two children suspended in air

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This is the visual that comes to mind when I consider the fact that two children were sent home today for fighting. However, today was much better than yesterday.

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Do you always get sent home for fighting? Not that it's bad, just wondering. I imagine it would be such an inconvenience for many parents that they'd make it fairly clear to their children just how much they wanted them to not repeat the behavior.

Acutally, I don't think Rae got sent home for fighting. And I suspect that the inconvenience for the parents often spurs them to make fairly clear to the school system that the incident better not be repeated. If parents acted in the manner you suggested, I suspect there would be less fighting, but too many blame the school, the system, the other kids, etc.
Let me see . . . whose fault was it that the shoelaces on the $100 pair of sneakers was walked on? Not the person owning the shoes or the feet that walked on the ends of the untied shoelaces.

I think the image is beautiful, two children suspended in air, frozen. Good title, and good image, thanks!

In my image they were suspended in some scientific gel like mixture. Am I married to an Engineer or what!? It's very Gary Laronesque.