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  • papa: I am so happy to hear Mommy is still guiding read more
  • rachael: A private skating arena sounds delightful. This little outdoor rink read more
  • papa: Ice skating is a fond memory of me and my read more
  • papa: Well you have two championship teams in the same year read more
  • Rae: Thanks. Now I just have to get the hang of read more
  • Barbara Mellen: For socks, silvers sock class is awesome, just google it read more
  • Nathan: Hey, Rae! Thanks for the kick up the backside. Regular read more
  • papa: Perhaps when you have healed you will have more read more
  • Mara: Papa, thank you SOOO much for coming down. Liam had read more
  • papa: Yes, when I blog, the blogosphere dissipates to other read more

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