Pushing Daisies

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pushing daisies.jpg
Okay, so it may seem rather morose, but this is one of my favorites pictures from Scotland. I've been thinking about death lately, mopre specifically how I want my funeral to be, etc. Not that I'm planning or expecting to die any time soon, it's just been on my mind. I've thought that I would be generally happy to be pushing daisies, as the saying goes. Food for worms is a bit more icky way of saying the same thing...that new life will be generated as a direct result of the end of my life... Reincarnation.

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Another expample of your awesome eye! Great photo. Did I tell you that my personal tech gnome (he lives in the basement) says there may be a cable (not from your phone company) whereby you can download photos from your phone without paying for the emial service? I think that would be great. I love the photos you take with your phone. They have such great immediacy. (They are so spontaneous?)

Userful blog. Thanks!