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Angela arrived today. Flew in on a big jet plane.

We ran a few errands and came home to a house full of Africans who were rapidly spiralling out of control.

Marc was downstairs trying to make pizza with Dave; Natalie and Charmain were upstairs in Marc's bed having a pillowfight with Tom.

South Africa had just beaten Australia in tri-nation rugby (SA, Oz + Kiwi) and the Africans were jubilant and boisterous.

Later, we went to a party...but we got thrown out because, um, certain members of our party were obnoxious and loud. Not me, of course. I'm an angel! Oh, Angela's an angel, too. :)

We came back to my flat and were having a good time - and one of my upstairs neighbors yelled at us for being loud. At 2215.

Okay, fair enough, she was trying to sleep, but who goes to bed at quarter past ten at night? The sun is still almost up, for Christ's sake.

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