegar 5 grams (1 teaspoon), soy sauce 5 grams (1 tsp) sugar 3 grams (half teaspoon), broth, 500 grams, oil
pickles fish


1, the fish to the scales, gutted, gills, wash, dry water, I use carp, the fish gills and fish living in the vicinity of the draw knife fish, do not cut through, the fish out of the middle of a white line (commonly known as fishy line), the other side of the same. If other species of fish, this step can be omitted.

2, moisture soak vegetables dry grip, cut into filaments, foam red pepper finely chopped.

3, wok pan, add enough oil (can be submerged fish), till 8 into the heat, (started smoking), add the fish, fry about 1 minute.

4, gently shaking pan, so that all parts of the fish exposed to oil, the fish upside down with a spatula, then fry about 1 minute, remove and drain the oil aside.

5, the pot pour the excess oil, leaving 3 tablespoons oil, add hot red pepper at the end, ginger, onion, garlic flavor Stir, add cooking wine.

6, in the pan into the broth, soy sauce and boiling.

7, into the boiling hot vegetable silk

8, add the fried fish, roast about 6 minutes, constantly pouring in the soup with a spoon to fish.

9, remove the burned fish tasty, Wobble.

10, pot soup vinegar, sugar, little salt, starch, add a little water into the wet starch, pour the soup in the pot from the fire hook into thin gravy.

11, will thicken the soup poured a good hook in the fish, you can decorate with parsley or chopped green onion

braised fish approach


fish. Onion, green onions, ginger, garlic, dried chili.

salt, chicken powder, sugar, cooking wine, soy sauce, dry starch, sesame oil, edible oil.


1, the fish to the scales, gills, internal organs after the wash, the word play on both sides took at the fish knife, shot back on dry starch.

2, scallions inch segments cut back.

3, green onions and cut into sections, ginger slices, garlic, whole reserve.

4, chili cut back with scissors.

5, do the oil pan, 7 into a hot pot fish oil until golden brown remove and reserve.

6, pot stay in base oil, 60% heat nowadays Stir into the chili flavor.

7, down into the green onions, ginger, garlic until fragrant cooking wine, soy sauce.

8, the next into the fried fish, fish into the warm water to two-thirds.

9, add salt, chicken powder, sugar, flavoring rear cover, sesame oil poured after the fire till the Tangnong pan.

10, dotted miss spring onion and serve.

chrysanthemum, eggplant [materials]

long eggplant, bell pepper seasoning


tomato sauce, salt, sugar, chicken powder, water, starch


1, eggplant, washed and cut into 4 cm long segment, the segment of the cross-sectional Ji crosswise on the knife, not cut off, sprinkle a small amount of salt for 10 minutes.

2, drain water, will spend a knife up steam eggplant 8 minutes.

3, green peppers, diced spare.

4, Drain the steamed eggplant in the water, wobble plate.

5, add some water, open, into the tomato sauce, salt, sugar, chicken powder, water, open to join the small green peppers, water, starch thick hook will be poured in the soup steamed eggplant can be.

Xuan Yi warmth Tip:

1, sticky flour fried eggplant after easier to shape.

2, fried flowers onto the knife, spoon the oil continuously poured on eggplant.

3, you can add minced meat, mushrooms, etc.

Feast Fortune


Bean Curd (1000) 1 pounds, minced meat, 2 2, 8 red dates, white radish, half a catty, mushroom one two,

wolfberry little, a little leek, soup bowl of salt, soy sauce, cooking wine, starch


minced soy sauce, cooking wine, add a little starch and mix well. Bean Curd cut into pieces the size of the wonton skin, bean curd skin and soft leeks into the boiling water, hot (1 minute).

the minced meat on the bean curd skin, press the diagonal wrap. Dressing up the tofu with chives.

radish cut into small pieces. Pot into the soup, radish, mushroom, red dates, wolfberry, bean bag into the pot, salt, with 10 minutes of high fire


1, tofu stuffing packets can add mushrooms, bamboo shoots, water chestnut, etc., but it must be chopped.

2, chives blanched in boiling water to quickly remove, do not burn too long. Chives do 'justice' is solid, you can try.

sweet and sour small bomb


quail eggs, tomato sauce, vinegar, soy sauce, sugar, chicken


1, wok cooked quail eggs, cold water, remove and put into cold water, so easy to peel, peel out but also good-looking

2, into the dry starch in the rolling, I feel Lantern Festival in shake Oh

3, in Guo Lifang oil, when hot add the oil Wen Qicheng fried quail eggs, quail eggs, golden brown when the remove and reserve. Do not be too hot oil ten million , frying time and do not be too long, otherwise the egg will burst open

4, take a bowl, add tomato sauce, vinegar, soy sauce, sugar, chicken and stir

5, put some oil in a pan, heat oil slightly sweet and sour sauce into the slightest stir, then add the fried quail eggs, stir fry a few small fire under the transfer, such as juice are evenly distributed in the quail eggs can be closed fire pot.


cooked quail eggs directly into the cold water, so it is easy to peel, peel out also nice.

fried, the ten million Do not be too hot oil, frying time and do not be too long, otherwise the egg will burst open

sweet and sour sauce into the pot and how long after do not fry, pan or otherwise easy to paste a black knot block affect the appearance and taste.

agate egg


raw salted duck eggs preserved eggs 2 3


1, the preserved eggs, peeled and steam for 15 minutes, so that freezing does not runny inside, then let cool, cut into small

2, raw salt knock a hole in the top duck, preserved eggs into the small cut to fill, there will be a lot of protein in the process flow out, so it will not salty

3, with the plastic wrap the whole salted egg wrap tightly, then steam for 20 minutes, let cool, peel edible

intimate suggestions:

1, after the preserved egg and let cool to be steamed and then cut, not steamed then paste knife will cut the time, when the heat is easy to cut shredding.

2, fill in more preserved eggs can fill some of the time, this time it will overflow to a lot of egg white, egg white it will be too salty to eat.

3, when the package of plastic wrap tight little hole package, or when the steam drum up easily.

4, this dish is very easy to do, and if the guests in the house when brought out this dish, will win a lot of appreciation Oh!

8, will be poured into a dish tofu shrimp can

1, could lose everything, and do not lose the smile ... ...

2, encountered do not want to answer the question, look directly at each other's eyes, smile, silence.

3, love is like multiplication, one zero, the result is always zero ... ...

4, love to laugh girls, not bad luck.

5, someone asking you for something, smile and look him: What to you want to use me for?

6, please remember, a good friend is defined as: your mix is ​​good, her psyche happy for you; you mix well, she sincerely anxious for you.

7, in fact, between boys and girls can have a pure friendship, but if you begin with the ambiguous approach to his words, then you have no life that a male confidant .

8, you do not have so many viewers, do not be so tired.

9, was trying and you vexatious, quiet look at him and said: I wish Hello mood. And then leave.

10, can speak directly, people are very straightforward, and that hypocrisy is better than good.

11, see through, but not truth. A lot of things, like if you know what, no need to say so.

12, does not contravene the principles of, to be tolerant of others, can help to help, do not force the people no way out, giving people a posterior approach.

13, not bit overestimating their own collective strength, because when you choose to leave, they will find that even without you, The Sun Also Rises!

14, to a certain extent the bad life will be better, because it can not be worse.

15, if not happy and do not frown, because you never know who will fall in love with your smile ...

16, may not have done a good deed Good News, honest people often suffer. But the advantage is nothing to be ashamed.

17, I believe his words, but do not really ... ... learn a little hypocrisy, those who long eye ... ...

18, certainly will not hurt those who love me and I love the people ... ...

19, learn to be tolerant of people hurt themselves, because they are poor, each has its own difficulties.

20, the weaknesses of human nature have a clear understanding, but I always believe that true love, love will always cherish the simple desire.

21, since the hand, do not easily let go. Everyone's love is limited, always bother to go to waste love, eventually you will find that you did not have the ability and courage to love again!

22, not old in front of others you talk to your bare the plight of the vulnerable.

23, do not do hedgehogs can not with the enemies and the enemies who do not are not with you forever no need to remember some things in mind.

24, do not stop learning. No matter what learning, language, cooking, skills.

25, do not waste time on the Internet and watching idol.

26,Miles Davis Tribute, a little better on their own, in a bad mood, what are other considerations, to eat their favorite bar.

27, when you say left is to let each other hurt, you have to each other causing the greatest harm.

28, important, love your family, always ....

29, happy most important, who, what, what is going to make you happy , go with them together. What things make you happy, you will leave him. No conditions, to create the conditions have to leave him.

30, do not grab a friend's boyfriend, even if the former boyfriend, girl's reputation more than anything else.

31, not to hurt the boys and girls, love you do not want you boys to do this dirty thing.

32, walk upright, to meet people who do not want to say hello, nod and smile, straight through.

33, even in love with her boyfriend every day and do not in money, that will make you love a heavy burden.

34, not to friends or relatives work together, and finally you must hate each other.

35, he can not be the best, but it must be the most suitable for you.

36, there is no perfect thing, there is no perfect person, the key is clear in the end what you want. To be desired, will have lost another part of it. If everything you want, will get nothing at all.

37, have their own vision and goals for the future, women have to live for themselves but for their own struggle.

38, they do not like people, can be quoted to silence a smile;

39, not always to find fault with others, since you did decide to love like that He, do not continue to go after the other with critical, before asking others to progress, to make their first progress.

40, money is important, but can not rely on men or parents, he must maintain a certain ability to make money. Do not find the rich as their own standards, it looks like you will never get happiness.

41, their fair share of things, and strive to 100 points.

42, not to trample on their dignity. You can not him, but can not do without no dignity.

43, first learn to respect themselves, then others will love you.

44, when the boys free to harm you, remain calm, telling myself that one day my knees and begged me to let him, but I never ignore him.

clear water ,beats by dr dre headphones,
solitary Yunfu peaks .
a riding double lake forget ,
Fenjia tears have been deep.

Ying- Qiu Huang

standing at the window overlooking the inexplicable effect on a person to miss .

like , we are used to represent love roses , but avoid it always in the most brilliant moments fade .

If roses instead of the word , then it should be the prickly ,monter beats by dr dre headphones, this should be just a rose .

perhaps direction , right? I was moving in her direction .

just sigh ! He lost the country ; and I lost that person , as well as part of the situation .

fear used instead, it feels far away from me .

without pruning , without modification . Naked spikes , holding , holding always to be stabbed.

Paradoxically, I also use the

standing at the window overlooking , Li Yu could not help think of that first word .

may , alone Mo lean on a railing , really.

always want the usual , nauseating words to express , even without

Oh ! Although people close by , but the heart of the World.

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1. Crispy pork ribs

1, a pound of pork ribs.
2, onions three.
3, ginger one.
4, a tablespoon of soy sauce. .
5, allspice and coffee spoon.
6, a tablespoon of cooked sesame seeds.
7, a teaspoon of sesame oil.
8, salt, monosodium glutamate amount.
9, soup or water, one tablespoon.
1, ribs cut segment, over flying fish out of water; onion and cut into sections; ginger slices.
2, put the boiling pot to cook the ribs about 20 minutes remove and install a bowl, add soy sauce, ginger, salt, mix code smell about 30 minutes.
3, a pot of hot oil till Qicheng, under the ribs after deep fry until golden yellow surface. Pot to stay about one or two oil into the ribs, soup or water, five-spice powder, MSG, the broth will be used in the fire to dry, put the sesame seeds, sesame oil and serve shovel even to pot plate.

2. strawberry sauce ribs

1, pork ribs catty.
2, two spoons of strawberry jam.
3, two spoons of tomato sauce.
4, sugar and a coffee spoon.
5, salt, chicken amount.
1, ribs cut section, fly fish out of water to go after Xuemo.
2, the ribs plate house, put boiling water in the steamer and steam for about half an hour later, remove the stand.
3, Zhi Sicheng hot pot of oil burning, into the strawberry sauce, tomato sauce, sugar, salt and fry slowly over low heat for about one minute, under the ribs, chicken, stir fry evenly pot plate Serve .

3. sweet and sour pork ribs

1, a pound of pork ribs, cut segments.
2, three spoons of sugar.
3, four spoons of vinegar.
4, two spoons of soy sauce.
5,Kobe Bryant and Lebron James, four onions, cut into sections.
6, a small piece of ginger, garlic one, all slices.
7, six pickled pepper, cut into sections.
8, a tablespoon of starch, water and turned into the sauce.
9, Salt to taste.
1, the ribs over boiling water, remove and drain stand.
2, a pot of hot oil till Qicheng, under the ribs dry blasting water and gas Zaibao to yellowish, add soy sauce, hot pepper segment, stir fry ginger and garlic pieces, add about two pounds of water, boiling piecemeal fire after about an hour. Drying time to soup, salt, vinegar, sugar, onion shovel uniform, thicken, even shovel, pot plate Serve.

4. soy Hong ribs

1, ribs a half kilogram.
2, tempeh three spoons.
3, celery, two liang.
4, two onions and a half.
5, ginger one.
6, half the garlic.
7, three spoons of chili oil.
8, oyster sauce, two spoons.
9, a half tablespoon dry red wine.
10, salt, chicken amount.
1, the ribs over boiling water, remove and drain water; garlic mince; half the finely chopped ginger slices half; celery, cut into sections; onions and cut into sections.
2, placed in the ribs in ginger, spring onion, red wine, mix well for more than twenty minutes after the code smell.
3, put boiling water in the steamer and steam for about forty minutes, remove and drain.
4, heating pot of oil burning troughs twelve months, under the ribs after the fish fry was slightly yellow stand.
5, pan leaving about 1 tablespoon oil, burning thermal troughs twelve months, under the ginger, garlic, black beans, stir constantly Gaixiao fire about a half minutes, under the ribs, chili oil, celery, oyster sauce, salt , about three minutes to slow fry tasty, put chicken evenly shovel, pot plate Serve.

5. allspice steamed pork ribs

1, a pound of pork ribs, cut segments.
2, rice, two liang.
3, four onions, chopped.
4, a tablespoon of sweet bean paste.
5, a tablespoon of brown sugar.
6, two spoons of soy sauce.
7, a very small piece of ginger, finely chopped.
8, glutinous rice juice, two spoons.
9, a teaspoon of allspice.
1, in the ribs into the salt, soy sauce, brown sugar, sweet bean paste, fermented glutinous rice juice, chopped onions, ginger, allspice flavor mix code.
2, the Pearl Millet baking pot was slightly yellow, Sheng Liang Liang, put the blender minced into the ribs in the mix. On the boiling water in medium large steamer and steam for one hour. After removing the bowl in a bowl with a buckle on another market, the ribs overturned plate and serve.

6. seaweed soup ribs

1, a couple of pounds of pork ribs, cut segments.
2, a pound of fresh seaweed, cut a long box.
3, ginger one, a knife broke.
4, more than twenty grains pepper.
5, two spoons of rice wine.
6, Salt to taste.
1, the block will be put in boiling water kelp for ten minutes, remove and soak in water.
2, put the ribs in boiling water, boiled to Xuemo.
3, in the stew pot, add half pot of water, under the ribs, seaweed, ginger, pepper, rice wine, the fire was converted to Wei Huo boiling pot and a half hours after the salt, simmer for about ten minutes in the change, since pot soup bowl can be coupled with the spices to suit your taste can be eaten.

7. lotus root spare ribs soup

1, a half kilogram pork ribs, cut into sections in boiling water, boiled picked up after.
2, lotus couple of pounds (lotus pink abalone edge), cut into small pieces or cut into sections after a knife broke.
3, ginger all, a knife broke.
4, about twenty pepper.
5, two spoons of rice wine.
6, Salt to taste.
first place by a small saucepan simmer for forty minutes, or pressure in the pressure cooker in twenty minutes, then add ribs, playing to the floating foam after boiling, add cooking wine, pepper, old ginger, boil simmer for one hour after the piecemeal, salt and simmer one hour then serve.


melon rib soup with materials:
1, a pound of pork ribs, cut into pieces.
2, a half kilogram melon, cut about one cm thick slices.
3, two onions and a half, rolled knot.
4, ginger one, a knife broke.
5, about twenty pepper.
6, two spoons of rice wine.
7, Salt to taste.
1, the ribs in boiling water, boiled to the smell and blood, picked up the spare.
2, stew pot, add water, add ginger, scallion, pepper, and pour into boiling ribs, rice wine.
3, again after boiling salt, change Weihuo pot a half hours, then poured into the melon pieces.
4, change in the heat and simmer for about twenty minutes until soft cooked winter melon, scallion do not go fishing, filled a bowl and serve hot.

9. cumin ribs

1, pork ribs, half a catty, cut short after a full wash.
2, cumin powder, a coffee spoon.
3, pepper and a coffee spoon.
4, two spoons of chili powder (increase or decrease according to personal preferences).
5, two chopped onions.
6, a small piece finely chopped ginger.
7, two spoons of wine.
8, a spoonful of sugar.
9, salt, MSG, marked amount.
1, salt, ginger, chopped green onions to put wine marinate the ribs in two hours.
2, add cumin powder, pepper powder, chili powder, sugar, MSG, oil, mix well.
3, put in a microwave oven roasted high 10 minutes.
10, braised pork ribs

materials: pork ribs, carrots (can be changed according to personal taste potatoes, etc.), mushrooms, green onions, ginger, star anise, dried tangerine peel.
1. the water boil, cook the ribs into the boiling water 1 minute, drained blood;

2. pot into a small amount of oil, till the smoke, into the ginger, green onions until fragrant, then add pork, stir fry a while;

3. into the water, when water is placed in star anise, orange peel, carrots and mushrooms;
4. seasoning into (Shao wine, salt, sugar and soy sauce), a large fire for 20-30 minutes;
5. 5 minutes before the dish into the chicken, starch and thicken the water.
11 tea ribs

materials: pork, onion, ginger, garlic, black tea or tea.
1. the water boil, cook the ribs into the boiling water 1 minute, drained blood;
2. pot into a small amount of oil, till the smoke, add ginger, green onions , garlic until fragrant, then add pork, stir fry a while;
3. into the sauce (rice wine, salt, sugar and soy sauce);
4. into the water and tea, the cook for 45 minutes;
5. 5 minutes before the dish into the salt, chicken, etc.

1. your friends is often called
3. grab your friends is a disadvantage to those who say a half-day ... ...
5. good friends with impunity in front of you is that it is hard to hear those who ... ...
7. a good friend That is to pull the unit to your school you eat those poor people ... ...
8. a good friend is very happy to watch their play will not participate in next to those who feel very happy ... ...
9. a good friend that will teach you how to walk carefully, to see the car cross the road those who ... ...
10. a good friend that you still dizzy exam, when you appear in front of you laughing, and said you do not fear, lessons, Mingnianzaikao those who had ... ...
11. a good friend is with you regardless of the severity of your parents, but respectful of those people ... ...
12. good friends is usually evil with evil type, but when you encounter difficult enlighten you in all earnestness of those who ... ...
13. friends are those who either had a melancholy, silent, or optimistic, always frolic with the sound of a group of people ... .. .
14. a good friend that you think of those who mouth up ... ...
15. a good friend of time and distance are not from your mind, take away the hearts of the people .. . ...
16. a good friend is to listen You say a wrong thing to laughter but also long-winded on the half-time of those who ... ...
17. Friend is not in regular contact, but you also forget that person!
18. Is both personal friends with, you need not worry about what to say the wrong thing. Nothing wrong in that person!
19. a good friend that you miss that person will suddenly,dr dre headphones for sale!
20. a good friend who is a bit cheap, no matter who accounted for all do not mind the man!
21. a good friend is and you through thick and thin. That person will not betray you!
22. what is a good friend will share with you the man.
23. a good friend that I have not seen, together sets of chest and your child will speak, like yesterday, just had dinner with the man!
24. and he is good friends with the most true when you are your man.
25. good friends is long time no contact, to meet that person will not be embarrassing.
26. a good friend is whether you do something stupid. Will give you support and trust that person.
27. a good friend is ... ... no matter what he did, you think he is your friend people!
28. a good friend is late at night and you will tangle with the man not to sleep.
29. a good friend that is in front of you will become much, you would like your mother laughed and said he was the man.
30. a good friend like Minato is bored silly in a bunch of stupid things to do with those people.
31. a good friend that will lose face in the street and you will be pulling your hand the man bolted.
32. a good friend that will tell you in the eye inadvertently talk to you a burst into laughter after the man.
33. a good friend that you will because of his word and full of courage and confidence man.
34. good friends with each other is mischievous pranks and success in both laughed very happy!

be continued... Because I have such a friend, so I turn, I thank them for companionship when I sad, I also thank them for being the guardian of time, because you, I become happier, so here, I thank all that I am happy friends! Oh have you, the world will be full of beauty! Oh well!

president: Why not take the gate?
students pointed to the clothes: Metersbonwe, do not take the unusual way!
Principal: such a high wall, how do you turn over?
students pat pants: Li Ning,Justbeats By Dr Dre, anything is possible!
principals: how to taste over the wall?
students pointed shoes: special steps, general feeling of flying!
next day, students take the main entrance to come.
principals: how today, not over the wall?
students pointed shoes: Anta, I choose my favorite!
president: Why wearing school uniforms?
students raised to mention trousers: Semir, what to wear what.
Principal: afraid I will not let you into the school?
students pat the clothes: elegant birds, unstoppable.
president was furious: I want to remember it is a big too! student discontent: Why?
Principal sneer: M-Zone, my site I call the shots!

looked to laugh Oh, oh laugh to the top.

● there is only the realm of vision, strength only attractive, ideas have a way out, there are as only status. Government from being come from knowledge to wisdom, wealth come from, bit to come from! -
● concepts important than the ability to plan than to implement important, than the commitment to action important to select important than the effort, perceived important than this create important than that, respect for life view important than others! -

● important than speed direction, wisdom, hardship important than learning important than academic qualifications, opportunities important than the relationship to what is important than doing nothing! -

● intelligence important than knowledge, important than the quality of intelligence, consciousness important than quality. Direction is greater than the method, power is greater than the capacity of a man than to do things! -

● clear thinking important than the hard hard work, the right attitude important than actual performance, choose the right direction than to do something important, do the right thing than to do the important things. Growing pains better than the pain of regret, the joy of victory better than the comfort of failure,dr dre headphones! -

● has a vision important than the ownership of assets, with knowledge important than to have the ability, with machines than with people important to have money than to have important health! -

● ideas determine the direction of the concept of the decision, decided the fate, life style determinants of health! -

● surface is the lack of money, in essence, is the lack of the concept of destiny where is the lack of choice in essence, is the lack of courage, lack of knowledge in the stomach, the cause is the lack of willpower, lack of action is to change! -

● is the concept behind the backwardness, poverty is the head poverty. Many people, not without a good opportunity, but no good ideas. Does not accept new ideas, but do not want to abandon old ideas! -

● beliefs to change thinking, thinking, attitude change, attitude change action, action to change the habits, character, habits, personality change your fate. To change the fate of the first to establish faith! -

● attitude is to see the world's vision, actions determine the survival of the state. To live with dignity, showing extraordinary, only to change the concept of courage and fight destiny! -

● If you do not change, then change their own; If you can not convince others, it is thought to convince yourself. If Hill had not come, that people in the past! -

● fate not give up, but hard. Fate is not luck, but choice. Fate is not to wait, but to grasp. Fate is not a noun but a verb. To change the fate of the first change in the concept! -

● decided today not today, but yesterday's attitude towards life; decide tomorrow not tomorrow, but today, as the cause. Our decision today by the past, our decision tomorrow from today! -

● winning not by virtue of physical intelligence, success is not a miracle by the track. Success is not whether to get a good hand, the key is whether to lay in the hands of bad cards. Life's most important, know where to go! -

● is not no water in the well, but dig deep enough; not succeed to the slow, but give up the speed. Things need to get a wisdom, the courage to give up something you need! -

● finally being undone, is also sun and the moon. Back from the dead, four seasons is also. Qi is the relative health, recycling for no reason, ups and downs of Health, endless cycle. Opportunity pregnant with challenges, opportunities and challenges in the breeds, which is verified through the ages the law! -

● seed on the concrete floor will be Shaisi, on the water will drown the seeds, the seeds into the fertile soil in the root result. Choose and decide the fate of the environment to create life! -

● know how to avoid the problems of people, than people who know how to solve the problem. In this world, do not know how to do when the choice go with the flow, may be the best choice. The winner is often not the ability but the concept! -

● see at home is always home, is going out to see the world. Money on the front, always see the money, put money in a useful place to see the money in the world. -

● giving money is worst, giving the ability to be second choice, giving the concept is the best policy. Wealth can not buy good ideas, good ideas can return hundreds of millions of wealth. The world's largest market, is in the human mind! -

● use actions to control their emotions, do not let emotions control the action; let the wisdom of spiritual enlightenment, the soul can not let the ear dominance. Differences between people, mainly poor in that place between the ears! -

● people without thought, he must worry about. People looking for a spare tire is good, the bad people when looking for an escape route; proud when people are looking for an escape route, were frustrated when looking for a way out! -

● child poverty is the fault of parents, because he was young, the parents did not give him the right outlook on life. Perceptions of parents is the child's life starting line! ● -

● What is faith, on the choice of what attitude; what attitude, what actions will be; what behavior to produce any results. To get good results, you must select good faith. -

● sow an action, reap a habit; sow a habit, reap a character; sow a character, reap a destiny. Thinking will become the language, the language becomes action, action becomes habit, habit becomes character. Personality will affect the life! -

● habits unchecked, will become a necessity of life, at any time to change bad habits into life. Often difficult to change habits, as is the habit of making their own, who has become accustomed to the results of slaves! -

● life you come from is not important, but you go. When you're hard at work at the right time, be sure to look up the direction you go. In the wrong direction, efforts in vain! -

● where you come from is not important, it is important that you go to where life is most important is not the location of the station, but the direction to go. Who do not get lost, will never lose yourself! -

● The only truths in this world is change, any advantage is temporary. When you are in the possession of this advantage, we must take the initiative, and then take the next advantage, which requires forward-determination, is needed is wisdom! -

● raised more problems than solve the problem difficult, because the problem is technical, and ask questions is revolutionary. Around us is not lack of wealth, but a lack of vision found wealth! -

● concept of change does not change the thing itself, change only the understanding of things, but ideas can change people, people can change the world. Life is the most important character, attitudes, ideas, and values ​​of life! -

● change of mindset, is to change can change everything, can not be changed to adapt to everything. Change of mindset, is to introduce new, emancipating the mind! -

● Experience is important, but the concept of right or not play a decisive role. Experience can only be ready to do something, the concept of long-term direction is decided. The concept of thinking than work experience. -

● You can become what? The only limit is your frame of mind, your outer world reflects your inner world is always, in order to improve the external world, must strive to change the inner world! -

● feet longer than the road is not no mountain higher than a man, no can not do, and only think of one. You move mountains blocking the sea is not, but often their shoes a little sand! -

● familiar habits, familiar routes, familiar days, there will never be a miracle. Changes in thinking, change habits, change a way of living, tend to create unlimited, unlimited scenery! -

● thing happen, like it then enjoy it, do not like it then avoid it, not avoid it is to change it, alter it to accept it. Can not accept your ideas, do not complain about the matter itself. -

● not change the world, can change attitudes; can not change things, you can change the mood; can not change people's views, can change their own ideas! -

● can not change the wind, you can adjust the sailing; can not control the weather, you can adjust the mood. If things can not change, then to change the concept. -

● To change things, change yourself first, and only their own changes, can change the world. One of the greatest enemy is not others but themselves, their only defeat, in order to overcome the difficulties! -

● people do not understand when you understand, when you see others actions, and actions of others when you successful, the success of others when you rich. That is: extraordinary thinking, foresight! -

● smart people can read, see quasi-smart people, smart people see far. Wise direction of the sound is a fool not to give up the ignorance of the past, you can not enter the palace of wisdom. Bias is more terrible than ignorance! -

● fingers dirty, no need to cut off the finger; hat small, no need to cut off his head. That eggs taste, need not eat it all; eat eggs taste good, need not have to know the chicken lay eggs mother! -

● sun will not because you are frustrated, tomorrow is no longer rising; the moon will not you complain, no landing tonight. Blinded their eyes, does not mean that the world will be in the dark; blinded the eyes of others, does not mean light on their own! -

● Road and then there will be the end of a long, long night and then there will be at the end, no matter how much rain was there, there is always time to stop. Not cover the sun is always smiling clouds! -

● muddy sea fish do not mix, not overwhelm mountain fog, thunder down the hill is not known, fan drive ghost fog. Deer's neck and then a long, but it is always high on the head. People's toes to long, but his feet are long. Human action fast, but then quickly thought! -

● ago that water can not turn the clock back, it is not yet found a way to pump the invention; now that the sun can not be from the west, which is not to live in the sun from the west of the planet. The world only unexpected, no impossible! -

● There are no art move mountains, the only way to move mountains: mountains, however, I would in the past. The most intelligent manner of life is: change can change everything, can not be changed to adapt to all! -

● hundreds of millions of wealth is not in the bank, but from the people's minds. You did not find a way, does not mean there is no way, you want to know what the future should you need to know now what should first give up! -

● fate of the people thrown into the trough, the best is often a life-changing period. Who can accumulate energy, who will be able to get a return; who, if self-pity, will definitely miss the boat! -

● innovation is novelty, reform is change. Novelty is not a rejection of traditional, but tradition; not change the surface of betrayal, but the inner degenerate. The nature of science is innovation, change is the essence of development! -

● only unpleasant ax, not split the wood is not open; only unexpected, and no can not do. Wanted to do always a way, always have reason to not want to do! -

● play the advantages of success, failure is the cumulative disadvantage. Go on the road because there is only one, the wrong way there are many reasons. Foresight to change the life, unwittingly ruined his life! -

● agricultural society, people's concept of time is used to look for in the past, the concept of industrial society is to observe people's time now, and today's information society, people's concept of time is concerned about the future! -

● world entered a new economic era, we are faced with invisible front, no border war, the storm sweeping the globe, the Internet is the world's hormonal changes, e-commerce will represent the world's economic development direction! -

● The world is undergoing a subtle transformation, becoming more and more intangible assets, wealth, past important physical production and consumption, it becomes really important knowledge, intelligence and ideas. -

● Internet provides us with the speed of light, is global in scope, the distance is zero, the time is 24 hours, the capacity is infinite, the Internet has created is unprecedented miracle! -

● Internet is like a highway network, the website is the vehicle, license plate number is the address, the computer is the engine, who is drivers, cargo information is vice versa, it is a sign of the information age ! -

● Internet means to us: the knowledge to change the fate of the network life-changing, life-changing opportunity. Today the Internet has 20 million users, covering five continents, and brought about a complete lifestyle change! -

● can be sent in the car on the train you can bank transfer, in bed can online shopping, time and place is not important, to buy computers, rent a site, apply for a mailbox, you can boss. -

● exchange an apple with an apple to get all of this is still an apple, a message exchange with each other to get a message that two pieces of information, the network has a multiplier theory, information exchange of the two sides have been times earnings! -

● Do not think you do not want, or else you will get it; to think about what you want, so you will get it. In fact, in life, we should always pay attention to his wants, and not always pay attention to their own fear! -

● Dream like people, remember not to be a dream to dominate; people who are good at planning, remember that dream to meet its target; has a hard-working people, remember the election of the direction of the important things than work. -

● Do not think you can set up the city to settle; do not think you can sow the seed harvest; do not think you can conquer the peak board; do not think blocking someone else's mouth, you hear is the praise was rightly ringing! -

● themselves as trees, they always have been blown down by winds of sorrow; to themselves as seedlings, they will always enjoy the sun and rain. Sentimental, will grow; ripe, they rot! -

● life to the pursuit of four-dimensional space: width, depth, heat, speed; work to form five dynamic personality: active, action, lively, driving, moving; life, a concept to be clear: only reduce the success of The sun and the moon, in order to extend the time to enjoy! -

● Everyone has two doors: one house, grew up; one is the door, successful place. To get rid of the villain in the door, it will awaken the hearts of Giants! -

● first grow the eyebrows, the beard grow as long after; the first born of the ears, as long after the birth of the horns. Wisdom is not age, not generation of high excellence, often living on later. -

Expensive than the street stuff, but you do not pocket the money; not no money in your pocket, but you do not find opportunities to make money; not you do not have the opportunity to make money, but you head did not get rich idea! -

● When you grab hold when the total thing, perhaps you will never have these things, if you are willing to let go, then get the other choice. Do not give up old ideas, new concepts difficult to produce! -

● one day eight times according to the mirror, does not mean that face the United States; one day nine times empty talk, does not mean a man of action. Good rhetorical who is not wearing a cover of Shayi! -

● In this world there is a dilemma: First, change others, the second is to change yourself. Ask others to very painful, it should be very happy to change their own. To change others, change yourself first! -

● world with thousands of hard things extremely difficult, but there
the hardest two things: First, other people's money into his pockets inside pocket. Second, people put their ideas into the head! -

● suspected to be suffering the beginning, doubts began to be happy. Suspect may of course, confirmation is more important, with its long suspected, as a short confirmation! -

● hit with the fate of the soul, with the concept beyond the dream. What to do now is not important in the future to do what is important. To change the fate of the future, first change the current concept! -

● people without thought, he must worry about, consider the far, the worry that is up to. Curse and more hidden in the esoteric, the hair on the neglected. The invisible hedge in the wise, that are not sprouting in the vision! -

● Open the door of the hardest, most difficult way to go is the mentality, the bridge is the heart of the most difficult bridge, the most difficult adjustment is the mentality. The world's most difficult project is the transformation of people doing the inner world!

1 am, public Wang drove south on the bridge when the bridge port, the traffic was pretty much, and suddenly the traffic in front of the figure across from Mr. Wang emergency brakes, but that figure tumbling to the roof from falling on the hood, while leaving impact marks on the window glass. Subsequently, the 120 emergency vehicles rushed to the scene, the young men carried to the car bumped, and the scene of a crying young women also followed an ambulance to the hospital. Soon, over the flow of traffic and traffic police are also surveying the scene. According to the driver, said after the incident, that the young women on the sidewalk immediately ran up, crying, to accompany the girls around there a young man,dr dre beats pro, has been comforting her. Later, the young woman told the driver, who knocked her ex-boyfriend, night, park near the bridge they are The driver said, when young women's ex-boyfriend has crossed the road, found that she fell, rush over to see her, rushed, rushed over, only to hit the.

driver very sad, that young men hit his head, so badly hurt, although doctors try to save, but could not save him life. According to reports, Zhang knocked the death of young men, only 23 years old. In the hospital, young women broke down in tears, the reporter could not bear to ask what young women just say, they have very sad, and he may want to look at her, only to see her fall, if not to care about her, maybe not will look back and not rush ran. Currently, the traffic police department is still investigating the matter further.

Looking back on his girlfriend broke up man flew see the impact, reflected in its fall killed at 15:48 on March 12th, 2011 Yangzi Evening News [date] Ren Guoyong I want to comment on (131) Font Size: T | T


yesterday morning, a young men in Nanjing, with his girlfriend after breaking the bridge near the park to talk, walk south on the bridge when the bridge port to begin parting ways, when young men have crossed the road to look back a girlfriend, and found she suddenly fell, he rushed to run View the past, only to be knocked down by a speeding car, died after the incident, his girlfriend broke up endless grief.

1 girls ah! How can so many white horse ah? Got to find a donkey make do, do not wait until the day donkeys are not robbed, and left a pile of mule ...
2 so-called beauty, dressed seven third appearance, the so-called temperament, talent-third wait till seven, so-called soft, one-third of seven depressed patient.
3 children under the chariot to do chopsticks, it had not alone!
4 you, I do not believe even the punctuation.
5 do not stay here Lord, own to stay at. Everywhere without leaving God, God home to do housework.
6 stingy little rust will leave it , you do not is a stainless steel cock!
7 to accompany me to the number of stars it, you lower your IQ number of the moon on it!
8 I too admire myself, sometimes in the mirror gave himself bowed!
9 most attractive people are the 'Master' day, thousands of people soak him.
10 think you want to get food could not eat, really awful!
11 In fact, I used to sub -pricey, but bathing was often shrink it.
12 Why I always feel happy, is it The Pursuit of Happyness, I was not at home
1, get rid of the panda, I'm David! 2, do not talk to me about ideal, quit!
3, fell, got up and cry ~ ~ ~
4, low-key! B is the most cattle show off!!
5, do not eat how can effort to lose weight ah?
6, I am sorry, you cheap laugh.
7, I can resist everything except temptation ... ...
8, I only have a car, or own ... ...
9, point is that cigarette, smoked it is lonely ... ...
10 not you do not laugh, smile powder on out!
11, were not smart, but also learn from others bald.
12, could not tie my heart to say I do not bother!
13, then cattle b, Chopin, but also the sadness I could not play! 14, alive happy point, because we are going to die a long time.
15, since you do not speak English in front of me, OK?
16, my people never hold a grudge, grudges against the spot I usually reported.
17, little things do not look for me, something not to me!
18, I am so fond of you, O death, what would you like me?
19, I 'm not the yuan, how to make everyone like me?
20, if a man is like the old lady's teeth, how much is true?!
21, Q: Do you like my point? A: I like you away from me!
22, hold hands, we know the Zaichou, burst into tears, my child does not go away.
23, Zhuge Liang before coming, nor with a soldier! Why the hell would I experience?
24, cherish the life - God has let you live, you certainly have his arrangements.
25, Lei Feng did not go down good, but Everything Diary inside.
26, Shitai, you are my heart's magic, Pinseng away from you the closer, the farther away from the Buddha ... ...
27, junior high school physical education teacher, said: Who dares to wear a skirt on my class, upside down on her punishment.
28, 45 ° looking up other people of their choice, looking down on the 135 ° Xiuguai others to see you.
29, if you see a shadow in front, do not be afraid, it is because the sun behind you!
30, I allow you into my world, but I will never allow you to walk around the world.
31, who never know who told you what time inadvertently said goodbye never really gone after .
32, one minute how long? It depends on which you are squatting on the toilet, or other outside in the toilet ... ...
33, love, say it out loud, because you never know , tomorrow and the accident, which will first come!
34, you never see my lonely, because when you do not see is my most lonely!
35, I heard a woman such as clothing, brothers as brothers, in retrospect, I am actually busy divvying streaking twenty years!
36, a bad mood today, I have only four sentences say, including this and the previous two, I finished saying!
37, the true meaning of the iron rice bowl is not a place to eat rice, but a life where all food to eat.
38, even cook your feces, but also met the day beetles. So you need not to worry too much that they have today.
39, if in a million, I would buy 30 house rented out every day to collect a rent. Wow Kaka ~ ~ and fulfilling!
40, It is taken from the upper half of
41, another few decades, we have to meet, to the crematorium, all the ashes, you bunch, I bunch, who do not know who, sent to the countryside to do all the fertilizer.
42,cheap dr dre headphones, my dad said to me the most moving words: Tofu is hard to do, so dilute the bean curd, bean curd skin is thin to do, is to do no more milk, put the smell of the tofu! Sure win loss it!

reporter Zhang Jun / Wen Liu Tao / Figure
Yesterday was the beginning of spring, the first day of spring this year, he married her door is a big day. When he brought the child's hand when she was already lying beloved coffin into the cold, beside family and friends turned into crying tears of laughter. Countless times have fantasy wedding scene finally got his wish, he thought the luxury convertible wedding cars, and beautiful bouquets, white wedding dress, did not think of dream wedding was actually at the funeral home. Love of life and death of people have already separated.
groom Zhuang Huagui is Fuqing guy in Zhangzhou in the advertising industry. Met in March 2008 who lives in Zhangzhou Pinghe of Lu Yane. That year, he was 28 years old, she was 20 years old. A month later they determine the relationship, December 2, 2009, registration of marriage, February 4 this year, that is, yesterday, this is their big day.
However, on January 27, has become a farewell. Day, two robbers to rent in the name of the implementation of Yan E burglary and Liantong her 8 knives, Yan E did not wake up, this time from the remaining eight days she was married,dr dre headphones, and she, not even 22 years of age, but the wedding is still in the groom's insistence on time at ... ...

the eve of the wedding night the groom guarding photo boil
2 月 3 at the wedding eve, he was finishing the second day in the marriage room use things. New room, carefully selected wedding did not put up against the bed wall, the room a lonely, no candles, no candy, no red window grilles ... ...
This remark, my mind nearly two years with her on the screen, suddenly all welling up.
they started flat and legend, beauty has been captured;
to buy their own clothes, only to pick more than one, to pick his clothes are more than a thousand, br> She considered that he was busy with work, he arranged the marriage of everything, just let him call set wedding, he once again see her virtuous and capable of understanding ... ...

the only proposed One requirement is to buy a house, New houses are second-hand, inside the decoration is the original owner to renovate, but small in size, only 60 square feet, full of happy family, she is superior.
work, re looking for an advertising company, because she said, so we are both advertising in the future is able to start his own business. E Yan Zhuang Huagui afternoon appointment that day to go Fuqing, attend his sister's wedding the next day. , She said he was in the rental store Danxia Star City, she and her tenants see a face.
12 o'clock noon, the phone said to come home, but waited a long time but did not see the shadows. Again until her phone call, the phone has been shut down. Feeling wrong, rushed to the scene, the store door shut, but not locked, the door look, she had fallen down in a pool of blood.
he immediately rushed down the stairs holding her, and was taken to hospital after police arrived. Save an hour later, doctors announced that the injured who was stabbed eight knives, including twice in the deadly, back to the days without surgery.
night, he determined to love though to leave, but he wants to fulfill her last wish to formally marry her door, let her be his real wife ... ...
br> Yesterday 8:30, he holding single flowers and her wedding, surrounded by the family prior to her friends on a borrowed luxury roadster. The car started running, drizzle the world played, destination wedding car: a funeral parlor.
9 点 45 points, two people in the funeral home door photo. Looking at the big day, he was alone in holding photos and flowers, live many people shed tears, the mother of the bride fainted several times.
When the master of ceremonies announced that the wedding ceremony began, he very much hope that he is the fairy tale prince, can Wenxing his sleeping princess. However, tears in their eyes see only a blur across the glass lover.
, agreed to hand and then the next life. Baby, I hope my love accompanied you all the way, there will be an angel in heaven, I care for you! him. He took over, he knew this moment, she really belongs to him. And father embraced, he had burst into tears.
At this time, he followed his wife's wishes and gave the father-in-law a surprise.
personally to adjust strap on in order to give parents a surprise wedding, and today let me complete the wish to back her. The presence of all who cry.
Zhuang Huagui later said that after the accident, has endured not tell it to father-in-law, a colleague once advised him, when if you get to watch, regardless of his or her parents, emotions are out of control, but he decided to complete his wife's last wish.
. Her careful preparation of the wedding, until the final spend, and very few, and even pick through her own body, but also must be replaced. This time, finally his turn to sponsored, marry her, send her on the road.
You (lyrics to the effect: you have been in my mind, every moment, lingering, you are all my life, I see the flash is the brightest star, in a dream you stroking me this Daily News reporter Luo Yumin translation)
the order of the suspects arrested all the other family a little peace of mind
is 10 o'clock that night the incident, in coordination with local police, arrest the police station in Sanming City, captured the suspects Wing Mr. Wang, a beautiful woman. At that time, the two suspects to the per capita have purchased train tickets, Sanmenxia City, Henan Province, is preparing to travel to escape. Group police will arrest the suspects escorted back to the night Xiang city.

Author: coallin
can not break free games: PS3 games for activities
event tracking by reading:
PS3's first USB advent of electronic tools to guide dogs to sell $ 130 stock
USB Electronics Dogs need to use the manual release of CD-ROM guide
genuine operational guidelines of foreign forum upload video to explain the principle players broke
means Sony should have been banned
host networking tools have appeared cottage operating conditions is not clear to confirm the same set of game files can be run on other hosts may
cottage X3 crack fake
USB electronic dog shipping time has been delayed
two non-holiday cottage break X3 PS3 Stinger reportedly come out
delayed shipments due to legal pressure from Sony 31 at compensation hearing
cottage difficile true veteran organizations to join the Wii crack manufacture of electronic dog imitation break camp
PS3 software upgrade financial support for the organization is not afraid to ban Sony
hearing postponed to September 3 shipping ban extended time
source was leaked about electronic dog rotten Street phone and PSP can crack crack PS3 PS3
bus first detailed tutorial with the use of electronic dog evaluation
the protagonist of the event has been listed since the end of 2006, Before the PS3 can not remain a host of record-breaking, but this time the PS3 will significantly delayed to 4 years later.
PS3 crack path has also had a very rough journey, PSP hacker community master of Dark Alex had on the PS3 is not particularly good play, iPhone crackers GeoHot just push it a little reason to exit the private the. Various rumors also makes it difficult to distinguish between true and false, there have been called the Z-pack crack the USB device, and later proved to be a farce. But time can precipitate all, four years after the player has enough calm to face a late break, but today want to analyze this article, is the only

the PS3 is just a farce called limited third-party developers, which is the tireless pursuit of hackers, is not only proof of their own strength, but also can build up their new works to open up more.
and now has been proven Although the program is to lift the restrictions on developing the system, but not like before the crack organization of research, as amended decryption system, not only break their own findings of non-core technology (Sony leak), it is contrary to the spirit of sharing hacker free , from the outset, in line with the purpose of great fishing for a vote. This is exactly the sector's foreign hackers do not heat the reaction of the main crack.
then, this small man has to $ 130 price of USB flash drive dog, meaning how much?
be cracked before the first look at the host. In the PS2 era, features a single host, and the crack is based on the hardware, and now can provide a stable and legitimate host exactly the same functions: play DVD, run the PS1 and PS2 games, you can also run third-party software (though cumbersome) indeed there is no castration. The PSP and the Wii will be the host of the crack is expanding its capabilities, multi-format video playback, e-books, third-party simulators ... ... countless rich entertainment, which is more like a multimedia end-user forms.

PSP crack this sense, is the real hackers want to contrast the rival PS3, XBOX360 the situation is less optimistic. Into the Internet age of the host strong dependence on the Internet, once cracked, the user must face the risk of network functions are disabled, into, and However, the time-tested, this break is part of long-term stability can play a role. But the come from behind homemade system, and it shows the flourishing home-made software, hackers really want is an open standard platform to showcase themselves, just remove the CD-ROM verification do not meet them.
again we take a look at the PS3's
First, it is not an effective long-term stability. Sony can easily be blocked, the official document that electronic dog can be upgraded to bypass Sony's system update, but before the update in the Sony player also can visit the shop and online play of the PSN. (23 evening update: the foreign forum has been the message, the player device associated with the crack detection and a chance to be permanently banned host Sony's PSN network functions, this machine measures and Microsoft BAN consistent.) However,dr dre headphones, as a warning to PSP, Sony to change the motherboard design is not difficult, once the system boot process redesign or even remove the debug mode, then complete failure of the electronic dog will then have to face the unknown, the process of re-cracking. This is very different and XBOX360, not only when players use the host to completely avoid escalation, loss of function of the PSN, a real host castration, while the long-term effective crack that can be difficult to grasp.
In addition, the current development and debugging environment for Sony's details are not clear, it really give much space to play third-party developers? Now a variety of third-party program and there is no substantial release, the hacker community is not enthusiastic response, this is undoubtedly a great impact on the user selection. And like the PSP, as the PS3 using the simulator, the attraction to media player how much is a problem.
so it biggest attraction, at least in the current or But this point is based on a genuine disc image based on, the game easily dozens of GB image file, the network of those who download the test is very demanding.
seen, this PS3 electronic dog and a host different from the previous break, it is merely a tool to deceive the PS3 system, not to mention the high price of $ 130, Sony should have relative patch on the already used to present the next generation of players to bring the pattern is like a concern, the outlook is uncertain. This reflects the generally cool from the players can see it.
but this electronic dog listed on the market will inevitably be some impact, if the domestic prices play a genuine role in promoting the game, players have to say is beneficial, and also on all the time to verify. Here is to remind you, no matter the road to crack the PS3 will go in the future, only their position in the firm while maintaining the appropriate attention, is the right attitude. After all, the real fun game to enjoy life.

late break, they really help the majority of players to re-examine your position? Can not break free games: PS3 games for activity by

four, not blaspheming, abusive injuries, the so-called

ten, say I'm sorry! Say And sometimes you really are wrong, refuses to admit that a wrong thing.

one, speak out. Frankly speaking out, especially your inner feelings, emotions, pain, thoughts and expectations, but certainly not a criticism, blame, complain, attack.

Fifth, do not say should not say. If you said not to say it often takes a terrible price to compensate, it is called make life-long regret! Therefore, communication can not be empty promises,beats by dre, outspoken; but not speak, sometimes make things worse.

VIII awareness. Only need to communicate not only awareness, all are needed. If they said something wrong, something wrong, such as do not want to cause irreparable harm, what is the best way?

XV wisdom. Smart people are not persistent, and blessing to the soul.

XIII, waiting for transfer. If there is no turning point, we must wait; of course, do not wait for that space, the results will fall from the sky, or go to your own efforts, but the effort does not necessarily bring results, or forest for the trees; but if do not work hard, you will nothing.

Second, do not criticize or blame, do not complain, do not attack, not preaching. Criticism, blame, complain, attack is the executioner of communication will only make things worse.

nine, admitted I was wrong. Admit I was wrong is the communication of disinfectant can be thawed, improvement and transformation of communication problems. On an Who? In the vastness of the universe torrent, the people most concerned about is the

seven, rational communication, irrational not to communicate. Not only rational argument's sake, will not have results, not to good results, so this communication to no avail.

XII love. Everything is love,

XI, let a miracle happen. Now he was willing to admit to each other, that is, for themselves and their families to create a heaven and a miracle, the impossible possible.

XIV patience. The only essential is to wait patiently, there is a way.

Third, respect each other. Have to communicate only by giving respect, if they do not respect you, you have the proper respect for each other's request, it would be difficult to communicate.

six, emotions do not communicate, in particular, can not make decisions. Emotional communication is often no good things in both disarray, they are also unknown; especially in the mood, it is easy to impulsive and irrational, such as ... especially not in the mood to make emotional nature, impulsive

next step is ON THE RODE. . .

this driver on a shortcoming , taste is not high .

doomed luxury Today , Columbia is also the driver , and you introduced me to the driver , hard work hard , hard-working , out of the hall into the kitchen is operating on the bed type driver uncle Zhang Shaonan comrades .

Poor but luxurious lunch is my favorite .

see also Wednesday .

Shao men also few days back , has not let me see my heart , he has been placed things , think tomorrow will be able to meet not sleep at night , found a sense of love , ah , ha ha , I had a rub , and both the glass .

really to force yesterday's prayer , the weather today is not to force a little overdone , take a look at the outside of the day , I could not help but gave Shao men sent a message


this place a long time did not come , and before are still in the making is now completed, the museum what

military vehicle you want to introduce men to jump the queue results are V5 to overawed, official second gas field , after all, is not the same concept

went to Front Street , swollen what can not be brother to this place one day without pinching

Shao Ya man is not go, and more come to East Park , and is brother to show you what a giraffe , fail. . .

what this case is swollen ! ! !

I tried to do so .

three in the morning went to bed to sleep , or is presumptuous is easily excited . Before going to bed to introduce men and sent a message, as shown below :

arranged Shao men dare to sleep on , for fear that disturbed my sleep Sri Lanka , the results I get up at five thirty , when baby milk bubbles give presentations on a male call harassment . Haha

recent life there are always a lot of feelings of powerlessness

now more like a person alone, like a lonely

For equities , there must be a sum of money at any time no time limit to their use

if only a man with a mask , I feel not as good as at home, be alone

life is always visible from the station to the next destination , loss , fear,

my life in a low , look to the peak of the next life

beautiful and slow long before the road , do not want to do it right , come on

I recently was afraid to meet with friends , these days those few sincere friends , but also have their own lives to care about and things

ideal is full, the reality is very skinny

and then before that I need to do is to insist , persist, persist

20113.28 nian to leave after ten years

I have to refuel to complete my own ideas ,dr dre beats pro, will be able to ,

owned Album : [ Beauty ] Illustrated teach you to create exclusive skin pores Zero Cheats + acute plastic body Body Album Description: Hello, everyone slightly
milk to share with you this time the skin and body care to plastic ~~~~~~ They say beauty is a woman 's life cause , not the things that can be solved overnight , in fact,Beats By Dr.Dre Tour, the skin can reflect a person's inner state , if the body is well within the conditioning , the skin naturally smooth and elastic, it also revealed a healthy sheen .

we can not stop yourself getting old , but at least you can make the pace more slowly some of the time . ↓ ↓ ↓ Click image to view pictorial details ↓ ↓ ↓

Nian Nujiao exquisite heartbreak ,Beats By Dre Pro Detox

sorts of old things like one thousand years is difficult magic dance off
tears of sorrow and grief she could not bear to see how many sleepless nights
depressing sense of loss lean on a railing wine silent invite the moon vertical to risk one's life is nothing more mournful
humanitarian water time may have erased Lili heart blood
things people are cold and had met with cold wind and snow
delicate exquisite heartbreak hate people crying , but
total Nan Xiao Jingyuchuanghuang like a dream to fly magpie

feeling faint point of light
friendship is true, everything is being done without a word. A little light romance is alcohol. Just send greetings
light on a few, but with a touch of eye movement Pori attachment, just silently peers, walking in the sea
side, walking in the fields, walking in the street, the walk in every period of life on the road - always so faint, but
so reluctant to part.
a touch of sadness that is very clear.
will not accomplish great things when excited, will not have time to visit the pain of not more than, heart swirl is
a transparent stream.
quiet and clean, and with a little touch of coolness ...

beautiful little lonely.
say goodbye to the noisy crowd, well-meaning or malicious. Mu sunshine alone, sitting alone under the moonlight, exclusive music
rhyme, solo voice of the soul.
fetters nothing, nothing interdependence, but also cynical. My mind is free to fly over the sea swallows, flying very high
far ... ...

faint, but then a little light, past, present and future, gently painted picture of life, draw days, draw, the draw mountains, draw water; draw tears falling, draw started laughing - all with that light
light strokes, with a touch of color, life, nirvana they quietly in this almost be born in a ... ...

I like the feeling of light, perhaps because of a depression? I do not know.
I do not know, I happy. I just like the subtle feeling. I like to see the branches that touch the
green. It is a symbol of life, it is the messenger of spring, faint hint of purple than the hustle and bustle of the Cha ... ...

I pursue a touch of friendship.
friends, do not often meet, in an occasional phone: How are you?
touch of greeting this time as sprouted thoughts as to spread a ray of warmth overflowing your heart.
saying goes: civil use, a

I like the subtle manner.
leisurely walking people feel confident and elegant.
office, who must be the most elegant
friend, remember:
it makes a woman more gentle modesty, it makes a man more mature and generous.
it more sweet and innocent children, the elderly it is more generous kind.
like a ray of summer breeze, ray of winter sunshine, inadvertently but obsessed.

I like the touch of water.
thirsty, drinking water the most thirst-quenching. The tea does, but also light, so that it was the flavor of fragrance products.
best not to drink coffee with sugar,
because it belongs to the original light is the kind of bitter.

I like a touch of make-up, spinning the crescent and have no red girl.
clean and fresh is not also a beauty?
When a person's face, opened a dyeing shop, it is not funny but horrible wanted to come.
I also like faint clouds in the sky, light wind, as well as share a touch of yearning.

often, brew a cup of tea, put a touch of music, a person,beats by dre, on a quiet, curl their
melt in the fragrance and melodious music, turned the old album, open the long-buried memories.
remembering never need to remember, never forget you.
light, always memorable.

I also like to stare in that wind around dusk, and a touch of smoke
like crooning
Because the light like you, so have these faint words ... ...

daughter are burned with fire but a few days back , back and burned . Nor appetite , last night to force her to eat , and finally said, toothache , and open Zuiba a look , left the whole rotten gums , days ! ! ! I really wanted to dump her a bar ! ! Adults can not stand bad at all , this little bit of bad child into a large P does not actually say this ! ! Asked her why , she replied : Because I like sugar ah. The implication , if I can not tell the sugar . Humph! ! ! Really may be able to ! Endure it, to an acupuncture treatment , and it will no longer let you candy ,beats by dr dre solo hd! Mad at me ! !

101201B Xuan Xuan Ma (297301740) 12:17:06
good doctor good doctor list list:
1. good doctor! - National Medical Hall of Dr. Chen Xuexi (Zuozhen Location: Fuzhou Guo Yi Tang (Wu Si Road No. 282, opposite the province of Lao Ganju)
Zuozhen Time: Tuesday 8:00-12:00 am (on the first floor 5 surgeries)
; Friday 8:00-12:00 am (second floor of 20 surgeries) Polygala medicine Dr. QQ: 441611298
Dr. Polygala Chinese studio (Min Olympic fitness hall are large estates)
Yes, to help my daughter fever! very grateful! July 15, 2008, the night of the Lunar daughter of a fever. to sixteen burn at 40.5 degrees. hold to the emergency department of women and children. then hanging bottle is attached to the U.S. to eat Lin. has been repeated. sixth day down, I cried! is no other way. are still burning around 38.5. So that night I called on the network to listen to people say Dr. He gave me prescriptions, but no dare to eat. did not see people not afraid to eat. So the next day early in the morning to find him holding his medicine to open the food and washing of the later baby after a bath has been taking medication sweating slightly . the next day at noon the fever. I told her husband are very grateful to him!
2. Children's Hospital of Chen Huiqing (now turn City Women and Children Hospital) and Tang Suping Officer (4th Floor - Man Man Mom recommended)
3 Provincial Hospital --- Traditional Chinese Medicine (not pediatric) )
5. Children's Hospital of Liu (Chen) Pine, director, medicine is not to say, on that attitude, I feel the value. is really a loving grandfather.
6. Bud Lane East that Dr Lam also good (22 F - female small building, 110 F recommended)
7. women and children of even the largest pediatric Hua Zhuren also good to see, my son is in that perspective, Monday to Friday in the morning (23 F - Mei Mei Pig, 113 F recommended)
8. women and children - Zhu Bo, few doctors have seen, there is a female doctor named Zhu Bo, the attitude is better.
9. Woo attached to a pediatric hospital director, a doctor good attitude, be honest for the sake of the patient, not indiscriminate drug, was also very effective.
10. Doumen real hair building opposite (Teng station near the ocean under the lake) recreation clinics, six in the evening after a day, there a hair whitish Zhuzhu Ren, see good, a lot of people queuing to get number six, at 7:00 to see.
11. Yetian Min, retirement home - a dream mountain area. the price is cheap, two days prescription twenty-three ten yuan it
doctors, hospitals, specialty ; prepare
110124B Tiger Po (41021509) 12:17:33
101201B Xuan Xuan Ma (297301740) 12:17:41
Lin Ying feeding Provincial good respiratory disease in children with fever and cough
Wan Ju Qing provinces and two maternal and child hospital
Wangshi Biao Li
age Provincial People's HospitalOutpatient morning weekly 1,2,6
Lin Yuan Dong Institute of Chinese Medicine ; week 2,6 with a morning clinic
Woo ; fever
Tangsu Ping Children's Hospital cough or asthma
Lin Yuan Dong Guo Yi Tang ; cold, cough
Chen Huiqing Municipal Women and Children
even women and children
Liu Lisheng UOB ** Corps Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment of incurable diseases, many children are 1-3 weeks of acupuncture that day, 5-6 am, Sun Xiu Ying to make an appointment with a 5 F Provincial pediatric medicine pediatric
Chen Junlin ; Western
yellow servants Provincial People's Hospital Rehabilitation old Chinese
Wang Yongkuan MCH Maternal and Child
Lin Chen Shui diarrhea
Lam Provincial People's Hospital of sound
Wu Xiaohua provinces and two

45. feeling provinces and two hospitals, Dr. Li Shumin really good attitude, the son of 8 months in her emergency department with fever, very careful. Provincial see the pediatric emergency physician is poor, the son of a fever that was first in the emergency department, the doctor said to hang up the bottle, the needle can be asked whether or not fever is not playing, be sure to hang bottles, but also to frighten us, hanging it, always true to the opening of dexamethasone, because he was nervous when his son did not pay attention, but the very next day, his son and burning subside, I heard that provinces and two good, but change to the provinces and two emergency room, when admissions is Li Shu-Min, director, showed her the prescriptions Provincial know, even the prescription Provincial Minister Li said too much, alas, but fortunately did not go to provincial emergency department, more money is not that also let his son suffer , medical ethics, what ah !!!

[Provincial People's Hospital of Huang Kung-Park is also good, is to look at adults, my dad was there to see
101201B Xuan Xuan Ma (297301740) 12:18:10
24. with a director of gynecology Dr. Jiang Zhongqing (male) is very good. I need something powerful pregnancy, he did not indiscriminately tonic, very patiently explained to me. Children with life when I have the same ward, another mother, no way due to fetal head down, to immediately cesarean section, is Jiang Zhuren surgeon, his family members to give red envelopes stuffed, he politely refused, saying that this is the doctor's responsibilities. . . This is of course the doctor's responsibility, but now regarded as a rare thing to hear these words, people still point moved. As far as I know, some other doctors are generosity, you less, and back may be enough for you stingy.
25. Fujian province, two of the Li Shu-director very good, very patient, what would you ask to answer, but not the old dignitaries hanging bottles, usually two days two days of prescription, there will comfort your child sick a process, not too impatient, is really very good.
26. Fuzhou General Hospital of YE Li Yan Zhuren medicine very well, but not indiscriminate drug, often ask family has no drugs, if drugs are available at home, she will be less prescription. I am her daughter in her view, is the line it can not stand.
27. highly recommended women and children of Dr. Liu Guanghua, this is the most caring I've ever seen a doctor - his throat to help children see the pressure of the tongue, the baby will be involuntary to vomit, he quickly won the baby's face said, Well, well, all right. . . When looking at our mother's warm heart
he opened the medicine, and he said we do not want to maternal and child medication, the line was too long, he will help us write a term in the medical records, drug name, amount, write clearly. . . This point should be to compare the E China, only to be a doctor and you say, you remember
Therefore, we strongly recommend Liu Guanghua! ! !

there is more promotion of Doumen

clinics in Germany and Hong Weng

49. Pulmonary pediatric Tang Rongfei, baby cough, in her view, a good effect, even her mother said her two sons (even my husband and husband's brother) to see her childhood in the disease. (252 #)

old Chinese Taijiang Walking Street Walking Street Community Health Station pediatrics

28. with a wonderful pediatric surgical Lee Benedict is a good doctor, when my son got a week of fast synovitis, read N-hospital, and even said to surgery, and finally holding the last glimmer of hope to his view, open more than one drug, just fine. We are particularly grateful for his family (F, F, 145 recommended)
29. Hua Lin Lufu Life Lane Clinic [name did not pay attention to] my son has a fever of 39 degrees 2, a neighbor introduced that is very good across the clinic, the district where Most children were there to see. to open a two-day drugs, no injections. if more than $ 16 now! drugs eating disease the two. Since then, in the not too big on the hospital to see a doctor.
30. home my family and colleagues are looking for baby blue Drum Tower Hospital, Zheng, director of view, on Sunday afternoon rest break can also go to his house to see his family in the back door there are Dongjiekou China, Tel: Zheng Lan: 87,773,262 . Generally see a 2-day drug as long as 10 yuan, cough, fever, diarrhea, feeling we have seen good, Integrative Medicine. My colleagues said to him as simply: idol.
31. Cangshan Second City director of pediatric hospital medicine has Shu-chen - pediatric asthma. Children's Hospital dermatologist (forgot his name, only her dermatologist a doctor).
32. double-cast Bridge Street next to the station of Dr. Fu community service centers, good medicine, in my district, many children have to find him, ethics is also very good, is not generally prescribed for you, my daughter times he only opened two days of fever medicine like, spend a total of not more than ten dollars. Sometimes the doctor spent only six or seven blocks,Beats By Dr Dre Pro, remove the registration fee only two drugs three, and basically do not have any set teams, more convenient! Strongly recommended to join!
33. recommended maternal and child next to the seventh director of the hospital's pediatric Chen Zhu Lan director of the original departments of women and children, sometimes a bad temper most of the time is not bad. Children see a doctor is generally less than 50 small problems will not solve the problem of indiscriminate drug, her treatment of children's cough medicine has unique side effect is very good mixture of Ma Su. Only Monday and Friday morning, and now I wonder if there is no read!

17. Children's Hospital, according to Hua Zhuren Director Guo Hao Chen, Lin Weidong attending
18. abortion threatened expertise, retired Chinese Zheng Zhuren, telephone 83381536, at home in the hot springs near the park! Specifically I do not know, a friend recommended, and I was her sister threatened abortion before promising, there are some studies on pediatrics!
19. our family are in the city two months later in the hospital clinic to see Hong Weng Germany, I heard that he is Pulmonary specialists. Children cough, fever really bad, shot taking medication will be back. I have been looking at that, generally Monday to have a look at Thursday night, Saturday and Sunday morning have to see, very crowded. Weng Hong Germany do not charge registration fees, general medicine in the thirty to forty a few three-day drug, if an injection is generally $ 55.
20. City Hospital's Zhang Nan, to see children with colds, coughs are very good. Kind of attitude of the patient. (
21. Heling hospital Cai Zhuren look very good, attitudes of.
22. Dongjiekou Ruimin department store next to the Hospital of Xiaoxian Zhong Xiao Zhian pretty good president, on behalf of the traditional kind of behalf of the legend of the medicine, the attitude is very good, very good, very cheap price! is very, very crowded! but so long as you are willing, he will give you read!!! pediatrics, gynecology, or skin are good. ago two kinds of me and my friends have seen, skin is in there to see there are a lot of people watching! ten pieces almost solved.
23. City, two of pediatric medicine man named - High Ji - the female doctors, medicine and attitudes are good and I have not been cold at home and stir up a great New Year, old cough, and later saw her there a few times like.

50. Children's Hospital of Yu-Ying Yang, director and health officer in fact, yellow solutions are also good, mainly to see Yang gastrointestinal tract, digestion, the solution on neonatal health officer, breathing well, push, director Chen Hao, almost all work, Monday to Saturday morning, the patient, drug prices are cheaper
Chen Fangyu look good medicine, are queuing up to see a lot of people, usually one to four are in the (258 #)
51. Dr. Ye Tianmin, the top one, baby 4 months from the start to see small footprints in his parents forum b Lv)] * u
remember once the baby had acute gastritis, Chisha spit what, to see where he spent nearly an hour for the baby given medicines, eat anything because the baby spit what, so you can only feed a teaspoon, if to a hospital certainly was hanging bottles, and each time the medicine is not expensive to open, often tell us some points such as prescription stomach (277 #)

47. after a few times a man named Liu Xiaoding sick is another super good treatment of a doctor to help me in here to say next, is not able to Dr. Liu Xiaoding also Shanghao list of doctors in it. Although he is now l the vice president, but there are people to see a doctor, I believe there are still many people know him, he was very young and very dedicated just graduated, the job is very considerate to patients very seriously, because I often go to work sick mother to take me no time to busy the hospital, Dr. Liu Xiaoding are off-duty active duty to help me come to see a doctor, not even Dr. Xiao who charges, from small to large I have him to cure the disease, indeed, to cure the patient Hua alive. slow slow grown up body better social, go to the hospital less, but like the Dr. Liu Xiaoding will always remember him, he certainly remember my friends.
48 pediatric medical director, the daughter of my cousin and my daughter are all sick to see him there, the attitude is very good medicine dedicated high will the good doctor for the interests of the patients ah ~ (231 #)

station Zhuzhu Ren Chinese herbalist, I went to see with children (and later ask one of my friends know that this is the teacher, the Chinese Medicine Hospital) Zhuzhu Ren, many people looked, but results were pretty good!
34. read City Dermatology Hospital of Lin Lin, director, integrative medicine, I feel good, see very careful (182 F)
35. Recommended Provincial People's Hospital, Dean Kenneth Cheng specializes in children with cough so, good attitude, and open the medicine is not expensive, good results, is more difficult to make an appointment, every Wednesday, Saturday morning visits, but also certain to (Dean thing more, ah, Oh 185 F recommended)
36 Lin Zhaogui Cardiovascular Surgery, Union Hospital, Fuzhou, is to see if the cardiovascular surgery, I recommend the Union of Dao and Chen Liang Wan, medicine is very good, I do not quite understand the attitude a,
37. I feel up to see the forest less cough is very good, may be assigned their own medicine because of it. I am only looking for him (189 F)
38. under the Jinan Hospital of Pediatrics strongly recommend Su Zhen Chen chief physician, is a small hospital doctor, usually a child with a fever are looking for her to see, feel good people are particularly nice, very patient, and medicine is also good, is the backbone of the hospital doctors. Living in the area can try to find her a look.

street alleys in Fuzhou, the printing of a doctor with such a number, like martial arts master hermit in the city, all equipped with special skills, laughing disease to eliminate pain. They are not as large hospitals, doctors usually prominent, but the recognition of patients who still allows them to live alley crowds ............- - #
★ Chinese: Chen Liang Hospital Age: 47 in Indications: internal medicine, gynecology, hepatitis, fatty liver, Address: 53 Station Road, West Yuen Village Phone: Time: 7:00 -18 point and a half (no lunch break)
★ Chinese: Cheng Jingru Medicine Age: 72 years (aged 91 years old) attending: Internal Medicine, Pediatrics Address: No. 38, Bank of China Yin Road hostel 2 210 Tel: Time: 9 -12 points;
15 点 -18 points
★ Chinese: Ling Xu Zhang Hao Medical : Over the past 20 years Indications: Digestive Medicine Address: Fuzhou West provincial office building phone screen: Time: every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday night and Saturday morning (call in advance to be registered)
★ in Western medicine: a small forest of attending: Pediatrics Address: East Lane Fu King House Dental Time: 7:30 -12 points;
15 点 6 pm (weekends endlessly)
★ Chinese: Yang Cheng Indications: transfer address within the Chinese : White Horse under the South River Street, Garden 8 4 concentric shop Tel: Time: 8:30 -12 points;
14 点 -18
★ Chinese: Wang Geng hair Indications: Internal Medicine Address: 158 Drum Road Shanhua Square Tel: Time: 8:30 -12 points; 14 points -18 points
★ Chinese: Chi Jing An attending: Acupuncture Address: Street Drum Tower District Liuhe Park File 17 Time: 8:30 -12 points;
14 点 -18 points
★ Chinese: Lin Xi Feng attending day: bone Address: 46 1-104 Drum Tower District No. Liuhe Time: 8:30 -12 points;
14 点 -18 points ★ Western: Zhang Jianmin Medical Age: 39 years of attending: pediatrics and dermatology Address: Jinan District, Fuzhou City, Town Park Crossing store Phone: Hours: Monday to Sunday
★ in Western medicine: Lin Meihua Medical Age: 42 years Indications: pediatrics, gynecology Address: Jinan District, Fuzhou tea shop predicament district 12 03 Phone: Hours: Monday to Sunday
★ in Western medicine: Dong Rong Indications: gynecological Address: Drum Tower District, North Second Central West District 6, Building 305 Jinquan Time: 8:30 -12 points;
14 点 -18 points

there something particularly touched to see a doctor when she saw foreign to the very poor a patient, generous, although the number is insignificant, but in this society, I now think she is really very good very great! !
39. Dongjiekou Wan Xia behind a forest of small clinics, day overcrowded. However, good attitude, cheap prices, registered each $ 1, 3-day drug generally take less than 20 yuan
40. Cangshan Pioneer Metro market that morning 7.00-12.00 opposite a retired female doctor is also good, is very crowded, there is registered to 2-15 per month
41. recommend Dr Choi retired Heling hospital (do not like the Zhangchao Jing Guo Yi Tang speed super slow old me three days to a times)
42. attached to a fifth of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Sun Xiu Ying see Anorexia good
43. Concord Hospital Director Chen Zheng, nice!
44. Provincial People's Hospital, Dong-Hong Lin, director, medical care and good attitude, seriously tell the truth, not arbitrary prescription. (235 #)

16. City, two hospitals, ZHANG Ai-rong, director and Lin Bifang Officer (71 F - sun ray recommended)

46 .** Pediatrics / obstetrics director Liu Ting, a nice guy, very patient and will communicate with parents and babies

Yang Hualin Road, nursing students and old people's medicine clinic phoenix Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday morning Zuozhen half,
Lin Chaogui Fuzhou Union Medical College Hospital ; cardiovascular surgery
12. Guo Yi Tang's , but no way for our children.
1) ** General Hospital Traditional Chinese Medicine - Dr. Liu Lisheng good, but going to is this to be queued.
2) Jinan Lin Lifeng, director of pediatric hospital doctors, she see good, bad attitude, never give you the indiscriminate medicine, is to line up.
3) Weng Provincial People's Hospital pediatric doctor, to find her people are not particularly large, there is no great fame, but she particularly affinity, mostly looking for her to see a regular customer
14. drum East Hospital of Pediatrics - Xiao Shaowei Director, Integrative Medicine, Monday to Saturday morning at the hospital in the afternoon and evening at home watching, good attitude, an old doctor. My son from birth to now basically in his doctor, to his home he was not so expensive $ 50, open the number of drugs, how much money, but if it is medicine, he will help you wear a good, sub, time to eat a package, it is convenient.
15. Women's Clinic in Phoenix the edge of a civil registration 87,839,643 appointment, the National Medical Hall in which several doctors Zuozhen and dry forest trees (51 F, Lai iron, 206 F recommended)

Cangshan City two diagonally opposite the back door to go to work at a good cough,
off Liqun Union teeth Section dental
Lin Liqun First Hospital of Fuzhou ; dental
Ning, First Hospital of Fuzhou ; orthodontic
very bright yellow road to the public health Fuzhou Wuyi outpatient internal medicine and pediatrics. cardiovascular disease

long-legged short-tailed body: This standard has been very popular, can be as slippery mouth fish catch signals more chaos and the cold down. Is the standard port for the light, the standard foot shorter than the long tail a little stability in that body, easier to control the fish layer, but the first few to catch the slippery fish mouth not only enjoy the standard dancing. Suitable for fishing or fishing the mouth of Health Kouqing the mouth of the slip after a few games. As long as the state of bait fishing group with the good, the fish situation of the applicable standard is very broad.

short legs long body long tail: This standard is the best fish to master the situation and the best fitness standard. It is suitable for a standard to conquer the world Diaoshou. Especially for the novice up to this standard with the most vulnerable, stand fast, he felt a strong, stable and good, fake mouth is characterized by little. Increase the catch of fish high slip mouth for oral health reduce the catch of fish is low, are cool to use. Can be refined as the study of competitive fishing, catch per unit time in more fish, we can not emotionally up. Choose fish more suited to the situation of the standard rational choice. I say this because it's just a standard type used, we can hardly give up, but also not hesitate to give up, give up, although painful but useful when the purpose is to catch more fish that thirty-two.

short legs long body short-tailed: This standard is the standard to a standard to conquer the world, whether fishing or slippery mouth hygiene mouth, superfish or slow fish, bottom fishing or float fishing, this standard are advised to , with the slender body, slip the end of fishing near the mouth of the fish caught in the transfer head mouth to eat a classic front-line fishing method. Use this experience to the subject of several Dishao Ming master the most subtlety.

short legs short body long tail: the main fishing port for the raw float or playing process. Because of its high sensitivity, fast turn around, the reaction of fish hearing a long time, been widely used to catch superfish. If the density of fish is too large floating too high, it can also be used to increase the catch is high, the fishing stand.

short-tailed short legs short body: water leather standard, mainly used to catch a slippery fish mouth after a few games, when the sliding mouth several fish after fish on the high water level mouth light and chaos, the water mark is hit move the skin; for raw fish if the mouth water as oxygen and low air pressure, the fish go up too high, water, fish skin may be better marked.

Glossary: ​​
End: is the show standard, the top buoy had to use oil paint each frame of the period. Each cell is a soft tail hard tail head
: Generally soft tail is hollow, so the larger the tail buoyancy; hard tail is a solid, basic weight is greater than water.
short body length: body, that is the main floating body,Beats By Dr Dre Studio, remove the fat above the middle of that period, the same diameter, of course, big long body buoyancy.
thick body thin body: with reference to the short length of the body.
stubby tail buoy soft body - for fishing stand (stand fast, twelve lap slower intervals, appropriate fishing control layer)
chunky body hard tail buoy - suitable for fishing in the lower layer (turn fast, sinking faster also)
short short-tailed body floats - the fastest turn around for the water to catch small hard body leather
long tail buoy - for fishing in the lower superfish (Run out to catch, grasp the mouth)
small thin slender body hard tail buoy - slippery fish for bottom fishing (catch can be very blunt)
soft tail buoy short slender body - suitable for light bottom fishing port slippery fish (peacock feather floats to the best peeled, seedling transform itself)
received acute shoulder (side shoulder) long thin body hard tail buoy - rinse the mouth to catch slippery fish for (sinking fast, slow recovery)
KK short fine body hard tail buoy - erected soon (more carbon foot) in place very soon
(the difference between solid and hollow tail):
Solid End:
seedling greater than the proportion of water, large amplitude; seedling length, down fast, suitable for fishing in the upper and bottom light vent.
hollow tail:
seedling buoyant, gently down fast, stable, low-level light for fishing and fish mouth moving water slide.
--------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------
; Throughout the buoy, and Diaoshou hands now on the market can be described as the popular variety, especially sports fishing buoy, but can be described as the Eight Immortals, recount. This is a veteran sports fishing ground is just more of a choice can be for a novice, plus articles on the buoy's lip service, it can be is foggy, dazzled. I Fucai, can not order out of chaos, on the buoy and then to talk about their own views.

We all know that buoys are length, thickness and material of other shapes are not the same, to understanding them is no easy thing, they might lead to a lot of bricks to. In fact no matter what it was like buoys, and its movement into the water has a common law: that is, lying in the water first, then fall hook bait is falling, falling hook bait when falling to the depth of the waterline, the began to pull buoy, buoy began to stand up and then began to slow the fall will fall, fall into the moment when the subject of non-hook transfer head, then fall to stop falling, if not falling hook bait, then should the entire fishing group in the water to reach the two forces balance, but we are falling hook bait fishing, so had no hook to catch the water transfer project after the group was further movement is determined by the movement of the hook bait, bait hook is pulled above the fall and fall The fishing group down. At this point the movement of the hook bait fishing by hook bait above group is also affected by our success in bringing together the impact of mobile fishing.

fact we play carp fishing bait hook is the movement of this period, because this movement is passive motion before the hook bait (bait hooks fall fall), when the hook bait in the end, the hook bait relative movement disappears. Therefore, carp bait the hook on the active movement of this period should be the most active bait. If the fish is in this period before the bait that the fish up, messy layer of fish and fish mouth, calm down and if the hook after the bait fish on the bait, indicating that the fish can take the initiative on the bait, but can be active on the bait fish hook bait bait calm down later on, not only increases the difficulty of the bait, the speed is also long overdue; if the fish are not active on the bait, bait the hook until it is to die in the end. Carp fishing bait hook it to play a sport this can be said that the essence of carp fishing. This section of the hook bait movement is affected by many factors, first of all to talk about the severity of the impact of bait hook, bait hook bait hook affects the severity of movement trajectories and sub-line of the force, reflected in our vision is to mark the end of the given fish hearing level, like a fish Kouqing, hook bait will increase the emphasis on the words of the difficulty of bait fish, bait the hook if the lighter, may hook fish bait on the bait can drift, easier to import some.

good if the fish population, fish hook bait heavier but better information. Of course, the size of hard and soft fish bait entry is also critical; have the taste and color of bait may be a decisive factor. Second, there is the impact of fishing method, such as throwing full pole pole and not throw full impact of this period is also very obvious. As high throw downhill, fall in place may not place bait hook, of course, if the hook bait is too heavy it may be slow to zero in the fall, they may have to bait the hook to fall and holding down the movement, but most all fall the first place (which we try in the transfer standard bucket glance), so the time scale to a high throw downhill without hook adjustment head generally has a pause, and then the first free-fall hook bait and then pull falling drop.
in free-fall phase of the easiest fish to bait the entrance, but not necessarily be found in the standard (sub-line is very small because the force at this time), for the mouth of the fish shabu mouth sliding faster when we could fish Tukou can be found as standard; led by falling for the whereabouts of phase, due to the vertical pull hook bait fall fall, the largest sub-line of force, the fish bait difficult entrance, only when the hook bait in the end of the moment, due to inertia effect, sub- line of the force has a moment of burdens, fish bait may be easier at this time. The cast is full pole is completely different, when the cast full time fall and hook bait pole movement is the movement of the pendulum began to fall to mark the center is a pendulum movement, fall in place when the hook bait in the fall as the center is also a pendulum motion, while the hook bait makes the movement of the pendulum always has a sub-line of the force, and this bait hook line of the pendulum movement to sub-vertical discontinuity, like the whereabouts of the child bait hooks fall line of the force so great, The trajectory of the hook bait hook bait than the whereabouts of a long vertical fall of more than pull, which makes the fish more and more on bait on the bait opportunities.

not active on the bait for the fish, when we use the minimum standard, or catch bait fish, we can throw far less pressure water line, when the standard of non-hook tone when target We then pull the rod pressure water line, and after, so you can extend the hook bait in the independent movement of the movement time and movement distance, to facilitate the bait fish at this time. Of course we can not pressure water line after the cast rod, carrying pole, when the standard is no hook up when we head elevation adjustment rod, the same can achieve these results. Impact on the buoy, which will be the focus of this paper to discuss the following, we began to discuss the buoy it.

the structure of the buoys, buoys often determines the length of each part of the main functions of the buoy. So here I come to discuss from the length of the buoy, but I refer to the length of just a relative concept, not absolutely to understand, the length of the distinction between these needs in practice to understand, other than on the buoys in addition to the structural characteristics of the length will be included in the length of the instructions.

consider nothing more than simple length from the following categories: long legs long body long tail; long legs long body short-tailed; long legs short body long tail; long-legged short-tailed body; short foot long length end; short legs long body short-tailed; short legs short body long tail; short legs short body short-tailed. Here's one by one to talk about:

long legs long body long tail: the standard three parts are long, so the whole standard and long. This standard has the following characteristics, first of all, good stability, whether in motion or stationary stability are better off, for storms in the deep water fishing, even if there is a certain undercurrent running water can also be used. Followed by turning back, only after we throw pole fall over fall completely waterline to pull standard stand, because when the water depth is constant, a long water line marked on the relatively short, so long marked turning back, turning to fall away from the high end is yes, so that at least two effects on fishing, one hook from the bottom of the pond when the fall high gear, and slowly falling help lead the fish, the fish will not disturb the lower; the second is beneficial to fish on the lower interface.

polyculture so this standard for fishing, but also less suitable for fishing bait or less active on the fish. Of course, if the fish density, this standard is easy to lure the fish is too high, causing chaos chaotic layer or fish mouth, etc.; when there is a small trash can also cover some small mixed signals, but if too many small trash fish, this signal may be marked lead to disorder. Again, the subject of language features, since the scale length and stability, so a small increase of this standard felt a strong, large and slow-down rate, can cover up some small mixed signal and the signal is not mixed with the standard requirements of the fish mouth better. Adjust fishing techniques, can be reduced early in the fishing catch is low, thus shortening the waterline, which will help lead the fish and leave the fish; when the fish into the nest for a long time, and then increase the catch is high, can lead to too many fish pressure in the following; and this change can lead to addition and subtraction through a small and easy to achieve. As the scale length, shorter waterline on the heart relative to the wind longer, so catch with this standard far more than others. Standard questions about the thickness of the body, body crude mark after falling to turn over more slowly, which will help lead the fish and fish interfaces; thin body to be sensitive to some standard, when he felt a fish on the bait will be more strong.

long legs long body short-tailed: This standard foot long body and long tail marked increase in the high fishing not much difference. Only fills the center of gravity slightly lower, so the density of this standard for fishing fish large mouth and good feelings, not easy to fish population and fish chaotic layer. This fall marked the whereabouts after turning over a very short pull this bait, no hook or even stand up after the transfer to the head, almost falling bait hooks this process, so the fish in the upper interface is small and difficult to mess fish layer. Of course, a long body with long legs to catch the long tail raised high standard has a similar effect. Many large carp fishing or polyculture Diaoshou like to use this standard when that is true because it's fishing season off the mouth less.

long legs short body long tail: the standard long tail and long legs long body significantly better than its sensitivity, with the small carbon foot slender tail light particularly suitable for fish mouth fish, this subject use the skills and long legs long tail is very similar to the body, there is not much to say. Because this standard early and stand up and slow down the turn after a long trip, so not suitable for fishing and fish mouth Kuaiyu many and good fish. Optimum light mouth, less and less fish, the fish open. Concentrating on the stroke interface, relatively slow to catch big carp good.

1, oil and telecommunications, electric power and other industries is almost no monopoly
In fact the oil, telecommunications, electricity has become a basic pattern of competition, and these companies are the major assets of listed companies. Rather, they have a wide range of equity, social. Therefore, it receives profits are for the people's interests. , skyrocketing oil prices, the electricity price increase. and the power of telecommunications staff benefits, led the Chinese people better off in the struggle on the road has played a pioneering role model, and implement some of the people get rich first guidelines. firm does not drop calls monthly
2, I think the Chinese education reform and development is successful. even the uniforms are free, and school choice costs also played down; the second is that 20% of the baby received higher education, you did not see nowadays, talent that with people ah.
3, Drug prices are not expensive, do not agree to price cuts It is not to make bread, flour plus the cost of gas, with wages, such as a dollar a pound of flour made into bread, it can only be a two; drugs itself is a high risk, high investment, high added value of the product, its value can not be compared only with its cost. high-priced drugs, drug dealers alone can not complain. In short words, you 4, support, can not build the brand, the brand should be so is a real estate profits. , not on the very face. Real estate is a lucrative industry where ah? Net profit after tax but ranks first in all walks of life, but the second than in the gas industry, power fold higher profits, higher than the social average profit five times only. 5, workers in the specific operation, not required to do, a small chain broke causing a large fault. even after repeated training, the quality of workers from very far short of our requirements. , the difference in safety awareness is not strong. Portable self-rescuer underground miners not to reflect the expired; excessive amount of gas, the top command to go down production, they do not fight; it has been found to prevent the true state of the underground, mine owners to plug the gas monitoring probes, they no objection. Say 6, The grass-roots organizations, faced with a large number of visitors a day out, the task can be quite heavy to bear, and the police, but the normal monthly salary of 2,000 yuan, the individual police station or even up to hundreds of million of family property, and their main source of income, is is the monthly contribution to the thieves.
interpretation: the train station is where the, ah, passenger flow Longyihunza. We police this long stay in the place of air pollution, wind and sun, suffering the pain of lack of oxygen, eat what supplements have not come back up. Under the old and small, and usually have something to go right to get under the mulberry, press the Mount, where a month wage that point enough? 7, also the rights of citizens. No matter how much a citizen to pay taxes, are Threshold is too high, they are denying low-income people as
interpretation: the house can not, Medicare can not, but do not pay taxes can not be for the country to contribute to GDP, is low-income people to enjoy the last of honor. 8, (outsiders) quality is relatively low, there is no long-term work, often desperate, to social security and instability. Beijing urban development and less need for these people Because these people (outsiders) caused by, for example, waste collection, malicious begging, their existence does damage to the Beijing people's lives.
read: low-quality study Hitler pushed directly into the camp incinerator, would not clean? Beijing does not require the development of low-quality people, they are shut out, since then, down to their own garbage, sweep the road to their own, to build their own buildings, and Beijing's urban environment first in the country, the people of all levels of education beautiful catch the Premier League.

We often say that this is a great nation, this is a magical land, live in this magic land we have,dr dre headphones for sale, always will continue to Many people hear the incredible voice. Here lists several cases found in 2005 in the anecdote about strange.

last paradise fishing fishing off
--- a madman Paraguay River in Brazil Pilgrimage Notes
(1) to the Pan Tana go!
I always think they hate the old bones is a guy. In so many places to catch fish before, but never had a strong desire to want to go back to one of the important places to go fishing again the old way, I always worth looking for the next place I go, always to the next local vision and excited. But there is a different place, where you just catch it once, you will care for her life, this place brought back endless source of fascination and endless Rose Meaningful different memories, the thought of her inexplicable excitement you will, you She felt overwhelmed by the light anywhere you went. the.
This place is Brazil.
2006 the first year I went to Brazil, got his wish in the dreaming fishing boat on the Amazon, it is words can not describe any new and happy, so that when I leave her, mind full of nostalgia and resentment, not even left Brazil, I had decided I would come back next year!
results of the fall of 2007, by my table Gesu people onto the thick of the Romanian Danube delta go.
step into 2008, I was in the calendar in September, and oil crayons to write the words on the Brazilian Amazon, this is my own declaration. One September day is my birthday, so I always go fishing in September, taking a trip, this is my own birthday gift.
until concrete plans, when a question puzzled me for a long time to take out, or two years ago went to the place? There is always reconciled, so much of the Amazon, a good place to talk about the importance of fishing to go more, but I do not know another, where to go fishing it, this is really a problem. Like all day seven to eight, suddenly I remembered two things come. The first was two years ago, Lorenzo II in Manaus to take water camp, Captain George W. Bush in the cab and fat chat, he asked me: said: This Pan Tana must be somewhere on the Amazon, there was no more attention, so passed on this matter. The second thing is fishing on the Amazon two years ago, when I leaned over to rest on Chuanbang, and my little guide Fabio smoking chat. I said: Tana than that no. I think these two things first heart suddenly light up, hey, since these two Brazilian guys are unanimous that the Pan Tana, surely this must be a terrific place for fishing, I went straight to the why of this Pan Tana away?
suddenly in high spirits.
opened two years ago, brought back from Brazil's Amazon state map, carefully left to see the right, seen from the next, to find enough to have half an hour, several large and small one hundred towns, villages, not actually a place called Pan Tana, my heart really regret it the next dead, then how so slow, why not go further detailed questioning? Is this Pan Tana is the locals call them? Or it is simply that even a small mark on the map are not out of place?
ahead of the game, work to eat, when to think of this matter, we say it is a block of heart disease, until one day I was driving to go in half way, they think this thing has come, Suddenly blessing to the soul, heart, head flash, Pan Tana? Pan Tana? Hey, what I seem in a magazine, seen the name, what magazine? And then mercilessly think, think of it! America's NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC (National Geographic), I have to buy each. Back home to the National Geographic magazine have all turned out, a local looking for in the past, I finally found, in August 2005 period, the article name is To realize that I made a big mistake, I mind is full of blame Amazon, created a big misunderstanding, first, the Pan Tana is not a place name, but a geographical name, the second, the Pan Tana and Amazon nothing, at least from the Amazon thousand kilometers to.

Pan Tana, from the Portuguese and Spanish PANTANAL transliteration, meaning a large swamp. English as WETLAND, translated into Chinese wetlands, I think I lied a little. Far more than the world's wetlands million, but is eligible for a place called Pan Tana only two, one is the United States, Florida, Florida Everglades, Florida accounted for half of the area, regarded as a very impressive, but with another Brazil's Pan Tana, there is no one to glory. Brazil's Pan Tana across the three countries (Brazil, Paraguay and Bolivia) provinces (Brazil's Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul province province), an area of ​​almost 25 million square kilometers, Taiwan and Hong Kong to Panta satisfied translated into Everglades, although real, but unfortunately still not able to express it that vast and stunning mood.
In the middle of South America, the terrain shifted from the mountain highlands of the Andes, but this nature is in the mountains, creating a huge low-lying plains, this plain is the Pan Tana. The third longest river in South America from Paraguay to the left of this plain winds over, this highland rivers originate in central Brazil, all the way through Brazil, Paraguay and the Republic of Bolivia, the last in Argentina Buenos Elle flowing into the sea near Sri Lanka, into the arms of the Atlantic.
Paraguay River tributaries like the 600-odd, like blood vessels distributed throughout the Pan Tana, one rainy season, with more than six tributaries flood, the whole bubble has become a Pan Tana flooding rivers and lakes. In the nearly five-month long rainy season, the Pan Tana rainforest in all animals --- herbivorous, omnivorous, carnivorous, but also includes birds and insects --- all transferred to the tree to life , fish and aquatic animals took over the region, tens of thousands of years, terrestrial animals, aquatic animals and tropical plants in this huge swamp turns in power, growth and reproduction, nature thriving. The man has since been hindered by Pan Tana periodic flooding, except in a few areas of high terrain to establish a farm, almost unable to penetrate into the interior marshes to develop, Pan Tana lucky enough to escape the hostility of mankind, The last wild animal into a Garden of Eden.
I searched the Pan Tana information, see the Brazilian director of the National Park Service said the words to the effect that: know Pan Tana, it is because Amazon's reputation is too great, it really is a shame indeed Pan Tana beautiful natural environment, biological diversity and ecological integrity of the systematic, should be far Amazon uses this gentleman over ......In fact, I just know that Pan Tana is now the name, I also should be ashamed of frogs.
surprise aside, I quickly dug out two years ago in Brazil, bought several fishing magazines, carefully re-read, and suddenly red in the face, ashamed. Two years ago I came back from the Amazon, wrote an article on sport fishing the Amazon, shocking photos of people, assumed the name Introduction of all Pan Tana River system in Paraguay catches my ignorance, inadvertently greatly misled China's fishermen, this is a unforgivable mistake.
web search results, although the Paraguay River, only 400 species of fish, and the Amazon River than 2,000 kinds of fish, as if nothing can be proud of, but the Paraguay River, nearly 40 valuable fish species are fishing, fishing sector in Brazil is strongly promoted by the world's fishermen, which are only 40 types of fish unique to the Paraguay River, fishing stuff, especially the fishermen made the world crazy . Such as locomotive known as the golden dorado (DOURADO), known as Allah Kyu sub torpedoes Bi Kuda (BICUDA), deep-water giant catfish Xiawu (JAU), crab-eating fish Biawusu (PIAUCU), giant vicious dog fish cards fall pull (CACHORRA), etc., etc., these are I've never seen before, and even unheard of.
retrospect Bush said the captain, and Fabio is really right, Pan Tana is better than the Amazon River fishing paradise, I know that is really too late.
never seen so much, never had to catch the fish, was living out of fishing from the Paraguay river, then solidified into an instant Long live show in front of the photos come alive, this is how deadly temptation, more appalling is that these fish are not caught me, I only look at the copies of the magazine is really extreme annoyance! I could not suppress their excitement and outraged, well, say nothing, and this year's out fishing, they set up the Pan Tana River Paraguay!

really the so-called it?
store full of people, many people in other seats , the more I find this line , not worth !
found a seat with great difficulty , very simple , a Soon, Teng up with the heat of pots , I probe a look , not that the pot of lamb stew it Green ! Add some parsley , green onions , spicy leather is really pretty , can think of eating such a meal , run so far , so long , the value of it?
mouth tender and delicious as the first , the entrance of the lamb over the throat , I suddenly feel the spirit of the stir it more than a meaty , mellow kind of national characteristic is also filled in the stomach between , on the cake , a pot full of meat, unknowingly , under our belly on , wiping the mouth of the oil , I contented of a friend said:

15 Joe 1 female DUNK version

15.guess women shoes , this good-looking , 350 yuan

loading. . . . . .

wind blowing gently, gently sprinkle rain, clouds gently hugged my thoughts street name, Zai Budong me a lot of Acacia Italy, Piaoyuan not deliberately shaped around your side to the storm I love you live. How can you not think, how can not love you, I do not know how long.

fact, I do not know how to love myself, my stomach is always pain, since you left, I eat something not a digest. In fact, I miss you can come to my side, that I fool, laugh at me foolish. You do not occur again, I know, love is far away, will not go back, we are just the most familiar stranger.

sky is gray, the sky is very dark, I just can not find you, where are you? Are you all right? Fail Yeah, I was dying, I feel the life leaving my body, how can I do, is forget you, or buried in their own so you want the sea. How do I come to you, how to cherish the memory of you had given me all the laughter, you always said that my eyebrows are too many heavy things between, you'll have a sad, now who is going to hurt me as well I cherish your love and sympathy at the End of the World will think me so?

I said love you love, then rain, but can not ring in your ear, I love you talking feelingly, but can not enter your dream. Really so hard to love a person, like a really hurts that broke our hearts, forget the deep-seated gentle poison into my heartbroken

I shouted to the sky I love you, but too much wind, blew away my voice, floating down it in every corner of the world, can no longer come into your heart, I heard the chest Tears wet the former was the sound.

I want to roll up your hand, love you, but I had lost the love of your qualifications, I appear in your life is simply an error, if earlier, and then a little earlier, I met you, I do not have here on your hard repressed affection.

language to describe the encounter between us, but forget the need to spend the treasure is not just the word, as well as fate, and God. To love and let go, to really love the choice of silence is too painful decision. You forget, I forgot, this is wrong or right, it is the only option then do nothing.

I love the most

I love my own good, as you love me love me like their own, which is now the only thing I can do for you

I think you get hold of a wayward, can only think of the men, and think you want good lonely, like you want to hello pain, but would like to offer all kinds of like putting your affection could not have love is gone, love death, you go, I hurt.

Thousand and One Nights, not a night without tears, which flow into your heart, your swing in my sky, you floating in my Leihai years, how can I love you out of this atmosphere.

I wish to you, but who forgot to take me heart

which time I did not agree if the release of your hand, you pull it Zoudao will insist on the old, if my side of the horizon there is only a solitary point, do you think I will have side ends of the earth The most persistent is that you stare at black spots.

I do not deserve to be your love, my love is your burden, I love you confused, I love you and happy to become a roadblock. Love you, want to give everything I gave you can not afford, like you, can only secretly want, desire can not be made the pain.

edge done, say goodbye, but I did not say it's goodbye, goodbye is also hidden in your lip, you and I understand that from now on, we will not goodbye, such a turn on you and me lost in this vast sea. You do not say that I am cruel, you also understand that we can not meet, or a hug after the final decision to back the years to come. But I want to say, I want to see you, see the side with ten years of my life I am willing to exchange. Years still walking toward me that I do not know the future, I will have a future world where you to emerge?

never like a lonely, lonely one unfortunately happens, I'll give you love but can only give my own

like you, I used to think of the tears in your eyes, the wind and fly now, I do not know whether to stay in your heart again. You want love, I can not afford to, now I can not even send comfort, this is only the promise to have and cherish you cherish as their own.

never like a lonely, lonely one unfortunately happens, I love the people around me I can not comfort

Thousand and One Nights, no do not miss a night, Arabian Nights, does not miss a night, always, I can not put you to forget, I can not learn how to forget a person, always think of you, just think of yourself.

ethernet 1/0/1 1 slot 0 represents a sub-board Ethernet port 1.

vlan 100 corresponding port
[H3C] dis int e1/0/24

[] vlan 10
[] quit
[] int vlan 10
[] ip add 24
[] quit
[] vlan 20
[] quit
[] int vlan 20
[] ip add 24
[] quit
[] vlan 30
[] quit
[] int vlan 30
[] ip add 24
[] quit
[] vlan 40
[] quit
[] int vlan 40
[] ip add 24
[ ,],[> [] ip add 24
[] quit
[] vlan 2
[] port e1/0/6
[] quit
[] int vlan 2
[] ip add 30
[] rip version 2
[] rip work
[] quit
[] rip
[] undo summary
[] network 172.16. 0.0
[] network
[] network
[] network
[] network
[] network
[ ,],[
[] port trunk permit vlan 10
[] quit
[] int e1/0/2
[] port link-type trunk
[] port trunk permit vlan 20
[] quit
[] int e1/0/3
[] port link-type trunk
[] port trunk permit vlan 30
[] quit
[] int e1 / 0 / 4
[] port link-type trunk
[] port trunk permit vlan 40
[] quit
[] int e1/0/5
[] port link-type trunk [] port trunk permit vlan 50
[] quit
[] user-interface vty 0 4
[] authentication-mode password
[] set authentication pass ciper huawei
[] user privelege level 3
[] quit
[] quit
> save

program aims to split the LAN VLAN, the most important objective is to thin to stop broadcasting and other VLAN traffic will not be received, help control network traffic, reducing equipment investment and simplify network management, improve network security! ! !
can refer to the VLAN configuration of Cisco and 3COM school Huawei, Huawei's switches Cisco router configuration and almost

answer to add

[] int vlan 1
[] ip add 24
[] quit
[] vlan 10
[] port e1/0/2 to e1/0/24 [] quit
[] int vlan 2
[] port link-type trunk
[] port trunk permit vlan 10
[] quit
[] ip route-static 0.0. 0.0
[] user-interface vty 0 4
[] authentication-mode password
[] set authentication pass ciper huawei
[] user privelege level 3
[ ,],[The remaining 3100

identical configuration, just modify the appropriate management vlan vlan and address

H3C 3600 three instances:
assume the router within the network IP:
3600 divided the two VLAN: VLAN1: VLAN2 :
int vlan 1
ip add
undo shut
vlan 2
int vlan 2
ip add 192.168. 2.1
ip route-static
Note: ignore the port division, routers and switches connected to the switch in 3600 must be used belong to VLAN1 port associated with the router.
vlan 1
vlan 2
int e1/0/1
port link-type trunk
port trunk permit vlan all
then divided accordingly to the appropriate VLAN port can be realized exchange.
Other answers
You can set the arm

routing configuration command:
in privileged mode
Switch # vlan database
Switch (vlan) # vlan 2 (because the default vlan 1, set 2 and 3 directly, to save trouble later)
Switch (vlan) # vlan 3
Switch (vlan) # exit
Switch # config terminal
Switch (config) # interface fa0 / 1 (assuming 0 / 1 switch with vlan 1 interface to connect in pc)
Switch (config-if) # switchport accress vlan 1
......( inside the vlan 1 interface is so designed)
Switch (config) # interface fa0 / 2 (assuming 0 / 2 is a switch connecting with vlan 2 in pc interface)
Switch (config-if) # switchport access vlan 2
..... (In vlan 2 interface are also in such a setting)
Switch (config) # interface fa0 / 0 (assuming the interface 0 / 0 interface with the routing phase)
Switch (config-if) # switchpore mode trunk
Router (config) # interface fa0 / 0 (assuming the interface 0 / 0 interface with the switch phase)
Router (config-if) # no shutdown (to the interface activation)
Router (config-if) # interface fa0/0.1 (set sub-interfaces)
Router (config-if) # encapsolution dot1q vlan 2 (with 802.1Q encapsulation on the interface)
Router (config -if) # ip address (the example should be able to read it, in front of the sub-interface ip address followed by subnet mask, this is vlan2 ip gateway pc in all)
Router (config-if) # no shutdown
back Similarly
Router (config-if) # interface fa0/0.2
Router (config-if) # encapsolution dot1q vlan 3
Router (config-if) # ip address (this is vlan3 in all the pc ip gateway)
Router (config-if) # no shutdown

then is to pc the ip of, vlan2 in the pc's gateway must be set to vlan3 in the pc gateway should be set to!

Switch (config) # interface fa0 / 0 (assuming the interface 0 / 0 interface with the routing phase)
here is the rate of one switchport trunk encapslution dot 1q

I think do not increase, because here only need to interface with the routing look like a trunk, do not need to re-use 802.1q encapsulated.

s3100 configuration:

3600 e1/0/23 access CISCO 2650 on F0 / 0

3600 configuration:
interface Vlan-interface2 ;
ip address
interface Vlan-interface3
ip address
interface Vlan-interface10 ;
ip address
interface Ethernet1/0/23
port access vlan 10
ip route-static

2650 configuration:
int f0 / 0
ip add
ip route
s3600 configuration:

3600 + CISCO2650 external network configuration issues

trick three: the back-end fees, returns better. Fund investment is a financial long-distance, short back end and front-end fee charges is scheduled to vote will vote despite differences in yield to maturity is not a long time but it will have accumulated significant difference can not imagine. The longer term fixed investment, the greater the difference in total yield. Investors set to vote in the choice of target, the back-end fee fund is expected to provide higher long-compounded return after fermentation.

trick one: the sooner the fixed investment, the sooner the benefits. The earlier start for investors fund investment, the more financial success in one step ahead on the road. Be the starting point of the earlier vote, the greater the compounding effect. For example, the same study in education is to prepare 200,000 yuan of funds, the Shanghai Composite Index over the past more than the actual rate of return calculation, assuming 18-year-old high school children, parents began to age 13 if the child is scheduled to vote, the period from January 2003 to December 2007 (compound average annual rate of return 28.5%), voted 1038 yuan per month. If 8 years of age began to vote, period January 1998 to December 2007 (compound annual return rate of 15.8%), cast 508 yuan per month. If 3 years of age began to vote, the period from January 1993 to December 2007, only cast 258 yuan per month (10.3% compound annual rate of return). The sooner you begin to vote, to achieve the same objective amount of spending per month less.

fund investment has been a good long-term financial expectations, and to obtain finance in the real history of unexpected returns, a very important reason is that it takes full advantage of the long-term principle of compound interest. Things only mastered a trick in order to achieve more with less ease, the Fund will vote no exception. Below, please let us put the Fund will vote for you three tips each thin to have been.

>> Ping an account through online banking to fund investment, the lowest rate 三折起

trick II: long-term adherence and risk diversification. Only firm to fund investment, in order to have the opportunity to enjoy the magical effects caused by long-term compounding. According to related statistics 1983 to 2003, is scheduled to vote 20 years of U.S. stock funds average annual yield of 10.3%, and from July 1993 to June 2008, 15, is scheduled to vote on the Shanghai index arithmetic average rate of return reached 8.47%. The Fund will vote non-stop even the miraculous. Give a true example of the bubble bear market has experienced 18 years of Japan's stock market, even such a rotten to the Japanese market are Landelikuai, China Taiwan 人 Zhang Mengxiang have to rely on doggedly fixed investment shares of the Fund for 11 years (1996 -2007), and finally earned an average annual return of 19%. Adhere to the Fund will vote to help you to spread market risk, select blue-chip fund A shares in 2007, the 6,000-point high approach began to be cast, and in 3000 achieved a positive return has been up and down, which is the fund investment real miracles.

The night was dark , but the two of us playing each computer , there is no feeling of sleeping , listening to songs , I think of happiness , I think of happiness .
A child , my parents took me to play on amusement park feel happy , together with his family feel happy .
grow up, play with classmates and friends think he is happy , there will be a happy feeling .
can work, away from my home , my parents, my classmates , my friends , to a strange city ,
began to find happiness away from me, could not find their own happiness .
a few years later I found a will alone be lonely , but sometimes there are happy , in fact, it was a free happy ,
today , I found two people happy together , happy together with the child 's happiness is a different ,
I grow it?

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Unit: Science and Technology Network Alliance

example, you can set up a script, so that the program to automatically browse a Web page, and then registered member of this page, fill in his user name, password, etc.

----------------------------------------------- -----------------------------

script can be easily exported into the user according to their physical environment and circumstances to write their own scripts

----------------------------------------------- -----------------------------

store data (no parameters)
pass values: None
Example 1: Store Data ()
Description: Execute the script command in the main root directory of the log. txt

process all script execution command

browse the web (parameter a)
transfer value: None
parameter a: HTTP address type: text type any text
Example 1: visit the website (br> Description: Browse to specify the web pages will display in the main program interface!

message box (parameter a [text-type], Parameter 2 [integer], parameter three [Text-based])
transfer value: None
parameter a: the body of the message box content type: text Type any text
Parameter 2: message box prompts Image Type: integer
three parameters: the type of message box title text: text-type any text
0 = OK
1 = Confirm Cancel button
2 = to give up and try again ignore button
3 = cancel if button
4 = if button
5 = Retry Cancel button
16 = error icon
32 = asked icon
48 = Warning icon
64 = Information icon
Example 1: message box (

If you want the program to have more script commands, please contact the author to say what you think!

You can use this program for the following things or more things!

read page code (parameter a)
transfer value: after reading the code
parameters of an HTTP: HTTP address type: text type any text
Example 1: Reading page code (

----------------------------------------------- -----------------------------

short (IB)

fill in all _ name (no arguments)
pass values: None
Example 1: Fill in all _ name ()
Description: Fill in the main browser interface to all forms !

a model like the Wizard button

----------------------------------------------- -----------------------------

funding to provide project or if you have a better opinion, please contact the author!

, etc. Basically, if you want something out of the program can automatically execute themselves, to simplify the complex command! You only need to touch, you can get!

----------------------------------------------- -----------------------------

----------------------------------------------- -----------------------------

Design: BanBu

fill in all _ID (no parameters)
pass values: None
Example 1: Complete all _ID ()
Description: Fill in the main browser interface to all forms !

----------------------------------------------- -----------------------------

automatic irrigation forum! (Including auto Replies)

----------------------------------------------- -----------------------------

most professional players in this program, professional studios and game software of choice!

----------------------------------------------- -----------------------------

waiting for the address bar change (parameter a)
transfer value: None
parameter a: to wait for the address has changed address bar type: text type any text
Example 1: Wait address bar changed (

name: script command library

automatically grab the content on the page and save! (Similar to the site thief system)

Contact: QQ92644

Script Library

reset random identity (no parameters)
pass values: None
Example 1: Reset the random identity ()
Description: let the program randomly generate an identity, and produce a series of identity information!

submit the form _ID (parameter a)
transfer value: None
parameter a: the submit button to submit the form identifies the type of element: text-based examples of any text
a: submit the form _ID (

time: 2010.3.31

the user's identity was leaked information you have to worry about, not to worry that he will repeat, because they are generated automatically by the program

Chinese name: Intelligent Browser

----------------------------------------------- -----------------------------

----------------------------------------------- -----------------------------

verification code (parameter a)
transfer value: None
parameter a: a verification code address type: text type any text
Example 1: Code (
Description: which command is to optimize the script, the program can verify the code window pop up, users simply enter without looking at the page! But the article does not fit the script command for all forms!

automatic voting system! (Including replacement of an HTTP proxy)

program main function is to let the browser execute their own script written in action

course, he can make a lot of things, as long as there is a relationship with the web!

information box screen (no parameters)
pass values: None
Example 1: shield information box ()
Description: main program interface, the browser permanently block out all the information box and the error message box! Which commands the start of the general execution of the script!

Intelligence browser

automatically registered site members! (Including automatic identification verification code)

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Qaddafi death comforts families of Pan Am 103 victims

2:10 October 20, 2011

Clinton changing relationship with Pakistan

0:36 October 20, 2011

Biographer: Steve Jobs regretted refusing surgery

1:59 October 20, 2011

2:01 October 20, 2011

Palin Critics Called 'Sexist'

1:52 October 20, 2011

Food pantry serves hope to Chicago's hungry

Recommended CBS "eye" logo turns 60

The end of Muammar Qaddafi

2:18 October 20, 2011

September 3, 2008 4:18 PM

Leading female Republicans came out to defend Sarah Palin's experience, saying that sexism was behind the criticism. Nancy Cordes reports.

2:10 October 20, 2011

Exotic animals owner's mysterious past

(CBS/AP)  Ronald Reagan, the cheerful crusader who devoted his presidency to winning the Cold War, trying to scale back government and making people believe it was "morning again in America," died Saturday after a long twilight struggle with Alzheimer's disease.

"My family and I would like the world to know that President Ronald Reagan has passed away after 10 years of Alzheimer's disease at 93 years of age. We appreciate everyone's prayers," Nancy Reagan said in a statement.CBS News coverage of Mr. Reagan's death continues with special coverage on Sunday Morning, 9 a.m. ET; and on 60 Minutes, 7 p.m. ET.
Nancy Reagan, along with children Ron and Patti Davis, were at the couple's Los Angeles home when Reagan died at 1 p.m. PDT of pneumonia complicated by Alzheimer's disease, said Joanne Drake, who represents the family. Son Michael arrived a short time later, she said.

Word of Mr. Reagan's rapidly failing health had been rumored for several days, as reporters stood vigil at the gates of the Reagan home in the Bel Air section of Los Angeles, reports CBS News Correspondent Jerry Bowen.

Mr. Reagan's body will lie in repose at the Reagan library in Simi Valley, Calif., before being flown to Washington to lie in state at the capitol. After the state funeral at the National Cathedral, Mr. Reagan will make his last journey home to be buried at sunset on the grounds of his hill-top library, Bowen reports.

In Paris, White House spokeswoman Claire Butane said President Bush was notified of Mr. Reagan's death in Paris at about 4:10 p.m., EDT, by White House chief of staff Andy Card.

In Paris, President George W. Bush called Reagan's death "a sad day for America."

Bush said that during the years of Reagan's presidency, the nation "laid to rest an era of division and self-doubt and because of his leadership the world laid to rest an era of fear and tyranny."

The U.S. flag over the White House — along with flags elsewhere — was lowered to half-staff. At baseball parks and at the Belmont Stakes horse race, there were moments of silence.

Five years after leaving office, the nation's 40th president told the world in November 1994 that he had been diagnosed with the early stages of Alzheimer's, an incurable illness that destroys brain cells. He said he had begun "the journey that will lead me into the sunset of my life."

Reagan began his life in a four-room apartment over the general store in Tampico, Illinois. During his 93 years, he was a radio sports announcer, an actor, a two-term governor of California and a crusader for conservative politics.

CBS News Anchor Dan Rather reports the presidency was the peak of a for the oldest man ever elected to the White House. He was re-elected in 1984, with the greatest land slide in American history. People believed in his dream of restoring America's strength and pride in a time of doubt.

Over two presidential terms, from 1981 to 1989, Reagan reshaped the Republican Party in his conservative image, fixed his eye on the demise of the Soviet Union and Eastern European communism and tripled the national debt to $3 trillion in his single-minded competition with the other superpower.

"Ronald Reagan had a higher claim than any other leader to have won the Cold War for liberty and he did it without a shot being fired," former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher said Saturday.

At the time of Reagan's retirement, his very name suggested a populist brand of conservative politics that still inspires the Republican Party.

He declared at the outset, "Government is not the solution, it's the problem," although reducing that government proved harder to do in reality than in his rhetoric.

Even so, he challenged the status quo on welfare and other programs that had put government on a growth spurt ever since Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal strengthened the federal presence in the lives of average Americans.

In foreign affairs, he built the arsenals of war while seeking and achieving arms control agreements with the Soviet Union.

In his second term, Reagan was dogged by revelations that he authorized secret arms sales to Iran while seeking Iranian aid to gain release of American hostages held in Lebanon. Some of the money was used to aid rebels fighting the leftist government of Nicaragua.

Despite the ensuing investigations, he left office in 1989 with the highest popularity rating of any retiring president in the history of modern-day public opinion polls.

That reflected, in part, his uncommon ability as a communicator and his way of connecting with ordinary Americans, even as his policies infuriated the left and as his simple verities made him the butt of jokes. "Morning again in America" became his re-election campaign mantra in 1984, but typified his appeal to patriotrism through both terms.

Reagan's presidency overlaid the spendthrift 1980s, tagged by some as the "Greed Decade." It was a time of conspicuous consumption, hostile takeovers, new billionaires. American power was ascendant after the angst of the 1970s over Vietnam and the release of the hostages in Iran at the start of his presidency.

In large ways and small — from the president's tough talk against the Evil Empire and "welfare queens" to his wife's designer dresses and new china for the White House — the Reagans seemed to embody the times.

And for all the glowing talk of Reagan's folksy appeal and infectious optimism, it was a time of growing division between rich and poor. Now, as then, critics point to Reaganomics in lamenting big defense spending at the expense of domestic needs and a growing national debt.

Reagan, a Democrat in his acting days, got a taste of politics when he served as president of the Screen Actors Guild from 1947 to 1952.

He appeared in more than over two decades in Hollywood, with roles ranging from a college professor who raises a chimpanzee in "Bedtime for Bonzo" to doomed football star George Gipp in "Knute Rockne: All-American" in which he wanted his teammates to "win just one for the Gipper."

Reagan lived longer than any U.S. president, spending his last decade in the shrouded seclusion wrought by his disease, tended by his wife, Nancy, whom he called Mommy, and the select few closest to him. Now, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton are the surviving ex-presidents.

"Ronald Reagan was an excellent leader of our nation during challenging times at home and abroad. We extend our deepest condolences and prayers to Nancy and his family," Ford said.

Clinton called Reagan "a true American original."

Democratic presidential hopeful John Kerry said that Reagan's "love of country was infectious. Even when he was breaking Democrats hearts, he did so with a smile and in the spirit of honest and open debate."

Although she was fiercely protective of Reagan's privacy, Nancy Reagan let people know the former president's mental condition had deteriorated terribly. Last month, she said: "Ronnie's long journey has finally taken him to a distant place where I can no longer reach him."

At 69, Reagan was the oldest man ever elected president when he was chosen in 1980, by an unexpectedly large margin over the incumbent Carter.

Near-tragedy struck on his 70th day as president. On March 30, 1981, Reagan was leaving a Washington hotel after addressing labor leaders when a young drifter, John Hinckley, fired six shots at him. A bullet lodged an inch from Reagan's heart, but he recovered.

Four years later he was re-elected by an even greater margin, carrying 49 of the 50 states in defeating Democrat Walter F. Mondale, Carter's vice president.

Reagan's oldest daughter, Maureen, from his first marriage, died in August 2001 at age 60 from cancer. Three other children survive: Michael, from his first marriage, and Patti Davis and Ron from his second.

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A friend and I always complain: It really can not afford to live in the house, one square meter is 3,000. Do not say buy, that is also who can not afford even rent, it does not I have just rented a house I 1500 yuan per month. 3,000 of wages in addition to rent, feed their families, are depleted, alas! This troubled world really can not live ... ...

My wages are accounted for 1 / 2 strong.

not expensive! Is not expensive!

that you say what the house is more expensive than this?


you will not nonsense it, students are more than one thousand dollars a year can live it! (A friend on one side seems to laugh.)

You do not believe?

not believe

good, then I count to you afterwards!

even count, but also see if you can figure out what gold and silver come from?

I ask you, how much a dormitory flat side?

about 30 square meters, right?

few people live in a dormitory?

4 individuals!

how much a person's accommodation?


a term that means that 30 square meters of rental is 4 * 1200 = 4800 yuan

grace! (Friend's face getting a little unnatural.)

A student stay in school a few months?

remove summer and winter months, nine months left.

that is 30 square meters per month rent is 4800 / 9 = 533.3 yuan

how much house you live in?

100 square.

that the dormitory converted into 100 square feet, then the monthly rent is 533.3 * 100/30 = 1777.7 yuan

not think so, so expensive? Friend's face getting a little embarrassing!

than that, your house is there?


outskirts of downtown housing prices is the number? (The school now are generally in the suburbs)

2 times now!

Ok, even 2 times!

So, this 1777.7 * 2 = 3555.5 yuan

inside your house with kitchen, bathroom, appliances, furniture?


and not (these) prices compared to what?


you how much?

about 1.3 times, right?

it and then 3555.5 * 1.3 = 4622.2 yuan

right, the property you have your house?


how to count?

a unit is 0.7 dollars!

Ok, that coupled with the $ 70 is 4622.2 70 = 4692.2 yuan

days pull! How so expensive? (My friend started to scream a) impossible, impossible, you must be considered wrong!

Yes, do not believe you and then count again? ? ?

friend grabbed my calculator, I could see his fingers come in shivering ... ...

house rent 1500 yuan is simply more than three times as well ... I am a smug smile smile! If in accordance with 6 beds 1,000 yuan / 8 human and 800 yuan / person standard calculation, the price even higher!

dear friends you have calculated it? (At 100 square meters in the monthly rent count!)

Answer (5865 yuan / month, 6256 yuan / month)

those poor darlings who forget a lifetime of arithmetic, This account did not count up!

Note: The above prices are the central province of the reference price level.

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Ten songs of ancient Chinese Xun

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It was the last which Cyrus Harding intended to forge, as he possessed iron in a pure state. He succeeded by heating the metal with powdered coal in a crucible which had previously been manufactured from clay suitable for the purpose.

He then worked this steel, which is malleable both when hot or cold, with the hammer. Neb and Pencroft, cleverly directed, made hatchets, which, heated red-hot, and plunged suddenly into cold water, acquired an excellent temper.

Other instruments, of course roughly fashioned, were also manufactured; blades for planes, axes, hatchets, pieces of steel to be transformed into saws, chisels; then iron for spades, pickaxes, hammers, nails, etc. At last, on the 5th of May, the metallic period ended, the smiths returned to the Chimneys, and new work would soon authorize them to take a fresh title.

Chapter 16

It was the 6th of May, a day which corresponds to the 6th of November in the countries of the Northern Hemisphere. The sky had been obscured for some days, and it was of importance to make preparations for the winter. However, the temperature was not as yet much lower, and a centigrade thermometer, transported to Lincoln Island, would still have marked an average of ten to twelve degrees above zero. This was not surprising, since Lincoln Island, probably situated between the thirty-fifth and fortieth parallel, would be subject, in the Southern Hemisphere, to the same climate as Sicily or Greece in the Northern Hemisphere. But as Greece and Sicily have severe cold, producing snow and ice, so doubtless would Lincoln Island in the severest part of the winter. and it was advisable to provide against it.

In any case if cold did not yet threaten them, the rainy season would begin, and on this lonely island, exposed to all the fury of the elements, in mid-ocean, bad weather would be frequent, and probably terrible. The question of a more comfortable dwelling than the Chimneys must therefore be seriously considered and promptly resolved on.

Pencroft, naturally, had some predilection for the retreat which he had discovered, but he well understood that another must be found. The Chimneys had been already visited by the sea, under circumstances which are known, and it would not do to be exposed again to a similar accident.

"Besides," added Cyrus Harding, who this day was talking of these things with his companions, "we have some precautions to take."

"Why? The island is not inhabited," said the reporter.

"That is probable," replied the engineer, "although we have not yet explored the interior; but if no human beings are found, I fear that dangerous animals may abound. It is necessary to guard against a possible attack, so that we shall not be obliged to watch every night, or to keep up a fire. And then, my friends, we must foresee everything. We are here in a part of the Pacific often frequented by Malay pirates--"

"What chanel bags sale!" said Herbert, "at such a distance from land?"

"Yes, my boy," replied the engineer. "These pirates are bold sailors as well as formidable enemies, and we must take measures accordingly."

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