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The RIAA and the Donner Party

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My friend Merseydotes used to say that she'd feel some sympathy for the RIAA when Kid Rock was forced to eat Joe C because poverty left him with no choice but cannibalism.

When Joe C died, I felt horrible for having laughed so heartily at her joke.

I'm sick

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I know, I already knew that.

But I have a cold. I've been in bed all day and didn't go to work.

Instead, I geeked out. How geeky? Well, let's just say that my friend Keith came by to visit me and keep me company after work and to play a game. He left recently, after I won by getting a freakishly lucky roll which gave Germany Heavy Bombers. I bought a desparate three bombers and a single roll at tech development and got the heavy bomber upgrade, which is one of those million-to-one things.

To be fair, we didn't really play it out. We just called it, since there was still a lot of action left, but with Germany having Heavy Bombers and four bombers, U.K.'s navy having fallen to the Luftwaffe, the U.S.S.R. under heavy pressure on the Western Front and moderate pressure on the Eastern Front, Japan had taken Australia, Hawaii, India, Germany controlled Africa save for one was really a forgone conclusion.

Anyway, I'm going to lie down and get some sleep.

As a side note, of course, it's fascinating how the Avalon Hill version differs from the Games Master series. There's artillery now and destroyers. Artillery attack and defend at 2 and will reinforce a single infantry for each artillery, upgrading them to a 2 on attack as well. Costs 4. Then the destroyers attack and defend at a 3 and cancel out subs; subs become just boats that attack and defend at a 2. Costs 12. And battleships now take two hits to sink, which was an optional rule that no one played with before, but changes things a bit. Makes life interesting.

Oh, and you can no longer get industrial production as a technology, which is okay, since it made games last forever. Expect Russia to fall, and Germany too.

Sorcha, Helen, Valerie

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C'mon, just one little kiss!

Don't these look tasty?

Patty Pans

Carol is leaving


Carol leaves today. It's Friday, February 27th and Ayyam'i'ha has begun.

I'm miserable.

Definite Article Up

California turned out to be good for something besides electing Mr. Universe governor.

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