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Wicked Little Critter

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Okay- I admit it. I'm a DINK. Mendon said it first and I resisted. I don't want to be a Yuppy (hence the move out of the gated community) but DINK has even worse conotations for some reason. For those of you reading this saying what the hell? DINK= double income no kids.
In unrelated news we went to our 'beer store' and found gourmet tea called STASH. We first had some while visiting Ma and Pa and it was wonderful quality. I highly suggest it- especially the mint- wow!

WIth the wonderful weather we took our house guest and fiance on a lovely hike on a path near Teddy Roosevelt Island. We had a lovely time despite the inmpending clouds. I thought of my students - who are learning about deciduous forests. What would I give for a 9-5 job that encompassed something I enjoy/care about! I guess that 's why we get summer's off:)