Life in Germany

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I have come to the conclusion that the most beautiful place on this Earth is Germany. And to top it all off it is the best food I've ever eaten- and cheapest too ,which makes it even better. Everything is so fresh and mmmmm. On the busride home someone joked that the Adkins diet hasn't hit Germany yet. I am still smiling.

Paris was fun, and the crepes...divine. Violetta showed me a good time and we bonded over some bizarre movie moements. When Eric and I returned ,the robin family in our window sill had hatched and they are so adorable! Our roses are blooming and our grass is like, three feet tall! Vacation is fun, being home again is fun...but there is so much to do!

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Sometimes, I think that is the worst part about vacation - coming back to all the backed up work. There should be little worker elves that take of everything while you're gone I think - at work, at home, etc.

I can't wait to hear more and see pictures!!!

Mara -- I thought you did have a little worker elf -- named Ryan.

Yes, and the painters/platerers were here today so Iwill have very little time to get the house CLEAN for Momma and Poppa. C'est la vie.

Fortunately for us, our parents tend to be really good sports about stuff like this. I'm not saying they'll help out - but they have in the past. (heck, barring my recent gung-ho gardening, I think they worked more in my garden this year than I did!).

Don't let Maman do too much - I know she's still rather delicate from surgery.

Oh, no, they can't clean my house! They are guests; I can only allow college students who have no $$$$ to pay for dinner help me clean my house:) The paint dried pretty fast so Eric and I got a lot more done than I expected. The only rooms left are the basement, bathroom and kitchen. I have till 4pmish. I won't be able to tie up the roses though cause it is pouring from the sky like nobodies business. Hopefully that will stop long enough for me to walk to the grocery store. But that seems like something I can have them join me for. I know Ma and Pa enjoy trader Joes. It is a flyer weekend though (they just mailed their flyer) so EVERYBODY and their brother- in my case my mother- will be there! It's a small store to begin with so it gets crowded fast.

Ahh, Rae, they haven't been to your home yet, have they? I remember the first time they came to our place - I was pretty much the same way ("no, no, no, you're my parents, let me do the work"). By the end of the weekend, Maman had gotten veggies from a rather neglected community garden and met neighbors I'd never even seen - oh, and demanded she cook and feed our cat chicken livers. Granted, she's recovering from surgery right now, and I imagine you have a full weekend with graduation and all - but your perspective may change over time :)