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Okay- I admit it. I'm a DINK. Mendon said it first and I resisted. I don't want to be a Yuppy (hence the move out of the gated community) but DINK has even worse conotations for some reason. For those of you reading this saying what the hell? DINK= double income no kids.
In unrelated news we went to our 'beer store' and found gourmet tea called STASH. We first had some while visiting Ma and Pa and it was wonderful quality. I highly suggest it- especially the mint- wow!

WIth the wonderful weather we took our house guest and fiance on a lovely hike on a path near Teddy Roosevelt Island. We had a lovely time despite the inmpending clouds. I thought of my students - who are learning about deciduous forests. What would I give for a 9-5 job that encompassed something I enjoy/care about! I guess that 's why we get summer's off:)

for those wondering where the title comes from- the obscure reference can be located at the following website

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yeah. It's good to admit it. I'm curious why you don't like your job? Wanna talk about it? I'm thinking about becoming a school psychologist. Not really, but working with kids, I've heard, can often be way cooler than adults. No super freaky extended commentaries on weird topics. Just little neglected people who will grow up into that.:)

I think Rae was just commenting on the hours.

Yeah, we're DINKs, too. It's okay. Although we're sort of DNINKs - double no income no kids - heheheheh (at least by US standards).

Rae, it's nice to see you back!

Mara, you and Mark are not DINKs. It requires a double income to be DINKs. You two are actually NINKs (no income no kids).

There is a remedy for this condition.

Putting a stigma on anyones situation is dangerous to them in particular, as they become labeled unto themselves.
We have enough stress without adding stereotyping to the family dynamic. From my healthcare psychology experience, I suggest you let it go the way of concentration complexity, inputing openness into your interpersonal communications. This gives more flexibility for giving meaning to your daily and life perceptions.
Yeah, yeah, yeah! Working with children is richly rewarding and takes great patience plus even more understanding with discipline. Having children involves a special closeness often not achieved through working with them or having sympathy for them. Sympathy involves judgements rather than the empathy one need show toward them which doesn't include judgements: only understanding thru listening, and appropriateness of response(activity). Than we excel in this field. Also:
pleasure in any work arena is often in the task itself, not always in the results. Results are always the manifestation of the effort toward the goal.
bye bye for now...

mmmm. Very sagelike Papa. I think that you would enjoy the psychology of excellence course that I am taking right now.