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Honeydew Green Tea

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Honeydew melon, cut into strips or shaved
6 bags of green tea
1 gallon of water
clover or mesquite honey to tase

Place melon in bottom of a larger pitcher. Arrange teabags around the edges of the container (for easy removal).

Heat the water until boiling. Pour over melon and teabags. Steep 3-5 minutes. Remove tebags and add honey. Serve hot or cold.

To make sun-tea do not boil the water. Instead add water and set outside for 4-6 hours on a warm day.

I can't drink this. . . well, I probably could but I also probably won't seeing as I am allergic to cantalope and honeydew and mango. I can eat them in little bits and I'll be fine- but I am not going to risk handling them. The results are not good. I hope someone out there is able to enjoy this.

this I believe

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My younger brother Mendon posted on his blog asking for other people's beliefs. My entry was denied for questionable content! here it is.

I believe that maybe there is a or many gods . . . but probably not. I believe the most beautiful thing in life is the reincarnation that takes place when the molecules in our dead bodies become something else..whether through the usual food for worms or as they escape the atmosphere in smoky wisps and end their journey on some other planet or in a star.
I believe that this human life is the only existence we have in which we are given a conscious awareness of said existence. And the purpose of this existence is to problem solve our way through life to find out who and how we are. As Nathaniel says in Six Feet Under- death makes life meaningful.