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My father is praying, his voice low and quiet, as he strokes my mother's hair. It's the Baha'i Long Healing Prayer.

My brother and sister sit near them, quiet, listening. Even Liam is quiet, chewing on one of his socks.

It's Christmas.

Earlier today, Liam reached for my mother and cried out and it nearly made my knees buckle. His need for his grandmother was so unburdened, so unencumbered, so pure.

I need my Maman.

My Papa needs his love.

"Toots" he calls her. "Hey, Toots!" He called softly, as she rested after brushing her teeth this morning, a task that yesterday was trivial and today is a Hurculean effort. "How you doin'?"

"Dusty." She said. "I need to call the Hospice Nurse."

Rachael's on her way in. She gets here at eight o'clock tonight.

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Nathan, My heart is breaking for you. I wish I could chip off a piece of this grief to make yours easier to bear.

We are thinking of you.

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1. One reason for suffering, is the pursuit of the wrong things.

2. If you do not give their own troubles, others never to upset you. Because of your own heart, you let go.

3. you never want to thank you adversity beings.

4. you never should forgive all living beings, no matter how bad, and even he hurt you, you have to go, can only be really happy.

5. When you are happy, you want to, this happiness is not eternal. When you are suffering pain when you want it is not eternal.

6. today's dedication, will become tomorrow's regret.

7. You can have love, but not attached, because the separation is inevitable.

8. Do not waste your life you will regret it in the local.

9. When did you go, when there is no trouble.

10. every injury, is a mature.

11. arrogant people have saved, low self-esteem of people do not save, to know themselves, yield themselves, change themselves, to change others.

12. you should not have been dissatisfied with others, you should always review their son. Dissatisfied people are suffering yourself.

13. If a person is not from the heart to forgive others, then he would never have peace of mind.

14. heart filled with their own views and ideas of the people, always hear the voices of others.

15. destruction of people as long as the word, to cultivate a thousand words, you multi-port mercy.

16. do not have to go back to curse you people? If there is a mad dog bites you, do you have to get down to bite him one do?

17. Never waste a minute, think about any of you do not like.

18. Please use compassion and gentle manner, your dissatisfaction with the grievance that out, other people it is easy to accept.

19. the same bottle, why do you have to install poison? The same psychological, why do you want full of trouble?

20. not something we will always think he is good, it is because you know very little about him, no time to live together with him. When one day, you understand, you will find that you think the original is not so good.

21. alive, is lucky, on the treasure. When I cry I do not have shoes to wear, I discovered that someone did not feet.

22. a little more effort to pay attention to others, reflect on their efforts on curbing, you understand?

23. hatred of others that he is a great loss.

24. Everyone has a life, but not everyone is aware of life, and even cherish life. Do not know life, life for him, is a punishment.

25. Love is the implementation of the reasons for distress, feelings run down, you can get comfortable.

26. not too sure about their own views, with such less regret.

27. When you are honest with ourselves, the world got on no one can deceive you.

28. with means to hurt others to cover up their shortcomings, is shameful.

29. silently care and bless others, it is an invisible donation.

30. Do not bother to speculate on other people's ideas, if you do not have the right to judge the wisdom and experience, they usually are wrong.

31. to understand a person, just look at his starting point and destination are the same, we can know whether he was sincere.

32. the truth of life, just hidden in plain tasteless into.

33. not a bath person, hard wear perfume is not fragrant. Reputation and dignity, is from the genuine talent, and virtuous natural incense; forgive others, is to give his mind to leave room for maneuver.

34. Time will pass, so time is running out for your trouble now!

35. you deliberately simple things look very serious, it looks like you will be very painful.

36. intentioned people who never distorted, incurable.

37. that a lie, to fabricate a lie to make ten, why?

38. white day, doing nothing, just as guilty of larceny as.

39. forming the public edge, is not to hurt anyone.

40. silence is the best answer defamation.

41. respectful of the people is a solemn yourself.

42. with a selfless love, we have it all.

43. to be accidental, and take for granted. So you have to, revel unchanged unchanged revel.

44. Compassion is your best weapon.

45. as long as the face of reality, you can go beyond reality.

46. Conscience is the most just of each individual judge, you deceive others, but always cheat your own conscience.

47. do not know how to respect themselves, who are unable to love others.

48. sometimes we have to ask their own calm, we pursue? We live for what?

49. Do not be a little dispute, relatives and friends far away from you, and not to do a little resentment, forget the kindness of others.

50. thank God I have, thank God I do not have.

51. Those who can stand in someone else's point of view of others, this is mercy.

52. speak not of an offensive, not to have lethal, not been able to boast, not Young people evil, naturally your enemy.

53. honestly face your inner conflicts and blot, do not deceive yourself.

54. causal never owe us anything, so please do not complain.

55. Most people only had three things; self-deception, deceptive, being bullied.

56. the heart is the biggest liar, people can lie to you for a while but it will lie to you forever.

57. as long as the peace of mind consciousness, East and West are good. If one is not degree, was not to his escape.

58. When you hold hands grasp a thing, you can only have these things, if you are willing to let go, you have the opportunity to choose another. If the dead person's heart run your own ideas, unwilling to put aside, his wisdom can only achieve a certain degree only.

59. If you can ride in peace one day, it is a kind of good fortune. How many people today see the sun tomorrow, how many people today have become disabled, how many people today have lost their freedom, many people today have family members dead.

60. You have your view of life, I have my view of life, I interfere in your. As long as I can, I will influence you. If not, then I resign to fate.

61. you want to grasp the eternal, you have to control now.

62. bad mouth never comes in our mouth, no matter how bad, how evil. The more you call him, your heart is polluted, you want to, he is your good mentor.

63. other people can violate causality, others can harm us, beat us, slander us. But we can not and hates others, and why? We must maintain a complete nature and a pure heart.

64. If a person is not suffering the feelings of sympathy for others is not easy. You need to learn the spirit of mercy, he will have to suffer.

65. the world had not belong to you, so you do not need to discard, to dispose of the dedication of all. All is what I use, but not my own.

• Jorge Luis Borges • (Jorge Luis Borges ,1899-1986), Argentine poet, novelist and translator. Born in Buenos Aires, a lawyer with the family of British descent. Secondary school in Geneva, at the Cambridge university. Proficient in English, French, German and other languages. High school began to write poetry. 1923 published his first collection of poems, published in 1935, the first collection of short stories, from laying on the literary status in Argentina. 1950-1953 President of the Association between the Argentine writer. Librarian in 1955, Ren Guoli, a professor of literature and philosophy at the University of Buenos Aires. April 24, 1986 and married Maria • jade children, died June 14 in Geneva.
Borges favorite themes: the pursuit of impossible things, ironic realization of human dreams, the various meanings of philosophical idealism, the existence of chaotic and useless, time cycle, and the failure of rationality. According to him, I said, the success or failure will depend on Borges his poetry. His life the most important awards received may be a blessing Mentor Award (1961), which has been and will always be criticized or even attacked the Swedish Academy, a strong evidence.

westerly boundary

these in depth in the streets
must have a (do not know that a)
Today is the last time I came,
silent no sleep, no tax increases guess, succumb to

someone, he set the all-powerful law
and secret and strict standards
to the shadows, dreams, and they break up and form
is woven with the life . If everything has

outcome, there is a final and permanent restraint
passed away, and forgotten
who can tell us where in the house, who has accepted our intention
The farewell?

night through the end of gray glass,
on the desktop in the dark, irregular pile
be elongated shadow of the books
must have one, we will never read.

in the south there is more than a run-down in front of the door
decorated with rough stone bottle
and cactus, my feet into the ban,
the door as if it is just a print.

you have never closed a door on the
have a mirror you wait in vain;
intersection open to you the distance,
there is the four faces of those who do not sleep , Yanu.

in all your memory, there is a
has lost, and not have much;
who will not see you down at the spring
that day or whether it is Lang Lang Gold full moon.

your voice will not repeat the Persians
rose with his language about the birds and things,
occasion when you are in the sunset, the light in the diaspora before,
eager to say the unforgettable things.

and endless Rhone and the lake,
now I leaned on it all yesterday it?
they will without a trace, like the gal who has too much base
with live Latin wipe it off with salt.

at dawn for a while I could almost hear the sound of the busy
muttered, it was gone the crowd;
they have love me, and I forget;
moment space, time, and Bo Er Hesi will I forsake.

Read the package you laugh ~A language teacher for the students to read a poem entitled
quiet dark plum flowers smell ( I did not culture) , branches lying hate at the end of injury ( low IQ I ) , lying watery smell away ( to ask who I am ) , easily through the spring green up ( a big ass ) , shore like green ( I is the donkey ) , shore like through the green ( I was the donkey ) , shore like through the Tender ( I was the first stay donkey ) !
play must be referred to see Oh ! People will love the smooth transfer , career liking , family harmony , happy life ! But should not mind a little , then leave now! Will reward you drop ! ! Haha ~
priceless , after all happy ~ Oh Well

I saw the article in the reader, strong feelings. Wish to give some of the siege in the marriage of people lost a little direction. Treat his wife, cherish the edge.
following text: Do not look down upon your wife, in this world of 50 billion people, only she and you spent the longest and most intimate moments.
the entire planet, there are more than 50 million people. In more than 50 billion people, only one with you from morning till evening. This person is your wife, the wife and you live in the same house, raising the same child, using the same amount of money while eating the same breakfast.
If you can, hundred years later, your wife and your name will be engraved on the same stone head. The name of this rock is called Tombstone. It will record you, but also record your wife, will tell any one who witnessed the monument, do not look down upon your wife, in this world of 50 billion people, only she and you spent the longest The most intimate moments.
you can in the crowd recognized her, because she is your wife; you can also look at the distress she will rescue you, because she had a baby for you.
regardless of how you two different units of work, working hours also have different, and regardless of the weather is bad weather, after work, the flow in the flood, only the two of you will return to the same place, This place called home.
This home is only two or three people. That you and your wife, or have a child. There are two keys to open the door with one.
big crowd, mortal beings, a person in a place called home another person such as back, to wait for decades.
If one day the war broke out in the crowd fled, your eyes never left her. Because you know that in this world, and who the slightest negligence will never separate.
If one day, the war is over, you sitting beside the road, what expectations do not only look forward to in the sea one recognized her. Maybe she never came back, so that you will find her typical seller industry, can not find, do not go home.
even without the war, you lost her years as people look after the reunion.
Maybe marriage is a war, before that, you lost too, know that one day you meet again, and how hard. Then back home, wedding, and is an unusual day, three meals a day, raise a family.
Perhaps no one knows, but you have already made up my mind: Since she told you, would never make her suffer. In this crowded earth, you are the protector of her last.

1 . Offside ! It is not offside , it should be offside. Yes, right . Clearly offside. We look at slow motion , oh ... ... the ball, not offside if , ah, look . Ah , do not offside ... ( in the end there is no offside ? ) 2 . This is the World Cup, the first yellow card , yellow card Juarez sit on the sofa . 3 bench once again pulled out a yellow card . 4 . Ribery to the right activities , it may be a change of luck . ( Love to play mahjong Well ) 5 . Horse with both hands as if four two cats , this card if it does not win ... ( in addition to Mahjong , also love Landlords ) 6 Sergio Aguero Maradona 's son 's wife Maradona 's daughter . 7 . So accurate penalty , I doubt whether the linesman with a microscope . 8 . His long-range , the same as flying fly goal . 9 poke the ball a good effect ! 10 feet ... ... a little garlic mixed with 11 defensive player 's hand has not completely left the body. (...) 12 . His eyes and feet , like the quasi- law ! 13 . Haha , this is equivalent to foul rear-end , always behind the person responsible . 14 . Higuain hit the door ! The ball into the ... ! ! ( Cheering ) Oh ... the ball is even goalkeeper rushed out ! Perspective from the field , the ball is in! 15 black hair, slender figure, nice goal . 16 is 13 , I'm sorry is 9 , oh ... or 13 . No. 17.11 in the other penalty area hit the door kick Shitailichen , oh ... the ball seems to be to each other around the defensive player of Bigfoot by now! 18 . If you choose to shoot , nor is not. 19 Three Stooges , the top had a wise , not to mention the three top players do so , they will discuss the what result?

1 , every kiss , the body will consume at least 12 calories . Scientists point out that as long as the kiss 3 times a day , each lasting 20 seconds, have a slimming effect .
2, always kissing people , average life expectancy five years longer than the average person , stomach and blood was also less chance of disease .
3, kissing is the most effective treatment of hiccups more than methods .
4, kissing, lip 12 group and 17 muscle groups was tense tongue muscles , promote blood circulation , help prevent wrinkles , making skin more smooth, cosmetic results , good in the past beauty .
5, passionate kissing, due to stimulation of the secretion of endorphin Taiheermeng , the equivalent of an analgesic effect. The kissing saliva produced , will automatically generate antibiotics , with the anesthetic effect , people forget the sad display .
6, kissing a lot of adrenaline can stimulate the secretion , as people feel happy . Kissing three times a day , all day will live in happiness .
7, you can kiss both sides of the exchange of saliva , saliva in the original moisture , bacteria, natural salts and proteins , once joined someone else's saliva , would give birth to different reactions of certain microorganisms , thereby stimulating the immune system to produce specific antibodies personal , strengthening the immune system .
8, kissing can prevent the formation of corticosteroids to reduce the risk of high blood pressure , high cholesterol , muscle atrophy and the risk of insomnia .
9, kissing a lot of saliva secretion , containing calcium and quality, can be effective in preventing tooth decay , and the saliva pH is neutral , will also help to prevent dental diseases such as periodontitis .
10, everyone's life , an average of 20,160 minutes ( about two weeks) to kiss
11,90% more than women close their eyes when kissing , 75 % of men will open their eyes cast look
12, kissing , you used to head inclined on the right .
we have to carefully kiss Oh ..(*^__^*) hee hee , so go to the hospital less pull ~~~~~~~~~~~

willing to entertain your friends. Yunyunhuhu drunk, sleep together at night but also, repeatedly cried to go home,
you say something has come back, then lie down to sleep.
I think this is love.

the other hand, do not love you, will think you smart, do not worry about any labor

If he loves you, you do not doubt that he is not love you because love you, you sure can feel.

when you need him no matter what when where he is, what is being done
will arrive as fast around you

always keep one in my heart for your most important position, can not be copied, can not be overwritten, but can not be deleted!

see you smile, but from the heart, completely natural, can not help but laugh ...
and he do not feel yourself laughing often, you ask him: you What are you laughing?
he was rubbing his face:

heard that men love women .... The most obvious is happy .. happy for her to spend her time

a man truly loves a woman, a lot of things will not help sharing the author: Báby Fàce. White 7364 comments have been shared (7171) reported

pay this to you, extra money will be turned over conscious. No matter how you spend money, never had no comment. (Oh, do not agree with this white ~ ~ I do not pay)

do not want to cook on their own cooking, if you do not do it with your eating and you feel uncomfortable, they must accompany the hospital.

reproduced copy the link sharing ; guide the words: Love is a wonderful person, loved even more happy! If you love to, if your prince who came. So, he is able to do anything for you! You know, when love begins, when a man really loves a woman, a lot of things will be not help .......

cold hands warm
and give you time to eat a lot of people will see you secretly, secretly under the table pull your hand

pair of eyes in the crowd will always be concerned about when you meet
seriously hug you no matter how late
how far are you home ;
in the crowd you will find the eyes always follow you

if he is unmarried, he asked you to marry
If he married, he will divorce you

can unreservedly accept your everything, including his view of the shortcomings, does not force you to change (No, I do not accept flat chest small bread).

work no matter how busy time for children to arrange, will not let you worry about.
respect your parents. to help you do the housework.

a standard that is more extreme,
love a person, with nothing to each other's character.
That is, if not because of love, on the other cases are simply unwilling to associating with them.

either good news or bad news, you are a person and his share

a man loves a woman, no matter how busy will find time to call the woman,
sometimes send an announcement sometimes phone.

loyal, considerate, to give you a lot of their income to spend,
forgive you made a small mistake, you made the mistake of education.
This is love ~

If a man love a woman, willing to wronged themselves, tolerance, your mistakes.

when a man love you always think you are stupid, always wanted him to worry about,

a man if you care about his dignity in front of the beginning of time, then his love for you began to question mark,
at least he started not so sure.

Finally, he is not loved you, you will feel.
When you start to doubt when, in fact, your heart has to understand the answer, but do not want to admit.

Yes ah, will spend his own money to distressed.

let you know, he has been there

two people fight, just to see you cry, no matter who is wrong in the end, no matter how big his fire as well.

Editor: women, please see that he's really for you, where all of you. If he encountered this, please do not leave him, give him, hurt him! Because he is so in love with you. Knowing that you have some right little temper, they still will not help you do these things!

really love a person. . . Many things will not help.

because will not let you hurt, is the real important thing, the other, what they count.

If you feel uncomfortable, or even suspect that he need to love your thinking, then is not love.

a person love your in the care you feel you get.

willing to put you into his life, his family, friends and colleagues to introduce to you,
do not mind showing in front of them close.

(the white woman does not think of another fair oh)
willing to guard your life and the way of marriage commitment, a man loves a woman is the highest expression of the form

woman love a man ... then he is reluctant to spend money for her

love a person is reflected in the details, and details out of the ordinary,
for example, usually you are a careless, he is remembered, for example, will take the initiative to talk to you. This chat is to communicate, both husband and wife or boyfriend-girlfriend, communication is very important,
to know each other without misunderstanding, without doing enough place!

willing to open 24 hours for your phone, because when you most need to hear his voice in time,

not play head space more .. did not see what a fun little game play only .. now also .. in addition to several projects out of the restaurant is also a sense of the new point other interested .. remember it is free Nongnong , no air on the matter,Bests by dre studio, it does not matter anyway .. .. the following memorial was ~

Also, if your waist , with backache, leg pain , the phenomenon , but also enhance recovery.

However, to , do what ah .

seven days a perfect abdominal exercise

This is what I do every day , the effect of extremely thin belly was the same day, do what I do down there is a feeling of abdominal pain ,Beats By Dr Dre Studio, 7 days , you will find yourself doing can persist for a long time , because the waist is good , is really good . Quack .

can do in bed .

course, with a night of eating , try , Eat , sit less .

in the room to find 13 things you can get out of this room I spent 20 minutes out of the IQ is not enough of a ha ha
even tips ! Try to see people dancing on the wall to find ways to get the password I can not tell you if I could ask you to password
Oh Oh ! ! ! ! ! ! !

stay less astringent . Heart , soon after, Acacia fingers around .

hope has hazy early bloom , affectionate difficult than shallow intended purpose.

smile like yesterday, becoming vague , Wang Chuan Jiao End of the World how the demon ?

Passionate thoughts

old thinking to seek to fate . Old wives, and today a few sea .

Results eggs straight sets twice, is not satisfied, go to his brother, cake, cake was defeated not the result that was also severely humiliated chocolate meal a food fight ~ {} Answer: Chocolate CHESS (mad) cake last , eggs, egg tarts and cakes to find brother, chocolate, egg tarts that much effort! This is not you then go to D ~ chocolate theory! Finally, chocolate recognize their mistakes, take the initiative to the eggs and cake apologized, playing a food} {Answer: German clothing (Fu) chocolate 76 car fly. {Guess a drink answer: coffee (CAR, fly) 77 How to drink larger cups? Answer: read Compassion white horse called White Horse 78, a black horse called dark horse, black and white horse called zebra, then the black white red and white horse What horse? Answer: shy zebra 79 Which person in history to run the fastest? Answer: Cao Cao (Cao Cao Cao Cao said to) 80 Will Tang dynasty who wear glasses? Answer: Li Bai (Moonlight, Hey! Is ground frost) 81 Which historical figure most Qianbian? Answer: Su Wu. Reason: Su Wu sheep north beach (by Haibian).

Classic Oh ! ! !1 Why did not Sony, Panasonic and strong? Answer: panasonic (fear of the Suoni Ge)

3 jasmine, sunflowers, roses which most did not force a flower? Answer: Jasmine (not a good one wins power [beautiful] jasmine)

4 gorillas hate what line? Answer: Parallel Lines. Parallel lines do not intersect (bananas) 5 rubber, skins, lion's skin which the worst? Answer: rubber. (Rubber poor) 6 cloth and paper afraid of? The answer: fear of 10000 cloth, paper just in case. (Afraid of ten thousand, I'm afraid in case) 7 unicorn fly to the North Pole will become? Answer: ice cream. Reason: ice cream (ice unicorn) 81,234,567,890 which the most hard-working numbers, which figure is the most lazy? Answer: 1 lazy; 2 hard. (1 do 2 endlessly) 9 How to make the quiet sparrow? Answer: press it a bit. Reason: silence (silent sparrow pressure) 10 white plus white equals what? Answer: rabbits (TWO) 11 dumplings is a man or a woman? Answer: Men (dumplings with foreskin) 12 If you have a car, Xiao Ming is a driver, Xiaohua sitting on his right, sat behind him flowers, I ask who this car is it? ? The answer: Answer: 14 four betel nut in the house to play mahjong, the police came, they took five people, and why? The answer: because they beat the people called The answer: because the stars will Why did not they say hello? The answer: because they are unfamiliar with a fat 17, jumped from the tower, turned into what? Answer: 18 dead fat chocolate and tomato fights, chocolate won. Why? Answer: Because chocolate bars 19, two men fell into the trap, the dead person is called dead, the living is called what? Answer: There are 20 motions on others friends a shark had bitten a green bean, the results it becomes what? Answer: green bean (mung bean shark) 21 Dandan is the dog's name or the name of tiger? Answer: Little Tiger (eyeing) 22 What brand of car most people feel hate? Answer: BMW BMW (do not touch me) 23 chicken's mother who is? Answer: Paper Helicopter (paper raw chicken) with ABCD .. 26 24 letters, how many left if the ET gone? Answer: 21 ET drove off UFO 25 days of a child called? Answer: I material (I'm Born) 26 wind What child? Answer: Water from the (fast) 27 which animal the least sense of direction? Answer: Elk (lost) 28 wolves, tigers and lions who play the game will be eliminated? Answer: Wolf (Momotaro) 29 red beans at home who is a child? Answer: southern (red beans grow in tropical) 30 Celery feces is what color? Answer: Yellow (Emperor) 31 One mother gave birth to twins, my sister called Mary, the sister is called what? Answer: Marilyn Monroe (Marilyn Monroe) 32 rainy days do not have much money to go out? Answer: 30 million (no umbrella [3] Do not go out) 33 pen where the pigs came out, how do? A star} {guess the answer: Wang Lee Hom 34 pen where the pigs came out, how do? A star} {guess the answer: Han 35 pen where the pigs come out 3 times, how do? A star} {guess the answer: What brand of straight up 36 cosmetics colds? Answer: Ya (ARCHE [Ati]) 37 A and B can be transformed into each other, B in the boiling water can generate C, C in the air oxidation of D, D rotten egg smell, and asked A, B, C, D of the What? Answer: A chicken egg B C D rotten eggs cooked eggs, what the sword 38 is transparent? Answer: see the 39 who drink Qingshui to Andy? Answer: Aha (Aha, I have a glass Qingshui ... ...) 40 Why do you not see the second child of God? The answer: not disclose the secret why the 41 rabbits and the Moon? Answer: Because Chang-e is the radish legs 42 Why Dora A lifetime dream of living in the dark? The answer: because he pitch 43 mothers who think they would cry? Answer: grandfather (my mother every night, then ah thought, shining with the tears, Lupin) 44 why the basketball board to wipe two spoonfuls of salt? Answer: hard to describe 45 white like his brother, and why? The answer: 46 truth which most ugly brand of appliances? Answer: TCL (ugly) 47 Which brand of electrical appliances the most unpleasant? Answer: TCL (stinks a) 48 to which the worst brand of appliances? Answer: TCL (too much time, too dishes) 49 kinds of fish most idiot? Answer: Shark (silly) 50 fish, what fish the most intelligent? Answer: whale (Fine) 51 We say no fish tails called koala bear, then we say the bear did not ****** What bears? Answer: Mother Bear 52 turtle in its shell built inside houses, and then drill into it. Health care products} {guess the answer: the lid cover 53 turtles demolished the house, they built houses, and then drill into it. Health care products} {guess the answer: the new cap in the cover 54 houses demolished the turtle again, they built houses, and then drill into it. Health care products} {guess the answer: giant can of calcium dog and rabbit to 55, where the teacher endorsement, why the teacher to let the puppy be back? Answer: Dogs (Want crackers) 57 songs which appeared in the first sentence of 3 people? Answer: I'm not Huang Rong (I, George W. Bush, Huang Rong) 58 grapes do not spit what? Answer: Portugal 59 Hindu sects which do not lie ah? Answer: 60 Who is most like Quanzhen helping hand? Answer: Dora A Dream 61 chat tool which the slowest? Answer: MSN (slow death it) 62 who played Chopin's Nocturne? Answer: Pooh Bear (as you play Chopin's Nocturne) 63 where hiding your pigeons? Answer: the roof (the roof singing your song) 64 why the forest to the total contact to send the Lions do? Answer: lost contact 65 and a potato bun fight, the results of the potato dumplings killed. {Food} guess one answer: Dousha Bao buns 66 dead, his father came to potatoes revenge. Potatoes know to beat, before fleeing ah escape. A river stopped the potatoes to the vegetables} {guess one answer: peas 67 sea is this? Answer: pineapple (Baltic Sea) 68 a rooster and a hen (guess words) Answer: 69 chickens a rooster and a hen (guess five words) Answer: 70 one or two chickens rooster and a hen (guess seven words) answer: stupid, there is a bean or two chickens 71, fell down, only you can encourage him, I ask why? Answer: chocolate beans princess married 72 Why do not hang a mosquito net? The answer: because there are 73 meters mother frog prince who is? Answer: m's mother is to spend (peanuts) m who is the father? Answer: The father is a butterfly-meter (Butterflies) m love people? Answer: Mouse (Mice Love Rice) m grandmother who is? Answer: m grandmother is wonderful pen (Magic Pen flower) m grandfather who is? Answer: m grandfather is burst (popcorn) 74 McDonald's and KFC who is bigger? Answer: Kentucky Fried Chicken (McDonald's uncle, Kentucky was his grandfather) 75 eggs and chocolate fight, win chocolate a food fight ~ {} Answer: Eggs lost chocolate bar is not satisfied, they play - and lost - to play one kind of { food answer: egg noodles

2 A and C, who is relatively high? Answer: C is relatively high (because the ABCD A lower than C)

the world's 72 most beautiful places, take your love, with parents holding their children, perhaps life will be beautiful beautiful.

There is a place where life in its simplicity and high, soothing pace of life, you can forget to breathe properly Kusaka, try a cheese flavor, feel comfortable and satisfied. Gradually, they forget the time, which is France's Provence. Tahiti, Tremendous and has beautiful sea views and the charm of traditional culture. Bali is a beautiful paradise, but its beauty never fade. Rabindranath Tagore described the Taj Mahal in India is that it drops of tears of love. An extraordinary architectural masterpiece, a poignant love story. Venice, she looks like a dream, her history as a legend. Italy, Venice is a treasure. New York is a place to see anything; it is a place where they belong to anyone. One can only feel it to, but not to describe it. Even the Himalayas do not have to step a Koushou land close to the Himalayas to your heart's piety and awe in any case unavoidable. Alps of Europe's tallest and most majestic mountains, lively people get respiratory arrest. Ireland pure rare northern Rocky Mountains of Vancouver, have a magical land exudes charm. Americans have always been the Grand Canyon to Grand Canyon West Crow Dora pride, a president once said: the people who must go to the United States to see the Grand Canyon West, otherwise it can not be considered to the American. Salzburg, Austria, in the city, the music is the eternal theme. Midsummer night, casually walking in an alley, deep gravel road, I do not know where the smell of the nameless Serenade. That unhurried music, melody, it is melancholy. Kyoto Danube thousands of years, cross the Danube nourish the land, forming a unique European elegance and romance, but also talented musicians who stirred lightly inspiration for the world to write the immortal Nagqu endless flowing movement. Phang Nga Bay in Thailand's southern paradise. Great Barrier Reef, the world's largest coral reefs,cheap Beats by dre studio, marine life is the Garden of Eden. Norwegian coast winds lingering impression of Hawaii Hawaii is vibrant, but chose this picture is a romantic flavor.

Small, bright, warm afternoon, she stood under the window of his house, and shouted his name. Then he stuck his little head from the window to answer her: under a tree full of flowers with a one to a few pear trees. When he saw not know which is the flower, which is her time, will slowly go down the stairs. She saw him, would say:

her fall from the petals torn thin, and give ourselves a little husband cook food.

high school, she agreed with him every day 7:00 to meet at the corner breakfast shop. She was always the most time sitting inside the location, called two fritters. 7:10, he pulled a black bag in some cold sunshine, lazy expression, his face faintly visible toothpaste foam. She saw him, would say: She put his dirty bag on his lap.

torn her thin thick fritters, and give him milk with a hot drink.

high school graduation day, they went to a bridal salon. She pointed to a wedding and said to him: In the church, the moonlight fell on her flowery face, the eyes of the falling tear.

Then he quietly told her: separated the two, when she called to ask when he will go to the letter, he often answered her about three days later. And when she received the letter it has been 7 days. So she would reply in the package of fresh rose petals, and then wrote: She thought that if he was careful to put together the broken section, you can read her thoughts to him late at night.

after graduation, they have their own work. One day he said to see her, so simple the first time she dressed up, rushed to get to the station. She looked at the empty railway, that it is some lonely rail, when the train came from them, it will issue a cry of despair.

train than an hour behind schedule. She saw him more handsome than ever, but the eyes would be less lazy. Then she saw his side have a smile blossoming woman, that he introduced his fiancee.

she just said something: their body.

He also invited her wedding day. She is so beautiful to see the bride, wearing a white wedding dress. White wedding dress that was very harsh, like waiting for her in ridicule. No one noticed she was dizzy.

next day she moved to a small city, no one knows where she,PowerBeats Sport Headphones, her determination from this world, evaporation, evaporation from his life.

him a modicum of success, like most men, like the city experienced a career of success, failure, divorce, remarriage, and then divorced, then married, widowed. In his life, passing the many women, some love him, some by his love, some hurt him, he was deeply hurt by some. Rush from, and hurried away. Trance remember that when he was standing under a tree full of flowers, a few pear a little girl when he is seventy years old man.

he look for a message to her that she should bring a little gift to her. Later, someone told him that she has never married, seems to be waiting for a contract, but the duration of this agreement I do not know when. So he knew what the buy.

he took a long time to find a dark blue dress, he did find a lot of pieces, but no one like the set of the same year, with the bride alone in the moonlight feeling the first drops of tears dark blue dress. Toss and turn, and finally he collected from Hong Kong, a wife of many sets of hands to buy a wedding as a wedding.

lady heard the story between them insist on not money, but he paid her 55 dollars, because he promised to buy this wedding has now been agreed in the past 55 years.

his wedding with a set of dark blue, rushed to the hospital. He never knew his 70-year-old body was able to run so fast. But time is the most fun things that people in his embrace of the pile of dark blue veil that moment entered the room, she stopped breathing.

he felt that this scene is so familiar, but the difference is that she can no longer say to him: Although he is always late.

but she never thought that the last contract period, that is her life time.

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I often alone a loss
also often a person wandering alone I hope you will change their mind
love again as before I
I know you will not abandon me I will not forget

I often yearn to fly alone in front of your home
I hope you can see a
favorite people in my life I wake up ah
dream or the way you love me once again

can I learn to do what you love my favorite people in life do not reject ah
fiery hearts feel
Can love me once again to do a happy woman

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ye do not understand the third out - ; -

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talking dog -

Cow -



Stones from other hills , can learn . Really clever people , is the ability to use other people's wisdom and strength , not to deceive themselves and, ultimately, success .
an excellent military commander , must be a reasonable use of its resources , he can make up to the generals , down to the soldiers who have reached the best use of such armed forces to achieve optimization deployment , in order to win the war . Business field ,Dr Dre headphones, such as the battlefield is also the same reason .
a person even a genius can not swordsmen. Therefore, to their own career success , it must be good at using other people's wisdom, ability and talent. This requires a certain amount of interpersonal skills . A person to develop their own career, always difficult to overcome the difficulties encountered in their own , then , good interpersonal skills will wish you a hand , clearing the way for you . First friends , is no doubt in the business a very effective way .
personal experience of a successful businessman and the most valuable experience . Make a good friend who will not only be welcomed everywhere and will work to help people , victims everywhere through , winning a bit more certainty than the common people . You know, your friends and family in fact is part of the resources . Only learn to make full use of its resources , you can be more powerful than others , more successful.
in the business world , how to make friends is an art . You should first understand the cause of a network of importance for you , then how to choose friends ; how to meet , make friends ; how your friends and maintain the friendship ; how to do the business field of entertainment communication ; how to make good moderate emotional investment business field ; how to smooth talk business with people , so the conclusion of the contract need to have some knowledge and understanding .


- Tips: Turn off the space to play games background music

specific gameplay : left mouse button to shoot


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Is a drop Xue Piaopiao winter sky with glittering snow falling on the fly as the sky, walking in the snow, feel feel to be this light dancing elves slowly soft, sad also that the permeability in the quietly cool Qinxin melt.

through dancing snowflakes, my eyes lead me through the gates of memory: I remember it was a floating swirling snow of the winter sky, the howling of the cold, I have a Left alone in the winter, the solitude of walking forward. Vast range of life like a boundless Yukino, I dragged the lonely figure, walking silently in a white man's world, he was biting cold wind through my thin body, he was boundless loneliness go hand in hand, heavy and strong forward .

was a lone in the snow sky, watching people coming and going around, when wanted, whether each person's life, so that they can think of to find a when people feel warm? Each life came to this world is an individual, destined to loneliness, so everyone kept looking, this life can warm each other and their own people. Some people find it, smile and happiness written on his eyebrows, waiting for him toward the lodge's warm lighting, hurry hurry, even cold, the heart is warm; some people still Juju alone in the solitude of the winter night, alone waiting for dawn one after another, even if the sun is warm, the heart is so cold.

in this snow, I sat alone on a park bench, any snow falling hair, eyebrows, collar, suddenly wanted to have sat on such a , sat a statue of winter, any snow cover, diffuse white body, known as I am a winter snowman, cold is my living space, in each winter comes, I will be standing quietly, one after another for people to watch on a cold winter. But I was so eager to warm, although I know that warm struck,Beats By Dr Dre Solo, I will not survive. I was a snowman winter, after my life to bring a surprise, I heard laughter, but they never see me sinking, eager to warm the heart. When winter past, the pace of light passing spring, cold winter recede, I will open my heart in the sun, I finally got the long-awaited warm, but after a brief joy, I have an invisible, whether this is fate, because I am a snowman.

until the snowflakes of winter, you appear in my life, your affectionate as the flying snow, slowly floating down, I reach out to undertake careful , was actually full of surprises, that moment, a huge hit all over the body warm. That winter, I am a cheerful dancing snowman, the snow gave me a holy soul, you gave me the confidence to get warm, in your gentle gaze, I almost melted. You took my hand and enjoy flying in the snow, the world at that moment only you and me, I suddenly feel that you are the world, at that moment, I told myself, I do not do a snowman.

love you, have the flowers bloom in May, leisurely walking the streets in scent the air, my heart like a warm spring sunshine, it is because you in the heart. Suddenly remember that sentence, to find happiness is a warm person over a lifetime. At that time I thought that you're the person who made me feel warm, think of these, I would secretly laugh even more when I want you to see the gorgeous flower smile. After a long winter, if you like a prince kiss awakened my sleeping mind, that you love with a warm coat for the cold I retreated since then, my life is beautiful because of you. But after all

snowman snowman, and then the beautiful life can only bloom season, it is destined not to watch one after another winter. When you flee the day, you told me so you back, I have a silent oath to his promise: love you, give you free, regardless of days of coastal corner, whether things change, you will be my constant care and wait. When I stood there, clinging to your watch, in fact, I already know, I was destined not waiting for us in the spring.

in the winter is coming, I am still a snowman, standing alone in the vast snow, waiting each night and dawn, but experienced numerous winter, I finally learned for themselves warm.

If you honestly

several hours of insurance claims -


3, minor accidents occurred on the road, including stopping the rub -

------------------------------ --------------- gorgeous split ------------------

as long as the crash, the insurance company now lost it? Certainly not as long as you carefully look at the hands of policy benefits Disclaimer know, there are a lot of insurance companies do not lose things, trying to minimize the loss, or come to me, ha ha! -

vehicle parking and use of the process would inevitably give people worry about things, which is the most unfortunate thing 丢车, but, as I said, if you do, your losses will be reduced to a minimum . -

2, in the district of the accident: -

man, you are wrong, the insurance company is not complete and unconditional commitment to The terms clearly defined, because the insurance accident caused damages of any spirit of exclusion of liability. Therefore, whether the court was whether an insurer should be compensation for moral damages, the insurance companies are not responsible for compensation. -

Case Conclusion: your car, be sure to schedule the annual inspection, after the extension must not, otherwise, a fine is a small matter, exclusions something big, then even if the third party losses caused by traffic accidents, will also be your own responsibility , White bought the insurance! -

but generally agreed on by the particular provisions of the insurance must be issued after the test plate may be responsible for the caustic new vehicles and liability insurance, so when your car lost even luck, Han also hit people count make do with the insurance company you wore, it is now clear of it! -

★ Insurance Case one: A friend lost car, has been all risks, find insurance claim, failed, insurance company exclusions reasons: to check the Vehicle Administration, not the car inspection. -

finally remind you: when a report must be reported within 48 hours, or they may be directly exclusions! ! Remember, remember, do not have to say that within the 48 48 ah! -

third party defined in the insurer and the insured person outside, because the insurance vehicle insurance vehicle accident resulting in lower damage to persons or property under the victim in the car. Popular third party is excluded from four kinds of people talk about: the insurer, the insured person, the car accident when the driver and their family members, the insured person's family members. -

appear if you are not relied on guts to change about the lost time, buy a new car even if given away! I can say nothing but ah! -

major incidents: the serious damage a vehicle, or to open to traffic team proved very troublesome; -

So, remember, remember, we must first find each other lose, it is best to have the court enforce the failed attempt to prove, then you can confidently look for insurance companies, leaving them clean up the mess go though, Who they are received each year so many of your insurance too! -

- If the day is not my information, does not mean I do not want you. In fact, this friend is never without thought, because never forget! Just want to tell you, you are my most cherished friends, you know, the value of this life! Read the information sent in the past will come to think of it ... ... Please bring this information to 12 friends, including me. If you have three people back to you, your wish will be purple in the December 25 Christmas achieve.
not allowed to send, because I want you happy. pine Electronics sales of notebook computers, digital cameras, projectors, 3G card, Web site:

dangerous condition of the statement: one of my friends in the iron hand skill practiced braking crashing the windshield, OK! Remember: by car But people crashed in on the matter. -

Answer: If you go, you're crazy, the insurance company will kick you kicked out, why? ? -

Case Study: Insurance Company said and done, very reasonable, also in accordance with the provisions of the insurance contract: the insurance take effect only on qualified vehicles,dr dre headphones, inspection of vehicles for not only as a failed vehicle, even if no matter how good your maintenance useless, the result can only be lost white throw, white on the insurance but also on, at most, to return the insurance cash value. -

the insurance company said: )

approach: a small change in the facts ... ... -

remember ah, once Diuche, the first thing is to do what? Alarm? Wrong! Car has been lost, which so easy to immediately find ah, you too a bit overestimating the ability of Chinese police, or think about how to reduce the loss of it! -

So whether you have a spare key was lost, or that you are to start running in the car with a key, please remember to forget this, otherwise ... ... the loss of your own 5% carry set up! -

Case 2: If your brakes in a car, the car's windshield, causing things to fly to the glass broken, you say? -

Therefore, the best roads in the city on the Times report, or else ... ... you are exhausted! -

not understand it? Tell you about the vehicle of all risks between 2500-5000 (more high-end cars will be more expensive), if you are not in a year during the period of insurance claims, you will get next year when 10% of the insured NCD, this account that you do the math, if the claim amount is too small, hey, so forget it, as a 10% discount to reality. -

was robbery insurance vehicle back, if not indemnity insurance company, the vehicle should be returned to you, but during the whole car was looted, the damage to vehicles or vehicle parts, loss of necessary ancillary equipment reasonable costs of repair, the insurance company to pay compensation. If the insurance companies have compensation, you should return your vehicle, and recover the appropriate compensation. If you do not want to recover the original car, all the rights and interests of the vehicle owned by insurance companies. -

tell you, the insurance company may pay compensation. Because of provisions: the insured person and others by civil and economic disputes caused the vehicle was robbed, stolen for the liability exemption. -

insurance policy refinement solution (b) Diuche - how to minimize the loss of points? -

you should consult other family members, to increase economic damages and loss of disability compensation, as the spirit of the minimum compensation, without of course the better. -

Case 3: If your car on a trailer collided with another car, how do? -

Answer: Yes, but you must first third-party claims, possible to obtain compensation insurance companies. If you give up claims to a third party the right to claim directly to insurance companies, insurance companies do not pay. Because you give up the right of recourse to a third party, while the insurance company will give up the right to claim compensation. -

Subscribe to the reading room -

wrong! Wrong! -

Case 1: Suppose you are a novice, just borrowed a car (of course, chances are the rental car), on the road Lianju time to hit your brother, you know this car 有 liability insurance You will find the insurance company claims? -

not serious, it is best to resolve the claims is to blame, but also on whether the body in the claim, noted that there are other car paint stick, and the direction of collision, must be justified, or you out! -

Case 4: Again, if you are a boss, because of some problems on accounts and friends fall out, and your friend is a villain, he secretly stole your car, you guess to the meeting that he had done, you will find the insurance company to compensate it? -

Case 3: If you are fortunate enough to crash then, and this time is not your responsibility, and the other party do not want to lose money, you can find insurance claims? -

If you are not on the glass insurance, when you find yourself up in the morning the car glass do not know which bastard was broken, how do? ? Oh, the old tactics: when the brakes caused the car, but also the fault of the head! (Remember to find a similar height to a friend as a shield ah), if it is the side of the glass is broken, said sliding head when a good hit, Oh! -

penalties issued by the traffic team single or mediation by the court, the verdict can be used. These materials are absolutely so, certainly in the way insurance companies the green light. Well, rest assured claims -

remember to look at their first single, there is no insurance on the vehicle pilfer. What, no? Unfortunate that you think it, is useless to me, buy one now! -

approach: Do not rush the end of the earthquake an application for compensation, so a few days after the earthquake and then apply for compensation. -

Why? You asked me why? This is not the five horses for six sheep thing. -

Case 1: If your car had the honor to be building in the earthquake hit it, ha ha ... ... -

answer is: do not lose! ! Because these places the responsibility of the vehicle are kept in custody, the vehicle due to damage caused by improper care custodian, lost, the custodian should be held accountable. Insurance company is not responsible for compensation. -


Let's first talk about the most important caustic and liability insurance. Caustic and liability insurance, vehicle insurance, basic insurance, the primary compensation and the loss of the insured vehicle by the insured vehicles in use to a third party losses! -

If you get on the pilfer, first of all, I want to congratulate you, your losses can be minimized, but, be careful ah! Then you have to do is Bijin your mouth, the sense of reading my post, otherwise you will regret it! -

Case 2: If your car parking charges or commercial repair shop in the stolen, the insurance company liable for it? -

Therefore, the correct way is to claim to find parking, so every time I remember when parking parking fee receipt ah well received, although the loss of the above printed matter, but according to China's contract law provisions of the contract on the format, which is a single aspects of shirk their responsibilities! You may rest assured bold report that he is good, Oh, give you a good news, has been winning such a lawsuit, so the principle of the case traced back, after the trial of cases to verdict in accordance with this case, ha ha! -

teach you drain the last drop of blood the insurance company (absolutely useful) Sweet Honey -

★ Insurance Case III: This is a frequently asked question: I just bought the car, not on the license, the insurance is effective? -

Case 6: If your car recovered, the insurance company how to deal with compensation? -

now understand you as a driver at the time, hit your family, insurance companies do not pay, well, you know how to do it! What? Do not know? Mad at me, do not hit another driver on the end Well, really, what harm I say out. -

1, after the accident to come forward to solve the traffic team: -

dangerous condition of the statement: probably due to the loosening of the wall caused by the earthquake, and finally fell in one day, smashed your car, remember: Do not mention the earthquake escape from danger. -

if another car hit, the escape car accident, can not find. The situation is more serious trouble, through the traffic team to solve, by the insurance company for recovery. -

★ insurance claims that material principles: (because there are N people ask this question, so in this together to answer) -

So what is the interloper? -

reduce losses? Which so easily ah, the car is lost, how cut ah? Do not forget, there is me! ! ! ! -

generally rub: the certificates to the residential property, as is often suspected, generally a lot of trouble; -

understand? ? Other insurance companies pay for you, regardless of spiritual losses, so rather than give each other money, they should not promise the spirit of compensation, in short, the insurance company's money Kang Bai, Ha ha! -

sorry, just a burst of dizziness, I did not speak? Said is nonsense. -

--------------------------- ------------------ gorgeous split -----------

Case 5: If your car crash, broke a small light, how can you do? -

find insurance companies, he definitely did not dare not lose you, then you thought it was make it? No, actually you probably sum up, lost money. -

Case 2: If you were fortunate enough to hit his car, and they are all your responsibility, the court sentenced you to compensate the other party that you guarantee to pay compensations of economic losses, mental suffering, disability damages ... you how to handle it? ? But also how to give money for it! -

not responsible for compensation. Because in dangerous condition, the insured vehicle must have two conditions, one must have insurance, vehicle traffic administration department issued driving permit or license plate, and second, the public security within the required period traffic management department inspection. But generally by the public security department under special agreement for the insurance required to be issued after inspection of the new plate can be responsible for the caustic-home vehicles and liability insurance. Therefore, responsible for compensation pilfer 丢车 not effect, nature, and you can not get compensation. -

Case 1: pilfer the provisions of the insured loss of driving license, car original invoice, certificate per vehicle purchase surcharge of 0.5% absolute increase in a deductible. Lost car keys, the absolute increase of 5% deductible. These provisions in the insurance policy using the lightest color print, do not believe that you can take a closer look at list, certainly in some inconspicuous corner can be found in this passage. -

response: Ignore the fact that there are a number of things ... ... -


4, the back of people: -

explanation: the vehicle in dangerous condition, the insured vehicle must have two conditions, first, insurance, traffic management vehicles to the public security department issued a driving permit or license plate, the second is the provision of traffic management during the public security department inspection. -


need to prove such a principle is: Does it involve a third party? Involving third-party payment, or need to transport teams to prove. -

Case 4: If you are in an accident, breaking his glass on the glass and no insurance, you will the insurance company claims? -

accident between the parties, such as a broken, you can specify in the claim: accident third-party self-study, and then press the caustic self-blame in the claim, the insurance company if the team allows you to transport the certificates, you must have to bite the Do not let go, say no to child away, and Insurance companies generally will not be too seriously. You must promise to open that, blame me not to remind you that you ran go, uncertain enough money to pay the oil money! -


-------------------------- ------------------- gorgeous split ------------

Case 5: If you bought a new car, on all risks, but did not have time for a license (now the traffic control regulations: inspection after 15 working days before they receive license plate), after a dangerous condition of the insurance company is responsible for compensation? -

Case 3: If you, your friends car park is open, or you find out from the side to the parking lot can not afford your car payment, you can consider a change Diuche site? Haha, I can not say what ah! You go on her own. -

case solution: schedule the annual inspection, even if one day, nor night; if it happens, unfortunately, do not have to remember to report immediately, as soon as possible to spend money and then filled the inspection procedures for reporting claims procedures! -

dangerous condition of the statement: Do not mention you or by others in the towing vehicle towing, or whether you have responsibility for the accident, the insurance companies will not pay. -


certainly will not do that, plainly written in the insurance provisions, the driver of the

So, if you do not have sufficient financial ability, to think about before when the hero Oh! ! ! -

So you can forget your big economic disputes, reporting directly to the Public Security Bureau and the courts, and remember, do not say that out of your suspect, otherwise you will pull the financial problems came to the efficiency of the Chinese court You probably get a taxi within half a year to go out! -

★ Insurance Case II: with the similar, without making the driver please note the annual review, you drive all the problems occur, the insurance company is not liable for reasons similar to the previous example, without repeat. -

Case 4: remember that there is a bad driver under the command of the police to help criminals escape police stops are, crashed into the criminals, the results of the two vehicles collided, and what a Cana, his insurance company will pay you ? -

You probably think even the loss of vehicles due to natural disasters, according to the insurance company paid the wrong! Words of the half, most of the losses caused by natural disasters are lost, but only the same except - Earthquake! -

First, you need to know what is liability insurance, full name: third party liability insurance. -

Preface: I believe there are many owners a deep understanding of car insurance, only an accident and car insurance will be dealing with, but as a layman who can not get a clear idea of ​​the owners car insurance how deep the water, how to deal with in order to become the greatest beneficiaries of it? Do not worry, there are already many experienced and experienced owners as we summed up their experience, we can just read the collection as a hedge on it, this is a common Moreover, owners will be able to read the car insurance provisions, to ensure that make you a better understanding of auto insurance and claims, Who is not? Buy insurance to save money and worry on the map! -

not find people on the glass insurance claims work? Line, the absolute line! Glass insurance name is: glass breakage alone, is the use of parking and damage caused by the glass, and glass damage caused by the accident should be caustic to be responsible for payment. -

insurance policy refinement solution (c) crash -

insurance policy refinement solution (d) claim - a must-read, because you've probably heard of -

insurance policy refinement solution (a) caustic VS third party liability insurance -


In addition, the order processing system is people's subconscious and collective unconscious, and our everyday understanding of what a big difference. While the system is arranged in broad range of applications, can be related to gender relations, parent-child relationships, organizational systems, the relationship between nation and state, culture and tradition, and their own spiritual growth, emotional feelings patterns, coupled with Shanghai Ling grid teacher language is very ancient. So it is indeed difficult to understand.

l parents have no former marriage, engagement partner or other love relationships?

want to know the deceased's sister, the other surviving family members affected, the system only need to arrange a family selected a representative, as the sister, the system is arranged in the process, has died of the people (representative) if people living with the same understanding and experience, people living with the deceased person's behalf, showing no significant difference. If the parties connected with the deceased person, his representative will immediately show up. When the deceased's sister was ordered out, he may feel sympathy or concern, representatives of other family members may have different reactions. As representatives of different family members were joined, dismiss or change the location of their station, everyone's feelings and bodily sensations will change. A person may feel fear, another person may feel very relaxed, and so on. By observing these reactions, there are parties with whom he can feel connected, with whom there may be entangled, who may suffer feelings and burden.

family system arranged scientific background

one: on the family history

2: Hellinger originally priests, there is a strong theological background and are familiar with the philosophy of phenomenology. In fact, one of the family system, arranged in origin, is for Westerners call

current family system arranged the rapid development of technology in European countries, in China this development is still in its early stages. A new method or knowledge of precipitation usually takes a long time, trying to go through all kinds of criticism, evaluation, can be widely accepted by the public, the system arranged in technology in just 50 years to become a university course, is very good. Freud's theory, after 30 years in the event of a mainstream school was still the object of attack, Hellinger's family systems ranked reason for this success, the most important factor is the system showing the arrangement of the nature of human love , in the human soul resonates! We would like to benefit in this science! Thank you!

the beginning, the therapist or teacher will ask the parties to the families of past generations in important events occurred. After the parties in the selection of a few people among the participants on behalf of some of their own family members living or dead, for example, their own parents. In the beginning of the process, the principle is very important for the parties are When the case of the main issues related to family and arranged out, so he chose the delegates to observe clearly the place to sit. Then, the system is arranged in the process began. Although the case throughout the primary process in the next may be just viewers, but he opened his window of heart, so that therapists and representatives of the actions and words to touch your heart.

Almost exclusively by the representatives of spontaneous emotion and action, they had found the most suitable method of healing, there will often surprising solutions, including return of the excluded person, the love between parent and child re-flow, etc., not necessarily have been found under the

Hellinger's Systemic Constellation technique has gone through three stages of development:

l have no one at home it died long ago? At the time of birth or at any other time, or suicide?

example: a child may suddenly be magically attracted by the death of his uncle. Family system arrangement illustrating a phenomenon, the parties felt heart with a family member or their ancestors have ties often have similar life experience, living in a similar fate in. In fact, Bote Hai Linguaphone There is a profound discovery, the children with life-time This phenomenon Hellinger called of the link. As long as a people do not realize he was

Also: To understand the essence of the system arrangement,Beats by dre pro, we must grasp the two concepts: First, phenomenology, it is found that the system arranged behind the foundation, which is a philosophy, methodology, but also the mentality of the practice. Second, the conscience, to promote all things development.

a deep insight: people's problems and the solutions are derived from

family system is the best arrangement for the workshop, you can use on behalf of, because this way the family can present a more complete impression. In the workshop, participants can see both themselves and other family situation. Work in this way, participants do not need family members to attend. However, if family members will be attending a very special great experience.

arrangement in case ... ... (for adoption)

basic elements arranged in the family system

l family has no one ever committed a crime? Or other reasons, in the family which he has a very strong sense of guilt?

Some commented that in addition to Europe, explaining the philosophy is nothing new, but in the rehearsal process, we see the therapist's focus is no longer a struggle to deal with before, but the system has a new direction, the old struggle to resolve naturally. Other hand, the on the parties to raise the level of their minds, can all occur, are to affirm, Thanksgiving, put down the desire to control the attitude to face.

family system arrangement, is to hide the family tension, conflict and significant impact on the relationship between the presentation of the system arranged for these mentors power flow, often able to find a solution. Whether in the form, process, results in all aspects, there is unexpected arrangement of the family system performance.

Ah Ching spiritual home row teacher trainees Zhang Junmin

arranged prior to the preparation of the case

case in the end of the rehearsal, the parties will be arranged from his home system to take over the case in his place, arranged in our previous example, the parties are very angry with her mother, will replace her on behalf of position, to that moment, she just look on the conduct of the case, when she took on behalf of the location, she can get to know this interesting new family order, but with her own original concept of the family together.

family historical facts, arranged for the family system is very important, the family system, arranged in need facts as the basis of a person's family, parents need to ask our other relatives, grandparents and even our brothers and sisters, or table brother and sister for important family events, arranged his family in the proper preparation before, this is because in the family events that occur inside a very strong influence, and is able to inter-generational show, these important facts, which may include the following:

l have some family members have had very difficult destiny, they become like an outsider like, such as disability, financial problems, immigration, homosexuality, nonmarital birth, serious illness, not married, jail, or thrown into a mental hospital because of mental illness?

then, surprising and even amazing phenomenon takes place, the delegates seem to be sensitive to the feelings of the members of this family, understand the relationship between them. Automatic delegates felt related emotions. For example, living on the edge position, his back to the other members of the child or parents, may feel no connection with other people and to bear the burden, although we can under the circumstances of the reaction should be to explain, but in these rational explanation outside, the delegates unanimously to experience the family past and present, many feel, power and contact, not through this way can not be clearly visible display. Representatives of some novel often feel physical sensations, for example, their knees may be shaking, so may be swing, the shoulder may be very tense, stomach may cramp. May also feel attracted to other representatives or offensive, they can point out to whom or who feel the anger feel more intimate. System arrangement shown in the role of independent power and identity, a person in another arrangement on behalf of the same family, are very similar to the spontaneous reaction. In the arrangement of the beginning part of the therapist to ask the representatives in their respective positions on the experience. When the relationship between parents and children and feel the performance clearly, the therapists often recommend the parties of the past generations of family arrangement, sometimes these members joined by the therapists themselves. When those long dead, forgotten, or know very little about their family members through a representative is reflected in the arrangement of the time, often unexpected things happen.

entangled one of the causes is that when certain family members were thrown out, excluded or forgotten, will be the next generation of the family members, and even across generations were represented by a member, such as , a sister in her father's unexpected death at age 4, her sister's death on parents and siblings of the huge and each member of the heart is very sad, so almost no one ever mentioned her, it seems to have been forgotten.

(arranged in case ... ... the daughter of angry)

2000 years ago,

2000 年 至 2006:


l have some of the children's relationship with his biological parents had been seriously damaged? For example: a child is adopted, brought up by his parents; with birth parents in the early years of the time, or when they had not separated at birth?

three love order: whole (link), balance (to give and pay), the order

(here, to explain generation)

hope that participants arrange their own family must have a For example, an adult daughter of the mother often feel angry, without any specific reason. Arrangement in the family system, she was angry to find their own reasons, want to work through the family system, arranged, and her anger can be reduced or even completely disappear.

family system is arranged in the past ten years the fastest growing in Europe and psychological treatment. Founder Bert. Hellinger (Bert Hellinger), Mr., since 2002, he was in China Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and chaired several workshops in China, triggering a series of boom arrangement of the family system, many people began to understand and learning system arrangement, including psychology professionals, trainers, management consultants, and a lot of the general public. Participated in the workshop arranged in the system who will be a lot of cases, on-site effects of the shock. This branch of learning may also have a lot of questions, and even misunderstood. Mainland China is now ranked in family systems work only two: The reason is that Hellinger's family arrangement is not a single learning system, which combines at least the following four aspects.

therapist to ask the delegates at their respective positions on what to feel and sense what he often suggested that they repeat a few simple words. Only when these words accurately express the real situation, to be able to ease tensions. The delegates to these words accurate or emotional changes brought about very sensitive. Often observed as long as representatives of their facial expressions, body posture can see whether the heart. Another representative also immediately feel these words are accurate and sincere, if not, they will refuse to accept. Appropriate discourse effect is immediate, such representatives may be deeply relieved immediately obvious to relax, smile or straight may also be physical. These reactions are very important. With the therapist's experience and sensitivity to enhance, develop more accurate and adaptable to the use of words.

here, arranged for the convenience of the key memory system, with a few formulas summed Hellinger knowledge:

three phases complement each other, there is no gap between them, in handling cases on-site, three rotate.

two expressions: the blind and consciousness. Blindly into the struggle, consciousness can be resolved.

1: now the world's most popular method of psychological treatment, including psychoanalysis, treatment of raw emotion, interaction analysis, Satir Family Therapy, NLP, hypnotherapy Eriksson, hug therapy, physical therapy , trauma treatment.

l have no family members are parents from different countries?

l have some people forced to leave their homes?

For example, the family may have a forgotten Jiuye, was placed in a mental hospital; or an aunt may be mentally retarded or premature death; grandfather had alcohol or gambled away the family property and so on. These will result in one or more children inside the family's fate has some special significance. Even if these children never know they exist, or do not know them. When a certain event or a family member as a family secret, the greater the destructive effect.

3: by addressing real-life cases, from the practice, summed up the experience and rules, that is, not involved in the on-site observation or systematic arrangement of the case, then it is difficult to understand the systematic arrangement of information really mean.

in the family system, arranged in contact with the member's death, is often an important step towards a solution. If the deceased member is definitely for living people will behave more friendly relationship with the other members of the death will change, one stands in the background, representing the dark forces threatening the death of forgotten family, he or she is now people living source of strength and support.

arranged in the system, delegates stood with other family members can map the relationship between the position, so this is a great feel for their impact, when the great distance between parents and children, face a different direction, it is obvious a lot of confusion within the family, no one feel good about their position. But when the therapist lined up their order, each family member will feel that his or her own best position. Good Children in a clockwise direction, in accordance with standing order of seniority, to form an arc-shaped, the face of parents. Especially when excluded or forgotten family members have been given their rightful place when, for the whole family will have a very large treatment effect, the location of their station may be behind or beside their parents, as a general rule for Everyone can see each other, seen by others, but each member must be a clear recognition of its rightful place at the same time belong to the family system

in the arrangement, the delegates under the guidance of the therapist's contact with other people. Arranged on behalf of all of the parties, the therapist becomes the director arranged the whole family system.

Hellinger teachers have a deep insight: the order of love with all the tragic conflict is the beginning and end. This encapsulates the core of the family system arrangement, is the Problems occur in the human body behind, one important reason is many of us carry on the family in a generation or previous generations of , co-guilt way to express loyalty to the family secret. These are the love of performance, while the life. Family systems focus of the work arrangement is behind these issues,

ordered out of the family, not a new technique, but Burt. Hellinger to this treatment to a new level. He is ordered out of the family members, strangers used to do on behalf of the family, standing in a space, showing a picture of the relationship between family members (representing the relative position, for, from, etc., can be described as psychological space, reflect the true relationship between family members. For example: the couple standing side by side, reflecting the relatively good relations between the two, if they stand back to back, we can speculate that their relationship is not ideal), so the relationship becomes hidden was clear. With a wealth of experience, insight into family relationships across generations, previously unknown links. Arrangement of the family system can be said that a lively family genealogy.

arranged a family system is usually the case in 15 minutes to an hour to complete, although sometimes there may be the length. Our goal is not to discover the relationship between the density inside the family secret, but to question the most intense struggle portrayed, but the parties are among the issues in this struggle, his energy exhausted, the family system to help arrange the issue of these entangled clearly presented. Often happens is that when they struggle to be recognized, but was relieved when the This arrangement has been the case a natural answer to the question.

4: family system and the arrangement of the phenomenon is closely related to some new scientific theory. Such as bio-form field theory, quantum entanglement phenomenon, mirror neurons, epigenetic, psychological genealogy science.

fourth of a third party who is the replacement product, the article with others in the sentence, The fourth person's mission is They do not undermine the rules of the game is to both families.

Third party damage to other people the family has become synonymous with bad, while the fourth person was even some Because love is not possession, but the responsibility,beats by dre sale, commitment and pay. Fourth as long as the feelings of the family is far away from each other, do not the so-called responsibility, commitment and dedication, it seems a little is
I think, all things have a reason. concubine than to steal,
I think human life should be able to love many times, and each is true. For example, the most pure true love, but often not successful. But not because love come. After feeling well. Fate, always one of the most unexpected moments, suddenly arrived.

people love, some have been in marriage, but there will come a new love. But, marriage people should understand their responsibility to understand what should and what should not, be sensible to bind themselves, their own precepts, not harm to others. Because, you can accept fate, love can give each other warm, but you can not warm to each other in the future. When love finally not be turned into affection, the same as the family can rely on can count on, sooner or later will subside, as the flames will be left after the last ashes; you can give your heart to find the best way out of loneliness, but you destroyed the happiness of his family's peace, love and hurt your heart through thick and thin, unworthy of love had a vow; you can find yourself stimulated to find happiness, because it will destroy the happiness of others I am sorry your family peace of conscience , and put a heavy psychological burden. Extramarital affairs, is a dangerous temptation of no return, it is best not to set foot set foot to go, you have to be able to withstand future too sad.
However, no one can comment on a love is right or wrong, because even God would love to make mistakes, not to mention mere mortals.

In case this is not a time to love too late too, if you have fallen in love can not extricate themselves, in case you have not go back onto the road of no return, then do a fourth person may also wish to is helpless when the best choice. Love lightly, lightly understand what called pain and happiness, no longer comes naturally, but to love that person, in order to complete his world, in order not to embarrass him also difficult for yourself, to respect their respect for each other to respect all relatives, to this world good and beautiful, the sake of the happiness of all others, to thank God for the extra gift and placed his own profession, but never overstepped. You can love sensation, you can love Tianhundian moon light, you can love was cut very tough battle, but always love the person and their own to keep the last half-step distance, before they can leave at the last moment had, in addition to Who does not hurt himself, from leisurely to get out.
Sometimes, happiness is not due to get more, but because care less. Emotional thing, even more so. Do not expect anything, do not want something full of love for himself, some of the happier you will be free and easy. We all want love and be loved, love of people will understand love will find happiness instead of pain. Otherwise, no doubt playing with fire **** cocoon.
remember when the network's popular poem: know that love each other, but not together; the world's most remote distance, not knowing that love each other but not together, but obviously can not resist this unit miss, but it did not have to deliberately pretending you in my heart ; the world's most remote distance, obviously can not resist not miss this unit, but did not have to deliberately pretending you in my heart, but with his cold heart, for people who love you, dig up an insurmountable ditches. Now they are popular are: the establishment of not only the destruction. They need to perfect and balanced state.

love a person, the courage to love, and attention to maintain a certain distance on the line. For the love of suffering themselves so they reject all, reject their deep desire to love, than with the tolerant, broad mind to meet all the good things on earth. They love their families, love their wife or husband, but they are so deeply in love with each other. Modern love is no longer a clear distinction, the line is not very clear, the fourth of those feelings inside, but more of a family friendship love. How many people who have been so painful love outside marriage, in their interpretation of where it is beyond the mundane world of joy and happiness.
do lover, the fourth person to do

,dr dre studio

can be divided into smoking , you can drink, can not contact , can criticize , you can laugh . This could have been there , been warm. -






finished on the first revisit the practice


material :
1, pound pork skin ;
2, quail eggs, thirty ;
3 , two spoons of sugar (about half of the two );
4, ginger one ;
5, octagonal two -mei ;
6, a teaspoon of pepper ;
7, two small pieces of cinnamon ;
8, dried chili four ;
9, scallions four , five ;
10, a half tablespoon of soy sauce ;
11, two spoons of cooking wine ;
12, salt to taste.

practice :
1, clean the quail eggs under cold water after boiling pot stamped ,beats by dre pro, turn off the heat more than five minutes after the nausea .

2, put the warm pork pot boiling with the fire , change in the heat and simmer for two minutes to go Xuemo .

3, remove the pork , cut into about one centimeter square block ( the size according to personal favorite cut ) ; quail eggs removed with cold water to soak for about five minutes after the shelling, kitchen paper drying moisture ; ginger film break ; onion cut into two sections ;
hot dry and cut into sections .

4, heating pot of oil burning troughs twelve months , with a small fire under the slow quail eggs fried .

5, fried golden brown remove and drain the oil .

6, leaving about a half tablespoon of the oil pan with a fire to warm slightly , slowly fry the next sugar .

7, fry pot smoke-filled sugar coke was yellow .

8, pour off the heat immediately after the pork , turning pieces so quickly wrapped sugar evenly colored .

9, plus about pounds soup or water ( if the pan can be divided into several small increase , but in the middle when it must be boiling water ) , opened fire after boiling, put ginger , star anise , pepper , cinnamon , chili, onion , soy sauce , cooking wine , cover and slow- burning fire after piecemeal .

10, after half an hour under the burning quail eggs, salt , boiling with the fire slow burn after the fire Gaixiao about an hour .

11, when the soup will change the fire when dry sauce .

12, received after the dry soup off the fire , picking onions, ginger, star anise , cinnamon should not , be placed in the plate around the quail egg , then into the dish containing the meat and serve.

Coach to teach you a good automatic transmissionToday, the automatic models is becoming increasingly popular, even the family car also has automatic transmission, can be embarrassing, it seems that many novice drivers do not know the clever automatic car, and some people even D fend off in the end.
■ D block has 1,2,3
an automatic car to open the friend said: , very simple!
that In fact, when driving automatic car, the driver should automatically be replaced in due course gear, get rid of a For example,Beats by dre headphones, when the vehicle climb steep slopes, use the D block feel less motivated, they should go back a gear with low gear climbing, running up and not only powerful, and more light. To a higher gear to avoid dragging vehicles, this engine drag car too hard, a great chance of damage, and increased fuel consumption, engine deposits will increase.
downhill, the brake should not have been used to control the speed brakes should be used to block cross-use and low, reducing brake wear. Road vehicles in crowded urban areas, can be placed in gear or 3 block 2 block, which can accelerate faster, and to avoid the production of coke; when the speed exceeds 60km / h later, using the D block traffic, not only the province oil, it will not hurt acceleration.
■ N block do not often hang
transmission. If parking longer than 3 minutes, preferably hanging in the P block, the fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly, however, some open automatic car driver, just need to stop the situation encountered subconsciously move the gear from D N, in fact, doing so is not necessary. . cars, automatic transmission car at high speed requires lower gear should be lowered to the corresponding first speed range, then lower and lower block; who encounter vehicle problems can not be normal driving, towing other vehicles when needed, speed should not exceed 50 km / h, pulling away from it's best not to exceed 50 kilometers, it will easily damage the gearbox, remember not to reverse traction, this will damage the gearbox, some internal gear structure.

automatic transmission car to be Therefore, automatic car owners, in order to prolong the life of your car, your car a long time to maintain a good driving condition, it must be
It is understood that the present volume of automatic transmission cars are generally small, the gear at work is more difficult to distribute the heat generated at the same time, automatic transmission car in the process of moving, automatic transmission are constantly replacement gear. In order to avoid frequent replacement of damaged gear, automatic transmission lubricant is needed in a timely manner to protect the gear into work.
In normal driving, the driver feel when the gear attached to the boom if there are more obvious vibration, also found that the relatively slow speed of the shift, it shows that the lubricant within the gearbox has started to lose effectiveness. If a long time to maintain this situation is not timely replacement of the lubricant, car is prone to problems. Because the loss of effectiveness of the lubricant can not effectively protect the gear parts, gear direct friction between the components, likely to cause damage, repair and replacement costs are very expensive. Timely replacement of
industry Sun to remind you, usually, automatic cars run 20,000 km on the lubricant should be replaced every

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maybe you saw after the horror, Maybe you just feel sick only.

also has been exquisite body,

Being a woman is not easy to please love their own wives, the men you saw you cry

wife for you Please do not complain about having children after a small pot growing bulge

Please think about her cook and clean for you,

Please honor all the children your mother,

she had been young before,

do not think having children is a woman's duty,

go to the hospital today, this is my window to see in obstetrics and gynecology scene,

So when you see that sultry lover waistline when,

Therefore, the mother is great,

- QQ: 486 4335 Editor

I knew the eyes moist,

which also including you.

whether Caesarean section,

is waiting for his wife's second chance at life.

this woman must be with the life you love!

not every mother has the courage to do this thing.

I can not help that the sentence;

serve your parents

or natural delivery,

you meet a new life not only in the arrival,

- late night studio - sea breeze to make in at 0:00 on December 20, 2009

lying on the white surgical bed for your love you gave birth to the crystallization,Beats by dre pro,

If you are a woman willing to nine months of pregnancy,

when your wife into the delivery room when,

her pain and danger are the men can not imagine.

to understand your man love you ......

Please good men love your wife it

also attracted the attention of many boys,

This is the original log wind

also asked men love your wife.

; old and tired when you start to decline when his wife,

I hope some of my friends to work to turn back, do not arbitrarily rewrite, this log,
Please respect the originality of your feelings, do not despise a man looked reproduced logs!
Once found to be not be reproduced logs pull the black!

, for the children were busy;

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first time to play the body graffiti

the first time to eat

first drunk

first too rich to worry

first cry so sad

first fall after so many

first honeymoon

first call

just to log dedicated to those who already have their own baby or the baby will have their own friends, when your baby for their own mental and physical exhaustion, when a busy day, take a look at these innocent cute kids doing funny things,Beats by dre solo HD Graphite, will bring infinite happiness and joy! ~

first bath

first travel

first time Headphone songs

first kiss

o (∩ _ ∩) o ha ha! ~


first caught Pornographic

was first abducted

cartoon characters and animals have the first telepathic

first dream,

the first time that they have been pirated

the first time as a model

first bullying

first time I saw crush

first strong limelight

first worry about their happy life


first time making art photo

first experience overload

the first time have their own private space

first time mother and differences of opinion

was first photographed

first time the brand endorsement

first look Frog Prince

the first time and so many animals alone together

first time playing video chat and MM

headshot the first time!!!

first time making a bed scene

first meat

first met female rogue

first because of who the first time on the first McDonald's

stay in the guesthouse

So classic ~

, I do not sand, and then also to not touching the horizon, dried her tears, tomorrow morning, we have to work.
89, was with friends looking at the stars, along with our tears, because he is a romance, it is because I sprained neck.
90, in fact, you and I are the same, everyone is loaded, the key is to be installed as, and loaded a round, and there is a threshold, fitted into the forward to become the legend of the mild-mannered fellow, not installed on the card in there. Is Carmen.

1, people do not make me, I do not prisoners; if we are attacked, be courteous one-third; who commit me, and I still a needle; were also attacked, dig up the roots.
2, I allow you into my world, but you should not I walk around the world.
3, that show easy to hide, dark base difficult to prevent.
4, Day did not drop any on me, still bitter mind, work my muscles.
5, hold your hand, know the Zaichou, burst into tears, my child does not go away.
6, not long southern red beans, long my face, thinking the truth!
7, I am convinced that there will be a man is tortured by me and came to this world.
8, Journey to the West tells us: those who have the background of the monsters have been picked up, and those who did not have the background to be killed by a stick.
9, do you have any unhappy things? Say it to make us happy.
10, I am so fond of you, what would you like me O death.
11, although your body spray cologne, but I can still vaguely smell smelt scum.
12, I curse your buying instant noodles without seasoning packets.
13, do not eat how can effort to lose weight ah.
14, my mother asked what I have a boyfriend, I said no, my mother said: this can be, I said: This really is not ... ...
15, the ideal is full, the reality is very skinny.
16, Lei Feng did not go down good, but Everything Diary inside.
17, I'm not the yuan, how to make everyone like me? !
18, is unable to extricate themselves, in addition to the teeth as well as love.
19, when the harbor vicious life became engaged to be all black humor, I yielded to transform itself into a highly educated rogue.
20, time is too thin, too wide fingers.
21, little girls are looking for a white horse dream, opened his eyes that are gray do not slip all over the world the fall of the donkey, distraught, you can only pick one from the donkey group of able-bodied, this donkey was named: affordable men.
22, I'm going to cry, I'm going downtown, night night without sleep, his hand a bottle of sleeping pills, take the root of small rope to hang. Have to love the ugly again, talking about the world is full of love.
23, our goal: to money, to make thick.
24, I forgot you turned on the passerby, how can accompany you to the horizon Love wasted?
25, intermittent episodes of depressed patients during the disturbance strangers, acquaintances do not find.
26, no health insurance and life insurance, after dark, not courageous ... ...
27, poetry and painting do not, cook and too tired.
28, that money is evil, are fishing; that beauty is a source of trouble, all you want; that mad, all in climbing; that alcohol harms the body, do not quit; that heaven is beautiful, do not go!
29, crowded bus is included Sanda, yoga, judo, balance beam and many other sports and fitness programs in an integrated movement.
30, Hogan opened his aging mother know you are an evildoer.
31, hand into pockets, who do not love.
32, holding a kitchen knife and cut wire, all the way to spark with lightning.
33, single is not difficult, the difficulty is to cope with those who do want you to end the single.
34, What is happiness? happiness is what you eat fish, I eat meat, watching other people gnawing on a bone.
35, read a book ten years, think of it in kindergarten with a good mix!
36, they said I was BT, I do CT, the results I was ET.
37, my strengths are: I handsome; but I disadvantage: not obvious I am handsome.
38, I was on a fool's seeds, the results under the rain ... ... drowned.
39, many people say that marriage is the tomb of love, but love can be put to rest the dead on the streets is better than violence.
40, free to study feng shui, accounting for a good death can be considered to make up for the tomb of his lifetime of regret can not afford good housing
41, said that people have only two choices, busy busy living or dead I think I have a third choice: busy to die.
42, Chunkun lack of summer autumn weakness, winter just sleep.
43, not their own thoughts, the pain can not take care of themselves, the results can not be self-created, self-happiness can not be.
44, a child grow up, I thought I could save the world, and so grow up they discover the whole world can not save me.
45, if you are not destined to give the response I expected. then kept at a safe distance outside of it.
46, please do not put me on your tolerance, your sense of shame as the capital.
47, a woman's virtue, I must be too wicked.
48, Zhuge Liang did before coming out with a soldier ah, you Why the hell should I have work experience.
49, R & B with hip-hop's spirit came to life like the erhu.
50, ostrich happiness, just a pile of sand.
51, God, too blue! The sea, salty! Life too difficult! Work, too much trouble! And you, and by chance! Like you, insomnia! See you, too far!
52, woke up, the days are dark.
53, Yao delivery bottles, hanging to the rope, jumping, waving a small handkerchief off.
54, Tiechu to ground into a needle, but can only be ground into toothpicks Mu Chu, material does not, more effort is useless.
55, a beggar's purse stolen fool, was blind to see, dumb screaming, shocked the deaf, hunchback to come forward, lame kick, wanted to pull him guilty of the Public Security Bureau, Asako said, look at my face forget.
57, you have to figure out the script of his life - not your parents' sequel, prequel is not your child, but not your friends outside the chapter.
59, while the wind blows the more the tree, the more I love and he is not.
60, opened his eyes to think one day woke up and found myself sitting in elementary school classroom desk chair. Teacher throw to first just hit the chalk on the forehead.
61, adolescents are not Hu as rash, bold defiance, and ask where's the theme of old age, then the year.
62, as a monster, my wish is to eliminate at least a Altman.
64,Beats By Dr Dre Pro Detox, a few decades to meet us to the crematorium all a bunch of my pile of ashes you who do not know who all sent to the countryside to do fertilizer ~
65, knowledge of the United States, is to make were confused; the beauty of poetry is to incite men derailment; beauty of a woman, is so stupid no regrets; men of the United States, is lying right day hell.
66, I thought I was decadent, and today I learned that I had originally scrapped.
67, immature man is to the ideal symbol of heroic sacrifice, the mark of a mature man can be humble to the ideal alive.
68, life is like Zude's mouth, the next you never know who will be unlucky.
69, the sun warm, years of quiet good, you do not, I dare grow old?
70, were not smart, but also learn from others bald.
71, my attitude to God, shining moment in the United States. mortals do not interfere ...
73, the young, we often directed at the mirror and make faces; old age, the mirror be even.
76, to work! ! I order your Audi Dior.
77, I was white-collar workers: today receive a salary, pay rent utilities, to buy the oil rice noodles, touching his pocket, sighed loudly, but white-collar wages this month, a ...
78, hold hands, the child away. Child say no to go, well, close the dogs!
79, life is like that. always occupied the position of absolute leadership, when the numerous idiot shouted to control life, to grasp the fate did not see, life on a higher sky. exposed ridiculed mocking face.
80, he is a pot of water, poured into your pile of rice, a few years later, into a mellow wine with water, and you become a pile of discarded rotten rice, is not useless, but also brought pigs.
81, do not want to be slaves of the people, willing to be slaves of the yuan.
83, I am not a fortune-telling on the bridge, not so much chatter you hear the knock.
84, the word two decades of life was my recollection of the size of brain seizures, spinal cord spasm. Always to no avail.
85, true warriors, the courage to face their own make-up face.
86, Tian tong lao - appearance is too, there are three hundred sixty-five inner rift, the rift letter seasons every four words, the vicissitudes of life to the demon.
87, things often the case, has no time to go back, even if you are willing to become a horse, by nature do not have grass in the back waiting for you.
88, who we all thought that they can die for love, in fact, people love die, it will only place in the Who Loved on a needle bar, and then we tears, we toss and turn, our chronic illness into health, We tempered into a steel. You do not wind

1 head:, comrades! Soldiers: Good head! Head of a soldier shot in the chest, said: This muscle was trained in how good! Soldier: report officer, I was female!
2. A vet to the pig farmer breeding,beats by dr dre, veterinary, said: appears to require artificial breeding. Farmer hesitated for a long time, the courage to say: the line is the line, afraid of it biting me.
3. the bus was fart. A glamorous woman mouth spit, A man said: how to eat a fart also spit the shell?!
4. day 0 with 8 met in the street, looked at 8 a 0 disdain, said: fat on the fat chanting, but also what the Department waistband ah!
5. a village women for the first time into the city, want the latrine, not seen for a long time, but unfortunately help police: comrades in front of a toilet, what does the mother in the toilet ?
6. school students: repetition repetition of the students called
7. an American in the White House before the cursed Bush is a idiot, the result was immediately arrested on charges of leaking state secrets
8. little secret of the chickens, plucking at the riverside. After the police, the thief Mangjiang chicken thrown into the river, explained to police: the chicken in the swim, I can help it to see the clothes
9. Snapper on rats said:? I saw the man look very nervous and said: can not my child it!
11. a leader in making the report: Leadership turned the page read: Day search for a long time, nothing, still scolding: Now you have not even a nun!
13. teacher home visits, ask students: your family happy? Students proudly replied: happy! His father gave him a slap in the face over the A year later returned to Earth, his face brown , angry, said: my mother, and forgot to bring lighter.
15. A: Sorry, I kind of chicken to eat your vegetables. B: all right, my dog ​​has eaten your chicken. A: No wonder I found the dog's stomach chicken bones
16. An angry man stormed into a unit and shouted: Here is the Humane Society do? Staff: Yes, ah, ask who bullied you?
17. a young woman with children set off on a restaurant to eat and clothes to feed her child in public, pointing to the wall over a waiter notices say: Sorry, here prohibited from eating non-food in this restaurant.
18. Xiaoming: Dad, in ancient times, the emperor claimed to Gua Ren, claiming that what the Queen? Father: Silly boy, of course, that the Queen's widow said it!
19. Warden asked before execution on death row before sitting in the electric chair: Do you have any requirements? Death: I only want you when the execution can hold my hand, so I thought a little better
20. Two drunk walking on the tracks, a complaint: Another grunted, said: Mother casually asked: he has a fixed work? Mary then said: He is responsible for clean the blackboard of our class!
22. Selling hawkers: Who exactly which birthday today? Tom's happy to raise their hands. Pastor: Well, week after trouble you blow out those candles!
24. Gulf War, the coast float an old submarine, climb out of a white-haired man asked: the war over? Others said: still playing! Man exclaimed: hateful Hitler!
25. Wife: You always send me roses before, why is one not to send it? Husband gave the answer: Have you ever seen a fisherman catch a fish is also fed bait after it?
26. Dean of the patients came from the operating room to escape: Nurses say do not be afraid, calm point, surgery is very simple. Dean: words wrong? Patients: doctors say she is the words of
27. Khrushchev visited the farm, the reporter took a photo with his pen and pig pictures. The next day the newspapers, next to the postscript: left third of Comrade Khrushchev.
28. a law school exam: One of the most exciting: a friend, Vietnam, 1969! Another pointed behind: friends, banana peel, 20 feet!
30. Wife: look so old-fashioned it? Man said: If you like the RMB, you will care what year it was released it?
32. Professor of Philosophy: a fool to raise this issue, 10 smart people to answer. Student: No wonder I could not pass the total test.
33. victims floating in the sea. He asked the companions: how far are we from land? About 3 km it! 3 km! On which side? Here!
34. Dumb exam very cells, so took a telegram to his brother, asked my father must prepare. Call back soon brother: his father is ready, now you must prepare
35. A fat woman said to her husband: so I was not worried about my weight, but my height. According to weight and height ratio, I should be 2.5 meters high
36. Son: Dad, why God made man first, and create woman? Father: Maybe he does not want to make a man when a woman kept nagging at his ears it!
37. Tom to his girlfriend Mary home to find her, Mary's brother angrily out. saw water on the leak, I had to swim hard.

rest of water in the lake, where she met a freshwater fish.

Fish said: Hello America, I think I love you.

Water: a fool, that's just a good impression only.

Fish said: Really, I kid you not.

Water said: I do not believe in love at first sight.

days passed, the feelings of the water the fish are becoming increasingly Duhou.

says: I like to be with you.

water: it is that you already meet me.

says: I like your taste.

Water: it is because you have been accustomed to my presence.

few days later, the water should continue to travel.

says: I have without you.

Water: a few days you will forget me.

Fish said: No, I will not fall in love with other people than you.

Water: it is because you have not met the people except me.

Fish said: You are my all.

Water: You is not my only.

Fish said: In the search for you in the end what?

Water: only the sea is warm and my mind only.

Fish said: Can not you do for me to stay?

Water said: No, once stopped, I became stagnant and will never be able to see the look of the sea.

Fish said: that we can stand together and drive?

Water: You can never catch up with my pace.

Fish said: Can you wait for me slightly?

Water said: I only like flowing.

Fish said: In any case, I have to accompany you to swim to the sea.

Water: Do not be silly, you're just a fish.

says: I do not want you to face a storm.

Water said: I would not be grateful to you.

says: I do not want to win your gratitude, I just want to be with you.

Water: You know I can not fall in love with you.

Fish said: I love, but you can not exploit your rights.

Water: You would only harm themselves.

water and fish through a river, the fish only Half-Life.

says: I do not know how far can accompany you.

Water said: go back, this day is not for you.

Fish said: No, even to the last second, I will not give up.

Water: You lost yourself so stupid.

Fish said: Can you love a fool to try to accept it?

Water: You know my heart that the sea has long been occupied.

Fish said: Why? Can you try to fall in love with me?

Water said: I believe that the sea is my only.

fish and water through a river, the fish lives only a quarter of

Fish said: If one day I gone, what would you do?

Water said: I will be sad, will be sorry.

Fish said: What if the sea is gone it?

Water said: I will be sad, would die with him.

Fish said: Are we in daily life but also an illusion than it?

Water said: just get along without feeling the extra memory.

Fish said: that the sea does, you sure he will love you?

Water said: He is my lifelong dream, I will not give up.

fish silent, quietly accompany the water completed the rest of the distance, and finally, they go to the beach.

sea water to see her, but she is not only the sea, is ah, the sea has a broad mind,


broad enough to accommodate hundreds of rivers play in his arms, but no time to take into account the presence of water.

do not want to make the sea water around one of many beauties, she decided to leave,

time She remembered the fish, the fish has long been dying.

says: I saw the sea, he is so handsome and cool, only he was worthy of you.

Water said: but I think he is confusing.

Fish said: Do not worry, one day, the sea will find you and love you.

Water said: Maybe I I'm really wrong.

Fish said: No, you are so in love with the sea.

Water: Once, there is also a man so in love with me, but I was ignored, you say, you say ah, say you love me, say you want me life after life together.

says: I do not want to give you a promise that can not be honored.

Water said: Why can not you selfish?

Fish said: Do not, I love you right, I do not love is your obligation.

Water said: Why am I always so selfish, so stubborn? Why did not I fall in love with you sooner?

Fish said: Do not say,monster beats by dr dre headphones, as I will go very disturbed.

Water said: Why are you always so good, I feel good to shame.

Fish said: forget me, and then find a person worthy of your love.

Water: You Is not the most worthy of my love for people?

Fish said: Do not be silly, the day after, I can not accompany you.

Water said: I have missed too many good days, I can not miss you.

Fish said: do not.

Water said: I really love you.

says: I have tears, tears of happiness you see me yet? Oh, I forgot, because I am in the water.

Water said: No! I felt, because now you in my heart.

fish happily closed his eyes, arms in the water.

water heartbreaking to hear their own voice ... ...
was concerned about the drift was not called stray

accompany crying are not called sad

was not called to share the pain of sadness

was called to share the joy of happiness

1, self-esteem is very fragile , they often feel hurt , to be overlooked , being deceived , self-esteem , on the other side there are a lot of negative suspicions ,beats by dr dre, do not want the other side to the bright side , and then to to protect the fragile self-esteem will be the poor can not make a lot of incomprehensible things .
2, restricted to their own fire , and not the other lamps , this one for a lot of code of conduct.
3, his love more to get possession of their own feelings , and not let each other happy .
4, when the pursuit of a performance, get the performance after another , then marriage is an expression , not consistent , their logic is that when you have the pursuit of humiliation , we must get to enjoy after fruit , be yourself .
5, after the machismo to get serious , serious desire to control the other party must unconditionally obey .
6, emotional , hot-tempered , need to be alone when you do not know better communicate with each other , often disappeared , not knowing each other understand the need for a sense of security . But your every move , even the thoughts must be promptly reported to him , even thorough investigation of the death of defense.
7, unwilling to communicate , often think they have been hurt by cheating betrayal , in fact, the so-called harm of deception and betrayal of their narrow-minded , intolerant , will not solve the problem, the results of narrow-minded .
8, if that hurt, revenge will do anything , including language and behavior, usually hurt others is commonplace , little self- inspection.
9, there is disagreement only know how to force the other with indifference yield , expressed dissatisfaction with the cold , with a vengeance to express emotions and do not know how to communicate and positive solution .
10, deal with feelings too realistic , if they are objectively impede or family opposition , will hang back will not fight , can not afford to give you happiness and a sense of security .

Long play good today and play two hours to go down only to find my body is not used to the old hey cubs LIA was kind of like when I'm king of fitness! Back a shower and sleep a Tingting Ge could not help but want to write something up to write it?
fact, such is life when alive are suffering and pain but these troubles have become memories only to find when you actually look at them from another point of pain is not painful
; small when the pain of why live in a family because the family has great expectations for me is so obsessed with what talent I have to learn how to learn better what is undoubtedly a must The boy is a kind of childhood stress is a bigger pain
then it is that time of my junior high school is the largest rebellious mother when I do what I want to impartial and opposition at home is always a lot for this to endure physical pain,Beats Headphones, but a mere physical pain, how to make a
bigger then began to fall in love just to know I love, love this stuff does not understand the mentality may be holding a play where the know species for their own and do not understand love in deep hurt of course, very deep feeling of pain
always around me reluctant to leave the campus at the university I went through this life, love the darkest and most painful way sometimes really want to give anything a walk away do not want anything that can be real and not allow me to do so I can not do this when I actually really understand why this world. helpless,
until now is my time to enter the community after graduation quickly what should be their own courage to face the future should strive to have the confidence it should be like a brave but also to a man!
Now recall the past although the mood to laugh for those suffering in the future but at least let me be more courageous and more mature way, but one thing is undeniable that those who caused the pain is actually my own, perhaps it is not sensible it! The treasure did not cherish the hard work we have done a lot of things I'm sorry really think they feel like an unforgivable sinner can live life is so painful and I can only smile to face my future is not do so that everyone who used to make their painful although some pain is inevitable but I will try to minimize it to refuel! I said to myself but also for the people that read this diary! With everyone on it!
ha ha ha ha laugh about the unhappy things are forgotten life is good how do you look, how to look. How to face! Good! Finished sleeping! Black Snow drops
last sentence can not otherwise Replies Replies drops are not Black snow people!

Pandora's box:
Greek mythology, Pandora was the first woman on earth. Prometheus stealing fire from heaven to earth, the Lord God Zeus to punish mankind, God commands clay molded into a young beauty, hypocrisy and cunning girl, named And gave her a gift, then betrothed to her brother, Prometheus, Perseus Aye shelter meters (meaning Aye regardless of shelter meters taboo Hughes took the gift, Pandora took the opportunity to open it, so all kinds of abuse, disaster and disease immediately fly from the inside out. Box the only good thing left: hope. But hope has not had time to fly out of Pandora's box will be forever shut.

sword of Damocles:
Damocles is the tyrant Dionysius in Greek mythology's minions, he often said that emperors, more happiness, in order to please the emperor . On one occasion, the emperor Dionysius let him sit on the throne, his head hanging on a line with only a horse's mane of the sword, in order to tell him, though living in the throne, but the sword may fall at any time down, the emperor is not more happiness, but there is always worry. This story is often used to describe the potential risk that may occur at any time.

Muses of Greek mythology, nine goddesses of arts and sciences known. They are the main gods and goddess, daughter of the memory. Their music and poetry, the god Apollo as the leader, were in charge of history, tragedy, comedy, lyric poetry, dance, epic, love poetry, carols and astronomy. Ancient Greek poet, singer are reported to the muse calls, pray for inspiration. Later, people used

Sphinx in Greek mythology, the mystery hidden evil monster, Egypt's largest Khufu pyramid lion in front of people monster is his face. He gave Oedipus out of the question is: what is the morning walk with four legs, two legs at noon walk, evening walk with three legs? Oedipus replied: Yes, people. In the morning of life, he was a child, with two legs and two hands crawling; to noon of life, he becomes the prime of life, with only two legs to walk; to the evening of life, old and feeble that he must use crutches walk, so called three legs. Oedipus answered correctly. Sphinx reconnects ashamed to die.

Pygmalion of Cyprus in Greek mythology is the king. He hated women, decided never to marry. He used the art of magic a beautiful carved ivory female, and fell in love with her. He treat his wife as caress her, dress her, begging God to make her his wife. Venus Aphrodite impressed by him, gave the statue to life, and they married. not the same.

Judas kiss:
Judas is the New Road, although the spread of Jesus by the people's support, the priest who has aroused the hatred of Jewish elders. They bought with 30 pieces of silver Judas to identify Jesus to help him. Them to catch Jesus off Manila Garden, Judas pretended greeting,dr dre headphones, hugging and kissing Jesus. Jesus was arrested, after being crucified. People with the

Noah's Ark:
from the God for the sins committed by human beings is very sad, decided to destroy mankind with a flood. Noah was a righteous man, God told him to ship disaster prevention. After 40 days and nights of the flood, except Noah's family and some animals, other organisms are engulfed by the flood. After being used to shelter disaster metaphor or savior.

from the God in the East a fertile plain opened up a garden, there are fruit trees and various animals. God let Adam guard the garden. To resolve his loneliness, God removed him from Adam's rib, causing a woman - Eve to accompany him. They live a carefree life. People use the Garden of Eden parable paradise earth.

forbidden fruit:
from the Adam and Eve lived in the Garden of Eden, God allowed them to eat the fruit of the garden, except the Cunning serpent tempted them to eat the forbidden fruit, since they know good and evil, to distinguish between true and false, but also created a sense of shame. So God will drive them out of the Garden of Eden. Metaphor of the forbidden fruit has been banned but eager to get things.

is a Western game, will erect a number of rectangular dominoes arranged in rows, gently down the first card, the other dominoes will fall in turn have . For the metaphor, the

ivory tower:
from the 19th century French poet, literary critic Charles Augustin Shengpei Wei's letter Augustine criticized the Pooh works of contemporary French writers in the pessimistic mood, advocates of bourgeois writers from vulgar reality to transcend yourself into a subjective illusion of art world - the ivory tower.

1815, the Waterloo in Belgium, Napoleon led the French army and the British, Prussian forces fought a fierce battle, the French defeat. Subsequently, the end of Napoleon to abdicate his political career.

crocodile tears:
Western legend, crocodile catch prey, while greedily devoured, while hypocritically tears. Metaphor refers to the false tears, disguised sympathy. Has been extended to one side to hurt others, put on a compassionate side of the sinister cunning of the believers.

Uncle Sam:
is the nickname of the United States, resulting in the 1812 US-British war. New York, an honest and capable meat packers was affectionately called He served as New York and New Jersey munitions inspector, responsible for the supply of beef army to fight on the barrels and barrel stamp. The beef plant was found on the barrel are covered with E. A-U. S. Mark. Originally, E. A is the name of a defense contractor, U. S is the abbreviation for the United States. Happen to Uncle Sam (Uncle Sam) abbreviation stands with the United States (U.S.) the same, people will control the United States called Americans In 1961, the U.S. Congress officially recognized

Exam, for me, really has lopsided. After the holidays, tension test seems to have become lazy and can not be away from the target. Last night, the examination again come to my dreams, go there again to experience the suffocating tension. Dream, soon before exams two days, the spacious multi-media classrooms, teachers are the focus of the series with each chapter. I opened the book and found that each page is temporarily not turn off a new start. The book's terminology, concepts, piles of formula made me feel ill at ease, you'd rather die. Strangers on the books, I have not keep up with the teacher's pace, pick up the pen against the concept of the book while the formula mad hook, spoon-feeding rote chaos back. At this point, the teacher of a few words to me from the mire of depression dragged out: , a felony offenders, such as a sudden get acquitted of pleasure and comfortable. Exam coming, twenty minutes I was late. Remembered that he did not eat breakfast, then bought in the examination room next to the egg pie munching up. Invigilator to come out, I started to see the lecture. I desperately want to explain to his mouth stuffed with food, issued a babble of voices, not to speak like a baby. I walked into the classroom and find their seats, but can not find the papers. I understand what the original, the title is read to the spot by the examiners of candidates. I wrote a white paper on the question number 1 to 15, but found the location to write irrational, desperate grab rubber, and found my hands clutching the pen rather than pencil ..... . extremely anxious I awoke from a dream,dr dre headphones, palm full of sweat.
recall many times a student tests. Whatever the test, every time I still unsatisfactory results. Test scores, student evaluation of you as an important indicator. Now look at this indicator is much too simple, lack of comprehensiveness and some objectivity. Have their own personality, people living in social groups in turn determines the person has social, which is common. How to improve our self, to change some personality to better reflect the social nature of this commonality, this is a problem for many people. Come be long and winding road, need to keep learning and to ask, to discover and solve problems.

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not want to row when the row or rows may still have residual sensation,dr dre beats pro, constipation and painful experience to taste more and more people. Most people's reasons for constipation, is often bad habits, in addition to changes in diet, the lot of points and the large intestine shu tributary massage can also help stimulate gastrointestinal motility, to eliminate constipation. -



old man's recipe is her father's grandfather passed down as family treasures, before the rural people are very conservative, definitely not something ancestral exposed, and to her this generation, children and grandchildren is not a career in medicine, only their love recipe, but we believe the hospital, not so easy to dispense! According to the old man say, this recipe was so good, such as a woman to have menstrual stool, stopped two days! To say the magic that only the patient in person to verify it!

by Zusanli only when the stomach pains stomach pain, rubbing his legs with dual thumb Zusanli. Zusanli three inches under the knee, lateral tibial Wang pointed, to be a tingling sense of expansion after 3 to 5 minutes, the stomach can be reduced significantly or even disappear. -

Dachangshu in the fourth lumbar spinous process, from about an inch out of five (slightly wider than the thumb). Methods: The finger for the next push, or do loop-like massage. -

constipation pinch like


related tips: Acupressure small business administration hiccup hiccup attack points, acupressure points can be made small business. Small business outside of the thumb hole, away from the nail root Angle 3 mm. Patients can thumb and index finger pressed small business points, to have a sense for the degree of pain, for 0.5 to 1 minute hiccups lasts.



pinch when the nail root relieve angina angina pectoris, nitroglycerin moment can not find the films, others can be a pinch the thumb nail root in patients that have had significant pain, can also be a pinch a up, adhere to the 3 to 5 minutes, the symptoms can be alleviated.

point pressure Tianshu Point cure constipation constipation in the stool to the left side of his left middle finger pressure point Tianshu Point (located near the navel straight down to 1 cm 3 cm) on to a clear sense of soreness that is, hold down fixed, adhere to a minute or so there will be Italy, then breath, increased intra-abdominal pressure, can defecation. -

today reluctantly part with this ancestral give you hemorrhoid remedies, cure, disease-free self-defense! Also called a few private clinics, to get my prescription, it does not earn dirty money, in fact, dispensing spend much money, to pay attention to ethics, life among the sick who can not? Who without difficulty, if we take other people's difficulties to make money, I believe that people in society more difficult, the poor to more difficult problems are more money! Stop there, no BS! First prescription issued a come:


catechu 5 grams, 5 grams silence, borneol 0.5 grams (sold in pharmacies over the shamisen), chlorpheniramine buy a medicine, a strong pine, these traditional Chinese medicine , Western research into the end together, and mix thoroughly with chlortetracycline ointment spare. After each stool, wash the affected area with salt water, and then coated with ointment. Usually once every 3-7 days, within external hemorrhoids can be cured. Provide prescription good-hearted people say: during the treatment must not eat chili, drink, eat cold food Mo! Remember!

Acupressure temple just general headaches headache, the patient can press the head, hands and index finger were bilateral temple (the temple in the middle of the brow with the back an inch outside corner depression), the pressure to pain, and rotating rubbing about 1 minute, headaches can be reduced. -

Usually drink plenty of water, regular consumption of: 1, whole pine wild

nosebleed nosebleed pinch the heel stop immediately when the patients with thumb and index finger pinching the heel (calcaneus ankle and foot depression between), pinch the right foot with the left nasal bleeding, nasal bleeding, pinching the right left with, when to stop the bleeding.

all insects (scorpions) 6 grams, day insects (silkworm) 6 grams of 15 raw eggs. Whole insects, insect days baking on the yellow tile, into powder, the eggs break a small hole into each one-fifteenth of drugs is not, mix, seal steamed empty stomach before going to bed every night to eat eggs a drug , once every 15 for a course of treatment.


Various types of hemorrhoids: hemorrhoids cure this trick no recurrence

squeeze pressure jaws of death that is pale governance syncope syncope, nausea, vomit, cold sweats and even unconscious. At this point, others can be used in patients with thumb and index finger pinch pressure jaws of death (ie, Hoku), squeeze pressure of 10 remaining, the general can awake. -


In addition, dry mint to take 5 grams brew with hot water to drink, can effectively relieve constipation. Or a small amount of black sesame and almond powder mixed with water to drink brew.

tributary middle point at the back of the hand on the silver stripes at the wrist. Methods: hand pointing for the next push, or as ring-like massage. -

but that recipe is not for everyone, and some results were not clear it! Anyway, no side effects, even if I send you a gift, huh, huh! If you do not understand in my space message, try not to call me, because to go to work! Hope you bear with it!

visited every day, the latest collection of recipe to share with you, to ensure real and effective, if you have confused, if you are unwell, seek medical attention if everywhere to no avail, I can give you someone else rule Good disease remedies, and do not charge any fees until healed! !





Acupressure Neiguan only small ailments due to vomiting can cause vomiting, finger pressure can Neiguan stop vomiting, which closed after a two-inch hole in the palm (with body-inch, the same below), Office of the between the two tendons, the pressure to have a sense of soreness that is described in points, about 1 minute stop vomiting. -



formula and usage:

This side is simple and easy to master, no pain, remarkable efficacy, without any side effects. This side to cure hemorrhoids than 300 cases, no recurrence or invalid.


they go to a good article ,Beats By Dr Dre Pro Detox, ah ha ha , happy















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I want small, even pitiful , I'm just on my life , for myself , to have a thorough explanation.

I want in this life , you have to bear and live with my memories ; I think this life , I generally like the ghosts all around you . I know I curse in a deep , no one can break ,beats by dre solo HD, but my own .

I know you, not accidental .

Ermenegildo Zegna: ErmenegildoZegna, Italian men's boutique, was founded in 1910, products include suits, sweaters, casual wear and underwear. Former U.S. President Bill Clinton, former French President Francois Mitterrand, Britain's Prince Charles, Hollywood movie star Clark have publicly to show his Zegna. Zegna entered China in 1991, it now has become China's fourth-largest market. The brand offers customized services, including the price of 116,000 yuan a suit, making only 50 sets per year. Normal shirt price more than 265 U.S. dollars, at least one first-time buyers ordered three. Store in mainland China, the author had seen a dozen customers a tailor-made a shirt, with a total value of nearly four million, if you buy toilet paper, you can buy a 40000 tube, to eat hot pot in Chengdu, Sichuan, can one make 2000 people eat.

Armani: Armani, the Italian brand, the most advanced and elegant costumes, the brand was founded in 1975, products such as clothing, perfumes, jewelry, watches, cosmetics, home decoration.
Since the brand inception, almost all of the actress have had close contact with the Academy Awards, Cannes Film Festival, you can see well-designed Armani suit dress.
2005 The brand's new Privecollection suit series, priced from 200,000 to 700,000 yuan range. Its flagship brand Qiaozhi Ou Armani has been widely respected by the successful people in the stores in mainland China, one containing 43% cotton, 57% of the blended material T-shirt price 7900 yuan, equivalent to a blue-collar workers in Mainland China annual salary, if you buy into a pencil donor children out of school, you can buy 40,000, with 40 per year, allowing a child to spend 1000. Dunhill: Dunhill, the British brand products, including men's, leather goods, lighters, pipes, watches, men's accessories. Picasso, Elvis, Churchill, King Alfonso of Spain, Norway, Duke of Kent, the King of Siam, the king of Egypt, Prince of the Netherlands, India, Grand Duke, Duke of Windsor have is the brand's loyal customers. Dunhill pipe has always been a gentleman who loved the price
easily up thousands of dollars. Dunhill store in mainland China, the price of 5750 yuan a windproof lighter, you can buy 2000 pounds of eggs, if used to buy tofu, you can buy six tons, eat five pounds, a person can eat nearly seven years.

Chanel: Chanel, the world's top women's, founded in 1913 in Paris, France, products including women's, perfumes, cosmetics, leather goods, watches, jewelry, sunglasses, shoes and various accessories. The famous double C logo to the world of celebrity crazy, in stores in mainland China, a price close to Ms. leather $ 70,000 a night at eight yuan terms, this leather can make a homeless homeless live in cheap hotels for 22 years; by five yuan a bowl design, this leather can buy 14000 bowl of beef noodles, enough for a middle-aged labor-eat for eight years.

Ferragamo: Salvatoreferragamo, a model of the Italian name shoes. Brand was founded in the twenties, products include fashion, leather goods, watches, shoes and various accessories, etc.
Ferragamo shoe is widely respected art and craft, won the country's favorite celebrities, the Singer Madonna, the actress Audrey Saleh, Sophia Loren, Marilyn Monroe, star Michael Jordan, former U.S. President Bill Clinton, British Princess Diana, the Duke of Windsor his wife, Mrs. Marcos in the Philippines, etc.
have is the brand's loyal fans. Store in mainland China, a pair of Ferragamo shoes priced at more than 5,000 yuan, I have seen a once Wenzhou businessmen bought four pairs of shoes in different styles, the total price of more than two million. Money if you buy into a cheap detergent, you can buy a million bales; buy oranges in October, you can buy more than seven tons.

Rafael: Lafite, synonymous with superb wine in France. Rafael Fort Medoc wine region in Bordeaux producing points early in the eighteenth century into the court of Louis XV Mikimoto, 1855 was named one of Bordeaux's top wineries, several hundred years, and won the national nobility celebrities alike. Novel worth $ 160,000 bottle of 1787 wine, bottle immediately Jefferson, third president of the United States of initials, is the history of one of the most expensive wines. Another bottle of the same engraved Th.J. mark, is also produced in 1787 Margaux (Margot) Chateau red wine, has called out the high price of $ 500,000, broken after the accident, the insurance only paid up to $ 225,000 payment that is many, became the most expensive broken bottle. Hotel in mainland China, a bottle of red wine in 1982 Rafael price 28,888 yuan, the equivalent of five Chinese workers annual wages, if you buy an ordinary bulk wine, you can buy fifteen tons.

world luxury of the Kingdom of luxury goods sales in Japan

we look at the world-famous French luxury brand Louis Vuitton shop in Asian countries and regions, the distribution and abundance, we can know how the Japanese and the luxury of a relationship. Louis Vuitton in the Philippines, Vietnam and Macau, China, respectively, one in India, Guam, respectively, two, three in Indonesia, four in Singapore, there are six in Hong Kong, in Taiwan there are eight (including In Taipei, 4), 13 in mainland China (Guangzhou has two), 19 in Korea (Seoul, nine of them in), while in Japan there are 50 of them in Kyoto and Yokohama, respectively, two, 4 Osaka, Nagoya 5, there are 12 in Tokyo.
Through this comparison, that Louis Vuitton products in the world's largest selling family of Japan, is entirely the fact that Louis Vuitton sales in Japan accounted for 37% of its full-year, the Japanese like Louis Vuitton luggage and handbags to crazy levels. Walking in the street, you can always see people with Louis Vuitton handbags, and coffee shops in places such as shopping and found that many people use portable Louis Vuitton wallet and other small objects, some people have a different style 20 and the use of Louis Vuitton luggage and handbags. In 2002 a branch opened in Ginza in Tokyo that day, people line up at the door waiting for up to one kilometer, and then separated by only two years, Louis Vuitton in the Ginza area with a bustling open a new store.

gathered Omotesando flagship store
though Ginza is famous at home and abroad affluent area of ​​high-end consumer, but because of his consumption level and the site is already saturated, almost no building development, then became Omotesando emerging consumer area, now known Omotesando straight up, as if to go Omotesando in Tokyo do not know, like the Japanese fashion. Omotesando is lower than the overall consumer age Ginza, so whether it was the physical environment of trees, or gathered in Omotesando flagship store of the offensive, have a great threat to the Ginza.

first to enter the world famous commodity Omotesando is Italy's a piece of 550 square meters of land, the Benetton shop in the street now occupy a very good location, walking in Omotesando this most important streets, often can be judged from the sound off from a distance a red Ferrari .

In fact, from the perspective of fashion, luxury goods Omotesando tide over Ginza. Omotesando main street of the street except those Dior, Benetton, Armani flagship store and other outside, as though the famous Harajuku shop area known as the

then First, the famous Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake's shop, in his opposite is Rei Kawakubo's fashion, and Yohji Yamamoto, a plant as black flagship store, but because Yamamoto did not join and star architect together the trend, so as flagship store size and reputation have been very eye-catching. The depths of the street there is the Italian MIU MIU, which is a rare style of architecture and interior design, it's next to the Japanese emperor NIGO fashion shop. Summer of 2003, was born in the same diamond tip as a building, that is by the Swiss architects Herzog and De Meuron-designed Prada Tokyo, the building became regional high-grade, star architects and fashion brand success stories together, it is Prada falling land prices in Japan in 1999, allegedly with a 6 billion yen to buy the former Sakura Bank has 950 square meters of land on the building, which is the largest in Asia Prada The flagship store, flagship store gathered from Omotesando faster. After that, the famous Japanese architect Ito Ren Xiong's TOD'S Italian leather flagship store was completed in 2004, which is a long-awaited construction industry is the point of view from the outside a very different type of building.

flagship store together with star architect
Tokyo Ginza has been an affluent area of ​​high-end consumer, whether it is day or night consumption are constantly, as long as 24 point night as a look at the long queue waiting for the same taxi fleet Guests go home, I know the consumption of Ginza. However, turning to the consumer flagship store, flagship store to feel together with the star architect of this new trend, should also be invited from the Louis Vuitton shop in Ginza Japanese architect Atsushi Aoki after conversion.

modified after the brand new Louis Vuitton shop in Ginza, in fact, store itself is a large department store in the corner, both sides of the street, because the surface effect is very charming shops, so that Louis Vuitton flagship store and move immediately into two major topic of the construction industry, it not only affects the same industry, but similar to the Ginza stores throughout the region a huge impact, we race comparisons, so the flagship store of the conversion and entered the Ginza become the trend.

Hermes in Ginza sites are very crowded piece of land, was modified several times, but without success, and later invited the 1970s had designed the Pompidou Cultural Center of the Italian architect Piano, a redesigned 14-story high glass brick as a building by a transparent glass skin of the building, its intensity is only 100 meters more than it is separated from the Louis Vuitton store, it also eclipsed the neighbors Sony Center Building.

Hermes Ginza store is 4 floors and 1 underground floor, the business area of ​​1150 square meters, in a very narrow lot building an all-glass façade thin, it is a challenge. However, the Japanese architect Renzo Piano from the ancient wooden five-storied pagoda structure to obtain inspiration, the perfect solution to structural problems. The ribbon-cutting ceremony at the shop, and he came to Tokyo several times Peano partner famous Japanese sculptor of the new palace wind Jin, to appreciate the sensation of this building. Piano worked in the West Sea off the new airport to show their skills in various Jin Palace, Ginza Hermes has a new building outside the famous Palace Jin wind sculpture, showing a very high value Italian architect, architecture, business and the arts integration relationship.

Hermes Ginza shop the day, mainly to young women queue up to several hundred customers who lined up the situation this early in the morning until the weekend. Then Hermes sales in Japan reached more than 300 billion yen. Hermes in 2004 next to strife, a snow white Dior Ginza store, although the exterior material is not glass, but all-white and the clever use of lighting design, visual effects overwhelm the hair with yellow Hermes glass building.

2002 completed in the fall of Louis Vuitton Omotesando store, also designed by Louis Vuitton Ginza store as a sterile wooden sun, but this is a separate building, has 8 floors and 2 underground floors of the building. Louis Vuitton sales in Japan have reached hundreds of billions of yen, global sales account for about 1 / 3. Here we can not deny that the fashion star architect architectural design, to improve the reputation of the old flagship store and gather customer has a direct relationship.

flagship store and the artists together

flagship store in Tokyo's world of intense competition cases, in addition to building homes together with the refreshed image of the star, but also to create update the topic, that is to employ super- artists to the old luxury inject new blood. Louis Vuitton Omotesando store opened in time, by special invitation is now not only in Japan but also in the world belongs to a popular artist Takashi Murakami to do the design. Takashi Murakami's art style from the animation effects, but how can this new art into the Louis Vuitton back in a hundred years it has been setting the style before. Takashi Murakami at first I felt confused, but Murakami's wisdom is that he is capable of controlling any kind of situation, he cleverly used the words of Louis Vuitton's symbol, the cartoon villain who fly a happy combination of delicate symbols in the text.

In fact, the initial confusion Takashi Murakami is a pure art from his leader, then bent in a commercial, would damage the image of the artist? The results, however, as the art of planning people have said: Takashi Murakami is down the wall between art and business people.
Louis Vuitton in 2003 and then prepared in Tokyo's Roppongi Hills opened a new store, however, than the other construction projects around the commercial facilities a bit late, but Louis Vuitton Roppongi's campaign is still very fierce, they began to Takashi Murakami walked onto the stage, the scene of the containment building, and made a huge white circle above are full of Takashi Murakami's very easy to identify the Louis Vuitton Takashi Murakami plus symbol, not its propaganda effect of low in the shop when the glory.

Louis Vuitton Roppongi Atsushi Aoki-based design or in the three architects to complete, which is the latest heavyweight Tokyo flagship store, shop Louis Vuitton show many of the suitcase more than a century, these show objects on the one hand people feel it's history,Justbeats By Dr Dre, as people recollected, while the limit on the suitcase in the functional design, so we feel it is beyond the general commodity value of art.

luxury consumers have the luxury

cultural roots, their goal are the following: display of wealth, recognition aesthetic value, reliable high-quality, display quality of the props. If the analysis by investment bankers, a country's average income above $ 1,000, the community will undergo a comprehensive upgrade of consumption structure, from subsistence to the development and enjoyment transformation. Japan's average annual income per person through the line ten times already, and now the Japanese have the same luxury as a necessity to use. French brand Hermes has spent 40 years in Japan, set up their own image, in the past 30 years it has been and Seibu group cooperation, and joint ventures set up a branch, this branch was acquired 100% of the shares, only in Ginza in 2001 opened his own flagship stores. Hermes operators we can understand some of Japan's luxury consumer psychology.

Japan is advocating sophisticated crafts, arts and crafts as they call this art, Hermes sales success in Japan, and it is recognition and respect for Japanese products, the value of the hand, Japan has devoted to products magazine Hermes operators that, from a cultural perspective, this relationship is the foundation of Japanese society is perfect. Therefore, the construction of the first Hermes in Ginza flagship outlet store, the special leave of the building's eighth floor as a gallery Japanese artist to represent Hermes enterprises in the arts and Japanese consumers have common values.

the world's top luxury goods list

Martell Martell
main products: drinks score: 33.1
Martell family from 1715 onwards, they began to brew high quality cognac. Today, Martell cognac long been known around the world at all levels. Brewed Cognac way, in addition to access cognac connoisseurs praise, but also need to provide different levels for different flavors of wine. Martell, with its rich tradition of experience and possession of a large amount of alcohol, it can maintain the superior quality of wine, consistently.

Adui Audi
main products: cars score: 32.9
Audi is a fine tradition with a long history and production of the famous luxury cars of the Volkswagen Group in Germany four brands. A pioneer in the automotive industry, Mr. Horch Horch company was established in 1899, founded after the 1910 Audi. At that time, the two power companies in the manufacture of high-end cars and racing ahead of peers. Audi has introduced innovative technology companies in the past century in the history of the salient features.

Ritz-carlton Ritz-Carlton
Main products: Hotel Main Products: Hotel Score: 32.7
Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Hong Kong, Connaught Road Central - Hong Kong's business district, adjacent to the major financial institutions. The hotel has 216 rooms including 27 suites and 2 presidential suites, both views of Victoria Harbour, Central Chater Garden and the charming and beautiful scenery, the hotel and the Star Ferry and the Peak Tram station also swept away. Rooms equipped with dual-line telephones with international direct dial phone, mini bar with drinks plenty of refrigerators, washing the body between the Italian marble.

Piaget Piaget
main products: watches score: 32.3
since its inception in 1874, Earl has always been committed to enhancing creativity, modification details and integration of technology and other aspects of watches and jewelry, reflecting the premium brand of style. Earl was originally specialized in the research and manufacture of watch movements, and later further to the exquisite art jewelry techniques, was able in the 1960s introduced the first jewelry watch. Count has been self-transcendence, outstanding ability, especially good at research and development of rare, precious and unique works.
Ermenegildo Zegna Zegna
main products: Fashion score: 32.1
Zegna was born in 1901 - a small town in the Alps by Ermenegildo Zegna was founded. His strategy focuses on the market from the original collection of the best raw materials, improve the production process technology, and brand promotion. In 1960, Ermenegildo Zegna's sons inherited his father business, they lead the company to the clothing market, and the development of men's clothing line located in the world's top men's market.

Parker Parker
Main Products: Pens score: 31
Parker, from start to finish is a sight to behold, Zoran outstanding pen of nobility, it's the classic technology and innovation has created a Marie to share models, as witness the eternal symbol of honor in the world enjoy the pen altar. Its business philosophy:

Bacardi Bacardi
main products: wines score: 30.3
Bacardi rum, wine importer for the nineteenth century Cuba 法 Mr. Kong Du Knack under results. He developed a perfect distillation and hybrid procedures, together with the local specialty syrup, brewed with alcohol, and, net and other characteristics of the spirits. Today, the Bacardi rum producers still is the law Mr. Kong Du descendants. Bacardi liquor store in the manipulation of American white oak wine quality fresh and smooth, mellow fragrance.

Bugatti Bugatti
main products: cars score: 30.2
Bugatti sedan cars of Italy, it is 埃托尔布加 Di was born in an artistic world at home, apart from in the arts have deep knowledge, but also on various mechanical design technology also has a deep understanding of technology and art so he naturally blend together, so people tell what areas of his work is art and what is technology works, this is the Bugatti car's unique artistic style.

Audemars Pigeut Audemars Piguet
main products: watches score: 30.1
in 1889 at the Tenth International Watch Fair in Paris, the Grand Complication Audemars Piguet table Tuo exhibition, exquisite design attracted a great response, fame, renowned for Audemars Piguet in the table altar set a lofty position. Today, Audemars Piguet Audemars and Piguet families in the fourth-generation descendants under the leadership of highly successful, well received by the respected watch connoisseurs and collectors, the world's Top Ten Lists.

Bvgari Bvlgari
Main Products: Jewelry score: 29.6
from Italy's world famous jewelry Bvlgari, was born 140 years, with its bold design, unique style is known, in hot pursuit of celebrities around the world, much favored by royalty. Bvlgari each piece, are permeated with the spirit of excellence. In Greek and Roman civilization, under inspiration, Bvlgari design has experienced unprecedented prosperity, a Bvlgari most significant and most stirring part.

Fendi Biga Fendi
main products: name packet score: 29.5
image of the noble French brand Fendi, the leather was originally a fur shop in Rome. This shop young AdeleCasagrande began operating in 1918, after years as Adele1925 renamed married Edoardo Fendi and Fendi, to continue to develop high-quality leather fur products. Today, Fendi has been towards this third generation family business.

Vacheron Constantin Vacheron Constantin
main products: watches
score: 28.7
founded in 1775, Vacheron Constantin has been 250 years of history, is the world's most a long, watch one of the longest duration. Founder Jean Marc Vacheron (Jean-Marc Vacheron) was a profound writer. Vacheron Constantin known as the nobility of art, the Swiss watch industry has been playing a key role. Currently under Swiss Richemont. In 2005 the world's top luxury brands list

Bentley 100 Bentley
main products: car score: 50.1
Bentley (Bentley) in 1920 to create his own automobile company, began designing and manufacturing his dream sports car for many years. Bentley Rolls-Royce as a sports car, has now reached about 60% of the product share. Rolls-Royce and Bentley luxury car models is the difference between sports car layout, tight driving structural adjustment and more power.

Burj Al-Arab Burj
Main products: Hotel Score: 49.3
opened in December 1999, a total of 202 superior rooms, built 280 meters away from the coastline, the artificial island Jumeirah Beach Resort. Burj project took five years and two and a half years to fill out the artificial island in the Arabian Sea, with 2 and a half years in the building itself, Burj blend of the latest architectural and engineering technology, stunning scenery and shape, so that It looks as if the sky and blend.

Rolex Rolex
Main Products: watch score: 48.7
By the German Hans • Wise Astoria with the British Davis in 1905 in Renton partnership. 1908, Wise Astoria in Switzerland La Chaux-de-Fonds registered the After nearly a century of efforts, the Geneva-based Rolex company already has its 19 branches. Annual output of 450,000 watches left and right. A very large market share of brand-name watches.

Chanel Chanel
Main Products: fashion, perfume score: 48.4
Chanel 80 years of experience is a well-known brand, Chanel Fashion has always elegant, simple, elegant style, she good at breaking, early 40's on the success of Chanel best understanding of women, Chanel's range of products, European and American upper-class women in society and even spread the word

Estée Lauder Estee Lauder
main products: cosmetics score: 47.9
World War II, a small company was born in New York, mainly the sale of four kinds of skin care products. It is by Estee and Joseph Lauder • • • Lauder Estee Lauder established the predecessor company, has now become the world's largest skin care, cosmetics and fragrance company, and continues to expand their business. Estee Lauder Companies under the branches of other famous brands such as Clinique, Aramis, Bobbi • Brown, Mark, original, Jane, Donna Karan, etc.

Tiffany Tiffany
Main Products: Jewelry score: 47.6Tiffany rich glow of the design characteristics of the United States,
sober clarity and elegance in each exciting Tiffany design reflects the natural integration . Excellent design is not entirely a luxury, boasting more than frivolous, but really shock the mind works. Tiffany jewelry each section has its own spiritual space. Whether it is exquisite dazzling or calm restrained, so that you can feel the culture of Tiffany brand distant.

Mercedes Mercedes (Mercedes)
main products: car score: 47
world's top ten car companies, according to Germany's largest car company in sales, according to production is ranked second. Founded in 1926, is the founder Karl Benz and Gottlieb • • Daimler. Its predecessor was established in 1886, Benz and Daimler car factory. Mercedes-Benz is the world's oldest manufacturers, but also manufacturers a consistent management style. Now, Mercedes-Benz car company divided by the high-quality, high-performance luxury cars known, it is also the world's most famous bus and heavy truck manufacturer.

Gianni versace Versace
main products: Fashion score: 46.8
Versace's design style is very distinctive, unique and highly aesthetic art pioneer, emphasizing the fun and sexy, he pluck classical nobility style, luxury, extravagance Korea, but also give full consideration to wear comfortable and appropriate display size. Versace good use of noble and luxurious fabrics, with the bias cut way, in the rigid geometric lines and soft curves of the body between the clever transition, Versace suits, skirts, coats and so on to the line marked, sexy women to express the body. Versace brand main target is royalty and celebrities.

Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton
main products: leather goods, luggage score: 46.2
Louis vuitton, founder of the first generation of 19th century aristocrats who specializes in making bags technician. LV, only used the quality of the people know best. Has often been pointed at the body of the LV bag, LV wallet or out, said: slightly darker, there is no obvious edge wear. A representative of the old masters of leather goods and quality refined taste.

Hennessy Hennessy
main products: Advanced Cognac score: 46.1
Hennessy (Hennessy) the name of the original from Richard • Hennessy (RichardHennessy) named , Royal supply drinking Hennessy was reached 26 years, in 1815 by the French emperor Hennessy was in 1765 (IrishmanRichardHennessy) times, order record book shows that the order quantity as much as to the main UK and other major cities.

American Express American Express
main products: Travel Credit score: 45.9
American Express (American Express), founded in 1850. After 150 years of innovation and progressive growth, American Express has become the world's most trusted leading travel service marks. The advanced quality control systems, customer management systems to ensure the continued growth of the American Express brand. Is already well-known abroad, especially in the services brand in Europe and America. American Express credit card to become

Johnnie Walker Johnnie Walker
main products: whiskey score: 45.7
United Brewery Group (UNITED DISTILLERS) owned by Johnnie Walker whiskey, Scotch whiskey is a model. Johnnie Walker family business since since 1820, with the total deployment of the division of fine ancient technology and dedication, has maintained the quality and characteristics of the original, award-winning internationally. In 1996, the Joint Group of more wine in the world's most prestigious international wine competition was named the world's best wine group.

Louis Vuitton: Louis Vuitton, referred to as LV, founded in 1854 to work fine and beautiful travel bags, known for products including leather goods, luggage, travel accessories, men's women's, pens, watches. One hundred and fifty years ago, Louis Vuitton, elegant, quality, and comfortable LV 2004 new product launch held in Hong Kong, Zhang Ziyi a fashion model worth $ 760,000, together RMB six hundred million. In mainland China shops, a trolley suitcase price of more than 18,000 yuan, if you buy an ordinary suitcase, you can buy two hundred if you buy into the rice, you can buy eight tons

Mont Blanc: Mont Blanc, also translated as Mengbang, Mont Blanc, the classic writing instrument synonymous with Mercedes-Benz (Mercedes-Benz), Mark (Mark) were referred to as the German
brand was founded in 1906, products include luxury watches, high quality leather goods, men's fashion accessories, the user, including Queen Elizabeth, President Kennedy, the Pope and the great writer Ernest Hemingway and other celebrities. The company has a Royal diamond fountain pen, diamond pieces inlaid with 4810, the price of RMB 120 million. General section of the pen more than 2,300 yuan price, if you buy an ordinary ballpoint pen, you can buy 4000; if you buy bread, you can buy a 3000.

Luo Tesi: Lotos, the world's most expensive glasses supplier, founded in 1872, the brand products, including watches, eyewear and jewelry. The company's glasses all made by hand, usually only for orders. The most expensive pair of glasses on the set of 44 diamonds, priced at about 50 million euros, 500 million yuan RMB, the buyer is a woman in Switzerland. In addition, there are about 10 million price, € 200,000, ranging from high-priced glasses. An optical shop in Beijing on the counter, the company's most popular products, the most expensive pair of glasses price of 35,000 yuan, equivalent to 30 sets of 24-inch-made color TV, if you buy into the pork, you can buy 7,000 pounds.

Bentley: Bentley, Bentley has translated to luxury, the luxury of the rich famous concept car, the Queen of England designated Yu Jia. Bentley sedan is the most commendable excellent selection of crafts and harsh, each car would need at least 400 high-quality leather, about 15 head of cattle, are the finest walnut wood required tree tumor. Bentley Extended Edition 728 price 8.88 million yuan, the flagship version of the elegant Mulliner728 price of 11.88 million yuan, car sales in China ranks first in the world, only the purchase tax is equivalent to a Mercedes S320, a car vice manual curtain worth about 170,000 yuan, if you buy ordinary curtains, you can buy the 17,000 meters, the equivalent of two Mount Everest; If you buy a coat, you can buy a 4000.

Christian Dior: ChristianDior, the French brand, synonymous with beautiful women. Founded in 1946, products in addition to haute couture, haute couture, there are perfumes, furs, scarves, sweaters, underwear, cosmetics, jewelry and shoes. 2004 Cannes Film Festival, Hong Kong actress Kelly Chen dressed in evening wear CD, only the price of accessories close to two million Hong Kong dollars.
Spice Girl Victoria Beckham has been the company of their husband ordered a bottle of perfume CliveChristian price over 30,000 pounds, nearly 40 million yuan, if this bottle of perfume into bottled pure water, can change 40,000 barrels, to buy domestic water, you can buy 12 million cubic meters, enough for a family of three home 300 years.
Gucci (Gucci)
Gucci brand has been known to produce high-end luxury products, whether it is shoes, bags or clothing, are Between the production in Florence, the young 古奇欧古奇 (Guccio Gucci) Gucci as a symbol will be printed on top of those leather products. And early in his noble work in London luxury hotels (Ritz) in the kitchen when that day witnessed the rich carry off fine and beautiful travel bag, Gucci has decided to return home in Italy, began making Gucci logo bag box .

1989, the Dawn Mello (Dawn Mello) was appointed as its vice president and creative guidance. Over the years, painstakingly and maintenance of Gucci's luxury products and luxury image, Mello added, on the one hand to the existing high-end luxury brand line of products to maintain the elegant aristocratic taste, on the other hand, a new series dedicated to the development of the traditional aristocratic drama elements and the true feelings of modern life combine to make a symbol of the glory of yesterday's luxury brand to become a

1994 years later, Tom Ford (Tom Ford) to make Gucci look. 97 spring and summer fashion far published, his works such as low open-collar asymmetric shape, similar to the twenties arrived back straight body design and the use of black fabric, won the essence of haute couture fashion sense and strong. Since April 1997, after the store opened in Shanghai, Gucci bags, shoes and into the new darling of women in Shanghai.

Bobai Li: Burberry, also translated as Burberry, Burberry banana, a typical representative of the elegant British-style, golf course in China, a noble person reception, you can see the classic stripes / squares mark. Brand was founded in 1856, products include clothing, perfumes, furs, scarves, sweaters and shoes. Respectively in 1955 and 1989, two British royal family to delegated
the Store in mainland China in a women's wool coat price of about two million, with Bo Baili classic signs umbrella cost about 1,200 yuan, a pet dog for the production of dog jacket price 2995 yuan , according to Miss shopping guide introduced a dog a minimum of four this winter dog jacket, because --- tuition fees, equivalent to wearing a Chinese peasant life, but now, just a dog a winter clothing costs.

Rolex: Rolex, the Swiss watch industry is a classic brand, founded in 1908, with solemn, practical, not flashy style widely successful people loved, a U.S. star Shaquille O'Neal has given his teammates 24 Hong Kong Chief Executive Tung Chee-hwa is a dignified and elegant wrist Rolex steel table. Britney Spears has bought one of their husband's Rolex watches worth £ 65,000, together RMB 80 million. Vietnam's last emperor, Bao Dai had to wear a Rolex gold watch, was photographed at auction in Geneva, 342 000 Swiss francs, together RMB 200 million yuan. Oyster Perpetual GMT type Ⅱ Everest table is the first one watch, be the mouth of the brand's entry-level products, price 39300 yuan, if you buy a domestic mid-range watches, you can buy more than 400 pieces, buy urea, can buy 26 tons.

Versace: Versace, Versace brand from Italy Versace created a fashion empire, Gianni Versace's fashion permeates every area of ​​life, Versace brand distinctive style and unique beauty, a strong avant-garde art characterization of it swept the globe.
Gianni Versace SpA Group is the world's leading international fashion design hall, by the decade in 1979, one of the most talented designer Gianni Versace in Milan was founded, so far, Gianni Versace SpA Group is a worldwide symbol of Italian luxury. Gianni Versace SpA group than in the international fashion design has high status, and will in Atelier Versace VERSACE brand series, popular clothing, jewelry, accessories, perfumes, cosmetics and furniture products, manufacturing, sales to the world, will VERSACE fashion and the style spread to the world.


Cartier: Cartier, the French brand, founded in 1847, the products are extremely expensive jewelry and watches, including leather goods, eyewear, writing instruments, lighters and so on. 150 years between the nobility and highly respected celebrities, whom King Edward VIII's abdication Duchess of Windsor, on the collection tray with four specially designed the Cartier jewelry company, which has four jewelry China exhibited, immeasurable value to Kashmir cut rounded sapphire. Prince's wedding in Monaco, Princess Margulies o Kelly wearing rings, necklace and crown is full of Cartier's masterpiece.
Camellia platinum Cartier necklace, worth about 25 million yuan; shaped emerald, worth about 67 million yuan. Store in China in a stainless steel key ring price of 1,800 yuan, you can buy half a ton of steel.
Wedgwood: Wedgwood, also translated as Victoria Wood branch, the world's most exquisite porcelain, synonymous with quality. So that in the eighteenth century created the brand, products are successful people and celebrities of the world's respected, who Catherine II of Russia Nvsha Huang specially crafted tableware, the famous Britain has become a national treasure. In 1793 the British ambassador to China mission, Wedgwood china is one of the gifts dedicated to the Emperor Qianlong. Wedgwood bone china containers as the main raw material of animal bone meal, amazing endurance, four coffee cups can hold up a fifteen tons of heavy earth-moving vehicles. Price is also very expensive, the stores in mainland China, the price of a Wedgwood bowl up to a thousand dollars. Australia has a bit because the former minister had bought a Wedgwood tea set and a fierce attack by the opposition, this tea set price $ 3,154, together about 26,000 RMB yuan, 180 can buy a rice cooker.







方法:把当时的时间除以2,得到的数字的指针对准太阳的方向,则12点所对的方向即为北方.例如,下午两点即14点,beats by dre sale,除2得7,把7点的位置对准太阳的方向,则12的方向就是北方.






也有人说 买回来的绿豆放进冰箱冷冻一周后再拿出来,就不会生虫了。


一、 用鸡蛋壳清理瓶子里的油污。家里装酱油、醋的瓶子时间久了会有很多污垢,手又够不着,可以把鸡蛋壳担碎后放在里面,加少量水,反复晃动,就可以清理干净了。
二、 用矿泉水瓶子把鸡蛋与蛋清分离。把鸡蛋打入碗中,用捏扁的矿泉水瓶子对着蛋黄轻轻一吸,就可以把蛋黄吸出来了,试试看。
三、 巧煮绿豆汤:洗净的绿豆放入锅中炒五六分钟,边炒边碾压。然后放入锅中煮,这样容易煮烂,而且豆和皮不分家。
四、 如何把袋装的醋倒入瓶中?把袋装的醋放在带把的杯子中,然后再剪一个小口,再往瓶子里倒非常方便,而且不会外漏。
五、 煮豆浆妙招:先加入少许凉水,再倒入豆浆煮,不会糊锅。
六、 饼干防潮:家中买的饼干时间久了会潮,口感不好,在饼干里放几块方块糖,问题就解决了。
七、 杯子上有了茶垢怎么办?用牙膏来清除,方便快捷。
八、 电池的负极涂上蜡,防跑电。大家都知道买回来的电池如果长时间不用的话,它的电量会自然减少,用这个方法可以有效地防止电量流失,有实验为证哦。
九、 家中剪刀不利了怎么办?剪刀如果比较钝了,用它剪易拉罐,越剪越锋利,跟磨过了一样。

十、 巧揭膏药:膏药粘在皮肤上揭得时候会比较痛,把润肤油涂在膏药表面再揭就好多了。
02.毛笔叉恢复:分把分叉的毛笔放到鸡蛋清里面沾沾 沾到一起后放到通风处晾干后就焕然一新了。


112 、生活窍门:减少洗衣粉泡沫的窍门:往洗涤液中加少量肥皂粉,泡沫会显着减少。若用洗衣机洗衣,可在洗衣缸里放一杯醋,洗衣粉泡沫就会消失。

113 、生活窍门:在服用四环素类药物时,不宜吃豆腐,因豆腐中含有较多钙,用盐卤做的石膏中含有较多镁,四环素遇到钙、镁会发生反应,降低杀菌效果。

114 、生活窍门:丸子、松肉的配料比例:在烹饪丸子或松肉菜肴时,只要是按50克肉、10克淀粉的比例调料,就能使松肉松酥、丸子软嫩。

115 、生活窍门:巧除领带上的皱纹。打皱了的领带,不用熨斗烫也能变得既平整又漂亮,只要把领带卷在啤酒瓶上,第二天再用时,原来的皱纹就消除了。

116 、生活窍门:取适量红糖放口中含十分钟后刷牙2-3分钟,漱口。再用盐碱水(清水掺食盐、食碱各50克)刷牙2分钟。每日2次,1周后烟垢可脱落。

117 、生活窍门:将废药瓶上的橡皮盖子搜集起来,按纵横交错位置,一排排钉在一块长方形木板上(钉子须钉在盖子凹陷处),就成为一块很实用的搓衣板。

118 、生活窍门:使衣物香气袭人:用完的香水瓶、化妆水瓶等不要立即扔掉,把它们的盖打开,放在衣箱或衣柜里,会使衣物变得香气袭人。

119 、生活窍门:咸肉放时间长了会有一股辛辣味,在煮咸肉时放一个白萝卜,然后再烹调,辛辣味即可除去。若咸肉仅表面有异味,用水加少量醋清洗即可。

120 、生活窍门:手表内不小心进水,可用一种叫硅胶的颗粒状物质与手表一起放入密闭的容器内,数小时后取出,表中的积水即可消失。硅胶可反复使用。

121 、生活窍门:擀面条时,如果一时找不到擀面杖,可用空玻璃瓶代替。用灌有热水的瓶子擀面条,还可以使硬面变软。

122 、生活窍门:用洁厕灵当疏通剂:隔三差五地将适量洁厕灵倒入马桶,盖上马桶盖闷一会儿,再用水冲洗,能保持马桶通畅。

123 、生活窍门:被蚊虫叮咬后可将热水瓶盖子(取自约90度水温的热水瓶)放在患处摩擦2-3秒钟,然后拿起,连续2-3次,瘙痒即会消失。

124 、生活窍门:将待熟的香蕉放入冰箱内贮存,能使香蕉在较长时间内保鲜,即使外皮变色,里面也一样新鲜如初。

125 、生活窍门:巧用84消毒液:洗衣时,白色纯棉织物易被其他衣服染色,可将被染衣服泡到稀释后的84消毒液中,利用其脱色性,还您衣服的本来面目。  


Good things are always the moment , no matter how hard it can not keep , but it can be turned into memories always keep my heart ... ...
been said that memories are beautiful no memories of people like a broken winged angel , life is incomplete . Whether happy or miserable , as long as memories , life would not be so bleak , in fact, happiness can also be very simple ... ...
acquaintance, friend , love , every process needs time and effort , but the hardest thing to get along , no matter how much you pay , the results are not necessarily as their wish . The more they want to get along with the results of the more counter-productive , all , or let it go !
young season , with many dreams , many wind Danyun light of sadness , perhaps nothing can be evaporated , to shake off the pressure in my dark heart of your thoughts .
tired heart , go where ... ...

So brilliant it!Mentioned previously married, think
when I first married, said to be
marriage, love is a myth;
marriage, love is a joke.
men spend money to make a woman happy;
woman to spend money, because her man happy.
marry into
past, people, depending on the marriage as a
marriage, a man in a restaurant and other women;
marriage, women and other men in the living room.
marriage, men often find women
marriage, a man quietly on her speech;
marriage, a man talking loudly on her.
love, love, then rain;
married, lie again and again.
love when men, like the
marriage, couples do what is
want to get married, is that they have independently;
want a divorce, the children have been independent.
marriage of a man, very big sense of humor;
married men, mostly very silent.
woman's memory, fight the best;
man's patience, marriage is the worst.
love, a meeting on the
marriage, men often give a woman
love, life,
marriage, a man every day staring at a woman;
marriage, a woman every day staring at a man.
love, they always promise my next life phase and then knot happy match;
married, suspected last generation artificial Nie Yuan.
big man, would
marriage, close to the point;
marriage, get out of it.
marriage, Meihuazhaohua said;
married, have said nothing.
Is defined for men earn a lot of money,
is defined as a woman can spend a lot of money.
money is bad man,
bad woman on the money.
man not a woman, ears clean;
woman without a man, home clean.
good woman, keep the bad man's appetite;
bad woman, tempt the appetite of a man.
marriage, a man like a messenger;
marriage, men like the commander.
romance is not necessarily the end of the world:
your heart may be
born a piece of paper and began a lifetime;
graduation piece of paper, hard life;
marriage a piece of paper, tortured life;
an official piece of paper, a lifetime struggle ;
a piece of paper money, hard life;
honor a piece of paper, fame life;
doctor a piece of paper, painful life;
eulogy piece of paper, taking life;
dilute these paper, to understand life;
forget the paper, happy life!

Old school main entrance

South Bridge Building :
initial test and the first day of school places . Two days to tear down the .

Xinhua House : How many people want to go gave

Lawrence House : Do you remember the roof of the bell that it?

east-west corridor

Hibiscus House

public Yi floor

Meishan F

Yan'an floor

Yanping floor

campus corner two lovely pandas

childhood memories


Thailand floor

today 's Guoguang

; ;

light before the court prospects


the original library Hibiscus House

Museum of Art, nam original floor

Sin Chew House

public Yi floor


campus pavilion 1

campus pavilion 2

campus pavilion 3

never more than rich lady , since ancient times Dandyism less Weinan. Means to treat son to poor maintenance, which is actually an investment for his son's life; raise her daughter to the rich, in fact, is a cultural accomplishment of investments.

eutrophication daughter, the son of poor maintenance. This means that, if raised a daughter, we should as much as possible for her to create a rich and comfortable environment for the growth from childhood to make her quality of life to poetry, so that out of the girls will grow up to great taste, will to create a mood of life; if raising a son, would deliberately try to make him the hardships of life, from childhood to hone his strong will, he can play for future obligations, and thus grow into a real man.

training boys, we should let him eat more bitter, so he has a hard, hard work, motivation and the will to change. . Prepare girls to the contrary, we should let her enjoy some blessing to her as a good material conditions, shaped by her elegant, generous, decent.

while I feel for love and marriage has also been instructive. That is: a woman to marry had it tough, hard to understand men. Family man to marry a good woman to know over ceremony.
; ; ; up from a philosophical and broad understanding, not from a narrow angle to accept it. Otherwise, each with ancient proverbs are prejudiced. Ancient, usually concise, profound meaning, we need to always taste! Not be underestimated!
; ; ; It was also said the boy stocking fierce like a tiger, flower girl domestic show. I think that poor is honed, the boy is the earth itself, will have to grow into a man, so you have to stand by the fall weather. Rich is the care, the girl is the lotus body, can not afford to knock, too delicate a point of support. Poor and rich non-material ratio, the severity of exercise points.
; ; ; never more rich lady, ancient Dandyism less Weinan, should . Daughter of nutrient-rich, not too small profit, extraordinary temperament; life tempered so that the son of poor maintenance will be stronger; boys to go after the social, social responsibility and family responsibility, so to keep the poor in order to encourage chi, or wasteful, a dude, how on instructions from their parents, under the support his wife and children!
; ; ; nutrient-rich girl, childhood will be brought out on various occasions, to increase see the world ability, age, until the flower-like, to the earth in the difficult growth, it is not easy to be fooled by all the glitz and vanity, have not seen a large been around girls, dude sugar-coated bullets, the rhetoric is likely to be defeated. Nutrient-rich girl, because depth of knowledge, independent, assertive, intelligent, very clear what his real pursuit.
rich daughter, is a kind of investment in education, education, wealth; poor maintenance man, is a setback for education, Tall in the saddle, but did not experience failure and frustration of the boy is grow up.
; ; ; boys in the future is to fight, to let him know that hard-earned money;
girl to marry, she must develop the vision to identify things, do not be a piece of cake will give coax away.
rich daughter more romantic. Girl called daughter, I guess we have this origin. Although the appearance by the day and students may need intensive care the day after tomorrow, need daily fine craftsmanship, which is obviously needed some material basis. From another perspective, in addition to giving better material conditions, but also need to broaden girls' horizons and knowledge. Rich is also the Know how the United States, to appreciate, understand the identification, also learned to protect themselves, and will not be tempted by all the outside world.
; ; ; poor maintenance men and more solid. To be a real man, to suffer in this life of suffering, cold, humiliation, frustration and I do not know how many. The ancients said, will drop any day he died, we must first labor of their bones, their body skin hunger, hardship and aspirations, so that it can self Qijia rule the world. Boys from an early age should develop work and plain living, hard-working style, virtue and piety of thinking, especially in the material can not be too much to give, or likely to become another Dandyism child.
; ; ; eutrophication 20 years, Furongchushui; poor support 20 set, the sword came out.
girls are not so worried about the material conditions, it is easy to cultivate a calm temperament, the boys got the idea to the material conditions that will not loose. With the nature of the? Girl born with good attention to detail, and then instill Boys and vice versa. This is the wisdom of life, right?
; ; ; strong-willed boy to the girl to know over ceremony. Poor maintenance eutrophication is probably meant it.
domesticated boy, will early age children strong and unyielding character, hard-working spirit, Xiaoyi de good quality. Otherwise, the trees do not brush shape up, blindly spoiled, laissez-faire, encouraged, and will cultivate a not a dude to gas.
; ; ; home with Rose for Emily, we should give in love since childhood, to meet the material needs of moderate to achieve a rich sense of character and heart. Thus, to understand the goodness, learn to identify and self-protection, took all the material things our society will not be tempted to avoid being taken.
; ; ; this title does not mean that poor families can raise his son, daughter of the wealthy was raised, and refers to the boy to , so that she would later fight against the temptation to tell the authenticity and become informed gooseberry elegant beautiful woman.

39. vinegared octopus kelp buds
materials: small octopus, kelp buds, red pepper, scallion stalk.
seasoning sauce: vinegar, 3 tablespoons sugar 3 tablespoons sesame oil 1 tsp fish sauce 1 tsp (no it does not matter) sesame (charge broken) 1 tsp soy sauce to increase the weight to follow the situation!
1. small octopus treated cut into small pieces and put into hot boiling water to change color, can be picked up
2. kelp buds look a little washed in boiling hot water into the soft, you can picked up
3. red pepper strips, Onion shredded
4. join a pre-tune a good sauce , mixing evenly, you can (marinated Refrigerate after about half a day, the taste will be more delicious)

40. spicy mix cucumber lean
Material: pork (or Bacon), cucumber, pepper. seasoning sauce: 3 tablespoons vinegar, 3 tablespoons sugar, 1 tsp sesame oil, thick black pepper 1 tsp sesame seeds (charge broken) 1 tsp
1. piece of meat put into the boiling water and cook until cooked, cool the meat after the cut so thin, spare
2. oblique cut into small half-moon cucumber in half, add a pinch of salt and scratched, some other
3 minutes after the squeeze water were 3 chili cut diagonal pieces
4. Finally, add the sauce mix all ingredients

3, mixed with raw bean sprouts
: mung bean sprouts cucumber twenty-two salt five pounds of onion two money money money vinegar, ginger and two five money sesame oil Money
Method: Wash the bean sprouts to pick impurities, into the boiling water pot boiled cooked (be careful not to fire boiled soft), remove and control to the water; wash straight knife sliced ​​cucumber, then cut into filaments, sprinkle with salt, add onion, ginger and mix well, finally doused vinegar, sesame oil dish that is good. Such as adding foam soft rot Gansi, fans Serve bean sprouts mixed with three wires.
characteristics: fresh and delicious , and nutritious.

30, chives mixed Gansi
material: chive forty-two Hong tofu twenty-two salt MSG-fifth of one point eight sugar, sesame oil three money
Method: Wash the chives, a little under the water pot hot, rapidly turn over, and then burn about three seconds, fishing on the basket, the rejection to the force of water, then cut into inch-long segments, put dish, hot mix salt and monosodium glutamate. The other will Xianggan shredded , sprinkle on the chives, Drizzle sesame oil, mix well and serve.
Features: chive dip by the rapid boiling hot, slightly crisp texture and fragrance; Xianggan flexibility, taste refreshing

31, raw seaweed mixed with fans
: water in the water kelp thirty-two cabbage leaves three fans twenty-two soy sauce, vinegar, three money MSG ten salt three five money money money, two chopped green onion ginger sesame oil money, a penny a pound of garlic three mud
Method: Wash the sand seaweed, straight knife cut into filaments, through the fish out into the water boil; water cut into five-inch section of fans pushed, washed cabbage leaves straight knife filaments. The three kinds of food material and transfer into the basin, then the soy sauce, vinegar, salt, monosodium glutamate, ginger, green onion, garlic, sesame oil transferred in turn, stir, and serve to transfer to a plate.
Features: silk long shiang, color gratifying.

32. black pepper mixed with chicken
Material: 1 chicken breast, moderate, small cucumber 1 / 2 carrots, 1 / 4 seasoning sauce: 3 tablespoons vinegar, 3 tablespoons sugar, thick black pepper 1 tsp
1. sauce good pre-deployment, standby (like sugar and vinegar ratio to follow the deployment) 2 chicken breast cooked stripped wire 3 strips into boiling water, after boiled, picked up
4. oblique cut into small half-moon cucumber in half, add a pinch of salt and scratched about crowding, water, etc. 3 minutes, standby 5. carrot twist filaments
6. Finally, add the sauce mix all ingredients, you can (better flavor after refrigeration)

33. vinegared Kelp
materials: seaweed, red pepper, Onion
Sauces: .3 tablespoons vinegar, sugar, 3 tablespoons sesame oil 1 tsp fish sauce 1 tsp (no it does not matter) sesame seeds (broken charge)
sauce 1 teaspoon of kelp to follow the weight increase!
1. the kelp washed and cut into small pieces, and placed in the pot and cook until Microsoft, picked up the spare 2. red pepper strips, Onion shredded, pre-tuned by adding sauce, mixing evenly, you can (marinated Refrigerate after about half a day, the taste will be more delicious)

35. fresh salad garlic sea fungus
Material: cabbage 1 / 2, Salt to taste Sauces: Sugar 1 / 2 cup vinegar 1 / 2 cup, 4 to 5 garlic, chili 1, water 3 cups, disposable cups
1. Shredded cabbage washed with small
2. add the amount of post-grab his hand cabbage until soft, then go over to go cold salty water (water To drain yo)
3. marinade in with clever after the fire, add pepper flakes, smash the garlic and sugar and vinegar and let it cool down (I was the first to do the night before)
4. Finally, mix together cabbage and pickles, cans or boxes with bottles into the refrigerator for about one day tasty, you can

36. Korean cold Campanulaceae
Material: Campanulaceae
seasoning sauce: vinegar, 3 tablespoons sugar 3 tablespoons sesame oil 1 tsp fish sauce 1 tsp (no it does not matter) sesame (charge broken) 1 tsp
Sauce amount of weight to follow Campanulaceae increase!
1. Campanulaceae peeled peeling the wire after the wash, and go into the pot to cook bitter, picked up the spare
2. join a pre-good tune sauce, mixing evenly, you can (after Refrigerate marinated about half a day, the taste will be more delicious)

37. coriander mixed with cabbage
Material : cabbage, parsley, pepper
Seasoning Sauce: 1 tsp vinegar Salt to taste, 1 tsp sesame oil, 1 teaspoon fish sauce (no it does not matter) to follow the weight of sauce to increase the amount of cabbage! practice:
1. Wash and cut 1 cm short coriander, pepper cut diagonal pieces, spare
2. Shredded cabbage washed with small pieces, blanched in boiling water can be picked up
3. Finally add a good pre-tune sauce, mixing evenly, can

38. lemon curd sauce vs cucumber wire
Material: cucumber, carrot, tofu silk, lemon parsley sauce materials
: lemon (extruded juice) 1 , sugar spoon, thick black pepper 1 tsp olive oil 1 tablespoon
1. cucumber, carrots washed twist filaments, chopped parsley
2. dried tofu, blanched in boiling water wire can be picked up 3. Finally, add lemon sauce mix all ingredients, you can (better flavor after refrigeration)

1, mixed with onion
ingredients: a pound of green onion red pepper sauce three three three money money vinegar sesame oil salt five money-thirds
Method: stripped of the old onion skin clean, straight knife cut into slices, then change the wire or small knife cut into thick; pepper straight knife, cut wire transfer to a plate in a total, then mix with salt, soy sauce, vinegar, sesame oil on the last drop, uniform mixing is good.
characteristics: fresh and crisp, hot and sour taste.

2, mixed with cabbage
ingredients: cabbage half kilogram of sugar, soy sauce, five- fifth of a penny of money sesame oil salt half
Method: Wash the cabbage stripped outside help, straight knife cut into one inch long, half an inch wide broken section. Twenty-three minutes into boiling water picked up, not over, drain to the water in a bowl. The soy sauce, sesame oil, sugar, salt, stir evenly transferred to the good. In addition to this, also add shrimp, mouth watering, green and red chili, transferred to vinegar, sweet and sour taste made of cabbage.
Features: salty crispy, a drinking dishes

4, cucumber mixed with shrimp
ingredients: shrimp, cucumber, a green two pairs of two cabbage leaves three garlic soy sauce sesame oil a five money money money vinegar two blisters fungus two money
Method : peeling the shrimp into the boiling water pot cooked, remove and dry cold; to Wash cucumbers, straight knife cut into semi-circular pieces; green garlic, cabbage leaves picked clean, straight knife cut into sections, all on the case on the stand . Then push the cold shrimp, cut into pieces. Transfer to a plate and season again. Wobble the order is: first with cabbage leaves BEDDING, then put the shrimp into a pattern (can be optional), the upper slice of cucumber, green garlic put on, sprinkle with water, fungus, into the soy sauce, sesame oil, vinegar is good.
features: bright and beautiful, fragrant liqueur.

5 , beans mixed with sesame paste
ingredients: fresh beans fifty-two sesame twenty-two five money MSG ten salt pepper oil ginger three five money money
Method: the beans cramps, broken, cleaned, cooked in boiling water pot boiled, then soaked with cold water, remove and control to the water, on the transfer plate. Then sesame cold water into a paste, the pepper Heat oil, add salt, MSG, ginger, pour in the beans, and mix well plate.
features: green color, flavor and delicious

6, raw pork mixed with vermicelli
: pork (lean) thirty-two mung bean vermicelli two cooking oil soy sauce, sesame oil, five money-fifth of vinegar, two three of money money money sesame mustard fifth of salt a five money MSG ten
Method: Wash the pork first, slice into pieces and then cut into filaments; vermicelli soaked after straight knife, cut wire, into the boiling water pot, remove and put into cold water, drain control water, poured into a dish, stirring with chopsticks scattered. Then Wok stir, pour the oil pan, then stir-fry the pork wok , add soy sauce, a money, to be served in a flesh color on the fans. Doused with vinegar, sesame oil, mustard, salt, MSG and turned into juice, sesame Serve topped with the best.
Features: shiang refreshing , a drinking food.

7, mixed with chives
ingredients: fresh chives pepper ten pounds of salt, five money
Method: Wash the leek pick a good, straight knife cut into inch segments, mix salt, pepper, stamped into the bowl, marinate twenty-three days can be eaten.
Features: Affordable, Jordan rice is best.

8, mixed with fragrant soy
ingredients: soy sauce twelve pounds of salt, rice wine, five twelve allspice five money money money
system scallions two Method: insect bites and broken beans to pick clean, into the pot, add bean flour flooding to live, into the five-spice powder (also can add a money Strato incense), stir and cook a quarter of an hour or so on, move to a small fire and simmer, then have to add salt, soy sauce, rice wine and other seasonings, cover the lid tightly to the Yuba swollen stew, soup into the pot when the gravy, dry cold plate. Can sprinkle some chopped green onion to eat, a few drops of sesame oil, and its taste more fragrant.
Features: delicious crispy, a drinking dishes.

9, fans
spicy ingredients: soy sauce, five fans sixty-two sugar twelve pepper oil vinegar three five money money money, pepper and a method for making a sub-MSG: first fans with open blisters, soft, cut into two-inch-long section of release plate. A bowl, add soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, monosodium glutamate and cold water five money transferred into the marinade, pour the fans, sprinkle with pepper, Drizzle chili oil, mix well and serve.
Features: This dish is Sichuan cuisine, spicy flavor, a drinking most appropriate.

10, mixed with vermicelli
ingredients: good noodles fifty-two water pounds cucumber twenty-two sesame mustard three five money money money sesame oil chili oil five two money reconcile eighty-two
Method : Add water labeled gravy noodle, angry boiled paste, spread on the board after Aohao, thickness should be uniform, the cold after cold rolled, cut into strips, Sheng dish, sprinkle cucumber, transferred sesame, mustard, chili oil, and pour soup reconcile, drops sesame oil and serve.
characteristics: cool delicious, Sheng Xiajia products.

11, mixed with celery
ingredients: fresh celery, sesame oil , five pounds of salt five money special soy sauce, vinegar, three money three money
Method: Abstract picking celery leaves the net, slashing the hair roots, wash. Cut into five long sections, into the boiling water pot boiled, and then sprinkle with salt and mix well, pour soy sauce when eating, special vinegar, sesame oil, pepper oil can be poured into its flavor longer. Vinegar can not be put back, otherwise the dish will turn yellow.
features: green tender and full of nutrition.

12, tomato sauce, celery
raw materials: a pound of tender celery salt two tomato twenty-two cooking oil money, a money
twelve white vinegar Method:
1. choose fresh celery, put off the leaves, roots washed, straight knife to cut open the pedicle, into the boiling water pot, and then see the open water when the fish, drain and cut into inch-long segments, add salt, monosodium glutamate release tray.
2. put the pot on the fire, into the cooking pan, add tomato sauce, sugar, vinegar and water, amount of boiled water in the celery on top.
Features: This dish orange-red color, fresh and delicious.

13, spiced peanuts
ingredients: peanuts, a pound of salt twelve pepper nutmeg, half a penny of money money aniseed ginger three
Method: The net pick peanuts, with warm boiled water in the basin for about two hours, the pot, add water about two pounds to get angry, put salt, pepper , aniseed, cardamom, ginger, add peanuts cooked, soup into the basin, when the fish eat the dish and serve.
Features: Spiced Sauvignon, should be the next Sakamoriba.

raw spinach: Spinach pound of ginger two money-eighth of Hong tofu two salt-third of sugar cooked shrimp three money money sesame oil salt meat two three money
1. will put off the old leaves of spinach , washed root tips were cut down to the water, hot water pot to open (the middle of Cook rolled over), pause for a moment, picked up the drain, then squeeze together stroke water, chopped very fine, then squeeze again to put the pot of water, add salt and sugar and mix well.
2. shrimp wash away the dust and impurities, put a small bowl, add boiling water just did not ping shrimp (preferably cage steam for twenty minutes), soaked and cut into very fine. Hong tofu and cooked lean meat, also cut into very fine salt. The end with the ginger, pour in the hot shrimp spinach with Mimi, Drizzle sesame oil, mix well and serve.
Features: This dish with a variety of raw materials due to the deployment, delicious taste.

15, mixed with assorted raw
: Fans thirty-two cooked pork twelve cooked ham and cooked chicken twelve twelve water in two eggs, spinach , dried shrimps five money center three soy eight money mushrooms sesame oil, vinegar, three three money money money, a money mustard paste two MSG ten
Method: First five-inch long section of fans chop, into the boiling water and cook until center is no hardness up, remove and soak with a little cold water, Decanter to the water, put in the disk around; spinach heart straight knife cut into inch sections; mushrooms blades open, boiled over back; then Chao Shao over the fire pan, spread the egg open into the thick of the eggs into a sub-skin, cut into two-inch long lift Dan Pi, a sub-wide wire; pork, chicken, ham knife with a straight cut into more than one point thick , two inch long wire. The color of various raw materials were neatly placed in the middle panel fans, the fans on the Hai Misa. Finally, in a bowl the soy sauce, vinegar, sesame oil, mustard paste, MSG transferred into the juice , poured into the food when you can.
Features: colorful, unique flavor.

16, three-wire raw celery
: tender celery-fifth of a pound of salt water, sugar, mushrooms twelve-fifth of net shoot a sub-meat twelve MSG spiced dry two three money ginger sesame oil half
1. cut the celery root to the leaves washed into the water pot, see open water again when picked up, drain and cut into inch-long segments, add half salt and mix well, transfer to a plate of.
2. the mushrooms, bamboo shoots, Xianggan shredded, blanched open water , picked up the pot, drain and sprinkle in the celery after, then add ginger, sugar, salt and mix well, pour sesame oil and serve.
Features: This dish color harmony, crisp and delicious.

17, Gansi
peppers mixed with raw materials: dried peppers fifty-two Hong Kong money three sesame oil salt sugar, a penny ten a penny MSG
Method: First wash the peppers to handle, cut with a knife straight filaments; Hong dry rot is also cut into filaments with a straight knife, into the boiling water pot with boiled fish, drain to the water transfer into the bowl, add sesame oil, sugar, salt, monosodium glutamate mixture evenly plate.
features: color flavor fragrance, a drinking most appropriate.

18, soy, cauliflower
material: cauliflower jin salt pepper oil five five money money money, green onion, ginger two money
a system of law: the cauliflower to the roots washed, broke open the petals, straight knife cut into about eight pieces, place in boiling water and boil, then remove and control dry, sprinkle with salt dish, the end put onion, ginger, pepper oil to Serve on heated soy.
characteristics: shape, delicious fresh, should Zuo Sakamoriba.

19, soy, celery
ingredients: fresh celery, ginger two pound fifty-two MSG ten five money money salt pepper oil vinegar two five money money
Method: pluck fresh celery leaves and roots washed, straight knife cut into eight segments long (thick roots can be split in two and a half), cooked fish into the boiling water pot, boil, cool with cold water control dry, then salt, monosodium glutamate, vinegar and mix well dish, put ginger, pour heated soy oil pepper to taste.
Features: nutritious, delicious aroma.

20, three wire
spicy soy ingredients: lettuce, cucumber fifty-two pound salt pepper twenty-two five Qian Hong Qian Jiang three onions a second money vinegar five money
pepper oil Method: Wash the lettuce, peeled, cut into straight wire cutter; washed and shredded cucumber; pepper and cut into wire. Sprinkle with salt, vinegar and mix well, put onion, ginger, soy oil pepper on top.
characteristics: bright, blind taste.

21, Sammi
raw cucumber: cucumber jin fifty-two four salt pepper sugar three five money money money vinegar, five ginger and onions a second money money money pepper oil sauce two five money
system Method: Wash the cucumber to the flesh, straight knife cut into thirds width, eight long segment; peppers are cut into straight wire cutter; cucumber in boiling water, boiled remove and control dry, sprinkle with salt and mix well dish. The pepper pot heat oil, put onion, ginger, pepper, soy sauce, vinegar, sugar and other soy tuned in cucumber balls.
features: color flavor the United States, made easy.

22, soy, canola
ingredients: fresh canola jin salt pepper oil five five money money money ginger three onions a
Method: rape roots to the leaves washed, cut into eight long straight knife wiping blade, placed in boiling water cooked, remove and control dry, mix salt dish, sprinkle with onion, ginger, soy into the pepper oil can be heated.
Features: bright green and crisp, should Junior noodles or rice.

raw cucumber oil shock : a pound of cooking oil tender cucumber catty (fuel twelve) two onions chili pepper ten ginger and two sugar trees half three money money money vinegar, two five money
salt Method: Wash the cucumber, cut both ends on documented a profile two dredged Rangzi. One hundred stand up, cut into diagonal distance between one point of the knife of the depth of half the cucumber, do not cut through, and then cut into inch sections; pepper washed straight knife cut into filaments. Then Wok stir , pour the oil poured eight mature, green cucumber into pieces and then remove, put up one hundred years in the dish. Pan some oil, fried coke into the pepper to remove. Along with the onions, ginger, chili and various spices into, and turned into juice, pour in the cucumber on top.
features: green crisp, distinctive flavor.

24, soy bean sprouts
materials: bean sprouts jin salt pepper oil five five money money money onion a three coriander two ginger vinegar three Money
Method: Wash the green bean sprouts good pick, into the boiling water, boil, remove and control dry, sprinkle with salt, vinegar, cabbage leaves and mix well dish. Last put onion, ginger, coriander, soy oil can on the pepper.
features: crisp and delicious, the production is simple.

25, soy spicy cabbage
ingredients : red pepper cabbage four pounds of sugar, two three of money money ginger soy sauce sesame oil five five money money money
eight salt Method: Strip the cabbage outside help clean, straight knife cut into thick, wide of the third film, salt and mix well, after the fish pickled with salt to taste cold brew and control dry, on the basin. Then the sugar, vinegar, soy sauce-opening fell to the cabbage on the two peppers, shredded ginger, sprinkle the cabbage, and then another two with chili sesame oil to be fried yellow down in bowls of water, soy back cover ten minutes.
Features: spicy crisp and refreshing, Sakamoriba all together.

26, soy chili cucumber
Ingredients: fresh cucumber, four pounds of red chili pepper salt oil five five money money money soy sauce, a ginger onion a three sugar, two money money money vinegar three
Method: Wash the cucumber, split into two with a knife to the flesh, long straight knife cut into eight sections, sprinkle with salt, salted ten minutes dry control. Then soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, salt together and mix well. Spicy shredded, green onion, shredded ginger are put, pepper in hot oil heated soy silk, and with plate buttons can be on for a while.
Features: spicy sweet and sour aroma, and nutritious.

27, kelp
soy ingredients: water, kelp pound fifty-two salt pepper oil five five money money money onion vegetables three vinegar three a penny ginger three Method: kelp washed, cut into filaments, placed in boiling water, boiled remove and control dry, sprinkle with salt, vegetable dish silk mix, and finally put onion, ginger and pour vinegar, pepper Serve on heated soy oil.
Features: silk long shiang, distinctive flavor.
28, Sammi
raw cabbage: cabbage, red pepper four pounds of sugar five five money money vinegar salt pepper oil five five money money money, a ginger and green onion soy sauce, two three money MSG ten
Method : cabbage help pick rotten leaves to yellow, to the roots washed, straight knife-thirds width, eight blocks long, on the boiling water cooked fish out cold air control dry, pepper cut into filaments stand; sprinkle with salt, mix the cabbage, pepper pot to heat oil, put a hot wire, onion, ginger, white and sweet and sour, soy sauce, soy, MSG and other spices on top.
features: red and white, spicy and more flavor.

29, mixed with lift
raw materials: the new face lift five cucumber twenty-two sesame salt three three money money money garlic mustard three mud into five special vinegar sauce three three money money money sesame oil
Method : good noodles with cold water first and turned into thin juice (good or bad depends on the quality of noodles may be). Noodles such as the ratio of 5:5 with water (watered), 5:6 (watered), etc. , dilute juice each containing one or two, pour in a special copper (or fine steel plate), the pot on the water in turn into the same lift Bo Hou, when cooked on the cold water, change the width of the knife cut into one-third dish. Then wash straight knife shredded cucumber, sprinkle with salt and mix well, pour sesame paste, soy sauce, vinegar, mustard, garlic, sesame oil and serve.
Features: bones and refreshing, hot weather good to eat.

牛逼 a minority,
loading force is common,
sucker everywhere.

Niubi man only one woman,
loaded to force a lot of men and women,
sucker woman many men.

Niubi people do not care about driving or walking,
loaded to force people out will drive a BMW,
sucker people open Geely Beauty Leopard.

Niubi drink is special for the state banquet,
loaded to force people to drink Chivas,
sucker who drank red wine against the Sprite.

Niubi people wear shoes to do business,
loaded to force people to wear those suits to the concert hall,
sucker people who wear costumes, go to McDonald's.

Niubi people to point others to the cigarette lighter,
were loaded to force cigarette with matches,
sucker people use the cigarette lighter zippo.

Niubi and people only say that the Chinese vernacular,
loaded to force people who love her mix of classical,
sucker who love to speak English mixed. Too simple, sometimes na? Ve.

Niubi people have their own style of writing,
loaded to force people to write articles to imitate the old oral,
sucker who write articles like CCTV .

Niubi have their own way of life,
loaded to force people to imitate someone else's life,
sucker poor people to imitate someone else's life.

Niubi pee in the pool of people that are calm and collected,
loaded to force people who want to learn Niubi pee in the pool, but because the urine lit a yellow liquid.
sucker people on the platform directly to the pool to pee.

Niubi people need to get along some time to think he 牛逼,
loaded to force people to get along just feel very Niubi began a long time know that this is the loading force,
sucker people who feel very beginning sucker.

Niubi people generally claimed sucker,
loaded to force people claiming to be sucker, but fear of other people do not know and pretend 牛逼 牛逼.
sucker who everyone that said they 牛逼.

Niubi people fear most people say that they 牛逼,
loaded to force people fear most people say they do not 牛逼,
sucker people fear most people say that they sucker.

people know 牛逼 牛逼,
loaded to force people who think they 牛逼,
sucker sucker who do not know.

strong loading force is 牛逼,
strength of the loading force is no sucker.

in some cases,
sucker can evolve into the loading force,
loading force can also degenerate into a sucker,
often installed Bihu sucker are blurred ,
but always 牛逼 牛逼.

look after this post,
Niubi people are generally thought to myself: I am loading force,
loaded to force people who are generally thought to myself: I am sucker,
sucker people generally thought to myself: I am 牛逼.

Text Book of five elements strokes big dictionary ,beats by dr dre headphones
1 painting:
five elements is a br> Five Elements is a br> Five Elements is a Ji and larvae dry towel working long bow mouth begging 彡 has
twenty five elements is a
five elements is a four narrow claw
Come mow the five elements heart is a each household of the parent sub-fu fantasy film Po Wang Mao Pán thirty horse Do not
hydrological five elements are not br> Five are Ren Nobuo loss Shi Shi Shi Shi vector Secretary Sin City show rejection is the main
first five elements are accounted for hill outside the prison to brave Jade Sapporo
not five five elements is a Piece Goods mysterious brother Sa-turn
Five points is a The words are: Au-watt E silicon central to John Young pregnant with right-earners
6 painting:
five elements is a Tongue style keep Shuo Su Temple died convex skull Hungary cut the throat mid west absorption first and then drag the boat in the early state of the word upbraid
five elements is a Marina PENGJIAKUANG reference prices armadillo song called on Yu Rong Xiu Xu Yang Zhu Zhu
five elements is a Table Tennis collection Ting Hin risk criminal attack to break bloodstain juice
five elements is a boil for a short jump to shout home Siu Wa Chung from
five elements aimed to be Yu Yu Chun
7 are drawn:
five elements are Private servers suck SI Si Xin Song Intuit kiss show sequence Tour unitary soap goblet squeak Zhuang Zi queue to help makeup for the rank and file to go sit
five elements is a gamma change lever report estimates more attacking approach of taking Guo dry valley roar blind *** avoid any folder see boil robbery angle Leica Jun Jin Research Council carry the shell abandoned withholding trapped nuns stick in your Qi Qu Qiang Wu Wu Rongji but fir I Yin stick tray made apricot scared
five elements is a mercury-containing rare sweat Koh Fu Heng Wang Hu arc cold conditions drain the busy river ring of urine every girl fart Ru Mi Miao Shan Xi Xi Bom forget the end of sewage flood yu
five elements of filial piety is a form of
jail was a tie glycosides brother Dian Austin jingling but low boil beans jealous stare prison store sunset moxibustion stingy Ling Li in Li Liang Lu Na eloquent men free eggs get disturbed cho-ting efforts seek care Tuo Tong Tong swallow properly Lich Zhi Zhi live burning feet
Five percent is a carry Yi Yong Yau Jiyou indole Yap served more than tonight's address
8 woo painting:
five elements are McCain's wife a net moment offspring Triple Killing green brake Shan hernia is still taking care community groan rose to express the beginning of things by the counsel of the tert-rabbit brush worship agitated Xi Xi some steroidal name cut off the feet rolling Jackson how ye cursed nephew aggressive weeks Zhou Zhou Jurassic soldier were arrested
five elements is a session Jinjingjiujiu Jiujiujuju a volume Kakakaikang Kenkongkuaikuai Kuanglinmeimiao Nainepapi Qiqiqiqiong Qiuququanrui Songwangwoxi Xiaxinxiongyan Yaoyizhenzhi Zhu loom
five elements is a Fen House commanded anger Feng Fu Fu Kang Mi-Gua Oh Hang Le impeach and call the tiger or not blind yak Mi Mi girl next door Meng Meng life dead Mo Mou Mu Mu accustomed to twist Tim accustomed to throwing roar kitchen Pooh Peipei cape batch brew friends Qi Qin sand vapor elimination Wang Shen Wu things taste Wenwo enjoy co-Xin Xian Xing string tumultuous Yi Yu Yuan suck like
five elements is a Da Di Da Dai dang to be the end of typical shop Ding Dong shake duh boom chop assistant Kyung Ho Kang Kun bucket sister blame Jue to the guys rib case and brutal assassination of two Lie prison whisper companion Lunnai bawl ni read crossbow malaria concubine acetylene milk paternity treasury honor Xin Tiao posts cast indiscriminately fight off inflammation paradox is easy to find direct political system known short-tailed bird Zhuo Zhi Zhi Zhong
five elements is a Hujiakeke Kunlamaomin Munipapa Pipingpotan Tuowanwangwang Weiwuxiuxu Yayanyaoye by suppressing Yiyongyouyou in Yuyuyunyun

Admirable blog! Ill probably be referencing some of this information in my next assignment.

a party treat high blood pressure high blood pressure two years, one hundred eighty-four high pressure, low pressure about 90%, does not work. After eating a recipe, who knows to eat a fine.

its side is: Selected Shan Lihong pounds, habitat, one or two, the amount of sugar. Shan Lihong stainless steel pot and wash the child put the boiled, add sugar, cook cool fridge storage. Time every day do not eat, like to eat snacks.

light a weight three.

prescription high blood pressure recipe: white pepper 7, South almonds 4, 7 rice tablets, peach, 2 2, 1 two branches.

note (1) the above five things into powder.

(2) mixed with egg protein, shape into cakes.

(3) attached to the soles of the feet before going to bed at night heart. Nanzuonvyou, wrapped with gauze.

(4) removed the next morning. (One can only be used once)

(5) if found to have blue feet, is a normal phenomenon.

(6) light three, five severe, continuous use, not the next day.

Note: This side avoid oral.

effect: never quit, repeated test repeated effect, benefit many patients.

blood pressure odd St. - 5 heaven blood pressure - security does not relapse

formula: take 2.5 kg of fresh lotus root, chopped, 1 kg of crushed raw sesame seeds, add sugar 1 kg crushed

put the pot boiling. 5 hours to dry out and other equal parts. Take a day, usually five days can be reduced to

normal blood pressure. Heavier and then for 5 days. Safe and reliable.

peanut treat high blood pressure

whole plant whole plant peanuts (whole grain grass) a 50 g, cut into sections Jianshui. Dry goods, a 50 grams, a 150 g of fresh product. It is a one. Blood pressure is changed from time to time after

take. Consolidation effect.

Indications: heat and cooling blood, lower blood pressure, cholesterol-lowering effect on blood pressure are more desirable effect!
treatment of hypertension

vinegar peanut peanut bowl (bowl, with red) with a good bowl of vinegar slowly. Taking a dip in 7 days, twice daily to eat 10. Other blood pressure down to

days after dosing. Consolidation effect.

Indications: heat blood, with the treatment of hypertension, the protection of the vessel wall to prevent thrombosis have a good effect (hypertension)

my system I do not know this side effect is reproduced to please bless you consult with your health and happiness again!

was only persist for two weeks, weight of 54 kg from early December into the present 46 kg ... ...

material: red beans 100 grams, green beans 100 grams, 30 grams of Hawthorn , jujube 10

approach: all the materials were placed in the pot, add 1000 ml of cold water, fried to a rotten beans.

(Tips: red bean and green beans before cooking is best with cold water till an hour, it will be easier boiled)

Usage: well, after two equal parts, one hot, the soup with beans and hawthorn, jujube eat together. Another one on the use of plastic wrap in the refrigerator.

Tips: to buy a specific number of grams of others to help when you said, the look at 100 grams, about how much back on easy to handle, and a bit error does not matter

Note: To hot to eat, the effect was the best. In addition, under a hot before eating it.

principle: red beans, mung beans are detoxification San goods, and high fiber low fat characteristics. Hawthorn spleen appetite, reduce fat digestion. Stomach blood reconcile dates moistening. Share this side will help maximize the effectiveness of various single items of play.

In fact, each half were eating only the amount (that is, red beans, 50 grams of green beans 50 grams, 15 grams of Hawthorn, jujube 5), but I have to save, every night, Jian Hao, divided into two equal parts, one night to eat, to eat the other one left the next morning!

order to obtain better results in weight loss during your life to strictly observe the following schedule:

first: after getting up every morning the first thing is to drink a cup of honey vinegar water, that is, 250 ml of warm water add one tablespoon of honey and 1 / 4 tablespoon of vinegar (preferably white vinegar), stir well before drinking. Honey vinegar water to fully clean the stomach and accelerate gastrointestinal motility, the body of toxins faster and more completely ruled out. Above that weight loss is breakfast soup.

Second: In addition to this weight loss porridge, on the afternoon of the time do not eat any snacks.

last: night that weight loss is just above the porridge to eat, and a guarantee of 7 points before eating, after eating before going to sleep and never eat anything.

this way, some people insist on only two weeks, weight of 54 kg from early December into the present 46 kg. There is also a good news for JMS, I use the side after successful weight loss, because not only did not lose weight quickly the skin becomes dull dull, but better than before the skin becomes red, clear, acne less, really more than one stroke too!

Final Tips: Many friends have nothing to eat for lunch, play a little fear. In fact, any weight loss diet is the party needs, but how control is also luxurious. How to control depends on what you want to achieve, the actual situation according to their flexibility and arrangements, not absolute.

diet: red, green and Congee 2 weeks by 18 pounds

Ich habe über dieses Thema zu lesen und wenn ich nur möchte ich Ihnen empfehlen einige aufmerksamkeitsstarke Dinge oder Tipps. Vielleicht könnten wir darüber diskutieren.

public class Welcome ,dr dre tour
public static void main (String [] args)
String [] greeting = new String [3];
greeting [0] = Core Java System.out.println (g);

I have to try ,herve leger bandage

others say 3366 small game

yo, this is nice , Im glad I stumbled upon this blog cos i was looking for something like this since last weekend. thank you. Can I send a link to my email list?

08年really quite good

09年also good

2010年what happens then ?

is unknown

recent poor physical condition , always take the sweating , dizziness , sleep

I ill? No! ! I am not sick ! ! I'm just used to fall asleep at night until 3:00

I love the Internet

have now no interest in the network

was fond of chatting I do not know how to chat now

monotonous life every day , every day is the same idea

no goal is not to pursue , I feel old a lot ,

almost 30 people , and a dreadful figure

power two hours today, looked under the previous photo

think a lot of memories , I really miss those good times had ,

2010 years to work , to the world that I am a good person

after the resignation of five insurance payments how to deal with? Add to come on down - sooner or later get

general old-age insurance to pay at least 15 years to retire to a pension for life, so be sure to want to take pensioners in their retirement 15 years ago began to pay. If the retirement age is under 15 years of pension pay, then wait until you retire, when countries will keep your personal account for 8% of all pension back to you. That unit you pay 21% go? State the units for you to pay 21% of all the money designated to the state pension fund in the co-ordination. State, when the refund back only to the withholding of the individual's own money, to pay the money for his units all contribute to the country. Retirement when the pension is how come. The algorithm is very complex pension, the state base pay every year to change once: If you are 30 years of age, your current base pay is 3,000 yuan, while the retirement age is 55 years old if, then you must be 40 years of age you before the start to pay pension insurance, and if you start from the 30-year-old cross, handed the 55-year-old is 25 years, then surely you can enjoy the pension first, and secondly, if you pay after 25 years of 3000 to pay fee base has become 6000, 55 years old you can get the first month 6000 × 20% = 1200 block of basic pension, which is to your country, in addition to your personal account on the money in 25 also accumulated a lot of years, the average contribution base look good, (3000 +6000) ÷ 2 = 4500, then 25 years you this personal account should have 4500 × 8% (you pay personal pension ratio) × 25 years × 12 months = 108 000 dollars, in addition to other pre-1200 you can get a month 108000 ÷ 120 = 900 blocks, the age of 55 a month so you can get at least 1200 +900 = 2,100 yuan of pension, of course, each country's base still go up, so besides your own 900, you get every month after retirement, more money than 1200, of course, that your pension will pay more so that the better old-age insurance to pay, the more you pay after you retire to enjoy the more, and the state each year to adjust after you get the money base will be more and more Now take 1500 years after the 1000 pay are possible. However, no matter where you pay social security fees, etc. When you retire you can only return to your permanent residence enjoy the local retirement benefits, so in areas of high base pay social security retirement back to the low base, but the place to enjoy the pension people would be a big loss. Why? If you are a young man in Nanjing work, pay social security for 20 years and then retired, but if your account in Heilongjiang, Heilongjiang,, you must return to a pension if you pay in Nanjing 20 years The average base is 3000, and when you retire until 1000, Heilongjiang's base pay, then you can enjoy retirement when the treatment of 1000! This is loss of! words,, if you pay social security but in the rich parts of the retirement poor place to enjoy the time back to Social Security, you pay a lot, but to enjoy life's little! Exchange 3000 may only enjoy 1000! This is a terrible thing, but no way, the state is this policy, so all current accounts However, in areas with low base in Beijing or Shanghai, where the base work to pay high attention to social security, and you either pay social security in the West, or in retirement accounts before the move to Beijing or Shanghai, or else you're doing one of life's pen huge loss this deal. Perhaps you will say, if a place in the low base pay, retired back to base when a high place to enjoy high welfare. Wrong! You think the labor security department will let you enjoy casual it? General this case the Government would find a reason to reject you directly to transfer! That time you s wisdom wrong: in Heilongjiang not enjoy, in Nanjing also can not enjoy! But some places, such as the situation has eased some of the provisions, such as Nanjing, allowing you to retire five years before the place back from a low base in Nanjing, then continue to pay 5 years in Nanjing, Nanjing, high base, after allows you to enjoy the pension back to Nanjing and this policy is estimated that every place is different, there are people who intend to transfer the best go now to your local labor bureau to find out the problem, so your retirement occurs when an unexpected accident!

units per month to health insurance you pay is 9%, you pay the monthly personal about 2% plus 10 dollars of serious co-ordination, just serious co-ordination hospital, and that 11% in the national health insurance every month to your account to play on your own 2%, according to 1369 yuan per month if your minimum base pay social security, the 1369 × 2% = 27.38 yuan. Is the national monthly call your own money, this money can be accumulated credit card directly to buy medicine or see out the remaining 9% of the country count on to take in the medical pool fund. As a rule, if you start from January 2008 to pay medical insurance, then starting from February 2008 to buy medicine or credit card you can see out, starting from July 2008 the cost of your hospital can be reimbursed. If you August 1, 2008 in the hospital, lived in Nanjing, the best three hospitals, health care during hospitalization are used within the scope of medicine, surgery + hospitalization and other expenses spent a total of 5,000, then when the reimbursement First Insurance Center 1000 deduction, which is the starting price, the rest of the 4000 health-care centers are reimbursed for 4000 × 86% = 3440 dollars, as long as you personally pay 4000 × 14% = 560 yuan can, plus 1,000 yuan before starting, you spend 5000 to pay 1560 yuan on their own as long as can, and this 1560 yuan can buckle from your health insurance card (if you usually do not use that card), so in fact you can not spend much money hospitalized . Medical insurance for our young people more important than old-age insurance, hospital doctor, after all, it is too expensive, and this is the significance of social insurance. However, Nanjing provides medical insurance must pay at least 25 years to enjoy life after retirement, so if you retire at age 55, then no later than the age of 30 must begin to pay health insurance.

injury insurance
with less, if you need to be reminded that when at work or to work out what happened when, on the lingua franca of the risk. However, in practice, many people pay no attention to the preservation of evidence out of trouble, resulting in injury can not enjoy their own insurance, this is a great pity. If you work when they were hit by a car, that should start alarm, let the police to investigate the record and photograph collection of evidence, the police will give you processed after the accident to open a Certificate of Authenticity and the like, you can take this to requests for reported a work-related injuries. If you have trouble on the run and not just people looking for what the witness does not alarm, that no evidence in the case will not be adopted as the general work-related injuries. Injury there is a statute of limitations, if you sunrise July 1, 2008 work injury, you must immediately report the unit, the evidence from police and accident related injuries identified after the book and you go to a doctor or a hospital medical records to the unit, called the unit holding the identification of these materials to do work-related injury, your unit must be August 1, 2008 effective material before your injury to the testing center, if you are out of work-related injuries from the day more than a month, and that injury may identification is not up. If you do not give you identification of units that can hold your own center identification materials to identify the best and do not exceed one month, otherwise a lot of trouble a lot of trouble.

maternity insurance,
Nanjing from June 1, 2008 from the implementation of the new policy. First, increase the proportion of reimbursement; the second is when the cards must present a marriage certificate and medical insurance cards and other related documents, all of the costs of the cards from the beginning to the end of your birth child, the hospital medical center with real-time settlement, individuals only need to take fertility Insurance costs are not insured. As for the payment of maternity benefits may still need to apply for units to come forward, you can consult the specific labor and social security department. Look at the old policy, because it is in July, before the New Deal the cards in June provided the still by the old policy implementation, some comrades may also need to know. For example, if you're a girl, a monthly salary of 1,000 yuan, January 1, 2008 began to pay maternity insurance, payment for the 1369 base, and you pregnant in March 2008, end of December 2008 gave birth to a child, 2009 discharged in January, then you have to rush to hospital after a marriage certificate (an unmarried mother can not be reimbursed) + one-child certificate (general health can not be reimbursed 2 tires) + medical + hospital building size card check and the cost of all invoices and surgery + list + hospital discharge summary of all materials submitted to these companies, check if you are pregnant, when it took 500, hospitalized children when surgery took 2000 +, in general, within the provisions in health insurance is basically to You all claims, claims the money after you include: 500 block of hospital inspection fees surgery +1369 +2000 Yuan / month × 4 months = 7976, 1369 yuan / month × 4 months this is especially for the reimbursement of health care centers girls subsidies. Only girls can get reimbursement to the state of maternity insurance reimbursement when girls must be given four months of average wage, so you have children,, then not only claims but also can not earn money four months of wages! If you base pay than high wages, such as pay to get 1000 is 1369, then you have earned it. Maternity insurance to pay at least a year to enjoy, remember remember. There is also a problem, the boys also pay maternity insurance, maternity insurance can enjoy? If you're a boy, your wife did not work or work units did not pay the insurance, and her children when you pay maternity insurance has more than one years, then you can be reimbursed maternity insurance, but before the case, for example, you can only check fee reimbursement 500 block of inpatient surgery +2000 half = 1,250 yuan subsidy of 1369 yuan / month × 4 months' wages you will not enjoy it! This is only reimbursed when girls can enjoy the same spending oh, reimbursement will be able to get 7976 girls, boys can only get 1250 for reimbursement, which is probably rare in China, policy. So, the girls plan to have children before the best bit, starting to find a unit to pay a year ahead of maternity insurance, you can make it! And boys if you marry my wife, it is best when children married a year already paid maternity insurance and pay the base salary is also higher than her own girl Oh! but if she is not insurance, it does not matter, you can give her maternity insurance reimbursement, but you do not pay subsidies to take four months, but the newspaper only cost you could get back half.

unemployment insurance,
to pay a full year to enjoy, generally pay a year to take 2 months to pay 2 years get 4 months, but a lifetime to get up to 24 months. Nanjing unemployment insurance standard 601 yuan monthly urban minimum standard is 518 yuan. If you January 1, 2008 began with Insurance, January 2009, you are dismissed by the company, then you can allow the company to get you 2 months of unemployment insurance, if you are in the year 1369 base pay insurance, then you can get at least 2 months more than 1,000 dollars or you January 1, 2008 began to pay the insurance, in January 2009 and the company you contract expires, and you do not want to renew the contract, then you can also allow the company to leave the company before you pick up 2 months of unemployment insurance is more than 800 pieces. That contract expires or the company laid off, you can get 2 months of the year according to the ratio of unemployment to require companies to give you to do, if the company does not give you do you can go to report it, a report a prospective. But the contract did not expire if you resign yourself go, that even if you pay full year are not entitled to unemployment insurance as long as his resignation, let alone pay for one year, that is, 10 years to pay unemployment insurance to resign when You can not get a penny.
housing fund,
fund if you pay 300 a month, then the company has to your account every month to play 300, you buy a house that is 600 a. If you have a lifetime to pay 50,000, you account is 100,000, and we must not reject such a good thing ah. Fund can be used to buy a house, the loan, renovation or something, if you can find their own home land to build a house, build a house for the money that can be paid from the fund in this if you do not have money, looks like you can finally retire the money all taken out. For a job at a perfect insurance how to do?
five insurance: pension, unemployment, work injury, medical, maternity
a payment: fund
payment standards: old-age (in 20%, personal 8%)
; birth (in pay)
; injury (in pay,, individuals do not pay)
health care (in 10% , individual 2% * base +3)
1.5% Unemployment Unit Individual 0.5%)
Fund (the highest this year does not exceed 12% of the previous year does not exceed 10%, individual units each half)
1. Pension can be interrupted in the middle interrupt does not matter, and finally the total number of years, but the more you pay, of course, the more pension Dora. formalities for the transfer : the transfer of a single play in the old units, new units to continue on the line
2. While we must pay unemployment insurance, but has little to do with us (if you are a graduate of the school, part of cadre status, personnel files can be stored ), off constantly it does not matter,, we can not receive unemployment of unemployment benefits, unless the crazy, the cadres and workers as to the identity, according to the treatment of workers after retirement pension. unemployment insurance only in the streets of the registered unemployed to apply for (workers identity of the file on the streets, on the cadres of personnel or unit identity)
for transfer procedures: do not apply to the new unit to continue on the line.
3. medical insurance is more important, requirement is interrupted for more than three months on failure, three months later to see a doctor have his own pocket, do not care for minor illnesses, serious illness will suffer, interrupted more than three months into the new unit back on.
each have a book on health insurance , lifetime use, regardless of whether the change unit, the unit should be a certain percentage of money each month into the book, you can always extract personal purposes regardless.
each have a blueprint on health insurance, that is, medical book, provides outpatient medical costs 2,000 yuan or more parts can be reimbursed, for example, spent 2500, only 500 claims 50% -70% (in different hospitals, different reimbursement), if the patient was reported on more. doctor's time to tell the hospital to open The list of health insurance, hospital to bring.
4. provident fund unit to give you money and keep your own money to fund your account, such as salary of 3,000 yuan, the unit gives you 300, your net of 300, so your monthly provident fund account should have $ 600, can only be taken once a year, go to fund centers of the need to buy a house or housing repair can be self-created or commissioned the unit to take.
for transfer procedures: first, to open the new unit account, take account to the old unit, so the old units of the original account of the money into a new account.
will fund units issued in June annually, each employee's statement, show your account is now money In addition, every year around April next year is to adjust the pension Unemployment medical base time,
June every year fund next year is to adjust the time.
say that now on the market following a number of non-standard situations 1. a lot of units do not follow my wages to the insurance and provident funds, such as Beijing, according to the average wage, the individual at a disadvantage, so when looking for work to ask.
2. Now many people are unemployed pension provisions and serious illness is tied, or not on, or both together, and must file only to the talent on if the individual talent, we must take individual units of money and pay the money himself, with a lot of, It is said that the minimum standards, have to pay more than a thousand a month, but not much money to personal accounts, suggested that if relatively young, the body good, but temporarily unemployed, do not have to pay, to the unit and then later on it. 3. the rich can not on the pension insurance, the poor on the best, expecting the money can be a bit old-age pension. Some people say that they exist with, but the state pension or have guaranteed, will increase the economic situation, .
4. Some of the units file is not in the unit, do not give, is wrong because the file and insurance are not linked
5. foreign accounts of the same, should give all the insurance and provident funds, and accounts does not matter the future, if go to other cities, are to turn the

Standard sharing network ,beats by dr
Standardization Administration of - China's national standard directory
China Standardization Information Network - standard query
Chinese standard service network - standard search
modern manufacturing network
China Machinery Industry standard service -

Pretty impressive article. I just came across your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts. Any way Ill be coming back and I hope you post again soon.

1. The greatest enemy is himself ,dr dre headphones
; ; ; (2) The biggest problem in life is selfish
3. the greatest tragedy in life is ignorance
; ; 4. The greatest error view arises
; ; 5. The greatest failure is proud
6 The greatest worry is the desire
; ; ; 7. The greatest unknown is the grudge
; ; 8 . The greatest concern is life and death
9 The greatest fault is a violation of
; ; 10 the biggest problem in life is a non-
11 The greatest virtue is the compassion
; ; 12 life is the greatest courage to admit
13 greatest achievement in life is to meet
; ; ; 14 largest energy life of belief
15. Life is the largest owner of Thanksgiving
; ; 16 greatest accomplishment in life is tolerance
17 greatest strengths is the dignity of
; ; ; 18 greatest joy in life is tetralogy of
; ; 19 greatest hope is Ping
20. Life is the biggest heart and the public interest

/ cms/upload/2011/895/002/200598_823742341.png I earnestly replied: Eleven to answer and asked his son: a child with his father in the snow snowball fights , snowball , snowman scene ,, the son finally chuckled , said to me: I am more worried that if the snow gets the worm how to do ? son wearing a blue jacket , three of downtown in the snow crazy situation , a snowball fight with my son and his father ,, his father before and after the attack ,, and finally had to surrender. Laughter echoed in his head as if still .

so that a little bit ashamed of ,, said his son likes the winter , probably because of that winter to his memories of that day so beautiful too happy , so he forgot the cold ,, the situation of that love extends to the loved the whole winter . Son likes it or memories .

regret, was brought to the big , really happy about his son 's memories is too low .

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